Sunday, March 29, 2015

Portable Home and Office Air Cleaners: Why They're Best for Allergies

Allergy sufferers often fight a constant battle with air pollution in the home, and many turn to HEPA and carbon air filtration systems to get relief. And rightly so, since indoor air pollutants cause the majority of breathing-related allergy attacks in the home. Choosing the right type of air purifier can make a big difference, though.
Whole house air cleaners can be an important and very useful part of your air cleaning solution. For allergy sufferers, however, portable air filtration systems can be much more effective because they remove the pollutants coming out of the air conditioning duct work before they can reach you. If you can, using both portable and whole house systems together is best. If you have to choose, however, and you have severe allergies, choose a good quality portable home air cleaner instead of a whole house system.
Air Purifiers and offers the best selection of top-rated HEPA air purifiers with a system to fit almost every situation—all at the best discount prices with free shipping! Call us today at 1-800-701-2513 with your questions and one of our specialists will be happy to assist you. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Best Soldering Fume Extractors: Electrocorp Air Rhino 2000 VS Carbon

If you’re looking for a quality fume extractor for solder fume collection, you’re likely to see units in the $5000-10,000 range with varying degrees of efficiency. Or, you’ll see some lower quality fume extractors in the $1500 range that are likely to not be able to do the job and cost you a fortune in replacement filters (because they don’t last long). So what’s the solution? Your best bet is to take a look at Electrocorp’s Air Rhino VS Carbon, which comes in around $3949 and offers a ton of value.
This fume extractor includes 100 lbs of the strongest industrial carbon available, variable speeds up to 1000 CFM and includes dust filters to remove any of those particles that might be floating around, too. And, it’s all in a stainless steel case with wheels so you can use it on the floor or mount to the ceiling if needed.
Plus, the Air Rhino 2000 VS Carbon is positive and negative air capable, just in case you need that. For most solder fume removal situations, you just attach the appropriate size flange to the intake side of the unit and either hook up to your soldering oven’s exhaust or put the intake duct where you’re producing the fumes. It’s that simple.
And with a 100 lbs of carbon, you get maximum life out of those filters so you can concentrate on your projects, not constantly ordering filters, or worrying if your fume extractor is removing everything or leaving some of it in the air…? The Air Rhino 2000 VS Carbon can also be converted to a dust collector and moved around to various job sites as needed—two things that most fume extractors can’t do. So if your looking for the best deal on a fume extractor for soldering, the Air Rhino 2000 VS Carbon is going to be hard to beat.
Air Purifiers and offers the best selection of quality industrial fume extractors, dust collectors, replacement filters and more, all at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. We can even customize a fume extractor to fit your exact needs and specifications. Just call our industrial fume extraction experts today at 1-800-701-2513 and let us answer your questions. We’re here to help!
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Monday, March 23, 2015

Best Cigar Humidor Humidifier: The Brune B500

When you have a large walk in humidor, keeping humidity at optimal levels can be challenging. Most ‘normal’ humidifiers won’t work for walk in cigar humidors because they can’t get to 70% RH usually required (relative humidity), much less hold that level of humidity at varying temperatures, from zero to 6 or 8 feet, etc.
Many smaller capacity humidifiers can’t handle the large square or cubic footage, either, without buying several units for you to trip over when walking in and out. And when you’re talking about a good stock of high-end cigars, not maintaining perfect humidity can ruin your stock and cost you thousands of dollars. These and other reasons are why, for large cigar humidors, we always recommend the Brune B500 humidifier as the best cigar humidifier.
The Brune B500 anything but a ‘normal’ room humidifier. First, it can handle small and large spaces all the way up to 4200 square feet, and smaller or larger humidors or large cigar storage facilities up to 3000 cubic feet and maintain that important 70% humidity. The B500 also has both UV water purification technology built in, as well as a demineralization process that ensures you are only releasing clean, mineral-free moisture. That means you can use cheap tap water instead of paying for a separate water purification system.
The B500 also features a unique wireless humidity sensor that can be placed away from the unit so that you (and the unit) always get accurate readings of humidity levels in your humidor. That plus the built in hygrometer (humidity meter) allows the unit to constantly maintain accurate humidity to within +/- 2%. And, the Brune B500 is easily portable, so you can use it wherever you need to, even when transporting your stock to ensure that your cigars remain in perfect condition when they arrive.
It is true that the Brune B500 might cost a little more, but for many reasons, including the value of your cigars, it truly is the best choice when you want to take care of humidor humidity, do it one time and be done. You have the best German engineering possible, a 2 year extendable warranty, super clean controllable moisture, and a portable humidifier that is currently being used in all of the Davidoff cigar humidors worldwide, as well as many private humidors, cigar storage facilities, etc.
So if you’re looking for the best humidifier for large humidors, we highly recommend the Brune B500 so that you can enjoy reliable, trouble-free humidification in your humidor without worrying about your cigars or having to buy several humidifiers that may or may not do the job.
Air Purifiers and offers a wide selection of the very best large room humidifiers that provide optimal humidification for almost large space, including cigar humidors, museums, homes, libraries, schools, wine cellars and more. And since we’re an online store, our overhead is extremely low—that means the best discount prices for you, with free shipping on all items! Call our humidifier experts today toll-free and let us answer your questions. We’re here to help!
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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Industrial Positive & Negative Air Filtration: Electrocorp Offers Best Value

