Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ultrasonic Home Humidifiers: Quickly and Quietly Fix Dry Air in Your Home

Dry air in a home often causes irritated sinuses and worsened allergies, asthma, and respiratory symptoms. And fixing that problem usually means getting a humidifier. Which type of humidifier you choose is important, though, especially if you want fast moisturization, low-energy consumption, and an affordable unit. The best humidifiers that offer all of that are residential ultrasonic humidifiers.
Ultrasonic humidifiers use a very small amount of electricity to create high-frequency sound waves that immediately vaporize the water to create instant mist of soothing moisture in your home or room. Another important feature of ultrasonic home humidifiers is that they are very quiet, which can be important for bedroom, dining or even office use where you don’t want humidifier noise getting in the way.
You do, however only want a residential ultrasonic humidifier that has antibacterial protection and a demineralization cartridge. This is important to ensure that the moisture you’re breathing isn’t polluted with bacteria or mold spores, and that the minerals in the water aren’t leaving spots on furniture, which all ultrasonic humidifiers will do if they don’t have these filters. Stadler Form is one quality, affordable ultrasonic mist humidifier brand that offers units with both types of protection so you can enjoy the low-cost operation and fast, quiet humidification without any hassles.
At our online store, we offer the best, top-rated ultrasonic humidifiers on sale at cheap discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. We also have a team of indoor air quality experts that can answer your questions, provide a free evaluation and help you choose the residential ultrasonic humidifier that’s best for your situation. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Best Total Smoke Air Cleaner: The AllerAir 6000 DXS

When comparing smoke eaters, a lot of things come into play that determine whether it will be truly effective - or not.  There are a lot of smoke air purifiers on the market that work in different ways, have different types of filtration systems, etc, and all of them say theirs is 'the best'. So how do you know which one is really the best smoke removal air purifier to buy?  Our pick is the AllerAir 6000 DXS for many reasons--here's why:
We take the common sense approach, look at real-world use and comments, and include our own testing when evaluating smoke air cleaners. That's the only way to really know which air purifier really does the best job of removing smoke and all of its components. We picked the AllerAir 6000 DXS as the number one total smoke air purifier to buy, for several reasons. First, it's all about performance. Our customers and other reviewers repeated tell us that the 6000 DXS not only removes smoke fast, but it eliminates the odors and the tar better than any other unit. Our testing has shown the same results. And you get a 10 year warranty--most other air purifies don't offer anywhere near this.
The common sense reason for this excellent smoke removal performance is because this unit has 36 pounds of high-grade industrial odor and smoke removing carbon in it, a medical grade HEPA filters, special tar-trapping pre-filters, and a 400 CFM motor so it can clear an average smoky room in under 2 minutes--and handles up to 1800 square feet! And if you look around, most other smoke eaters don't have anywhere near this type of filtration system nor the strong output CFM. And to be clear, yes an electrostatic smoke air purifier will remove a lot of the ash from the air, but they do very little to remove odors and tar.
Having that powerful combination of filters, solid steel construction, large room coverage and high output make the AllerAir 6000 DXS perform better than any other home smoke eater in its class. Period. Best of all, you can buy this incredible smoke removal machine at our online store at the cheapest discount price with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. Call us today with any questions you may have and we'll be happy to help! 1-800-701-2513
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Best Discount Dehumidifiers: Two Affordable Brands That Shine

When it comes to home dehumidifiers, the price you can pay is all over the map.  However, you actually don’t always have to spend a lot to get a powerful, quiet portable dehumidifier, at a discount, if you know what brands to look for. And that means you can get rid of that excess mold, bacteria, allergy & asthma-causing moisture in your home, bedroom, or any indoor area--for less.
Danby has been the leading affordable online dehumidifier brand to buy for quite a while now, simply because they offer high powered room dehumidifiers with the most features and best performance, for the least amount of money. These dehumidifiers will work well in rooms, basements and they are strong enough to dehumidify the whole house, actually, since one 50 Pint unit for example, can cover up to 3000 square feet. And still, we’re only talking about a price somewhere around $250, with built in hygrometers, Turbo mode for extra fast drying, drain hose option for bucketless operation and more. Danby is one of the very best home dehumidifier brands available online, with more value than any other we've seen. 
Another great home and bedroom dehumidifier brand you’ll find here at our online store is NewAir, which also offers a very good room dehumidifier—with an even lower price of $179, with 1500 square foot coverage, quiet operation, and of course, free shipping The NewAir AD-250 is 25 pint capacity and doesn’t include a built in hygrometer or humidity meter, but then you can get an outdoor thermometer at Walmart for $10 that’ll tell you what the humidity is so you can monitor it that way—and save on your dehumidifier. The AD-250 even has a drain hose option you can use if you don’t want to empty buckets! The NewAir AD does make for a great small bedroom dehumidifier, as well since it doesn't take up a lot of space.
Best of all, you can get either of these great portable dehumidifier brands right here at our online store at the best, cheapest discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. We also have a team of indoor air dehumidification experts on hand to help answer any indoor moisture or air quality related questions you may have. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, January 26, 2015

