Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Got Pets, Allergies? The Wrong Air Purifier Could Cost You—A Lot.

Lots of people have pets and deal with daily allergy or asthma attacks, and when they can’t take it anymore, they typically go to Walmart or some other retailer and get the cheapest air purifier they can to hopefully clean up the air and reduce allergy & asthma symptoms.
And about 75% of them soon find that their allergies aren’t much better but keep the cheap air purifier anyway. Some find, however, that their allergies are actually worse than before they bought the air cleaner. In this article we hope to shed some light on why this happens and how buying the right – or wrong - pet air purifier can make a big difference.
One problem with purchasing low cost air purifiers for use with pets is that these air cleaners aren’t really designed to remove all of the dust, dander, and chemical or odor pollutants that pets produce—and when they don’t remove these from the air in your room, the fan is simply circulating polluted air. The best air purifiers for cat allergies, for example, always include true certified HEPA filters, odor-absorbing carbon filters, pre-filters, and often negative ions, all of which work together to not only destroy the bacteria and viruses that come along with pet dander, but also the chemical compounds that cause odors.   
And, true pet air cleaners remove odors better because they include effective activated carbon or zeolite filters that are designed to trap the airborne chemicals that cause the odors. Low cost or cheap air purifiers with a thin ‘carbon pre-filter’ will only help odors for a few days and then stop working because there isn’t enough carbon to last any longer. Carbon becomes saturated when it absorbs its limit of chemicals and then just allows the polluted air to blow through and out into your room—which, again, circulates more polluted air than if you didn’t have an air purifier. Can you see how cheap air purifiers with low performance filters can actually cause more of a problem?
And the greater danger that the people that just keep the cheap or low cost air purifier and let it run, is that they will continue to breathe pet dander, dust, and chemical pollutants & urine or other odors for a long period of time, which creates constant exposure to the bacteria, viruses, and other germs that can cause serious illnesses. Did you know that over 60% of people with cancer have or had indoor pets for 5 years or more? Yep, there is a connection there. Using a quality room air purifier designed for use with indoor pets would likely have prevented that. When you look at serious illness versus spending a little more for a top-rated pet air cleaner that would protect your health, the air purifier isn’t so expensive.
And the best HEPA air cleaners for pets aren’t really that much more—the difference is literally only a few cents a day. Pet air cleaners like the Austin Pet Machine or Aller Air 4000 Vocarb are strong enough to truly clean the air and remove over 99% of all pollutants that an indoor bird, cat, dog or other animal could produce. If you have multiple cats, dogs or other pets, your indoor air is much more polluted and can cause serious illness much quicker, so we definitely recommend getting at least one or two units to make sure the air is free of allergy, asthma, and disease causing dander, hair, bacteria and viruses. So enjoy your pet, and don’t become a victim of unnecessary illness and suffering—get the right HEPA air purifier today and safeguard your health!
Air Purifiers and is your #1 online store for pet allergy air purifiers with quality HEPA, carbon and zeolite filters, negative ions and more to properly purify the air in your home, allowing you to enjoy your pets without worry or unnecessary allergy symptoms. And since we’re an online store with much lower overhead than traditional stores, we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day.
Got a question? Give our pet allergy experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dust Collectors: Even More Important for Home Workshops Than Industrial Shops?

What??! Dust collection systems more important for home workshops than industrial shops? Actually, yes. With remote industrial workshops or shops away from home, at least you can get away from the source of the dust--and not have airborne dust particles follow you into your home.
With home workshops, however, the toxic fine dust from grinders, sanders, saws or other machines is right there in your garage or basement, which is attached to the place where you eat and sleep every day, making contamination of your home very easy. 
And without a proper home workshop dust collection system in place, it’s almost certain that those particles will make their way into your home—and into your lungs, and your family’s lungs. If you don’t have a dust collector running, your family’s safety is literally at risk every time you open the door from your home workshop to the main area of your home.
And whether you work with metal, drywall, ceramic, plastics, wood, if you’re shaping, grinding, sanding, or cutting these materials at all, you’re creating the harmful dust particles. Another thing to keep in mind is that even though you might vacuum up the shavings or fragments with a shop vacuum, or even have an extractor of some sort that removes the large particles, it’s still not enough unless you have dust filtration unit with a HEPA filter to remove the tiny, more dangerous dust particles. The tiny, toxic fine dust particles are the ones that get into the lungs and respiratory tract and cause all sorts of health problems. And all of that is preventable, simply by installing the proper HEPA dust collection system. That way you can enjoy the wood working, carving, ceramics or whatever your hobby is.
If your hobby produces a lot of dust and you run a business out of your home workshop or woodshop, your best bet might be to purchase a portable dust collection system that you can move around to whatever area needs dust removal. Or better yet, a cyclonic dust & fine particle collector, which includes large particle filtration, HEPA filtration for the smaller particles, and often a carbon filter for chemical fumes and solvent or sealant residues. Yes, cyclone dust collectors usually cost more, but you can usually remove over 99% of all pollutants with them, instead of buying a separate unit to remove fumes.
Whatever you do, if you have a home workshop and you make any kind of dust, get the proper dust collection system and safeguard your health—and your family’s health! And if you work both in your home workshop and other work sites, you might purchase a portable dust collector you can have proper dust filtration wherever you work.
Air Purifiers and is your #1 online store for portable dust collectors & extractors, cyclonic dust collection systems, and filters, for home and industrial workshops. And since we are an online store, we have far less overhead than traditional stores, we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every single day!
If you have any questions about dust collectors, industrial air filtration, air quality testing, or anything air filtration related, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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Replacement HEPA & Carbon Air Filters: Cut Allergies, Illness–and Liabilities by 75%

Replacement air filter kits are often thought of as ‘one more thing I have to remember to do or buy’. And yes, sometimes it’s that one more thing on the list that just drives you crazy. But when you consider the fact that indoor air pollution is responsible for more than 75% of allergies, colds, flu, and other illnesses, it definitely makes it easier to replace those filters-especially when you can enjoy that kind of benefit for a few cents per day.

