Monday, September 30, 2013

Best Air Purifiers for Pet Odor: 3 Proven Brands-Austin Air, Aller Air, & Blueair

Pet odors are a real problem for many pet owners, and sometimes for visiting friends and family who are also sensitive or have allergies. And what many pet owners don’t think about is that many odors come from bacteria feeding on organic material, airborne feces and other dander particles, not just their scent glands or urine residue.
Still, finding the right air purifier to remove pet odors effectively can be tough, as well, and if you’re not careful or don’t know what to look for, you’ll probably end up wasting your money on an air cleaner that just doesn’t work or doesn’t remove odors for very long. And then you’re stuck with an air purifier that doesn’t clean the air properly, and you still have your allergies to deal with.
Getting rid of pet odors is actually pretty easy if you have an air purifier that has the necessary features, such as enough activated carbon, a strong output, and possibly negative ions. Air cleaners from Austin Air, Aller Air, and Blueair come with all of these features plus great HEPA filters, and consequently, do a great job of removing pet odors, dander—and preventing allergies, asthma and respiratory problems for both the pet and the owners. The Austin Pet Machine comes with 15 pounds of carbon & zeolite blend that easily absorbs tough cat & dog urine odors, bird odors and smells from other animals.
Aller Air purifiers come with anywhere from 12 to 36 pounds or more of super activated carbon that also does a great job of removing pet odors and dander. And both of these air cleaner brands have an output of 400 CFM or cubic feet per minute. That means it will remove all of the pet odor, dander, hair & dust from an average room in about 3 minutes. That’s pretty quick—which means you and your family won’t have a chance to breathe those pollutants before the air cleaner can grab them.
Blueair air purifiers also remove pet odors very well, with their patented G.O. Gas & Odor SmokeStop filter—less carbon but extra strong for absorbing tough chemicals and odors, even cigarette smoke odors.  Blueair air cleaners also release healthy negative ions which further purify the air by destroying bacteria that cause many odors, and disintegrate many odor-causing organic compounds, as well. If you like the Blueair features and Swiss-styling, the 450E or 650E would be your best air purifiers for pet odors.
All so-called ‘pet air cleaners’ aren’t the same, however, so don’t be fooled. Bottom line is that first, purely ionic air cleaners with a thin foam carbon filter probably won’t do a very good job of removing the odors since there isn’t enough carbon to absorb the chemicals that cause the odors. And, if the output isn’t at least about 200 CFM, you’re most likely going to breathe or smell the odors before the air cleaner gets to them, and that’s defeating the purpose. For effective pet odor removal, it’s best to stay with Aller Air 5000 or 6000 series, The Austin Pet Machine or Healthmate Plus, or Blueair 450E or 650E. All of these are proven, effective HEPA air filtration units for removing tough cat, dog, bird and other pet odors, as well as over 99% of the allergy & asthma causing hair, dander and other particles, leaving you super-clean, odor free air every day.
Air Purifiers and is your best source for quality, affordable pet odor air purifiers with powerful carbon and HEPA filters that truly clean the air by removing over 99% of these pollutants–FAST. And since we are an online store, we can sell the best, most effective air purifiers at cheap discount prices with free shipping—every day.
If you have a cat, dog, or bird or other pets and you’re not sure what air cleaner is best for your situation, give our pet air cleaning experts toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Portable Home Air Purifiers: Necessary to Ensure that Your Home is Healthy and Safe

With all the advances in science and research, Americans are watching more and more things to help make our lives long, happy and healthy. And we take steps to make sure our home is safe from various ‘health intruders’, such as installing a water filtration system. What is often overlooked, however, is the indoor air quality in our homes and rooms and its impact on our health. With indoor air pollution now rated by the EPA in the top 5 major health threats, it makes good sense to use some kind of quality home air purifier system to make sure these pollutants are removed, if we want to live longer and feel better.
Many home owners think that if they have a good or even allergy-rated filter in the air conditioner, that this is enough to prevent any air pollutants from getting into the air they breathe. Well, if this was true, the EPA couldn’t have put out as late as December 2011 that indoor air quality is still in the top 5 health threats, since virtually every home owner has an HVAC unit that comes with one or two filters. Those filters, first of all, are not designed to capture the tiny allergy, asthma, and illness causing sub-micron particles, nor any of the chemicals or vapors that are usually present. And, they only keep a percentage of the larger particles from getting into the coil area and being blown out into rooms.
HVAC filters not only do not stop the tiny particles, but they’re also in the wrong place to stop pollutants that grow on the coils of the air conditioner from being circulated. Plus, all of the mold, bacteria, dust, dust mites, fibers, etc that accumulate on the walls of the duct work after the air conditioner release pollutants every time the HVAC system runs—and without a portable room air cleaner running to catch those pollutants as they come out of the vents, we get to breathe that dust, mold, bacteria, viruses, and other allergens every day and night. If your goal is to make your home healthy and safe, breathing all of that pollution certainly isn’t helping.
Your best portable indoor air scrubbers usually come standard with true HEPA filters to remove dust, mold spores and other particles, activated carbon to remove odors & chemicals, as well as healthy negative ions to further purify the air by destroying bacteria and viruses. One top-rated home air purifier brand is Blueair, with air cleaners that have all of these features, and HEPA filters that are just a little better than the normal HEPA filters. They come with a great warranty and they are very quiet so they can be used in bedrooms, baby rooms, or just about anywhere without any disturbing noise. Blueair home air purifiers are some of the best rated portable air purifiers, not only for true air scrubber power, but also for value.
All Blueair room air cleaners are high-quality, relatively inexpensive HEPA air purifiers that can be used in any large or small room, can remove smoke, odors and allergens quickly, and feature relative low-cost replacement filter changes. A large room air cleaner such as the Blueair 650E can be used between two large rooms to keep you from having to buy an air cleaner for both rooms, which saves you money and gives you clean air in both rooms. Just a few Blueair air purifiers running in your home will go a long way toward preventing many of the health risks from poor indoor air quality. And, since they are portable, personal air cleaners, you can move them from room to room to make sure you’re always breathing clean healthy air no matter where you are in your home.
So to make sure your home is as healthy and safe as possible, be sure to use a home air purification system with enough portable air cleaners to at least cover the square footage of your main living levels—it’s an easy step that pays so many dividends, from overall better health, to fewer allergy medication costs and a lot more.
Air Purifiers and an excellent selection of the best portable HEPA air cleaners (such as Blueair, Austin Air, Aller Air, Winix, and others), home & office air purifier systems, and personal air filtration units that will quickly and effectively purify the air in just about any size room or office, large or small. And since we are an online store, our low overhead allows us to sell these products to you at cheap discount prices with free shipping–every day.  If you have any questions about home air purifiers, indoor air quality, air testing, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here for you!
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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Portable Humidifiers: One of the Best Tools for Allergy Control, Skin Care, Even Younger Looking Skin!