Got Antique or Other Fine Furniture? Use Portable Humidifiers to Protect it and Save!

Dry air can be a very sneaky thing that causes damage to items in a home that are made of wood, especially fine antique furniture. Dry outdoor conditions plus the drying effects of air conditioners can easily drop indoor humidity to a damaging 10% or less. And even if you’re regularly dusting and moisturizing with a good polish, at that humidity level, there’s a good chance cracks in the finish will still happen, seriously detracting from their appearance and value. A great way to keep that antique and other fine furniture looking great, prevent damage, and use less polish, is to use a portable, filtered room humidifier to correct and quietly maintain the proper humidity.

According to some top furniture manufacturers and woodworkers that we interviewed, wood furniture likes 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit indoor temperature and a relative humidity of 45-55%. This helps wood furniture maintain a normal roughly 9% water content, enough moisture so that finishes, and the wood in general, remain more flexible, less likely to crack. Using a portable humidifier is also good because if you move the furniture to another location, room, museum, etc, you can take that humidifier with you to make sure the humidity remains perfectly balanced.

Choosing the best humidifier for maintaining humidity for furniture is important. If you’re going to use an ultrasonic unit, be sure it has a demineralization cartridge to prevent white mineral spots on your furniture. Stadler Form is a great, top-rated humidifier brand for quality ultrasonic units with this type of cartridge, and work well for smaller spaces. Typically, however, your best choice for larger rooms and spaces is an evaporative wick humidifier that naturally leaves most minerals behind and they usually the quietest. 

Brune is a manufacturer of quality large room humidifiers that also include a demineralization process and UV light to make sure the water and moisture are clean and mineral-free. Portable large room humidifiers are often chosen for museums, antique shops, furniture stores, and large homes because they are quiet and they can accurately maintain perfect humidity in large or small spaces without having to buy or transport several humidifiers.

Air Purifiers and offers the best, top-rated portable electric humidifiers, with both filtered and filter-less units for almost any application, to include quality humidifier brands like Stadler Form and Brune. And since we are an online store with very low overhead, this allows us to provide you with the cheapest discount prices on the best humidifiers, with free shipping. We also have a team of indoor air humidification specialists on hand to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Air Quality in Manufacturing: Why Relying on Masks Alone Can Cost You Big

If you run or own any type of manufacturing operation, you know there are various types of dust, particles, fumes, and sometimes bacteria that are floating in the air. And it's difficult to control it 100%--you just do the best you can. Right? Wrong.  If you take that approach and rely on employees wearing masks, you're going to get hit at some point with not only lower productivity and employee illness and downtime from poor air quality, but also possibly liability or negligence suits. People take their masks off from time to time, exposing them to the materials, chemicals and other pollutants being used.

Why leave the door wide open to losses, especially when affordable, tax-deductible HEPA air filtration systems and chemical-removing carbon-based air purifiers are readily available?  It doesn't make sense to build a manufacturing or any business so carefully, invest thousands of dollars in all the equipment and infrastructure, only to be shot in the foot with unwelcomed losses caused by poor air quality conditions that could have been prevented by spending an additional 1% or less on a proper air purifier system with the right filters.
And don't forget the offices, as they often have poor indoor air quality, too, with tons of dust mites, paper mites, toner chemicals and lots of other pollutants that a relatively inexpensive top-rated air cleaner can fix--and prevent problems there, too. Research has proven that breathing pollutants in polluted indoor areas over time causes more than allergies and a little discomfort--but real, costly diseases like COPD, bronchiolitis obliterans, heart and brain disorders and more. Bottom line: spend that 1% or less of your business budget and make sure the air is clean for you and employees--and you'll get to your goal of a super-profitable business much faster, and without all the unnecessary headaches.
Air Purifiers and offers the best quality home air purifiers and HVAC-based air filtration systems for residential, office and industrial applications--all at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day, due to our extremely low overhead! We can even custom-design a system that perfectly fits your indoor air quality situation, free of charge. Just call our air filtration specialists toll-free at 1-800-701-2513, We are here to help!
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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Choosing the Right Fume Extractor: Slower is Better