In many commercial and industrial situations, positive air pressure or a flow of filtered air into a space is necessary to keep outside pollutants from flowing in through cracks, seams, etc. . Similarly, there are times when a negative pressure is needed to create a flow of pollutants out of a space.
To do either of those effectively and safely, you need a quality commercial-grade air cleaner that has the proper filters to prevent polluted air from being pushed into the room or released where it shouldn’t be. The unit needs to have the proper ducting capability, flanges, etc as well, to facilitate this function. For these purposes, some of the best quality, most affordable air cleaners that offer both positive and negative air capability are Electrocorp’s Air Rhino series and the 9000 Series.
The Air Rhino is a super versatile 1000 CFM portable air cleaner that can either be purchased as a HEPA filter-equipped dust collection unit or as a powerful activated carbon fume extractor with 100 lbs of the best industrial grade carbon. This unit can then be changed back and forth to whichever purpose is needed simply by changing the filters. And more importantly, this unit comes with a 12” flange on the output section and can have one attached to the input section so you can achieve whatever negative or positive air pressure configuration you need. And both are under $4000, which is a steal when compared to the cost of most industrial positive air filtration systems.
The 9000 series is smaller and cheaper, but offers many of the same advantages. The 9975 features 735 CFM and 30 pounds of activated carbon plus a HEPA filter in a 16 inch by 16 inch frame, which makes it an excellent choice for small or tight areas where the positive or negative air filtration needs to be applied. A similar model, the 9675 Medical is basically a dust collector with a 4” thick medical grade HEPA filter. Both units are excellent positive and negative air machines, light and easily portable—with even more attractive pricing between $1599 and $2099. Again, much cheaper than many other industrial positive air filtration units.
Air Purifiers and offers a wide selection of the best positive and negative air filtration units, commercial air filtration systems, replacement filters and much more—all at the cheapest discount prices due to our extremely low overhead as an online store. We also have a team of commercial air filtration experts on hand to answer questions and provide free information whenever you need it. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Getting Rid of Bed Bugs: Why Natural Treatment Sprays Are Best

It’s no secret that bed bugs are a tough pest to get rid of. And often, those that have them call their exterminators who then use chemical pesticides to try to get rid of them, which can bring poison hazards into the home and cost more. And though some pesticides do work fairly well, you don’t want those pesticide residues in your mattress or pillows. Natural bed bug treatment sprays are a good alternative that is effective, cheaper, and doesn’t harm you, your pets, children, your furniture, your hotel customers–or the environment.
Bed bugs need multiple treatments, as well, to really get rid of them whether you’re using pest control chemicals or natural products. So instead of having more and more hazardous chemicals building up in our home, you might be better off using something that is safe and non-toxic t humans and pets, right? Exactly. Two particular brands that offer top-notch products for home and commercial bed bug pest control are Bed Bug 911 and Stop Bugging Me. Both brands’ products can be safely sprayed directly on bedding, furniture, carpets, rugs, luggage, etc. And Stop Bugging Me is even endorsed by Stacy DeBroff of the popular website Mom Central. That tells you one thing—it works, and it’s safe.
One tip: If you’ve been searching for how to get rid of bed bugs and haven’t been successful yet, it may be because you’re not using a two-step approach of treatment sprays and mattress and pillow protectors. Experts agree that using mattress covers and pillow protectors along with the sprays can be much more effective. This is because those encasements trap the bugs inside with the solutions so that you get a better kill as they often cannot escape. That along with treating your home, room, or commercial property, hotel, etc twice a week and testing weekly can really help you get rid of them for good-again, without the use of harmful pest control chemicals.
Air Purifiers and offers the best natural home bed bug treatment products, mattress covers, pillow protectors and more–all at the cheapest discount prices due to our extremely low overhead as an online store. We also have a team of bed bug experts on hand to answer questions and provide free information whenever you need it. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Indoor Air Purification Systems: The Power to Prevent Illness & Slow The Aging Process

