Sunday, February 9, 2014

Worried About Air Pollution? Use Activated Carbon Air Filtration to Fight Back!

Air pollution is a big problem in many cities, and it doesn’t have to be a big city, either. Any city where there is any kind of industry, you can bet there are various chemicals and gases or smog being released into the air whether you can smell it or not. Smog also includes harmful ozone and chemicals from automobile exhaust, none of which are good to breathe.

The real problem is that this polluted air is constantly being sucked in through our air conditioning systems and comes right into our homes where we and our families can breathe it. Ouch. And to settle a myth that the air conditioner filters remove those pollutants—they don’t. Air conditioner filters, even if they have a little bit of carbon can’t remove these types and amounts of chemicals produced by industry.
The best way to stop these chemical intruders from wreaking havoc on your family’s health is to use a activated carbon filtration system, such as a whole house air purifier or a portable air cleaner with a substantial activated carbon filter. Air purifier brands like Aller Air, Austin Air, and Blueair all come with pounds of the best activated charcoal filters that are designed to remove many types of chemical, such as those that are produced as waste products from factories or 'smog'. Non only that, but a really good carbon filter can help a lot with odors, as well, since most odors are VOC-type, and Aller Air’s Vocarb carbon for example, is perfectly suited to remove these. And guess what? Strongly activated carbon, like the type in Aller Air air purifiers, does a good job of removing ozone from your indoor air, too!
You definitely don’t want to skimp on your air purifiers and buy a cheap unit with cheap filters, especially if you live within 10 miles of a city. Frankly, if the air cleaner does not have a really good, top rated activated charcoal filter with at least a few pounds of carbon, we recommend looking at another unit. We do know, however, that if you stay with Aller Air, Austin Air, or Blueair, you’ll get an air purifier with a quality carbon filter that keeps those airborne chemicals out of the air in your home.

Air Purifiers and is your #1 online source for top quality activated carbon air purifiers from Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Electrocorp, and others that are super effective for removing city smog and other chemical air pollutants from your home or business—all at cheap discount prices, with free shipping, every day, due to our low overhead and great relationships with suppliers. 

If you have any questions, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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