What makes this rampant, even epidemic, case of poor indoor air quality more of a problem is the fact that Americans are spending over 90% of their lives indoors, either at home, at the office, or in some other building. That means we (and our children) are breathing polluted air over 90% of the time—air that has been shown in numerous studies to contain high levels of mold spores, bacteria, pollen, chemical residues, fibers, pet dander, pet feces, living dust mites, and more. And thank God for our immune systems or we’d be sick over half the time.

But our immune systems do begin to fail when toxins, bacteria, mold spores, etc build up to significant levels in the body. Often the body’s immune system begins to over-react at that point and attacks its own cells because the pollutants are lodged in and around the cells, creating autoimmune and other neurological disorders, hormone imbalances due to chemical build up, and more. This is why is it best to not only have the best quality air filters you can get in your room air purifiers or air purification systems, but also to replace them on schedule or a little sooner to maintain maximum air cleaning and filtration power.

HEPA air filters do get clogged and begin to restrict airflow, and this doesn’t take long. A HEPA filter without a pre-filter can become completely blocked in as little as 1-2 months, which increases power consumption and pushes polluted air out around the filter and into the room, increasing the chances of breathing harmful mold, dust, dust mites, chemicals, etc. Carbon or charcoal filter cartridges are even more of a hazard when they become saturated because they allow full-speed air flow through the filter without trapping the chemicals, resulting in greater exposure to pollutants than if there was no air purifier or filtration system blowing them around. This can be crucially important for those with severe allergies, MCS or respiratory issues, as their homes and rooms could become more polluted with filters that are overdue for replacement.

Industrial air cleaners with clogged filters not only create health hazards for the employees, but also increased maintenance, insurance, medical, and liability costs. It just isn’t worth the few dollars you might save by waiting a few months to buy replacement air cleaner filter kits. Those two or three months you wait to buy your replacement air filters will leave a window wide open for pollutants to cause problems that might bring down the entire business with an OSHA fine or lawsuit. And if someone gets sick in your home and they can find a way to attribute it to poor air quality they breathed while there, you might even get sued for that! It has happened.

Do buy your replacement air cleaner filters and replacement UV bulbs from the same manufacturer as the air purifier, however, Cheap aftermarket filters often do not fit as well, and may allow polluted air to pass around the filter, creating more air quality hazards-and this goes for room air purifiers, HVAC air cleaner filters, or any other kind of air purification system that uses filters. It’s like putting a little caulk around windows to prevent water from damaging the entire structure of the house—replacement air filters are a tiny expense that pays big dividends in maintaining your good health and quality of life.

Air Purifiers and is a your #1 online source for the best deals on replacement room air purifier filter cartridges, for Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Winix, Tiger, Electrocorp and other major brands. Since we’re an online store, we have much lower overhead than most traditional stores and that means cheap discount prices and free shipping for you, every day.

If you have any questions, give our air filtration experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Old Industrial Air Cleaner Unit Not Doing Its Job? You Might Have the Wrong Unit.

Has the indoor air quality in your industrial or commercial workplace not been as good as you think it should be? If you’ve replaced the filters recently and you still have particles and odors floating around, it might the air cleaner itself–not the filter unit.
There are a lot of so-called ‘industrial or commercial air scrubbers’ on the market, but a fairly good percentage of them either don’t have the proper filter combinations or output power to truly clean the air, especially when industrial or commercial pollutants are in the air. Or, the salesperson sold the business owner a unit that was not the right fit for the application.
To feel confident about the indoor air quality in your room, workshop, or office, the air filtration system or air sanitizer unit must include both HEPA and activated carbon air filters to even begin to properly remove particle and gas or fume-type pollutants effectively. And when it comes to activated carbon, if the air purifier unit’s filter does not have anywhere from 20-100 pounds or more of industrial-grade activated carbon, it often doesn’t remove fumes or odors very well, or only for a short period of time.
If an industrial air cleaner has been purchased to clean the air in a space that is larger than its square-footage capacity, this also creates a problem. Not only will the unit not be able to provide the number of clean air changes per hour required by OSHA standards (which could get you fined), it won’t remove all of the pollutants from the air in the room or office before employees can breathe them. 

And, if the amount of carbon in the air purifier is too little, it will become saturated quickly and that means the unit will blow polluted air through the carbon filter, which will not remove the chemical or gas pollutants now because it’s saturated. And that means the air purifier is circulating polluted air, which creates a real work safety hazard.
So you can see that it’s best to purchase commercial air scrubber that is the right size and with the correct filters for the shop, warehouse or room where the air needs to be cleaned. You also want a unit that has enough carbon to last and effectively clean the air for a year or more in an industrial environment. Without enough carbon in the filter, you'll be replacing carbon filters far too often which is an unnecessary expense. 