Clean air is vitally important to health. You’ve probably heard that or something similar before. Still, it doesn’t seem to register with many people how important clean air is for maintaining good health and slowing down the aging process. Imagine a bathtub with a faucet that drips. If the water has rust and other pollutants in it, the drip tends to leave a stain. And as time goes on, the stain gets darker as more pollutants are deposited.
This is similar to what happens with airborne pollutants in the body. Without a proper air filtration system running, we breathe those pollutants and may not notice much for a while. But over time those pollutants from outdoor and indoor air get stuck in our tissues, accumulate, and disrupt a variety of bodily functions, cause cell damage, and decrease oxygen in the body—all of which speed up the aging process and eventually shorten our lives.
So it makes sense that if we use a quality indoor air purification system to remove those pollutants and don’t inhale them, we can avoid illness, slow down the aging process and possibly extend our lives, right? That is exactly what we’re saying. And for commercial or industrial situations, it’s even more important to filter the air in the workplace. This is because many industrial pollutants are much stronger, more concentrated and can cause damage faster. Again, using an indoor air cleaner that is suited for removing the type of pollutants in that space can prevent virtually all of those ill effects.
A lot of businesses are already using air cleaners, but there are many, many more that aren’t and think that ventilation is all you need. That isn’t the case, however, because some of the pollutants do circulate in the work area before they can be ventilated, which allows employees to breathe them, creating liability for the business owner and setting them up for losses and lowered productivity.
Another important point is to make sure you have the right type of indoor air purifier system. Some people and business owners think that pretty much any old air filtration system will do, and the cheaper the better. This isn’t true, either. Cheap filters and cheap air purifiers simply are not capable of removing as many pollutants as the best units can, and may even allow pollutants to pass through which circulates them even more.
Your best bet is to choose a quality indoor air purification system the first time with true HEPA and heavy duty activated carbon filters so you aren’t leaving pollutants in the air. If you haven’t thought about getting an air cleaner, we highly recommend that you add it to your list of important things to do, like insurance, getting regular medical checkups, etc.
The point is to start filtering your indoor air properly as soon as possible with a quality air purifier so you can slow down the aging process and prevent illness. You’ll not only feel better physically, but mentally, too, since there is a lot of benefit to breathing clean air that isn’t full of chemicals and particles.
Air Purifiers and offers a wide selection of the very best indoor air cleaner systems that are highly effective and known for their health and indoor air quality improving power. And since we are an online store with extremely low overhead, this allows us to offer all of our air cleaners, replacement filters and more at the cheapest discount prices you’ll find anywhere, with free shipping. Call our experts today and let us answer your questions. We’ll help you choose the best air purifier for your situation while saving as much money as possible. We’re here to help!
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Friday, March 13, 2015

Indoor Air Quality Tips: Why You Should Worry About Outdoor Air Pollution, Too

There are tons of articles written about indoor air quality and all of the pollutants that come from indoor sources. Similarly, there are as many or more articles discussing air pollution and its effect on our health. One thing consistently missing from most of these discussions is the fact that outdoor air pollution easily and frequently adds a lot of harmful pollutants to our indoor air. And in areas or cities where there is a lot of smog or pollutants from local industry, that can mean big problems for the air in your home (and your health), since statistics show that most homes have significant indoor pollutant levels already.

