Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bulk Air Purifier Charcoal: Save BIG on Carbon Filters and Get Higher Performance?

It’s no secret that quality activated carbon filters can really clean up the air fast, removing harmful chemicals, odors, and more.  Many top-rated air purifier filters, however, aren’t cheap. And while it’s advisable most of the time to buy replacement carbon filters made by your air purifier’s manufacturer, don’t let the cost of the filters keep you from having clean air. There’s another option: bulk air purifier charcoal.

 If you’ve ever heard of a company called Aller Air, you probably know that their air cleaners are top-rated around the world for maximum chemical, odor, and particle removal. The ability to consistently remove such a high percentage (over 99%) of tough chemicals, odors, VOC’s, etc for a long time comes from two main things—the quality of the carbon and the amount of carbon in the filter.

Aller Air replacement bulk carbon is top quality and super effective because of a special activation process, using certain chemicals and other methods to cause the charcoal to become extra absorbent and attracted to harmful chemicals and odors, such as benzene, TCE, hydrogen sulfide and many others found in commercial and industrial settings. 
Having this super-strong bulk activated charcoal in the air purifier you have in your home or office provides you with unmatched protection from chemical airborne pollutants, often improving the air cleaning power of other air purifiers. Best of all, you can save 30-40% on the cost of replacement carbon filters by just replacing the carbon itself—that’s smart.

So if you need to save on carbon filters, or want to improve the performance of your air purifier’s carbon filter, consider replacing the carbon with Allerair bulk filter charcoal, ideally choosing their Vocarb industrial strength carbon for maximum air cleaning power. Don't forget--you can even upgrade your Aller Air Exec air purifier to a powerful Vocarb unit by just replacing the carbon with Vocarb carbon, which is usually much cheaper than buying a whole new Vocarb filter.

Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is your #1 online source for the best deals on top-quality bulk air purifier carbon for air filters,  top-rated air cleaners for home & industrial use, air test kits, and much more—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day due to our low overhead. If you have any questions about the bulk carbon or any other product we offer, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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