Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Got MCS, Severe Odor Sensitivity? A Whole House Air Purifier May Be The Answer

If you’re sensitive to airborne chemicals and odors or have MCS, it’s likely that you go to a lot of trouble trying to find ways to avoid those irritants—and the headaches and other reactions that often happen. Other than buying unscented products and limiting the use of perfumes, many sensitive individuals choose to stay indoors in their homes, and unfortunately this is where a lot of the more troubling chemical vapors and odors are concentrated.
 What’s worse, is that these chemicals vapors that slow-leak from cleaning supplies, solvents, paints, carpets, cooking odors, stick to surfaces and inside the air ducts, and then get circulated to the whole house by the air conditioner. And then, many people become used to the smells and don’t notice them anymore, but their bodies still react to them.
Many people’s first response is to buy one or more portable electronic air purifiers to remove the offending odors and chemicals. And if you buy 3-4 of the best quality air purifiers with lots of high-grade activated carbon, you can get some good removal and relief. A smarter, more cost effective way to do this, however, is to buy a top-rated whole house air purifier with both HEPA and heavy-duty activated carbon filters. If you buy one of those, you’ll be buying just one air cleaner, not 3-4, and have only one set of filters to change.
And, if you choose one of the best electronic home purifier systems with the right carbon blend (chosen by you before purchasing the unit) such as those made by Aller Air, you’ll be getting a unit that will remove over 99% of those offending chemicals and odors (as well as micro-particles and dust that contribute to odors, as well)--and not contribute off-gassing chemicals to the air the bother you.

The Aller Air D AH Vocarb whole home air purifier, for example, is highly effective and many people with severe allergies and MCS find substantial relief after just 2-3 days after installation. That’s because this whole house air has 28 pounds of industrial strength Vocarb carbon to remove those troublesome chemical odors and vapors.
You really need this kind of air cleaning power to properly remove those types of pollutants—which is why we strongly discourage buying a cheap air purifier or air filtration system that doesn’t have this type or amount of carbon. If you stick with an Aller Air whole house air cleaner, you can’t go wrong, as they’ve been known for years as the industry standard for the best air cleaners in the world. Now, for extra severe MCS or other similar sensitivities, you may need to add one Aller Air portable air purifier with the same Vocarb carbon to remove any remaining pollutants at room level. Most people, however, do find relief with one excellent whole house air filtration system in place.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com sells only the very best whole house air purifiers with quality HEPA and heavy duty industrial-strength carbon filters that filter the air in your whole home better than any other air cleaner on the market. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, this allows us to sell these amazing air purifiers at super-cheap, discount prices, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about whole house air filtration, or need assistance choosing the best unit for your particular house, just give us a call at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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