Air that is too dry is often the cause of many indoor allergy, asthma and respiratory problems, but doesn’t usually get the attention it deserves. Dry air, such as humidity levels of less than 30%, tends to pull moisture away from our skin, sinus and bronchial tissues, leaving them dry, cracked and irritated. And when these tissues are in a constant state of irritation, they’re much more likely to cause the body to react to something foreign, even in very small amounts, and release a bunch of histamine, which is generally what precedes most of the allergy, asthma, and other symptoms we experience. And, when the skin is too dry, it doesn’t have the water content to flush away toxins, and the skin cells aren’t full and healthy—which leaves them looking flat, making wrinkles look deeper, and even creating new ones.
Portable humidifiers are very convenient for cheaply and easily adding a fine mist of water to the air in any home, room, office or hotel room so that the skin, sinus, and respiratory tissues can remain calm, naturally moisturized , and far less likely to react or over-react to a particular allergen that might be floating in the air. The best thing to do if you have allergies or asthma and think the air might be too dry in your home or room, is to get a hygrometer, or a device that measures indoor humidity levels, such as those sold at the website below.
If the humidity level is 30% or less, it might be a good idea to purchase an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier, for example, since they use very little energy, are very quiet, and can be used in just about any size room, large or small. If the temperature in the home, room, or office is kept at 70 degrees or less, you may want a warm mist humidifier as the warm water tends to disperse better into the air when the ambient temperature is cooler. Portable warm mist humidifiers are also advised for baby or infant rooms, since the heating element actually boils the water and creates a mist of water from the steam, which makes sure the water is as pure as possible before being released into the air for your baby to breathe.
Evaporative humidifiers are also great for using very little energy, and can be used in large or small rooms, and almost completely quiet. Evaporative humidifiers do work a little slower in getting the water or moisture into the air, however, so for quicker humidification, it’s best to use an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier for allergy relief. If the water you’re using for your portable humidifier isn’t pure, or you’re not sure, it’s best to buy air humidifiers with a filter so that only clean, unpolluted water is released into the air. If you’re using distilled water, you probably don’t need a filter and you can choose a filterless personal humidifier.
Whatever personal or portable humidifier you choose, you can rest assured that you’ll be giving yourself an advantage and experiencing fewer and less severe allergy symptoms in most cases, and often noticeably younger looking skin in just a few days!
Air Purifiers and offers a great selection of the best rated humidifiers , from warm mist humidifiers, small personal humidifiers, to ultrasonic units, steam units and morers for any large or small room in your home. And because of our low overhead, we are able to offer you these amazing portable humidifiers at cheap discount prices with free shipping to help you get the allergy or sinus relief you need–and save money!
We are currently in the process of adding many new humidifiers to our selection on this page, so give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 so we can help you choose the best humidifier for your situation. We are here to help!
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Friday, September 27, 2013

HVAC UV Light Air Purifier Systems: A Shortcut to Clean, Disinfected Air for Your Home or Business