That means that if you’re not using the proper indoor air quality equipment to remove those pollutant and improve your air quality on a daily basis, you and your family are breathing that air pollution on a daily basis. This is because our air conditioner systems bring in ‘fresh’ air all day long and the typical air conditioner filters are only capable of removing the larger particles and maybe a tiny amount of chemicals, allowing the majority of dangerous sub-micron size particles and chemical pollutants to pass through into the air in your home. So if you really want to make sure your home’s air quality is good, be sure to consult a professional and put together a indoor air quality solution that is capable of preventing outdoor air pollution from coming in.

Air Purifiers and offers a wide selection of the best residential air quality products that are proven to help make the air in your home as clean and comfortable as possible. As an online store, our overhead is extremely low and we’re happy to pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day—so you can enjoy the clean air you deserve, without breaking the bank. Call our indoor air quality specialists today—we’re here to help!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Best Home Smoke Eater Value: Aller Air 6000 DXS

If you're looking for a great smoke eater, you'll want to choose one that has complete smoke filtration power--that means filters capable of removing all types of smoke pollutants such as chemicals, pesticides from tobacco, dust & ash as well as tar. You also want smoke eliminator that covers large spaces with long lasting filters.  Too much to ask?
Not at all. The Aller Air 6000 DXS offers all of these features at an affordable price--long-lasting super-HEPA filters, industrial strength activated carbon filters and a special tar-trapping pre-filter. Plus, the 6000 DXS can cover up to 1800 square feet with one unit. And, you get a full 10 year warranty.  That's very hard to beat.
So if you want a real smoke eliminator for your home, business, bar, restaurant or office, we highly recommend the Aller Air 6000 DXS as our very best value pick. Order yours today and you'll see what we mean!  Call us if you have questions--we're here to help!
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Dangerous Formaldehyde: It's In Your Home and Not Just in Flooring

Most everyone has heard of the recent issue with Lumber Liquidator’s flooring product reportedly having high levels of formaldehyde in the glue used to hold the pieces together. The issue is, of course, that formaldehyde gas is being released from these materials into the air in people’s homes. There is some discrepancy as to exactly how much is being released into the air, but the point is that formaldehyde isn’t good to breathe in any amounts and doesn’t do you any good, short term or long term. So other than making sure you don’t have this type of flooring, you’ll want to test the air in your home for formaldehyde and use the right type of air cleaner to remove it, if it’s there in anything other than miniscule levels.
Formaldehyde is also a common and dangerous household pollutant, mostly found in the glues that hold materials together such as wood furniture, cabinets and flooring, but also often found in high levels in fabric coatings used in carpets.
Symptoms associated with breathing formaldehyde gas include burning, watery eyes and irritated throat, nausea and breathing problems, which can make asthma symptoms worse or mimic asthma attacks. In the long term, formaldehyde has been linked to nasopharyngeal cancer and myeloid leukemia. So even if you don’t have this particular type of Chinese flooring, you probably want to at least check your home for formaldehyde using a Formaldehyde Screen Check from BHC—this is the best one, most accurate, affordable, etc.
If the test results show positive for formaldehyde gas, you don’t necessarily have to rip up your floors and carpets. It all depends on the levels in your home and what you want to do, but you can get one or more portable air filtration systems, each with several pounds of quality activated carbon that is designed to remove formaldehyde and many other common household gases and pollutants.
The Aller Air 5000 D Vocarb is our best recommendation for maximum air cleaning power, long filter life of 3-5 years, and the best warranty—a full 10 years. Plus, this air cleaner handles up to 1500 square feet on high or about 750 square feet on medium, which is more than the square footage in most rooms (150-250 square feet). If you need something a little cheaper, the Austin Healthmate Plus is a great unit, too, and though it has a 5 year warranty, it can clean the air almost as well, for about 30% less.
And, at our online store, we offer a wide variety of powerful portable air filtration and home air testing systems designed to detect and remove chemicals, gases, particles, dander, dust mites and more, including Aller Air, Austin Air, BHC and other great brands–all at the best discount prices with free shipping. Our low overhead allows us to pass on incredible deals on the best indoor air purification systems and filters—so you can get the clean air you deserve, protect your health, and save as much money as possible. Our indoor air quality specialists are on hand to answer your questions, too. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, March 9, 2015