If you’re using a fume extractor or deciding which one to buy, there are several key factors that are important. Obviously, you want a unit that has the proper filters to effectively remove the fumes you’re concerned about. And it’s usually good to also have a HEPA filter to trap any particles that might be floating around, as most of those particles are hazardous and tend to carry fumes on their surfaces, too. One thing, however, that you may not want or need to pay for is extra powerful intake speed in CFM (cubic feet per minute) since a higher speed isn’t usually necessary and can actually work against you.
Some fume (and odor) extraction manufacturers advertise high intake speeds, but the truth is, for a carbon filter-based fume extractor, faster airflow doesn’t mean better fume removal because how well the carbon removes the fumes depends greatly on how much time the air spends in contact with those carbon granules or pieces. Which means that, more often than not, a slower intake speed of 200-250 CFM is actually better and helps the air spend more time in contact with the carbon in the filter and naturally does a better job of removing hazardous chemicals. Welding, solder fume extractors, and well as laser fume extractors all perform much better with slower intake speeds.
A good example of this is Electrocorp’s LD 450 Fume Extractor. It’s intake speed is 250 CFM and it’s a very effective portable fume extractor because it has a super high-quality 40 pound carbon filter and runs at a slower intake speed-—plus it includes a HEPA filter for added air cleaning, dust removal, etc. That said, you can buy a higher intake speed fume extractor or one that is adjustable to higher speeds, but you’ll need a heavier, thicker carbon filter to make up for the higher speed. More carbon and a bigger, taller carbon filter has the same effect of causing the air to spend more time in contact with the carbon—i.e. there’s more of it to go through. So a rule of thumb is this: slower is better for fume collection units, and the faster the speed, the more carbon you need in the filter for the best fume extraction.
Air Purifiers and offers the best quality industrial fume extractors, with both welding and solder fume collection units, as well as room and HVAC-based fume removal units to clean up the air in larger shops, businesses, or any confined space.

Whatever fume or odor extraction situation you have, we have a unit that’s perfect for you—and if it needs to be customized, we’ll do that, too! Call our fume & gas removal experts today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, January 19, 2015

Ultrasonic Warm Mist Humidifiers: A Powerful Tool for Chest Congestion Relief

If you’ve got chest congestion, you're tired of it and you want it to go away as fast as possible. Chest congestion is caused by sticky, gooey mucus that sticks to the sides of various parts of the airway, brochial tubes, etc. And while over-the-counter medications like Mucinex and others do help a lot, they can take days to break up the mucus. There is, however, a way to loosed that congestion faster and getting you on the road to recovery in as little as half the time--using an ultrasonic warm mist humidifier along with your mucus-thinning medicines.
The common treatment to loosen chest congestion is to use a product like Mucinex or others that contain guaifenisin, which is in a class of drugs called expectorants which thin mucus secretions.  Guaifenisin and other similar expectorants thin these secretions by drawing water into the bronchial area. Adding a humidifier to your room helps speed up the process largely because it gives guaifenisin more moisture to work with and naturally breaks up chest congestion faster.
Your best choice for a humidifier for this purpose is an ultrasonic warm mist room humidifier, since the warm mist moisturizes the air faster and more consistently, and the warm mist doesn’t create chill in the room, which you certainly don’t want if you’re not feeling well.  Make sure you choose a quality ultrasonic warm mist humidifier, however, and ensure that it has both something to prevent bacteria and mold growth in the water, as well as a filter to remove minerals from the water. Ultrasonic units are best, too, because they use very little energy and they're very quiet for bedrooms, etc.
Warm mist units like HERA from Stadler Form are some of the best for quickly providing germ-free moisture to relieve chest congestion and dry home air, and they come standard with both antibacterial and demineralization filters mentioned above. Having those filters ensures that you’re breathing germ-free moisture, and not re-infecting yourself—that’s important. And, this powerful germ-free humidifier can handle small and large rooms up to 760 square feet, so you can use it for many different areas including bedrooms, dining rooms, or offices, large and small.
At Air Purifiers and, we offer a large selection of the best ultrasonic warm mist humidifiers with antibacterial and mineral filters, low maintenance and proven performance, for the fastest relief from dry air and congestion. And since we’re an online store with extremely low overhead, we gladly pass those savings on to you with the cheapest discount prices, with free shipping every day. We also have a team of indoor air humidification experts to assist you with any questions you may have, before and after the sale. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, January 12, 2015

Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners: Winning the Fight Against Chronic Sinus and Respiratory Infections

Anyone who has or has had chronic sinus and respiratory infections knows they are 1) no fun and 2) very difficult to get away from completely. What chronic sinus and respiratory infections have in common, however, is that both are almost always either caused by or kept going by airborne bacteria and mold spores in the air of our homes, rooms, offices or other enclosed spaces. And without something to kill them, they continue to circulate through our air conditioning systems and continue to infect or re-infect people--unless of course, you have an ultraviolet light air cleaner running...
Other than strengthening the immune system, one of the smartest things you can do to combat chronic sinus and respiratory infections, colds, flu, etc is to buy and regularly use a room air purifier UV light. Why? UV light is proven to destroy the airborne germs that cause the problems. The UV rays not only destroy the cell structure of bacteria and mold spores, but also the DNA of these and other little invaders so they can’t reproduce. 

So, instead of you breathing in live bacteria and mold spores (which research shows are present in almost every indoor space), you can have a UV  room air purifier ‘breathing’ in all that air first, cleaning it and they releasing it back into the room for you to breathe. That way you don't get another dose of infectious material every time you take a breath. No wonder it's tough to get rid of these kinds of infections!  This can make a huge difference for kids that routinely get sick--and help cut those doctor visits, medication costs, and co-pays way down.
And without live mold spores and bacteria in the air, there’s a very good chance you, your kids or whoever will get over any sinus or respiratory infection faster and stay well, too. This can make a big difference for those with COPD, or other infection based illnesses. A very good example of a germicidal UV air purifier with proven air disinfection power is the RxAir Air Purification System. Another great unit is the Aller Air 5000 Vocarb with UV Option. Both are excellent air cleaners and will greatly improve air quality in your home in a matter of minutes.
And, at our online store we offer a big selection of easy to use UV light air cleaners from the top UV purification  retailers at cheap discount prices with free shipping. We take our super low overhead and pass it on to our customers with the best prices on the highest quality air purification systems, filters and more. We also keep a team of indoor air filtration experts to help you get the perfect air cleaner for your unique situation, and answer any questions you may have before and after the sale. Give us a call today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, January 9, 2015

Removing Household Odors Effectively--with the Right Odor Removal Air Cleaners

Household odors often consist of anything from pet odors, to cooking odors, musty moldy basements, sewage and others. And if the odors are constantly being released, simply cleaning the area or ventilating it isn't going to be enough to remove the odor well enough to keep you from smelling it. The only real way to eliminate these odors and keep them at levels far below what our noses can detect, is to use the right type of odor removal air purifier.

Odor removal air cleaners usually include strongly activated charcoal (stronger than normal) with the power to actually absorb those odor-causing chemicals. Ion generator type odor removers are often very good, as well, since they produce enough hydroxyl or OH- ions or superoxide O2- (not ozone) that literally disintegrate VOC’s which are responsible for over 90% of household odors.  Using either one of these types of air cleaners is a proven way to eliminate odors when other methods fail.

A couple of important notes, however: Any odor removal air cleaner needs to specifically tell you how much carbon is in the unit (how many pounds) and what types of chemicals it is designed to remove.  If it's an ionic type, the package should tell you what kind of ions and that it’s effective for breaking down VOC’s, which again, are responsible for over 90% of the odors we run into in our homes.  

Of the ionic types, the RxAir system is one of best odor eliminator air purifiers, that we've found. It’s filter-less and it’s known to be effective for preventing cold, flu and other illnesses from spreading.   Your best air cleaner brands to choose from are Aller Air, Austin Air, and RxAir, no question. They work.
One other note: if it's musty moldy odors you're dealing with, check your humidity. If it's 45% or higher, get a dehumidifier and reduce to 30-35%. That plus an odor removing air cleaner can make a huge difference.
Air Purifiers and offers a great selection of odor reducing air purifiers with quality carbon odor control filters, ion generators or both--all at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. We save money by not advertising so we can pass those savings on to you!
If you have questions, call our odor removal experts at 1-800-701-2513 and we'll be happy to assist you. It's what we do every day...and we'll help you get rid of those odors and save money at the same time :)

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best Second Hand Smoke Removal Air Cleaners: Aller Air and Blueair Win Again!