With so many new things popping up in research about the dangers of bacteria, mold, viruses, and other germs floating around in most homes and offices, it makes you wonder if there is anything that can truly protect you, your family or employees from poor air quality. And just having an air purifier running doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re always breathing clean, disinfected air. 
The problem is that, unless you have a portable air purifier running in every room with at least a 200 CFM output, there’s about a 50% chance that you’ll breathe in air that hasn’t gone through the air purifier yet, air that still has bacteria, mold spores, viruses, etc that tend to live in your air conditioning or furnace ducts and coil areas. The only way to be sure that you, your family, or employees aren’t breathing live bacteria, mold, or viruses is to use a duct mounted UV light air purification system.
UV light air cleaners in central air conditioning ducts release UV-C rays that create OH- or negative hydroxyl ions which destroy bacteria, viruses on contact, as well as the UV rays themselves that destroy the DNA of these organisms. And when you use the right type of UV light air purifier system in your duct work, all of the air that passes (and any organisms ) are directly exposed to the UV light and the negative ions, which kills them. And with two of the proper laboratory grade 36 watt UV bulbs running, that creates enough light units to destroy even tough bacteria like E. Coli and many others—actually over 99% of bacteria, mold, and other germs are killed with the UV light produced by two 36 watt bulbs working together.
Not all ultraviolet or UV light air purifier systems are the same, however. A lot of UV light manufacturers don’t disclose the wattage of the bulbs—and that should be your first clue not to buy that unit for your central air conditioning system. Also, if the bulbs are in a mount where there is only one UV bulb or two that are close together, you don’t want that, either because research shows that for a 99% kill rate, you must have two bulbs sold separately so you can place them 30 inches apart. And again, the UV bulbs need to be 36 watts—anything less isn’t going to produce enough ultraviolet light units to kill 99% of the bacteria, mold, & viruses—period.
Your best bet is to purchase one of the best HVAC mounted ultraviolet light air purifier systems on the market, such as those from APC, with true laboratory grade 36 watt bulbs, solid state electronics, and proven performance. A quality UV light air cleaner system plus your home or portable room air purifiers running will give you the cleanest air possible. Like so many things, to really solve a problem like severe allergies or asthma requires that you attack it from a couple of angles at the same time. UV lights are also very good for getting rid of smells & odors—just one more great benefit!
Air Purifiers and is your best online source for quality APC UV light air purification systems with certified 36 watt laboratory-strength bulbs for the best UV light air cleaning possible. These systems quickly disinfect the air in just about any home, office, or any building where there is a HVAC or central air conditioning UV system. And since our overhead is low, that means we can bring you these amazing APC UV lights at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about home air purification, testing or anything related to indoor air quality, call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. Our ultraviolet light air cleaner experts are here to help!
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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Got a Fume Extractor? Replacing Filters Too Often? Read This:

Fume extractors are used primarily in businesses like welding, soldering, nail salons, etc., where obviously, chemical fumes, gases, odors, & vapors are a problem. Some business owners find that they are replacing the carbon filters too often or more than what seems normal, which drives up operating costs. Is it just the amount of fumes or gases that are present? Or is there another cause?
Unfortunately, there are fume extractors and industrial gas filtration systems that are sold without a good pre-filter system built in. And without a pre-filter, tiny dust or other particles are drawn into the carbon filter which clogs up the pores prematurely, reduced airflow and makes it seem like the carbon filter is saturated or needs to be replaced.
A solution to this problem seems like it would be to just install a pre-filter of some kind in the unit. That may work to a degree, but most likely, the unit isn’t built where there is enough space to put a pre-filter, and if it’s not the right type, with the proper micron rating and electrostatic nature, it isn’t going to remove the particles properly.
Your best bet is to purchase a quality fume extractor from a reputable company, such as Electrocorp, that offers multiple fume, gas, VOC, & vapor capturing units, all of which have pre-filters, and some even have HEPA filters for maximum protection and air quality control. Electrocorp fume extraction systems can be either portable or attached to the HVAC system, and will probably contain much more higher grade activated carbon than the unit you’re using, which does a better job and makes the filters last anywhere from 2-5 years, not 2-5 months. That’s a big difference that will save you money.
Also, if you are not certain that the carbon blend you’re using in your fume extractor does remove all of the specific chemical fumes or vapors that are present, it might be a good idea to purchase an Electrocorp unit with a carbon blend that is tuned to remove all of those chemicals or gases. That way, you are certain that your filtration system is doing its job properly and not leaving gases, vapors, VOC’s or other residues in the air to create a hazard for you or your employees.
Electrocorp simply makes the very best portable fume extractor units on the market, with the strongest carbon and highest outputs, and the most durable, high quality components. It you want clean air that is free of fumes, gases, vapors, VOC’s or particles, without worry, choose Electrocorp.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners is your #1 best source for high quality Electrocorp industrial and commercial fume & gas collection systems, custom air filtration units and more, that will effectively remove virtually any fume, chemical, smoke, VOC, gas or particle you might have in your workshop, welding & soldering shop or other work site. And since we are an online store, our overhead is very low—that means cheap discount pricing for you, with free shipping, every day.
If you have any questions about gas collection systems, fume extraction, or anything related to industrial or commercial air quality control, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Best Dust Collection Systems: Electrocorp, Without a Doubt.

When you’re looking for an industrial or commercial dust collection system to properly remove or filter out all the large and smaller toxic fine dust in your workplace or business, obviously you want the very best quality you can get for the money. And you definitely want a unit made by a manufacturer that not only has an excellent reputation for building effective filtration units, but also a reputation for very little down time and excellent warranties.
The one company we have found that consistently offers the very best portable toxic fine dust collection units and HVAC-based and standalone cyclone dust extractors is Electrocorp. From their beginning in the 1990’s, Electrocorp redefined the standard for industrial and commercial dust particle filtration systems, primarily because they found a way to create a higher standard in both construction, the performance of the filters, and the ability to custom design systems to perfectly fit any particle filtration situation. The materials were taken to a higher level than most companies, with heavier duty parts and better steel to make their dust collectors tougher and more reliable.  The large particle pre-filters were designed with a special weave and electrostatic nature that helps them perform better and longer. 
The HEPA filters were also made better than most ‘normal’ industrial HEPA or micro-HEPA filters, allowing them to last longer which saves you money on filter replacements and a specially-woven material that traps particles down to 0.1 microns, not just 0.3 as with most HEPA filters. All of that plus the ability to custom design a dust collector, whether a portable cyclone unit, an HVAC filtration system or a source capture unit for direct dust collection at the machine level, Electrocorp made sure they could create whatever would be needed to ensure that business owners get the best dust and particle filtration and air cleaning possible, and the best protection from OSHA fines, lawsuits, and other unnecessary liabilities—all while keeping the price affordable.
There are quite a few competitors on the market attempting to sell dust extraction units for less, but many business owners find that these competitor dust collection systems don’t do the job they thought it would do and end up buying an Electrocorp unit later—and it’s usually because the unit does not contain industrial grade HEPA filters, a excellent large particle pre-filter, and a strong enough CFM output to clean the air quickly, before employees can breathe the dust or particles. When it comes to industrial air cleaning and particle filtration, skimping on the quality of the filters or output level of the unit can quickly create more of a hazard because the filter doesn’t remove everything, and the motor doesn’t ‘suck up all the pollutants’ before employees can breathe them.
A lower quality dust collector will often just circulate about as much as they remove, and that exposes employees to more of the dust than they would have inhaled without a fan blowing it around. Quality definitely matters when it comes to buying a shop dust filtration system—don’t make the mistake of buying a cheap unit that costs you more in the long run.
Air Purifiers and offers a great selection of the best industrial and commercial dust collection equipment for wood working, carving, sandblasting, laser engraving, cabinet shops, home workshops or woodshops, and really any warehouse, shop, or facility where dust and particles are a problem.
And because we’re an online store with low overhead, we bring you these amazing fine particle dust collectors at cheap discount prices with free shipping–every day. If you have any questions about industrial or commercial dust control, or need a custom designed dust & particle extraction unit, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here for you!
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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Industrial Air Cleaning: Why Ventilation Hoods Aren’t Always Effective

