Friday, January 31, 2014

UV Light: Tough on Skin, But Amazingly Good For Air Quality

Too much ultraviolet light can have a negative effect on skin, which is well known. Too much UV light from the sun (which contains the harmful UVA and UVB type rays) which have been implicated in many types of skin cell abnormalities and skin cancer. At the same time, absorbing some UVB rays from sunlight is a very good thing, as it converts vitamin D3 in our skin to its usable form, which is important for immune system and better health in general. And on the list now under great benefits of UV light is improving indoor air quality.
UV light has been used for years to sterilize and disinfect lots of things in medical and laboratory settings. In fact, UV light can sterilize a surface within just a few seconds of exposure. As a result, researchers found that UV light in air conditioning ducts is very effective for killing mold or viruses floating in the air. With enough UV light, scientists found that they got a consistent 95% plus kill the first time the air passed by the bulbs. And we say ‘bulbs’ because in those tests, there were two UV bulbs of 36 watt strength. When you have two bulbs at 36 watts, placed 30 inches apart from each other like they did in the laboratory tests, you get a full 48,000 UV light units which is enough to kill over 95% of all strains of bacteria, mold, viruses, even algae.
And while UV light bulbs aren’t ‘air filters’, they do kill the organisms that cause health problems, cause many of them to drop out of the air, and produce OH- ions, which enhance the effectiveness of many air purifier and HVAC filters. UV light used in air conditioning ducts has been so effective that most allergy or respiratory sufferers surveyed say that their symptoms were drastically reduced or eliminated in as little as 48 hours after installation. For anyone with a compromised immune system, or the elderly, a UV system in the air conditioner ducts could make a big difference in their health, since this stop the constant reinfection from airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and other germs.
If you want the best home UV air purification, it’s best to get it from UV lamps installed in your HVAC ducts, mainly because it’s the strength of the bulbs and the fact that all of the air in your home is being sanitized, not just the air in one room (as in a room air cleaner with UV bulbs). Most air purifier UV bulbs are anywhere from 10 to 20 watts and help some, but don’t provide enough light units to kill many species of bacteria, mold, or other germs.
UV light air cleaners are very cost effective for indoor air disinfection, with several high quality two-bulb systems for around $500, which is less than most top-rated air purifiers. Just make sure that whatever UV system you choose that it has two 36 watt bulbs and that they are installed 30-36 inches apart on the output side of your air conditioner. Installing an air conditioner UV light system on the output side allows any pollutants being release from the coil to be sterilized, as well as the air coming into the unit.
Air Purifiers and offers the best deals on top-rated duct mounted ultraviolet light air cleaner systems, with true laboratory grade 36 watt UV bulbs that kill over 95% of airborne mold, bacteria and viruses in the home. And since we are an online store with low overhead, this allows us to sell these UV light air cleaners at cheap discount prices with free shipping, everyday. We also have a team of experts on hand to answer any UV light air purification questions you may have, before and after the sale. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Would You Eat The Dust on Your Window Sill? New Reasons to Filter The Air in Your Home

Many people think that common household dust is just plain dust or dirt particles, and isn’t that much of a health hazard. Others think that dust in a home is removed by an air conditioner filter. If either of those were true, the EPA wouldn’t have already put out a statement placing indoor air in the TOP 5 MAJOR health hazards we face today. Why would they say something like that?
It’s because that dust has been found in research to contain harmful bacteria, mold spores, viruses, chemicals, and other pollutants that cause disease–in over 90% of homes and offices in America. The 10% that don’t have much indoor air pollution are those homes or offices that have proper air filtration systems. And we asked the question above ‘would you eat the dust on your window sill?’ to make a point–most people probably would not eat it because they are pretty sure it isn’t safe, and that if it’s on the window sill, your TV or furniture, that dust is in the air we’re all breathing it, which causes our allergies, asthma, and other problems.
The simple solution to this indoor air pollution problem is to install a quality electronic HEPA air purification system in your home, either using room air purifiers or those that clean the air in the whole home by attaching to the air conditioner system. Top rated home air purifiers are very effective at removing the dust, mold spores, bacteria or other pollutants that might be in the air, primarily because they include true HEPA filters and a significant amount of activated carbon, which together can remove over 99% of pollutants.
Some people think it costs too much to buy an air cleaner unit or system, but when you really take a look at it, the best air purifiers can be bought for about the same as a good TV or laptop, and instead of entertainment, they provide health protection for you and your family, preventing possibly thousands of dollars in medical costs, allergy medications, and other costs caused by indoor air pollution. It’s even been proven that cleaner air can actually lengthen your lifespan and reduce the signs of aging–isn’t it worth cleaning up the air just for that?!
You do have to be careful, however, as all electronic air cleaners are not the same and the quality unit or system you buy can make a big difference. Cheap air purifiers tend to not have the same grade of HEPA filters (if they have them at all), don’t have enough or any good carbon filters and typically don’t have a good output, which means they can’t cycle all of the air in a room fast enough to keep you from breathing it–which makes cheap air cleaners pretty much a waste of time and money. You usually have to buy top-rated home air purifiers online if you really want to be able to effectively remove dust, mold, odors, smoke, etc.
Most good online dealers will offer quality brands like Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, etc. If you stay with the best home air cleaner brands that are consistently top rated for effectiveness and value, you’ll make the right buying decision. All of these air cleaners come standard with good HEPA and carbon filters, as well as good quality construction, good warranties, etc. A cheap air cleaner often comes with little to no warranty and of course, breaks within a year, forcing you to have to spend more to replace it. Cheap air purifiers just aren’t a good deal; quality air purifiers, on the other hand, can save your health and improve your quality of life.
Air Purifiers and sells on the best, top-rated air purifiers and units that are proven to actually clean the air, protect your health and prevent disease. Since we are an online store with low overhead, this allows us to offer these great air purifiers, filters, and many other products at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day. We also have a team of indoor air purification experts on hand to answer any questions you may have, before and after the sale. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Got Tough Pet, Mold, Mildew Odors in Your Home? A Whole House Air Cleaner May Be The Best Answer