Back to our original question: if your air quality isn’t what it should be and the air cleaner doesn’t seem to be doing its job, it could be the wrong unit for the job, not have enough carbon, or not have the proper HEPA and carbon filter combination necessary for proper commercial air cleaning. This is especially true where smoke is involved.
If you have smoke in the workplace, workshop, and the ‘smoke eater unit’ seems like it worked for a while then just ‘quit working’, it either doesn’t have the right filters, you have to replace the filters more often, or more likely, it did not come with the right filters that would last in a smoky environment, shop, or business. You may need to purchase a better commercial smoke eater air purifier, with filters that not only do the job better but last for 2-3 years.
Buying a quality industrial air filtering system with long-lasting filters, for example, will save you a lot of money because you won’t have to replace expensive carbon or charcoal filters every 3 months. Electrocorp is a great example of a manufacturer that offers quality industrial and commercial air filtration systems, smoke eaters and more with filters that last anywhere from 1-5 years, depending on the amount of carbon, pollutant levels and other factors.
Air Purifiers and is your best online store for quality industrial and commercial air purification units, air filtration systems, air sanitizers, air scrubbers, replacement filters, testing supplies and more. We have much lower overhead than most traditional stores and we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices every day, and free shipping. If you have any questions about air purifiers, air scrubbers, filters, or anything related to industrial or commercial air quality, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Up to 65% of Homes & Offices Proven to Have Mold Problems—An Air Purifier Can Help Prevent Related Illness

Recent studies indicate that between 50 and 65 percent of all homes and office buildings in the U.S. have active mold problems. And as you probably know, mold can cause more than allergies—it has been attributed to many more serious illnesses, such as cancer, neurological disorders, birth defects, even autism. It’s a big deal.
Also note that the air conditioner filter is not designed for, nor capable of stopping mold spores-they’re too small and pass right through and out into your home. Plus, the duct work after the A/C or on the output side is often loaded with dirt, dust, mold, bacteria and more, and that A/C filter does nothing to stop pollutants being release on the other side of the filter.
If you know that you have a mold problem in your home or business, or even think that you do, obviously the mold needs to be cleaned up. Humidity also needs to be reduced and kept under 50%, since mold needs moisture to survive. However, while you’re cleaning up, it is wise to use a home air purification system to filter the air you breathe and remove any harmful mold spores that are being stirred up and keep that system running from then on to prevent any further mold spore inhalation.  
And if you have a new-born baby or young child in your house, cleaning up the air can dramatically reduce trips to the doctor, medication costs, and a lot of inconvenience that comes along with a sick child. Mold causes health issues and removing the spores can reduce chances of mold-related illness by over 90%.
That is why using one or more of the best top-rated home & office air purifiers with HEPA filters is so important. True HEPA filters are designed to stop toxic micro-pollutants like mold spores, dust, dust mites, and more, and quality air cleaners always include this type of filter. And, HEPA air cleaners can quickly relieve allergies and asthma symptoms caused by mold spores, pollen, and other airborne particles. Plus, top-quality air purifiers like Austin or Aller Air include a lot of carbon which can help remove the mold or mildew odor as well!
Offices are no exception to the need for clean air, either. Many buildings have had water damage, leaks, etc in the past and many never get repaired properly or completely, which allows mold-growing moisture to continue to get into the building, which helps pollute the office air with mold spores on a daily basis. And spending 8-10 hours a day behind a computer breathing polluted, allergy-causing pollutants is no better than breathing it at home or in your room—it all leads to allergies, asthma, or other health issues eventually.
The good news is that many of the best quality home air cleaner units are very effective and affordable. And if you get a compact unit, it'll be small enough that you can take it with you when you travel or will be working in a different office and make sure you're not being exposed to mold and other harmful pollutants at those locations. If you do suspect mold at home or at the office, do consider getting a dehumidifier to keep the humidity under control, which is one of the main contributing factors to mold growth. You can protect yourself, your family and others from mold with quality HEPA air cleaners.
Air Purifiers and is your best online source for great deals on discount air purifiers  for almost any home or industrial application, custom filters, dehumidifiers, and much more. We are an online store with low overhead , and that means we can pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day! Got a question? Call our experts toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Pet Air Purifiers: Great for Removing Pet Hair & Dander & Prevent Allergies-But Which One To Buy?