If your business involves employees exposed to harmful particles, fumes, smoke and other airborne pollutants on a regular basis, you’ve probably already taken some steps to reduce the amount of pollutants in the air, such as respirators, an exhaust or ventilation system of some sort, etc. 
What many business owners don’t think about, however, is that when tons of air pollutants, particles & fumes are ventilated to the outside on a daily basis, the air surrounding the building often gets quite polluted and unfortunately, HVAC systems that are constantly running are often sucking that pollution right back into the building—which is even worse when the output of ventilation hoods is near the intake of the HVAC system!
And some of the chemical waste or pollution is ‘heavier than air’ so it doesn’t float away but sinks or hangs around the building, only to be taken in by the HVAC intake. Believe it or not, this does happen. And, when workers frequently step out back for a smoke break, they often get a dose of chemicals and particles along with the smoke they’d hoped to enjoy. Leaks in a building or warehouse also let these pollutants back in, creating more indoor air pollution.
This is one of the more dangerous sources of air pollution that often goes undetected and business owners then can’t figure out why they are having employee health problems, increased insurance and medical costs, lower productivity and even OSHA complaints. Solving the problem is actually quite easy with the proper commercial or industrial-grade HEPA air cleaner systems in place.
Whether it’s a portable negative air cleaner for smoke removal, or an HVAC based air filtration system, having something with a good HEPA filter and a substantial carbon filter ensures that the particle, dust, smoke, and chemical pollutants will be captured and removed, not just vented to the outside to be sucked in again.
And for a real ventilation hood, install one with a filtration unit attached so, again, the pollutants are being trapped, not recirculated back into the building. This is why the best commercial negative air purifiers have filters in them, not just a fan. For situations where the air needs to be sanitized, UV lights can be added to many Electrocorp commercial air cleaners, for example, for extra bacteria & mold killing power, as well as filtration.
And don’t forget about the offices—often these offices are not that far from the work site or warehouse work areas and can be even more of a hazard as the pollutants can build up in that small room and become trapped, which gives the occupants a dose of pollutants that is several times higher than the workers might be exposed to! 

 The point is that if you install the right type of commercial air purifier system, air scrubber, source-capture ventilation hoods, etc, the first time, you won’t have to worry about any of the potential business-crippling problems caused by poor indoor air quality.  The fact that you're avoiding thousands or potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, lawsuits or reduced productivity makes industrial air scrubber cost  seem very small in comparison.
Whatever industrial or commercial air purification system or unit you choose, ensure that it does, in fact, have a HEPA filter and at least 20 pounds of industrial strength activated carbon so that it will remove the pollutants effectively. And if there are specific chemical compounds present, consult with the manufacturer for a custom carbon blend that will be designed to remove that pollutant. Electrocorp provides this valuable service to help make sure that commercial business owners get protection and air quality control they can depend on.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners offers a great selection of the very best industrial chemical air cleaner systems, HVAC-based and portable HEPA and carbon air filtration systems, negative & positive job site air purifiers, replacement filters and much more—all at cheap discount prices, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about which air purification system or unit is best for your business, give our experts a call toll free at 1-800-701-2513. The information you need is always available, and it’s always free!
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Home Air Filtration Systems: Your Secret Weapon for Real Allergy, Asthma, & Illness Control

Indoor air quality is getting more and more attention as doctors are finding more people with compromised immune systems, chronic allergies & asthma, and ‘mystery illnesses’, or those maladies that there doesn’t appear to be any genetic or obvious environmental cause. 
Chronic fatigue, vertigo, blood disorders, and quite a few other problems are also being found to be consistent with poor indoor air quality, too, since the airborne dust, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria normally found in homes are being found present in the blood and other tissues of patients with those conditions.  And, sadly, many people still choose to just ‘deal with it’ on a daily basis, and choose to spend lots of extra time and money on allergy, asthma, and other medications, doctor visits, devices, etc. 
Granted, in some cases, the medications and increased doctor visits, etc, and necessary, but they shouldn’t be a life-long problem. A lot of physicians are even prescribing electronic home air filtration systems for allergies and other respiratory problems—and that’s because it’s working, people are getting relief from those and other conditions once the air in their homes has been cleaned up.
As an air purifier store, of course you would expect us to recommend the best air purifiers, electronic air cleaners, and top-rated home air filtration systems. And, true, the best top-rated air cleaners will do the best job of removing the allergens, asthma triggers, smoke, mold, etc. For those that can afford the best air purifiers, that would be your best defense and the best buying choice. But for those on a budget, we recommend getting an inexpensive, but well-made home air filtration unit or system, not a cheap air cleaner—there’s a difference. Inexpensive home air filtration units typically don’t have the highest output rates but usually include true HEPA filters and some carbon so that most pollutants will be removed, and the seals are good so that polluted air doesn’t escape and get circulated.
Cheap air purifiers, on the other hand, typically have ‘HEPA-style’ air filters, are made of cheap materials that break quickly, and don’t have the best seals so polluted air does get circulated, which isn’t good. The best inexpensive electronic air purifier units we’ve seen are from Winix, Inc. and Tiger America, both of which offer electronic air cleaners with the proper filters, good output rates & warranties, and units between $150-$299, etc. 

