Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dust Collectors for Renovation & Remodeling Projects: Two Great Affordable, Portable Units

If you doing any kind of renovation in a home, workshop, commercial building or anywhere, you’re bound to have a lot of particles, dust, and fibers floating around that aren’t good to breathe. And true, respirators and masks do help some, but they aren’t able to trap everything and anytime someone takes it off, they get a dose of what’s in the air. And if you’re a contractor or business owner, this could open you up to healthcare expenses, even employee lawsuits if the particles are particularly hazardous. As a contractor, the last thing you need is more liability.
A smart way to prevent these problems is to simply buy one or more portable dust collectors and have them running while your employees are working. Most quality portable dust filtration systems now come standard with a combination of dust pre-filters and HEPA filters and strong outputs up to 1000 CFM, which is enough to keep the air clean, as long as there are enough units for the amount of air you need to clean (i.e. a minimum of 2-3 complete air changes per hour). Now the question is: which portable dust removal system is the best one to buy?
Two very good units for renovation and remodeling projects are the Electrocorp 9975 and Air Rhino VS 2000 units. The 9975 is compact, comes with a medical grade HEPA filter for over 99% removal of toxic fine dust, insulation fibers, and other particles, and includes a 30 pound industrial strength carbon filter, capable of removing almost any fume or odor, such as those produced by paints, sealants, solvents, glues, strippers, etc. This unit has an output of over 750 CFM, which is enough to clear out a room quickly.
The Air Rhino 2000 VS HEPA is a larger, similar type dust collector with a large HEPA filter that lasts longer, and this unit has an output of 1000 CFM, which is better for larger spaces (can adequately clean the air with fewer units, etc). Both of these dust extractors come with wheels for easy portability from room to room or job site to job site, and both can be hung from the ceiling to save space if needed. Both Electrocorp 9975 and the Air Rhino even have positive and negative air capability. That’s a lot of air cleaning power and options, all in a sturdy, commercial grade steel chassis.
These powerful shop dust collectors  also come with a 10 year warranty, which is even better. The Air Rhino has an option to convert it to a powerful fume extractor as well, should you have more fume to remove, just by changing the HEPA filter to a 100 lb carbon filter. We recommend these Electrocorp dust filtration systems for workshop, renovation and remodeling projects in almost every case because of the superior air cleaning power and value, as well as a great warranty. Our advice is to stick with top rated Electrocorp dust collectors if you’re a contractor or just doing some home improvement—unlike other cheaper dust collectors, these units will perform the first time and protect your health, your employees, and your business, without breaking down or causing issues—so you can get the job done and move on to your next job, safely.
Air Purifiers and sells the very best portable industrial dust removal units, HVAC based dust collection units, cyclone dust collectors, replacement dust filters, and much more. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, this allows us to offer these dust removal systems at cheap discount prices with free shipping, every day. If you have any questions, just give our experts a call toll free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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