If you have dog, cat, bird or another pet, and you have allergies, there’s no reason that you should have to deal with those allergies on a daily basis. It’s been shown in research that if the pet dust, hair, dander, urine and other odors are removed from the air, that most people receive about 75% allergy relief immediately—and up to 95% after only a few days of using a pet air purifier.
So the question isn’t really whether to buy an air purifier or not—it’s which pet air cleaner is most effective, the best value, and most suited for your particular pet and situation. So let’s answer a few questions: 1) Q: Does the air purifier have to be called or say it’s a pet air purifier to work for pets? A: No. In fact, some of the best pet air purifiers for cat hair, dander, dust & allergies, for example, are made by Aller Air, such as the Aller Air 4000 Vocarb, which is a great pet air purifier value even though it’s not called a pet air cleaner.
The Aller Air 4000 Vocarb includes medical grade HEPA filters to remove the dander, hair, and over 99% of other allergy & asthma causing particles, making this unit a great pet hair air purifier. And, the 4000 Vocarb features a 12 pound block of special Vocarb carbon to remove odors like nothing else, and air cleaning power output of 400 cubic feet per minute. 
The Austin Pet Machine is one of your best pet odor air cleaner values on the market. This unit features  similar air purification power as the AllerAir 4000, with a medical grade HEPA filter, 15 pounds of carbon & zeolite to remove odors exceptionally well, and about 400 CFM output, which means it will clean all of the air in an average room in about 2 minutes flat--and all of this at less than $600. Think that might reduce allergies pretty fast and keep your wallet happy? You bet it will.
In fact, these are high-capacity pet air cleaners, too, handling up to 1200 and 1500 square foot rooms or living spaces with one air cleaner. With many other pet air purifiers only covering 200-400 square feet per unit, you can see the Austin Pet Machine and Aller Air 4000 Vocarb are much better values. Whatever the size of your room, get a pet air cleaner that handles more than the size of the room so the unit can do the best air cleaning and allergy reduction job possible.
Let’s take another common question about pet air cleaners: 2) Q: Is pet dander & hair that big of a deal? What if I don’t have allergies? A: Yes. Pet dander, which includes hair, skin flakes & dust, fecal or waste particles, skin oils, bacteria, viruses, and much more, even if you don’t have significant or any allergies, you don’t want to be inhaling these infection and health problem-causing particles. It has been shown in recent studies that there is a connection between people who have chronic respiratory or other more serious illnesses and pets & pet dander.
Over 70% of people with chronic respiratory issues, COPD, heart disease, even cancer, all currently have indoor pets or did for at least 5 years prior to diagnosis, and did not have a pet air purification system to remove cat, dog, bird dander, etc. You might not experience any problems for a while, but the bacteria, viruses, and other pollutants you’re breathing daily may not cause a problem for a while, but they eventually do--and no one seems to want to tell you this information, but it's important to know! Plus, at some point, health insurance rates will be higher if you have an indoor pet and don’t have an air cleaner, from what we've heard from the insurance industry.
And we didn’t even mention the odors caused by pet dander, hair, skin oils, etc. Cats, dogs, and birds all release these elements which turn into odors, which aren’t really harmful to most people unless you’re really sensitive to pet odors. The only thing to keep in mind is that odors are also caused by airborne bacteria living on dander particles that you breathe in, so the odor just tells you you’re breathing dander, really, which IS dangerous. Plus, most pets receive various worm, flea, and other pest control treatments and these chemicals do become airborne—and many of these are harmful chemicals to breathe as well.
The Aller Air unit and Pet Machine mentioned above are two of the best purifiers or air cleaners for pet odor removal with HEPA & carbon can remove these, as well.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners is your best source for quality dog, cat, bird dust & dander removing pet air cleaners for any size room, travel use, replacement filters, test kits and much more, at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day!
If you have any questions about pet air purifiers, dander, pet-related respiratory problems & allergies, or anything air quality related, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Chemical Fume Extractors: More Important Than Ever for Business

Businesses that have even low levels of smoke or chemical fumes can create a number of hazards that can cost you in terms of health and the success or failure of your business. Many people think that if the A/C system is running, it will eventually clear out the air and any smoke or fumes will be captured and removed, eliminating any problems.
This is definitely not the case, as the A/C or HVAC system first circulates the polluted air, allowing employees and customers to breathe it, and then as new smoke or fumes are added to the air, more is circulated. The result is indoor air that is constantly polluted, creating a consistent health threat to employees, customers, and the business owner.
This is where smoke eater and fume extractor systems have become more important than ever. In the U.S., we have a growing number of industrial and commercial businesses, a growing population of new smokers, and the use of new, fume-producing commercial cleaners and other products creating more poor indoor air quality conditions for employees, workers, and customers. Even the business or restaurant is ‘smoke-free’, you still have those chemical residues from cleaning products, copiers, paints, solvents, reagents, and so many other sources (even stored products) that all cause fumes to build up in an enclosed space, becoming more of a hazard over time—unless of course, you have a proper gas collection system with industrial grade carbon filters in place.
And for the record, purely electrostatic ‘smoke eaters’ that trap particles, ash, etc, 1) the performance degrades after the first layer of dust, or ash collects on the electrostatic plates , dropping from over 90% dust & ash removal to around 50% or lower, and 2) these systems often don’t have enough carbon to actually remove the chemical fumes, gases, & vapors for more than about a month before the carbon is saturated and allowing polluted air to pass through.
The best HVAC-based industrial fume collector systems are similar to welding and soldering fume extractors, and include not only anywhere from 30-100 pounds of specially activated carbon (industrial grade carbon, not ordinary carbon) but also true HEPA filters that trap over 99% of all particles, ash, soot, etc consistently for 1-3 years before a filter change is needed. This type of fume or smoke collection system is a true ‘smoke eater’ as it traps all of the polluting elements contained in smoke or fumes effectively—any system with anything less than these types of filters is leaving pollutants in the air and creating hazards for you and your business. Your business doesn’t have to create methane, hydrogen sulfide, or mercury vapor to have a problem—there are a great number of products that release pollutants and cause problems.
Any aerosol, cleaning product, sealant, solvent, paint and many other compounds, materials do release compounds if you check the MSDS reports. Regardless, the simple, one-step solution to prevent problems, capture and remove smoke and fumes effectively–and reduce liability—is to install the right kind of fume & gas extraction system the first time. True, it may cost a little more, but that little bit extra is a lot less than making lawsuit or OSHA fine payments.
Air Purifiers and is your #1 online source for top-rated portable and HVAC mounted chemical fume, gas, & vapor collection systems, fume extractors, industrial carbon & HEPA filters, air quality testing equipment and more. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, we can offer the best quality products to you at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day.
If you have questions about industrial air filtration systems, fume extractors, commercial filters or anything air quality related, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Automatic Dust Collection Systems—Are They Enough to Protect Your Health?