Cheap air cleaners will usually cause you to have to buy a replacement unit in a year or less; a quality, inexpensive air purifier will make a difference in your home’s indoor air quality, reduce allergies & reduce the chances of coming down with an illnesses, without breaking the bank. The point is to definitely do something to clean up your air, get some kind of air filtration system or unit—otherwise your risk of illness will remain unnecessarily high. It’s like water filtration—except we breathe about 3000 gallons of air a day, not 2 quarts!
Air Purifiers and is your #1 best source for the best deals on top-rated indoor air cleaner systems for allergies, asthma, and every day air cleaning, as well as industrial and commercial units. We sell the best air purifier brands, such as Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Winix, Tiger, as well as  Electrocorp and Amaircare industrial air cleaner systems, replacement filters, and much more—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day, due to our minimal overhead and operating costs! 

If you have any questions about which air cleaner system is right for your home, or anything else air-quality related, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re standing by to help!
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Pet Air Cleaners: Want Lower Vet Bills? Just Clean Up The Air They Breathe!

A lot of people don’t think about air quality affecting their pet’s health, but it really can. It’s pretty well known that dogs, cats, birds, and other animals can have allergies & respiratory issues, but indoor air quality is often forgotten as a source of the problem. But it makes sense, right? Our pets have skin, respiratory tissues, etc., just like us, so those tissues get irritated by the dust, dust mites, mold spores, human hair & dander, bacteria, chemical residues from cleaning products, solvents, carpets, treated wood, etc. And those vet bills that result from pet maladies aren’t fun—in fact, the visits and the medications can really get out of hand.
So, we shouldn’t be surprised to hear that research has recently shown that indoor pets with HEPA pet air purifiers running tend to have fewer allergies, respiratory problems, and less veterinary visits & medication costs. That’s right—using a quality pet air cleaner that removes all the dander, hair, & odors found in most households (with regular vacuuming & mopping, etc.) can reduce health issues and visits to the vet for indoor pets by over 65%. One of the best air cleaners for cat hair & urine odors, the Austin Pet Machine, has a medical grade HEPA filter and 15 pounds of super-absorbent activated carbon, and the filters last 3-5 years!

The Winix WAC9500, another great dog hair air cleaner has HEPA filters and negative ions for an amazingly powerful and very affordable solution to cat, dog, and bird dander--just not as good for odors because it has very little carbon.  Spend a little on a quality room air purifier designed for pets and save a on veterinary bills & allergy or other medications? Exactly.
Don’t be fooled by cheap air purifier claims, however—they usually aren’t made the same, don’t have the same filters, and won’t do the job—which means they’ll be a waste of your time and money. Choose one of the best air purifier designed for use with pets that has a true HEPA filter, a good amount of activated carbon, at the very least. And if the odors are a significant problem, or for best protection for your pet, choose either the Austin Pet Machine room air purifier or a Blueair 450E or 650E room air cleaner with a G.O. SmokeStop filter option. With your cat, dog, bird or other pet constantly breathing clean, dander & odor free air, you can bet they will feel better, have more energy, and won’t be sick nearly as often.
Air Purifiers and offers the best selection of quality pet dander air purifiers, such as the Austin Pet Machine, Winix WAC9500, Blueair 450E, and many others—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping—every day. If you have any cat, dog, or bird air cleaning or allergy questions, please call our experts toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Portable Air Cleaners: One Sure-Fire Way to Help Ensure the Health & Safety of Your Kids & Family.

If you have children, newborn babies or any kind of family, you want to provide them with a home environment that is as healthy and supportive as possible—and you certainly want to minimize how often they get sick or deal with allergies, asthma or any respiratory issues. Unfortunately, since the EPA recently determined that indoor air quality is now among the top 5 health threats we all face, spending time at home and other places with family has become, well, more of a hazard due to the high level of indoor air pollutants found to be present in most homes, rooms, and even offices. Essentially, now spending time indoors without some kind of quality HEPA air purification system is putting everyone at risk.
One of the best, simplest ways to remove the worry and risk associated with spending more time indoors with family (and friends) is to purchase one or more quality portable air purifiers. Portable air ‘scrubbers’ as they’re often called, are now equipped with heavy duty HEPA filters that remove over 99% of the dust, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and other allergy and disease-causing fibers and particles, as well as activated carbon filtration systems that remove the chemical and other residues from cleaning products, solvents, paints, wood preservatives, carpets, and more. Some of the best home & office air cleaner systems even come with healthy negative ion generators that use OH- ions to further purify and deodorize the air, killing bacteria and viruses on contact.
And recent studies have shown that it’s working—families that regularly use portable air filtration systems have healthier kids, have fewer missed work days, and lower medical and allergy medication costs. Portable air cleaners are that other type of ‘insurance’ that no one tells you about, but something that can make a huge difference.