Want Longer Lasting HEPA & Carbon Filters? Think Large Room Air Purifiers

Large room air purifiers are, of course, designed for larger spaces anywhere from about 300 square feet to 1500 square feet or more. And as with any quality portable air purifier, you’d like to get as much life out of the filters as possible, right? Of course. This is where large room air cleaners offer an advantage, especially when used in small or medium room and offices.
The advantage of using an air purifier with a larger room size capacity than the room you’re buying it for is that 1) a large room air purifier has a larger motor and can move more air through the HEPA and carbon filters faster which means more clean air, faster, and 2) the filters have more HEPA material and carbon in the filters, which naturally makes them last longer—it takes longer to fill them up. So it’s often a smart move to buy an air cleaner with more room size capacity than you need. And, if you do need to use the air purifier in a larger room, you’re prepared.
Just like any home appliance purchase, finding a quality a large bedroom air purifier or living room unit can still be tricky, though, with all the different air cleaner manufacturers and their claims. So, to get the right unit, make sure to look at the technical specifications to ensure that you’re getting at least 300 square feet of room coverage, the more the better. Then make sure the unit has a quality HEPA filter and activated carbon filter with at least 9-10 pounds of carbon—again, the more carbon the better. Some great brands to choose from are Austin Air, Aller Air, and Blueair. These all have the largest room coverage and the best filters for removing household dust, pet dander and chemicals
Air Purifiers and offers a great selection of the best air purifiers for large rooms, with quality components, excellent warranties and long-lasting HEPA and carbon filters—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping. Give our indoor air purification experts a call—we’ll answer your questions and help you choose the best air cleaner for your individual needs and save you money! We’re here to help!
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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mini Portable Air Purifiers: A Great Way to Prevent Illness Wherever You Go

Research has shown that a large amount of the germs that cause most of our illnesses and allergies are airborne inside homes, rooms, hotel rooms, offices and more. And for this reason, more and more people are using portable room air purifiers to remove those germs, mold spores, dust mites etc and as a result, they’re experiencing fewer and fewer trips to the doctor and pharmacy. When you travel, however, a larger home air cleaner can be heavy and tough to carry with you so your best bet is to use a mini portable air purifier so it can absorb any germs where you’re going, instead of you.
Quality mini portable air purifiers are very much like standard size portable air cleaners, just smaller and lighter. The best mini air cleaners have carbon filters and HEPA filters just like the larger units and these filters enable the air cleaner to remove a lot of the pollutants in office cubicles, hotel rooms and larger rooms, usually without much noise. Some of the best mini air purifiers are from Austin Air, Winix, and even Blueair, with very compact but powerful units that you can easily take with you when traveling.
And since the quality of the air is usually unknown in other homes and hotel rooms (and could have bacteria or other germs floating around), having a travel air purifier with you is cheap insurance against getting sick and maybe ruining a vacation. If you’re traveling to other countries, there are often different and even more dangerous germs that we’re not used to here in the U.S., so keeping a good air purifier running can really help prevent illness—just remember to take your power converter.
And, at our online store, you can choose from a variety of quality home and mini travel air filters, all with the best filters and at the cheapest discount pricing with free shipping, due to our extremely low overhead. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and let us help you choose the portable air cleaner that’s right for you. We’re here to help!
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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Utrasonic Mist Humidifiers: Your Best Choice for Low-Cost Home Humidification

There are all kinds of residential humidifiers available online and in stores now, with a variety of features, performance and energy-usage levels. And regardless of what purpose you’re buying your humidifier for, getting one that uses less energy is better for your pocketbook and the environment. This is where ultrasonic humidifiers really shine, requiring some of the lowest amounts of energy.
Instead boiling water to create steam-based moisture like a hot steam humidifier, an ultrasonic unit creates a super-fine mist with high-frequency sound that vibrates a membrane, which in turn turns water into a mist of moisture that floats out into the room naturally. And to do this, a residential ultrasonic room humidifier only uses something like 16-35 watts, compared to say a steam or warm mist unit that requires 150-300 watts per hour, from low to high settings.
Even a warm mist ultrasonic only needs between 30 and 100 watts or so even at its highest setting, so if you want a warm mist unit for your home, the ultrasonic is still going to use half the energy of a steam unit. Big difference, especially when you think of the humidifier running all day to maintain perfect humidity…24 hours x 100 watts is much better than 24 x 300.
Do make sure that whatever ultrasonic mist humidifier you buy has antibacterial and demineralization cartridges to prevent bacteria and mold from building up in the water and to keep white mineral spots from forming on furniture, etc. Ultrasonic humidifiers are super effective and cheap to run, but those without those filters aren’t healthy choices and will release minerals from the water that create those spots.
So if you buy a quality residential ultrasonic humidifier such as Stadler Form’s HERA, Anton or Hydra, they all come with both of those filters so there’s nothing to worry about and you’ll get perfectly humidified air, low maintenance costs, very low energy usage, and a very attractive unit that blends with your d├ęcor.
Air Purifiers and offers only the very best residential ultrasonic humidifiers for sale, with all the right filters, consistently excellent performance and great looks—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. Call us toll-free today and let us answer your questions: 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fogging Room Disinfection Systems: A Better Way to Keep Flu Viruses Under Control