When speaking of automatic dust collection systems for industrial, commercial, or home workshop situations, that usually refers to a dust or particle filtration unit that has a switch that turns on the dust collector whenever the saw, grinder, or other machine is in operation.

And while these automatic dust collectors are useful for removing the larger particles from the work area, most of them are not equipped with HEPA filters to remove the smaller, more dangerous sub-micron particles that cause most of the allergy, health, and other work safety problems.
To truly protect yourself or employees from toxic fine dust, there has to be a system in place—an automatic dust collector or particle extractor attached to the machine for larger particles, and a commercial grade HEPA particle filtration unit to remove 99.97% of the smaller particles. Otherwise, you’re leaving the smaller particles that either aren’t trapped by the automatic dust collection unit or pass through that filter because they are too small.

Wood working shops, wood carving, sandblasting, ceramic shops, plastics extrusion, flour mills, even plain old warehouses—all of these produce that toxic fine dust, which has to be removed or will cause illness for the workers and damage to your business.
Cyclone dust collectors are very good for not only trapping the larger particles and smaller particles with a combination of cyclonic particle filtration and HEPA filters, but many of them have carbon filters as well, which traps chemicals and residues that are not trapped by most dust collectors.

In fact, many business owners purchase a cyclone dust collection system as an extra level of ‘insurance’ and protection, because they know that excellent air quality in their workshop or place of business prevent illness and reduces liability. Smart move. Portable dust collectors are great, as well, because they can be moved from shop to shop or site to site to filter the air or collect dust wherever needed—which helps make sure you’re in compliance with OSHA air quality regulations wherever you’re working.
To summarize, to truly protect your health from toxic fine dust, an automatic dust collector attached to the machine(s) is not enough. And people don’t always wear their respirators, either—plus, respirators are not HEPA filters. To stop the toxic fine dust particles, you must have another unit in the room or shop with a HEPA filter. The best industrial dust collector and particle removal systems will include those true HEPA filters and large particle pre-filters, at a minimum.
True industrial HEPA dust collectors are the units that will truly safeguard your health and your business. If you can afford a little extra, get a cyclone or cyclonic dust collection or filtration unit for your woodshop or workshop with the carbon filter as well so that you and your employees are breathing the cleanest air possible, removing large and fine dust particles, and any harmful chemical residues from solvents, reagents, sealants, etc.
Air Purifiers and offers the best selection of quality dust collectors, cyclone dust collection systems and industrial or commercial filtration units for just about any application or workshop. And since we are an online store without the overhead of traditional stores, we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every single day!
If you have any questions about dust collection or industrial air filtration, testing equipment or supplies, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Commercial Air Filtration Systems: Must Have Quality Carbon and HEPA Filters for Proper Air Cleaning

A lot of commercial air filtration systems include particle filters and some have carbon or ‘odor’ filters as well but unless the system has a true HEPA filter and a significant amount of activated carbon, you’re likely to be setting yourself up for problems.
Why? Because if the air isn’t being properly cleaned and certain pollutants are getting through, there are two major issues: 1) the particles that are getting through are likely to cause allergies, illness, respiratory problems, and probably down time for your employees, 2) the VOC or chemical type pollutants that are not being trapped are being blown through and circulated more than if there was no air purifier running, and 3) if an employee has a problem related to poor or at least substandard indoor air quality, you could be held liable for negligence and end up paying dearly for not buying the right industrial VOC air cleaner, for example.
Sure, quality portable or HVAC mounted industrial air cleaner & scrubber units can cost 3-5k, and the filters can cost a few hundred dollars every 2-3 years. But if buying the right air purifier system that costs a little more prevents a million dollar lawsuit or an OSHA fine of $10,000 or more, you’ll definitely be thanking yourself for installing the right air filtration system the first time. And it’s all a tax-deductible expense anyway.
And don’t be fooled by smooth-talking sales people—the best commercial air filtration units and systems always include true, certified HEPA filters and anywhere from 30-100 pounds of commercial-strength activated carbon, and a pre-filter system to ensure that HEPA and carbon filters don’t become clogged prematurely, in addition to quality steel construction and good warranties.
If the portable or HVAC mounted industrial or commercial air purification system you’re looking at doesn’t include all of the above, don’t buy it because it will end up causing more trouble than it’s worth. Even industrial or commercial air purifiers for smoke removal have to have all of the above filters or they are going to leave pollutants in the air for you and your employees to breathe.
Electrocorp is a good example of a quality industrial air cleaner manufacturer with all of the above key features and more. Their commercial particle and chemical air filtration units come standard with HEPA filters, pre-filters, and some of the strongest, best carbon filters on the planet, capable of removing tough chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, TCE, and much more. So do the right thing, the first time, and install the proper air cleaning system that can do the job and last for years.
Air Purifiers and offers a wide selection of the best commercial-grade air filtration & sanitizer systems, portable industrial air scrubber units for offices, rooms, warehouses, construction sites, and just about any other space where air pollution needs to be addressed.
We also offer custom designed portable and HVAC mounted air cleaner systems for virtually any application, as well as expert information. And since we’re an online store, we have much lower overhead than many other stores and we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day.
If you have any questions, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Room Air Purifiers: A Way to Super-Charge Your Supplements and Your Health?