All air cleaners that say ‘HEPA’ or ‘for home & office use’ aren’t the same, however. Some of these air purifiers simply do not have certified HEPA filters to properly remove particles, or the right type or amount of activated carbon to remove the harmful chemicals and other airborne residues. Another problem is when consumers on a budget buy a cheap air purifier that is too small or has too low of an output for the room that they are in—which means the air cleaner won’t be able to remove the pollutants before you can breathe them, and the filters will clog up too soon, causing expensive, overly-frequent filter replacements. Not a good deal. 
Your best bet is to choose a quality portable HEPA air purifier unit with an output of around 200 CFM (cubic feet per minute), and choose a top-rated brand like Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, or Winix. That way you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that you and your family are breathing the best quality, cleanest, disease-causing particles and chemical-free air possible–and that you’re a lot less likely to become a statistic.
Air Purifiers and offers and excellent selection of the best portable HEPA air scrubbers, home & office air purifier systems, and personal air filtration units that will help you breathe cleaner air in just about any room or enclosed space—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping–every day!
If you have any questions about portable air cleaners, home air filtration, air quality testing, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fume Extraction Systems for Welding, Soldering & Other Industrial Processes: Quality Matters.

Industrial welding & soldering shops almost always have good portable fume extractors in place to make sure the harmful chemical fumes, gases & vapors are being removed from the workshop area. A problem, however, is when the portable fume collection systems are not made well and either don’t have enough carbon or a high enough grade of carbon to safely absorb the pollutants being released. And the real problem is that most carbon based fume & gas extractors don’t have a ‘warning system’ that tells you when the carbon has become saturated and blowing polluted air right through without removing the chemical fumes—and that’s dangerous to employees. Why? One of the first problems with lower-quality fume extractors is not having enough carbon. If there isn’t enough carbon, that carbon becomes saturated quickly, which creates the air quality hazard faster and the need for filter replacements. 
So what’s the answer to truly clean, safe air in welding & soldering and other similar shops? Have enough (at least 40 lbs) high quality carbon. That’s one reason why an Electrocorp unit is one of the safest and best welding & solder fume extractors to use—there’s plenty of carbon, and the carbon is very high quality and super-absorbent. If you want safety for your employees doing commercial or industrial welding or soldering, you really can’t skimp on the amount or quality of the carbon. You’ll spend more on replacement filters that you need to, and if the carbon isn’t super high quality, it won’t absorb all of the tough chemicals, VOC’s, smoke, fumes & gases—and any pollutants left in the air creates a hazard. So, when it comes to industrial or commercial welding or soldering, fume collection systems with too little or not the best carbon really aren’t a good deal, cost you more in filter replacements than needed, and can create health hazards.
Bottom line? Buy a quality fume extractor the first time around and prevent all of these issues. Electrocorp is aware of all of the these issues and consequently made fume extraction systems with plenty of high quality carbon, as well as micro-HEPA filters and pre-filters to ensure that your workshop or welding & soldering stations are safe places for people to work. Electrocorp’s best LD 450, MD 750, and MD 950 fume extractor units all have significant amounts of carbon and the other filters so that you can make a good buying decision no matter which industrial workshop gas & vapor collection unit you choose.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners offers a great selection of high quality Electrocorp industrial and commercial welding fume collectors & custom air filtration systems to remove just about any fume, chemical, smoke, VOC, gas or particle you have in your workshop, welding & soldering shop or work site—all at cheap discount pricing with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about gas, vapor, VOC, chemical or particle removal, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dust Collectors for Veterinary Offices, Animal Shelters, Boarding? Absolutely.

Pet or animal dander is a health hazard even with one cat or dog in the home. Veterinary offices and boarding facilities, however, have a multiplied hazard from the large number of animals they see, board or come in contact with on a daily basis. The dust at these types of facilities & offices creates an extra high health hazard because of the multiple types of bacteria & virus loaded dust particles and the extra amounts.
And because of this increased health hazard from poor air quality (both dust & dander particles plus all the odors), it’s very important from a safety and OSHA compliance standpoint to have some kind of commercial grade dust collection system in place to remove those pollutants, thereby removing the health hazards and increased liability.
Why commercial dust collectors? Commercial dust & particle filtration systems usually have better, longer lasting HEPA filters that capture the ultra-fine toxic dust very well, and they have an output that is strong enough to clean the air in large spaces, such as large kennels, animal shelters, & boarding facilities fast enough to prevent employees and pets from breathing the dust & particles—and having a strong enough output can allow for proper air filtration in larger spaces with only one or two units. Electrocorp dust collectors like the Air Rhino 2000 can even be hung from the ceiling to save floor space.
Electrocorp’s RSU series have both large amounts of carbon for effective odor & chemical removal as well as industrial grade HEPA filters to remove the allergy & potential illness causing dust & dander particles loaded with bacteria, viruses—a more complete air cleaning solution in one unit. Portable dust collectors are especially valuable since they can be moved around room to room or facility to facility for proper dust & particle control where needed. HVAC based dust collectors are excellent as well, since they can remove dust from the entire building with one unit.
Whatever shop or facility you have, it’s important to make sure that the air is filtered, but make sure that whatever dust collector you choose has the proper HEPA & carbon filters, strong output, and a pre-filter system.
The pre-filters are highly important because they stop larger dust particles from prematurely clogging the HEPA & carbon filters and causing unnecessary, expensive filter replacements. That is one more reason we recommend Electrocorp portable dust extraction systems—they have good pre-filters that prevent this problem. Electrocorp also has a great 10 year warranty, which is long enough to handle anything that might happen to the unit or system—it’s rare that any Electrocorp dust collector needs repair, but if it does it would happen in the first 5 years typically, and with a 10 year warranty, you’re well protected. Regardless, if you want to ensure safety, minimize health problems, prevent OSHA fines and other liabilities and unnecessary costs in your veterinary office, animal shelter or boarding facility, consider a quality Electrocorp commercial dust collection system—it’s a one time purchase that will pay multiple dividends.
Air Purifiers and is your #1 source for the best portable particle filtration units that are perfect for any warehouse, shop, or facility where pets & animals are kept—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about industrial or commercial dust control, or need a custom designed dust & particle extraction unit, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here for you!
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Monday, September 16, 2013