Seems like there are more and more types of flu coming around, and since the last vaccine wasn’t too effective, that makes the rest of our efforts to control the spread of flu much more important. Hand washing and avoiding areas where people are known to be sick are all great to help keep from catching the flu. But is there something else we can do-or do better? Yes there is—and that is to add a vapor mist disinfection machine to your cleaning and sanitizing efforts.
Vapor mist disinfection machines or ‘foggers’, such as the Halo Fogger from Sanosil, are far better than normal cleaning methods for disinfection, for several reasons. First, the fogging action allows very small droplets to reach virtually every exposed surface, hitting all those areas usually missed by regular cleaning methods—sponges, mops, aerosol disinfectants, etc.
And instead of using a dirty sponge that can often re-contaminate surfaces with viruses and bacteria, an industrial fogger disinfection machine eliminates that re-contamination hazard--which is another way that flu viruses and other germs continue to infect and re-infect people in homes, offices and industrial work areas even after the area has been cleaned.
Next, the types of solutions used with fogging disinfections systems is not just a little different than ‘normal’ disinfectants—they’re much more reliable. That’s because solutions such as Halo Spray from Sanosil, for example, are EPA-registered to kill well over 99% of many virus types such as H5N1, HIV-1 as well as E coli, non-enveloped noroviruses, enterovirus EV-D68 and according to the CDC, this solution type is effective for Ebola as well.
So, by using a better disinfectant and a fogging machine, you get a lot more peace of mind because there’s really no guesswork or wondering if your disinfectant is effective or if all available surfaces were disinfected or not. And that means far fewer chances of anyone getting another dose of a flu virus or other germ.
Another great benefit to using vapor mist disinfection machines and the right types of solutions is that this method is not only much more thorough, but it saves a lot of time and labor costs. More and more businesses, day care centers, gyms, healthcare facilities are using machines like the Halo Fogger to drastically cut down on time spent doing final disinfection wipe downs, etc, which saves a lot of labor hours—and it only takes one person to operate the Halo Fogger so that’s even less expense.
The overall cost of the treatment solutions is far less than many chemical cleaning products, too,  so they’re saving money there, too. And for a hospital, preventing one case of hospital acquired infections can save thousands of dollars a day in related costs.
And for more great news, at our online store you can buy all of these amazing next-generation fogging room disinfection systems at the best discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. We only sell the best industrial fogger disinfectants and room disinfection systems from top companies like Sanosil, so you know you’re getting top quality. Got questions? Give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and we’ll be happy to assist you.
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Best Rated Dehumidifiers for Homes & Basements: Danby

When you need moisture removed from a home or basement, you’ve got to have a good portable dehumidifier. Finding a top-rated unit that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and includes key features like a built in hygrometer and drain hose options is often tough to do. This is exactly why Danby created their Premiere series home dehumidifiers.
Danby Premiere series dehumidifiers are not only priced right, but they are the best rated home dehumidifiers, for a reason. That's because, first, they provide the quick moisture removal you need, with the built in humidity meter and a drain hose option that is so important to keep you from have to empty buckets all day and night. And you’re looking at only around $200-300, not $500, 600 or more. Customer service is excellent, too, in case you have a questions. In our opinion--and not just because we sell them--Danby is the best portable home dehumidifier brand with maximum value for your money, no question.
And, at our online store you can buy these amazing portable dehumidifiers at the best, cheapest discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. We also have a great customer service team on hand to answer questions you may have about home dehumidification. If you’ve got questions or if you need a quality, affordable basement or room dehumidifier, call us today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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