A large number of people take supplements to enhance fitness, immune system function, and overall health. But did you know that cleaning up the air in your home, room or office could allow your supplements to do their jobs even better?
Think of it this way: a car has air, gas, & oil filters or a purification system to keep pollutants and trash out of the engine so it can run better and faster, with less wear & tear, last longer, etc, right? Let’s say we take the air filter off, allowing trash to get in, but continue to put enhancing chemicals in the gas and oil for better performance. Well, the trash that gets in begins to clog up different systems so they don’t work as well, and the engine doesn’t rev quite as high as it used to, despite the enhancers put in the oil and gas that do make the gas burn better, etc.
But the overall output of the engine still isn’t as good as it could be because there are pollutants clogging the air intake and other areas causing less efficient combustion and lower power. It’s much the same way with the human body: if our body doesn’t get clean air and common airborne pollutants are allowed to clog up our arteries, lungs, organs, etc, it still won’t perform as well as it could, even with the best supplements.
And with our body systems often running below par, our supplements can’t quite give us as much help as they could. The solution? The answer is this: quality portable air purifiers or purification systems for homes, rooms, & offices.   Why? First, Americans are now spending over 90% of their time indoors between time spent at home or at the office. Second, over 90% homes, rooms and offices have been found in research to contain significant levels of health-compromising dust, dust mites, mold, pollen, fibers, chemical residues, bacteria, viruses, and more.
And third, since we breathe about 3000 gallons of air a day, that’s over 2700 gallons of polluted air that doesn’t go through the digestive system where at least what we eat is partially purified by stomach acid.   Indoor air goes straight into the lungs, and much of it, with all the pollutants, right into the bloodstream. If we could all use a HEPA indoor air cleaner system to stop the extra pollution from coming in through the air we breathe, our bodies could naturally detox and our supplements, even medications can become more effective, in addition to us having more energy, higher performance, and less stress.
Quality HEPA home & office air cleaners are designed with true HEPA filters that remove over 99% of particle type pollutants, and good amounts of carbon to remove the chemical pollutants, as well. Some of the best ionic HEPA air cleaners for allergies, such as Blueair, also use healthy negative ions which not only destroy bacteria & viruses, but also help keep particles out of the air better than air purifiers without ionic generators. Some even feature UV light, which has a similar effect as the ions.
Buying a top-rated portable air purifier is a small investment that pays big dividends. Literally for a few cents a day, you’ll sleep better, feel stronger, and probably live longer, just by breathing cleaner air. And, everyone else in your home, room or office will probably benefit, too, and make them a lot easier to deal with, as they’ll probably feel better too and be a little less cranky! Bottom line: if you haven’t tried one, do yourself a favor and try a portable HEPA air purifier for your home, room, and / or office and see what a difference clean air—and better performing supplements–can make!
Air Purifiers and is your best online source for affordable top-rated air purifiers for almost any home, room or office. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day! 
If you have any air quality or portable air purifier questions, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re standing by to help!
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Keep Your Guard Up-with Replacement Air Filters

Most of us buy air purifiers to clean the air in our homes, offices and rooms, and we understand that replacing the filters regularly makes a big difference in how consistently clean our indoor air remains. Some air cleaner owners, however, still do not get the point about why it’s important to buy replacement air filters: when HEPA or carbon / charcoal air cleaner filters are clean, this is much like having a strong immune system cleaning up pollutants in the body and preventing illness. And when those filters are dirty or clogged, it’s a lot like letting your guard down, or having big holes in that wall of defense you’ve built—and those holes allow dangerous intruders to get in until you replace the old filters with new, fully-functional air filters.
Letting your guard down on your health can be a costly mistake, especially if you already have a weakened immune system or other health challenges. It can be that one opportunity that mold, bacteria or viruses need to get into your system and elevate your current health issues from aggravating to serious or life-threatening. Recently it has been proven in research that mold, for example, is as strong, or stronger as a carcinogen than even tobacco smoke, and over 65% of homes in America have some level of mold spores floating around in their homes, rooms, and offices.
And that’s just mold. Over 99% of house dust also contains 200 live dust mite animals and millions of bacteria-per gram of dust!
The best replacement HEPA & charcoal cartridge air cleaner filters are designed to stop over 99% of all of these pollutants, and when they become clogged, they do not function properly and actually increase the circulation of pollutants, instead of removing them! And that means increased allergies or allergy symptoms, at the very least.  Quality hospital room and industrial air purifier filters kits are even more important to replace on time, as the levels of harmful pollutants are often much higher than home levels and can create even more of a hazard. Not replacing those HEPA or charcoal cartridge filter kits on time can actually be a liability to the business, cause illness for the employees, patients, staff, and even result in OSHA fines and lawsuits.
If you run a business where there are consistently high levels of pollutants in rooms, offices, warehouses or work sites, you cannot afford to allow unnecessarily poor indoor air quality to increase liability and expenses. Bottom line: not buying your replacement air purifier filter kits regularly could easily lead to poor air quality that can quickly destroy the business you’ve worked so hard to build. Replacement air filters are actually quite cheap when compared to the cost of repairing damage caused by poor air quality.
Air Purifiers and is your best online source for quality replacement HEPA and charcoal air purifier filter kits, including Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Winix, Tiger, Electrocorp replacement air filters etc, for use in homes, offices, hospitals, industrial applications and more. We also have replacement UV lights if your air purifier needs it (which most do on a yearly basis). And since we are an online store, we have much lower overhead than traditional stores , so we pass those savings on to you with cheap, discount prices and free shipping every day. Got questions? Call our experts toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Fume Extractors: Remove Fumes, Gases, Vapors—and Liability from Your Business!