Best Room Air Purifier for Birds: The Austin Pet Machine

Birds make amazingly fun and loving pets, but when the bird ‘dust’ or powdery skin & feather flakes become airborne, that can create severe allergies for the owners. Birds can create uniquely pungent odors, as well, and those odors can contribute to allergy & sinus problems, too. On the other hands, when your bird has allergies or respiratory problems from breathing house dust or other pollutants in their area or room, that’s a problem, as well—one that can cost you a bundle in vet bills and medication costs.
So the natural question to ask is: how or what affordable pet air purifier do I use to effectively clean up the air so that neither the bird nor the owners are affected by the bird dander (dust, feathers, fecal matter, odors, etc)? We have tested and evaluated a number of air purifiers & filtration systems for pets and one of the best performing, reasonably priced air cleaners that will quickly remove bird dust & dander and keep it out of the air is the Austin Pet Machine.
The Austin Pet Machine is one of the most recommended bird air purifiers for several good reasons. First, the air cleaner comes with a true medical-grade HEPA filter that consistently removes 99.97% of dust & dander particles. Second, there is a 15 pound carbon & zeolite filter that is highly-absorbent and effectively removes odors & chemicals that cause allergies & respiratory problems. Third, the output is very strong—400 CFM (cubic feet per minute). That means the air cleaner will clean all of the air in a room every 2-5 minutes, removing allergens before you or the bird, for example, can breathe them—and this air cleaner handles up to 1500 square feet with one unit! And, there is a good pre-filter which extends the life of the HEPA and carbon filters, for maximum filter life and minimum filter replacement costs. Austin’s filtration system is unmatched for alleviating respiratory irritation, as well. If you want an affordable pet air cleaner for respiratory problems or allergies, the Austin Pet Machine is very hard to beat.
Finally, the Austin Pet Machine room air purifier is affordably priced under $600, not $1000 or more for some other portable air cleaners said to be good for use with pets. We highly recommend that you don’t’ waste your money on a cheap air purifier that doesn’t clean the air in a room nearly as well, however. So, spend a little more up front on the Pet Machine, get quick results, and you'll have a bird room air purifier that will last. Your bird and your allergies will thank you.
Air Purifiers and offers the best selection of affordable & effective HEPA pet air cleaners, such as the Austin Pet Machine, and others—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping—every day. If you have any cat, dog, or bird air purification questions, please call our experts toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here for you!
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ensure Safety, Lower Costs, & Faster Job Completion with a Portable Commercial Air Purifier

If you’re a contractor doing any kind of remodeling or construction job that involves employees, enclosed spaces and airborne particles or fumes, poor air quality can be a costly problem. Regardless of what type of work you’re doing, if the air is full of debris, particles, chemicals, etc., that aren’t being removed, your job or site costs will go up because of higher equipment maintenance, more frequent respirator replacements, possible fines for not having the proper ventilation or filtration required by code or OSHA, possible respiratory infections for employees—all of which can drive your costs up, and production down.
Portable commercial air purifier units are one of the best solutions to this problem. First, because these air scrubbers are portable, you can easily take them with you and ensure proper air filtration for any job or construction site, room, building or any enclosed space. And many portable air cleaner systems, such as Electrocorp’s Air Rhino series, feature quick positive and negative air options, enabling you to bring in fresh, filtered air or exhaust filtered air to the outside without harming the environment—or violating an EPA regulation. Air Rhino units are one of the few industrial air cleaners that can either roll around to wherever the air purification is needed, or hung from the ceiling via its welded brackets to save floor space. We highly recommend Electrocorp for any type of industrial air cleaner because of their reputation for maximum air cleaning power, durability, excellent warranties, and reasonable pricing.
Do make sure, however, that whatever commercial or industrial air filtration unit you choose, that the type of filters in the unit match the job or construction site pollutants present. If there are particles, the unit must have a true HEPA filter for proper particle removal, no exceptions. If the site has fumes or gases that need to be removed, the air scrubber must have a minimum of 20 pound of industrial strength activated carbon, zeolite or other highly absorbent media to effectively remove the chemicals and gases—and they more chemicals or gas pollutants present or the larger the space, the more carbon is needed. Anything less than 20 lbs of carbon won’t last very long, as there isn’t much carbon and it will become saturated very quickly, causing you to have to replace expensive carbon filters too often. Not a good deal.
If both dust or fiber particles and fumes are present, obviously would need a portable air cleaner with both HEPA and carbon filters. Finally, make sure the commercial air purifier you’re considering has a strong output and a pre-filter. The pre-filter protects the HEPA and carbon filters from premature clogging and unnecessarily frequent and expensive filter changes, and a strong output of at least 350-1000 CFM ensures that you will need a minimum number of air filtration units to give you the required number of air changes in the room, office, or job site you’re working with.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners offers a great selection of the very best portable commercial air scrubber systems, HVAC or air conditioner based HEPA and carbon air filtration systems, negative & positive air scrubbers, replacement filters and much more—all at cheap discount prices, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about which air purification system or unit is best suited for your business, workshop or job site, give our experts a call toll free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here for you!
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Friday, September 13, 2013