Second hand cigarette smoke is actually composed of ash particles, chemicals, and tar molecules, so to effectively remove smoke you have to use a smoke air cleaner that can remove all three. Tobacco and paper ash particles are very small, so a good smoke eater air cleaner with a true HEPA filter to is best. Cigarette smoke will have more ash than pipe tobacco or cigar smoke because of the burned paper, so having the best HEPA filter will be extra helpful for cigarette smoke.

The airborne chemicals present in second hand cigar, cigarette, and pipe tobacco smoke are primarily VOC’s by nature (volatile organic compounds), so activated carbon filters are pretty good for that. There are, however, some compounds in tobacco smoke that aren’t removed that well by normal activated carbon so choosing a smoke eater with a carbon filter enhanced for smoke removal is much more effective. Aller Air and Blueair both have smoke air filters with enhanced charcoal in their DS, DXS (Aller Air), and G.O. Smoketop filters (Blueair).
And, you want to make sure that carbon filter in your smoke eater has a lot of activated carbon in it, not just for the extra filtration power, but also so that it lasts more than a month or two. Carbon filters with very little carbon become saturated quickly and stop removing the odors and chemicals created by second hand tobacco smoke. So if you don’t want to be replacing the filters all the time, choose a house smoke odor eliminator with something like 15-36 pounds of carbon or more, like Aller Air, with carbon filters that typically last 2-5 years depending on use.

The airborne tar molecules are fairly large, sticky, and are pretty easily trapped, either by a good tar-trapping pre-filter or your HEPA filter. The advantage of having this this type of pre-filter before the HEPA filter is that it stops the tobacco tar before it can prematurely clog the HEPA filter, resulting in longer HEPA filter life.

So, if the smoke removal air purifier you’re looking at includes a tar-trapping pre-filter, you’re looking at a good unit; if it doesn’t, move on or you’ll be replacing HEPA filter far too often--with the exception of Blueair units that have a built-in progressive filtration media that works like a pre-filter.

So if you choose a second hand smoke removal air purifier that has all three types of quality filters and a strong enough output for the room or house size you’ll be using it in, you’ll get the smoke odor and particle elimination you want. The best smoke eliminator air purifiers with all three types of filters are those from Aller Air’s DS and DXS series, which you can buy at a discount from our online store, with free shipping on all units and filters. You might also consider the Blueair 450E or 650E as these units are very good for affordably removing smoke particles and odors, as well. Call our smoke elimination experts toll free today at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What Kind of Ionic Air Purifier is Best: Ions Only or with HEPA & Carbon Filters?

Ionic air purifiers have received a lot of good reviews simply because the majority of them do a good job of reducing particles in the air, reducing odors, killing germs, working as an air freshener, and most of them now release only OH- hydroxyl or superoxide ions, not ozone. Now, many of these negative ion air purifiers use only ions and have no HEPA or carbon filters, which they advertise as being the best way to go because there are no filters to replace, cheaper, less maintenance, etc. That all sounds really good, right? Sure, they do work pretty well and it does keep costs down with no filters to replace.
Some ionic air cleaners, however, do have HEPA, activated carbon filters or both. So the question that was posed to us is ‘which is really the best type of ionic air filter to buy—with or without HEPA & carbon filters?’ The answer to that is very simple: it depends on how much and what type of pollutants you’re dealing with, and whether ‘best’ for you means having the cleanest air or best for your wallet only.
As stated above, ionizer air cleaners are great for reducing particles, odors, killing germs and freshening the air. That said, they really don’t remove anything from the air, except where the ions cause chemical pollutants to disintegrate into water and CO2. The ions cause smaller particles to clump together, which makes them heavier and they fall out of the air easier, but then they’re down on the floor again to be picked up by air flow in your home—and maybe they’ll be caught by the A/C filter, maybe not. So if you want noticeably cleaner, fresher air, don't have severe allergies or lots of pollutants, and don’t have a lot to spend, you can usually get by with a good ionizer air purifier.
But, if you can spend just a little more, buying an ionic HEPA air purifier or better yet, one with ions, HEPA and carbon, that air cleaner will do everything the ionizer air filter will do, but also remove over 99% of the pollutants in the air. Just depends on what’s more important to you—how clean the air is or the cost. 