It’s no secret that welding, soldering, landfill operations and many other industrial or commercial businesses have work environments or sites that regularly expose workers to high levels of fumes, gases, vapors, VOC’s, and other air pollutants. Portable or HVAC mounted fume collection systems are required and often purchased to remove these fumes, with some units performing well and others, not so well. From a business perspective, the quality of the fume extractor matters greatly for two main reasons: 1) employee safety and productivity, and 2) liability.
Liability? Yes, and potentially high liability.  If a cheap fume or gas extraction system was purchased with filters that don’t remove enough of the fumes (not enough carbon) or they haven’t been replaced regularly, you could be held liable for any resulting injury to employees—either short term or long term.
If their attorney can prove negligence in terms of not installing the best or most appropriate fume, gas, & vapor collection system or not replacing the filters on schedule, it will likely be an easy case that could result in thousands or potentially millions in monetary damages that you or your business could have to pay. At that point, spending a little more on the right fume extractors with quality filters would definitely seem like a bargain and you’ll wish you had purchased them.
Quality portable welding & solder fume extractors or air movers often include HEPA filters along with the heavy-duty carbon filters to remove the harmful particles as well as the fumes, all at once. This is a very smart way to go for source capture fume collection systems because a unit with carbon and HEPA will remove virtually all pollutants from the work area—so that when the welding or soldering operator pulls off their respirator for a minute, there will be very few pollutants to breathe, which helps give you that extra layer of protection liability-wise.
But do remember to buy a fume extractor with large amounts of activated carbon (50-100 pounds of carbon) since industrial gas collection & chemical filtration & scrubber systems depend heavily on carbon to remove fumes and if the filter does not have enough of the right type of carbon, it will not remove as much of the gases & vapors, and won’t last as long. 
And when a fume extractor’s carbon filter is saturated, it simply blows polluted air through the unit without removing the harmful fumes—and that can lead to liability claims, OSHA fines, and more. Bottom line: If the fume & gas filtration system has more, higher quality carbon in the filter, it will do a better job and last longer, which reduces the number of filter changes and saves you money there, as well.
Air Purifiers and is your best online source for quality chemical fume, gas, & vapor filtration systems, filters, testing equipment and more, with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day. We can provide these discounts and free shipping because we are an online store without the overhead of traditional stores. And, if you have questions about industrial air filtration systems, fume extractors, filters or anything related, our experts will be happy to answer your questions. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dust Collector Systems: One of the Best Ways to Prevent Illness, Lost Productivity & More

If you run a business or work in an area with high levels of dust or particles in the air, having the right dust collector or filtration system running is vitally important for preventing illness, and may determine the success or failure of the business. 
Why? Toxic fine dust and larger dust particles, such as those produced in cabinet shops, wood carving, drywall or sheetrock manufacturing & storage, remodeling, construction sites, sandblasting, ceramics, etc, can create both immediate and long term allergy, respiratory and other health issues—and if you’re the business owner, that means an increase in health care, insurance, & other costs, possibly even lawsuits and OSHA fines in the thousands of dollars.
These toxic dust particles get into the human body through the lungs or through the skin and cause various reactions, some of which are even proven carcinogens, or cancer-causing particles. It’s just too easy and affordable now to install one of the best commercial dust removal or particle collection systems and eliminate the hazards and liabilities of poor air quality all at once.
For higher volumes of dust, and those commercial work shops or rooms where you also have fume or gas type pollutants in the air, an industrial-grade cyclone workshop dust removal or filtration unit can quickly clean up the air, removing over 99% of all particles and fumes in just a few minutes. Some cyclonic dust collection systems can even be attached to the central air conditioning unit to remove dust and fumes from the entire building with one unit. Flour mills, plastic extrusion or laser engraving shops could benefit greatly from having a cyclone dust collection system, as these industrial businesses depend heavily on high employee productivity and cannot afford to have poor air quality causing a decrease in employee health and productivity.
Portable woodworking dust collector units are often best for home woodshops or related businesses with multiple locations, as these can be moved around to different areas of the shop, from room to room, or site to site for proper air cleaning wherever it is needed. Some business owners even purchase a couple extra portable dust removal systems and rent them out at $200-300 a day! Your best home and industrial woodshop dust collection or particle extraction units will usually include a HEPA filter as well as large particle bag type filter to ensure that all of the toxic fine dust particles are being removed, so be sure to check for a HEPA filter.
We also recommend that you buy an extra set of filters when you buy your commercial or home dust extractor system or units as you definitely don’t want your employees (or yourself) breathing toxic, polluted air while you are waiting for the new filters to arrive.
Air Purifiers and is your #1 online store for the best dust collection systems and filters for almost any shop, warehouse or other work site. Since we are an online store, we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day.
 If you have any questions about dust removal, industrial indoor air quality control, testing equipment or supplies, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pet Air Purifiers: Less Cleaning, Fewer Odors & Allergies in One Easy Step!