Portable Home & Office Air Cleaners: One of the Best Home Improvements You Can Make

When buying new carpets, adding a new room, a security system, or buying new appliances for your home, you’re likely doing that to make it a safer, more comfortable living space, since you spend a lot of time there. The amount of comfort and safety you feel in your home can have a lot to do with air quality. When it comes to increasing comfort and safety, portable air purifiers can be one of the smartest home improvements you can make. 
Why? Well, since it’s been proven that most homes in America have significant levels of dust, dust mites, mold spores, pollen & bacteria floating around, that can create more colds, flu, allergies, and leave you fairly uncomfortable in your home or room. And with a portable room air purifier or filtration system, you can make sure that over 99% of those pollutants are removed. Top-rated HEPA air cleaners for homes & offices feature true HEPA filters and carbon filters that can even improve your sleep and energy levels since you won’t be breathing germs and chemicals that interfere with brain function, the immune system, and nervous system.
Most people have enough stress without having an additional war going on inside the body, robbing them of precious energy! It’s a lot like drinking filtered water instead of polluted tap water—you do it for health, comfort and safety reasons, and it’s the same thing with the air you breathe: purchasing a portable indoor air cleaner for the home is one simple step you can take that will be an improvement in so  many areas.
It’s important, however, to make sure that whatever home or room air cleaner you choose has true HEPA filters, a few pounds of high-grade activated carbon, and an output of at least 100 CFM—otherwise the unit will not be able to remove both particle and gas-type pollutants effectively and won’t be able to capture the pollutants fast enough to keep you from breathing them. Quality construction and good warranties are very important features of a good home or room air purifier, too, so make sure that’s included, too.
When you're looking to buy portable air purifiers, we advise that you stick with the best, top rated air purifier brands like Aller Air, Austin Air, & Blueair. These portable air purifier brands are all proven in research to rapidly improve indoor air quality, reduce allergies, and their units are designed for use in homes and rooms. So when you make that list of home improvements you’d like to make, include a top-rated portable air cleaner—you’ll be glad you did.
Air Purifiers and is your #1 best source for the best portable air scrubber brands such as Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, and many others that are proven to purify the air and reduce allergies in almost any home, room or office. And since we are an online store with low overhead, we bring you these products at cheap discount prices with free shipping–every day!
If you have any questions about home air purification, testing, or anything indoor air quality related, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fume Extraction Systems for Gyms, Sports Centers: A Smart Way to Increase Revenue

Most all of us have been to a gym, or sports & fitness center and smelled a whole range of odors, from sweat and other ‘human odors’, as well as the chemical or rubber smell from mats and equipment. Surprisingly, a lot of people are sensitive to these odors and develop headaches, eye & throat irritation, allergies, asthma symptoms and more—and of course, if they encountered these troublesome fumes & gases where they work out, most of them simply go find another gym, which doesn’t help the gym or fitness center grow.
From a business owner perspective, by simply installing a portable fume extraction system, you can eliminate well over 95% of these fumes, gases & vapors and keep that 15% or so of customers from leaving your gym. Oh really? Yes. Would you like a 15% increase in revenue every month? Keeping the air clean, fresh, and odor-free can easily help you with that. Not only that, by filtering the air properly, your employees will breathe easier and have fewer health issues, which means less downtime, sick days, and health care costs, again helping you keep profits up, where they should be.
As you probably know, those ‘odors’ from rubber mats, plastic, machines, smoke, people etc aren’t just odors—they are composed of chemical vapors, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) that can cause a decrease in attendance in the short term, and health problems in the long term. A quality gas & vapor collection unit with HEPA filters can not only effectively remove the odors, but also any airborne particles, fibers, mold spores & bacteria to further keep odors down and protect your business. And by the way, other than airborne chemicals & gases, the other main source of odors is bacteria & mold spores that have settled on airborne food particles & fibers. Get rid of the bacteria & mold spores, and you’ll eliminate a lot more odors--as well as potential liabilities—and create a healthier environment for your customers & employees.
Now, when you are considering which fume extractor unit to buy, there are several important things to watch. First, the system must have a significant (at least 20-25 lbs) of industrial or commercial grade activated carbon to even be able to remove chemicals, vapors, gases & odors. Anything less simply won’t do the job. Second, don’t buy an electrostatic or electronic ‘smoke eater’ and think that it will purify the air and get rid of fumes & odors effectively. Those units don’t have carbon, and their electric plates don’t remove particles as well as a HEPA filter.

For gyms or fitness centers, we recommend buying air mover fume extractors  from Electrocorp or Amaircare because their units and systems feature the best carbon & HEPA filters available, with quality construction, reasonable prices and easy, whole-building air cleaning with one or two units, not 10 portable units out on the floor. Buying the right air filtration unit the first time can easily translate into happier customer and more referrals just because the facility seems cleaner, with no odors.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners offers a great selection of high quality industrial fume collectors and custom air filtration systems to properly remove just about any fume, chemical, gas or particle in any business, gym, or sports & fitness center--bringing you clean, safe, odor-free air every day. Best of all, with our low overhead, we can offer these great fume & gas extraction systems to you at cheap discount pricing with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about gas, vapor, VOC, chemical or particle removal, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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