The great news is that you can buy both types of ionic air purifiers at our online store at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping, due to our extremely low overhead. Still have questions? Call our experts today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and let us give help you decide-for free!
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Monday, January 5, 2015

Need Real Allergy & Asthma Relief? Choose The Austin Allergy Machine & Allergy Machine Junior

So many allergy and asthma sufferers search and try various air purifiers hoping to get the clean air and relief they need but are often disappointed. That is usually because the air cleaner they purchased does not have filters necessary to actually clean the air. Buying a cheap air purifier with small motor can be a problem, too, because a small motor usually has a low output which means it cannot move the air fast enough to remove the pollutants before they are inhaled, plain and simple.
A couple of highly-effective and allergist-recommended air cleaners, however, are the Austin Allergy Machine and Allergy Machine Junior. First, both of these allergy air purifiers feature a ‘super-HEPA’ filter that removes not just the usual 99.97% of particles, dust, dust mites, pet dander, etc, but also over 95% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, making it the best HEPA filter for allergies, period.  That can and does make a big difference for allergy and asthma sufferers since those super tiny particles, dust mites, etc that are often one of the main things preventing you from getting relief from attacks.
The Austin Allergy Machine series air cleaners also include an HEGA (High Efficiency Gas Absorption) filter, which is very much like military grade activated charcoal cloth used in gas masks. That enables these air purifiers to remove allergy and asthma attack-causing gases, vapors and VOC’s present in almost every home, pollutants that most air cleaners don’t remove. This filter often provides relief where other allergy air filters cannot, simply because it’s removing irritating airborne chemical residues that other air cleaners leave behind.
Which unit is best allergy relief air purifier? They are the same, except for the square footage coverage and size. The standard Allergy Machine is for larger areas up to 1500 square feet; the Junior model is smaller and better for indoor areas and rooms up to 700 square feet (and it’s cheaper). They both even have a 5 year unit and filter warranty, PLUS a 30 day money back guarantee! Tough to find another air purifier to beat that!
And at our online store, you can buy these amazing air cleaners at the best discount prices with free shipping—so you can finally get relief, without breaking the bank. And if you have questions, our allergy air filtration experts are always available to answer your questions, before and after the sale. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and try one of the Austin Allergy Machine air purifiers. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Large Room Air Filters: Clean Air for Multiple Rooms—at a Discount

Portable air purifiers are known to be one of the best ways to get clean, high quality air in your room or office, especially if they have good HEPA and carbon filters. But what if you want clean air in very large room or in multiple rooms but can only afford one air cleaner? The best way to go is to look for a large room air purifier.
A large HEPA air purifier offers several advantages over buying several smaller units. They might cost a little more, but the price is still far less than buying several small units, so you’re still saving money. The output of large room air filters is usually much higher, which enables the unit to clean the air effectively in larger rooms or multiple rooms that are fairly close to each other. And, large room air cleaners can run more quietly in normal size rooms because the larger fan can move more air at a lower speed—which means less noise.
And, instead of the hassle and expense of replacing several sets of HEPA and carbon filters in several small units, another great advantage of buying a large room air purifier is that there’s only one set of filters to replace. A couple of very good large capacity air cleaners are the Austin HealthMate Plus and Aller Air 5000 Vocarb Both can handle up to 1500 square feet with one unit, have super high quality HEPA and heavy activated carbon filters that can last up to 5 years, they offer a 5 or 10 year warranty and both are very good chemical odor air purifiers.
And there are many large room air filtration units to choose from at our online store, a great, high efficiency air purifier for almost any budget. And since we’re an online store, our overhead is quite low—that means you get the cheapest discount prices and free shipping every time, plus impeccable customer service before and after the sale. Call our indoor air filtration experts today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and let us answer your questions. We’re here to help!
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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Discount Winix Finecel Replacement Filters--Free Shipping!