Lots of pet owners deal with daily doses of hair, dander, urine odors & more from their beloved pets, and this causes allergies for some, and only an increase in cleaning and vacuuming for others. Some cat, dog or other pet owners have all of these issues, and most of it results from indoor air that’s loaded with hair, dander, and other pollutants. 
The good news is that there is one simple, easy way to reduce pet-related allergies, respiratory problems, and that constant sweeping & vacuuming is to buy one or more of the best allergy & dander reducing pet air purifiers. And if you buy the right HEPA pet air filter, you may only need one or two units to cover several large rooms, which keeps you from having to buy pet air purifier for every room.
HEPA pet air cleaners remove cat, dog & bird dust, hair & odors better than normal room air purifiers because of superior HEPA filters, large amounts of super-absorbent activated carbon for odors, and high output that allows the unit to clean all of the air in a room in a matter of 2-5 minutes. Most quality pet air purifiers are also portable, so you can take them with you when you travel or move them to different rooms if needed—without having to buy multiple air cleaners. Some of the best pet air cleaners available now also provide the best value!
The Aller Air 4000 Vocarb and the Austin Pet Machine both contain large amounts of odor-absorbing carbon and super-HEPA filters, and clean the air at a rate of 400 cubic feet per minute! With the average room containing about 800 cubic feet of air, you can see that these units will completely clean all of the air in that room in about 2 minutes!
Even these great air cleaners only cost a few cents a day, and there are some other low-cost pet air purifiers from Winix that we recommend as well, such as the Winix U300 and U450 units. Some people refer to cat dander as 'cat dust' and for that purpose, Winix air cleaners are an excellent value. Winix air cleaner units do not have as much carbon so they won’t be as effective on cat urine odors, for example, but they do have super-HEPA filters as well as healthy negative ions that make them excellent cat dust air cleaners.
If your budget will allow, we recommend the Aller Air 4000 Vocarb or Austin Pet Machine as our best picks. Any of the above pet air purifier units are great for removing cat & dog hair, bird dust, dander—it just depends on whether your budget is around $300 or $500-$600, and whether you have strong odors or not.
Air Purifier and is known around the web as the #1 online store for a great selection of quality affordable pet air purifiers & filters, with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day. We strive to provide you with the best, top rated pet air cleaners for maximum allergy and respiratory relief you want, without breaking the bank. Call us toll-free with any questions at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Commercial Air Purifier Units: Quality Units & Filters Matter

Most commercial or industrial businesses use air purifiers or air scrubber units in buildings, offices & warehouses to maintain high indoor air quality control for their employees. And that’s not only because it makes good sense, happy, healthy workers produce a lot more and are much less of a business liability—translation: good air quality adds to the bottom line, and prevents things from taking away from the bottom line.
With regard to the quality of portable or HVAC commercial air sanitizer & filtration units, however, quality definitely does matter. There are a lot of industrial air cleaner manufacturers on the market with all ranges of effectiveness, from fair, to good, to incredible air purification power. And when it comes to how clean the air is, or to what degree your workplace is free of harmful dust, fumes and other pollutants, you cannot afford to buy a cheap air scrubber unit with mediocre or thin carbon filters and ‘HEPA style’ filters.
Why? The problem is that industrial and commercial manufacturing facilities and offices often have consistently high levels of truly harmful dust, particles & chemical fumes and if the filters in the air cleaner unit or system aren’t high quality and doing an excellent job of removing pollutants, that means that a percentage of the pollutants are usually still in the air creating hazards and liability. Using substandard air cleaner units and filters also usually means that the filters will not last as long, creating more frequent (and usually fairly expensive) commercial air filter changes. The other main issue with cheap industrial air purifiers is that they tend to break down and need repairs more often, which in the long run, can easily cost you more than the cost of buying a quality industrial air cleaner unit or filtration system in the first place.
Portable industrial air scrubbers that are high quality pollution removal units can quickly improve indoor air quality and reduce liabilities in just about any room or office in a matter of minutes. For food service industry, restaurants, bars, research labs with potentially infectious material that could become airborne, we recommend adding the UV light option if available, as this extra ‘sanitizer’ stage kills bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other pathogens that may be lurking. Cheap commercial air filtration systems generally do offer this type of protection. We also do not recommend that you use a home air filtration unit or system for industrial or commercial air filtration applications. Pretty much all home units are not designed to handle the type or levels of pollutants found in commercial sites, buildings, workshops, etc, and may actually end up creating more of a hazard rather than helping.
Air Purifiers and offers an excellent selection of the best top-rated commercial office air purifier systems, industrial air scrubbers & filters for almost any application. Our main suppliers Electrocorp and Amaircare can even custom-design a commercial air purifier unit and tune the filters to your specific shop, or work site needs. And since we’re an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day. If you have any questions regarding indoor air quality, air quality related work safety, or industrial air filtration systems, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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