Enjoying your Winix Finecel Under Sink or Counter Top Water Filtration System but need some replacement carbon and UF filters?  We've got 'em for less, with free shipping!
Your Winix Finecel carbon filter is designed to last about 400 gallons, or about 8 months for most households. Carbon does become saturated, and unlike other filters doesn't slow down the flow of the water--it just starts letting the water through without removing the pesticides, lead, and other pollutants, often before you taste the difference. Not good--and it could be dangerous for those with weaker health.
The Winix UF filter or Ultimate Filtration filter removes a lot of the other pollutants, tiny particles, bacteria, and various chemical compounds as the filtration media chemically breaks them apart and traps them. etc. This top grade Finecel filter usually lasts about a year, but similar to the carbon filters, once this media gets used, the media is less and less able to remove or break down those chemicals which means....some of those pollutants stay in the water.
And how fast this happens depends on how much pollution is in your city's drinking water.  Again, the pollutants often start getting back into the water long before you notice a difference in taste.   To be safe, and since pollutant levels are different all over the country, it's best to buy your replacement UF filter cartridge and carbon filters a little early--about every 7 months for carbon filters and 10 months or so for the ultra filtration cartridge. To be really sure, buy a water test kit and test your water at the 6 month point and see what your filtered water looks like.
Best of all, you can buy your replacement Winix Finecel replacement filters at a discount here at our online store, with free shipping. And if you have any questions, call our Winix water filtration experts toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We're here to help!
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Friday, January 2, 2015

Compact Room Air Purifiers: Cheap Insurance Against The Flu, Colds & Allergies

Cold and flu seasons is still going in many parts of the country, and whether we like to believe it or not, hand washing isn’t always enough. In addition to washing hands, avoiding sick people as much as possible, simply buying a mini room air purifier with quality filters can really make a difference whether you get sick or not. That’s especially true if you work or spend time in a small office or room where pollutants and germs are usually more concentrated (less air space).
Mini room air cleaners such as the Austin Junior series, for example, are only in the $300-400 range, but have the same super high quality carbon, true HEPA, and pre-filters for over 99% removal of pollutants and filter that last up to 5 years. Plus, these compact air purifiers can handle a full 700 square feet and have a 5 year warranty! To get 700 square foot coverage from Blueair, for example, you’d have to pay nearly twice as much.
Even the Winix U300 series at $269 has very impressive features, true HEPA, a decent carbon filter, a remote control, even negative ions. Only 300 square feet of coverage, though, and filters last about 12 months. But either would be great for helping prevent colds, flu and allergies and a great investment in your health.
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Thursday, January 1, 2015

More Flu Season On The Way: How to Use UV Air Purification Systems for Defense

The recently-mutated H3N2 strain of influenza virus has already caused a significant number of problems, with 36 states reporting widespread cases. The H3N2 strain of flu has caused severe flu seasons in recent years and since it’s back again with mutated versions as well, the CDC indicated last Tuesday that this years’ flu season is reason for concern—not just because of it's history, but primarily because this year’s vaccine wasn’t very effective. That means even with the same level of flu virus transmission we had last year, we’ll have more cases of it this year and possibly more severe, which makes it more dangerous for the elderly, children or others with weaker immune systems.  One thing you can do, however, to reduce your chances of getting it or at least shorten the symptoms is to use UV light air purification systems to protect yourself.
UV light air cleaners, whether mounted in the duct work of your air conditioner or sitting on the floor in your room help reduce and prevent the spread of disease in two ways.  First, the UV light rays destroy the cell or protein structure of bacteria, mold spores and viruses as they pass by in the polluted air that’s being circulated.  Second, the ultraviolet light produced by UV light air purifiers (most often UV-C) produces hydroxyl and sometimes superoxide ions, which further destroy airborne germs and help shorten their lifespan on surfaces, too.
Duct mounted UV systems are very good for quickly cleaning up all the air in your home, since all the air in your home is passing through the A/C in most cases, passing by those germicidal UV bulbs.  Some people use a combined approach of a duct mounted UV air purifier and a floor unit such as the RxAir UV air purifier system (which is a Class II medical device designed for air disinfection). Using both makes your indoor environment that much more difficult for any germ to survive, which helps prevent infection / re-infection. That plus your usual flu prevention efforts like washing your hands, avoiding people that seem to be ill, avoiding public places, etc, you might actually avoid getting the flu altogether.
If you haven’t already gotten the vaccine, the CDC recommends that you should, especially if you’re older or have a weaker immune system. True, this year’s vaccine wasn’t the best, but it will offer some immunity to the viruses in play, and some protection is better than none. In any case, be sure to discuss all of this with your physician if you’re still not sure.
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