When you have tough, persistent odors in the home like pet urine, mold, mildew, that ‘old house’ smell, cooking odors, etc, it can be really hard to get rid of them. And if you are sensitive, get headaches, have MCS, etc, and can’t get rid of the odors, you tend to suffer quite frequently. Air freshening sprays do work some but they don’t last, you have to use them constantly, and sometimes those fragrances are a problem for those with sensitivities, too. A good solution that many people are using now to get rid of these types of odors (as well as the dust) is to use a certain type of whole house air purifier with industrial strength carbon– and lots of it.
Whole house air cleaners continuously filter all of the air in home, removing dust and odors from every room, all with one unit. The best of these whole home air filtration systems come with medical grade HEPA filters and anywhere from 18 to 36 pounds of the highest grade activated carbon that absorb over 99% of any pollutants, dust or odor, that might be in the air. Aller Air is one of the few whole house air purifier manufacturers that we trust to effectively and consistently remove tough pet, cooking, and mildew odors from a home.
In fact, Aller Air air purifiers have the most carbon and the best quality carbon in their units, which means that they will clean the air better and the filters will last longer simply because there is more carbon. Carbon does become saturated over time and if you choose a cheap air cleaner with very little carbon, the carbon will become saturated in 2-6 months, and you’ll either be constantly buying filters or dealing with sensitivity issues again, since the air will have the chemicals and odors in it again.
Electronic home air cleaners are also a better choice if you’re looking for quality air filtration in your home, but want to save as much money as you can. A whole home air purifier, again, cleans all of the air in a home with one unit, which keeps you from having to buy an air purifier for each room, which would be expensive.  And, since there’s only one air filtration system, there’s only one set of filters to replace.
Plus, if you buy an Aller Air electronic whole house air cleaner, those filters last 2-5 YEARS, not 2-5 months, so you’re saving a lot on replacement filter costs, as well. A whole house air purifier is a smart move, too, because it will remove harmful bacteria, mold, viruses, and other airborne germs, keeping you and your family cold and flu-free, which saves you even more. So if you’ve got tough odors in your home, you’d like to protect yourself from illness, and you want to do it as inexpensively as possible, consider a whole house air purifier
Air Purifiers and sells only the best whole house air purifiers with quality HEPA and carbon filters that filter the air in your entire home better than any other air cleaners on the market. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, this allows us to sell these air purifiers at super-cheap, discount prices with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about home air filtration, or need assistance choosing the best unit for your particular house, just give us a call at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Air Purifiers for Pet Dander: Three Units with Great Reviews, Under $500

Pet dander doesn’t bother some people. But for those that love their indoor pets, and have to deal with the increased allergies, asthma, or respiratory issues that come along with it, pet dander is a real nuisance. Getting rid of pet dander is fairly easy, however, if you use a combination of regular house cleaning and…proper air cleaning.
Electronic indoor air cleaners have come a long way in the last few years, and there are quite a few that do a great job but cost quite a bit, too. From our research and reviews, you can get a quality pet air purifier that removes pet dander and odors efficiently for about $200 and up. The majority of pet owners, however, either can’t or don’t want to spend more than $500, but still want a great unit that will really clean the air. So, we’ve found three air purifiers that are consistently top-rated for excellent air cleaning, as well as dander & odor removal, for under $500.
First choice is the Austin HealthMate Plus Junior, for $419. This unit has the best HEPA filters available, 15 pounds of super-activated carbon for pet odor removal, a pre-filter to remove most of the hair and larger dander particles so they don’t prematurely clog up the other filters, it’s compact and portable, and can handle up to 700 square feet with one unit, and filters last 3-5 years depending on the level of pollutants. This air purifier can clean the air in more than one room with one unit, which keeps you from having to buy another air cleaner for each of the other rooms. Add a five year unit and filter warranty, and in our estimation, you’ve got a winner. And by the way, the carbon in this air cleaner (and its older brother the regular size Healthmate Plus) is even stronger than their Pet Machine, which is larger and costs more.
Second choice with great reviews for value, is the tried and true favorite Winix 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Cleaner. This unit also has a great HEPA filter for all those tiny pet dander particles, a good amount of odor absorbing carbon, a remote, and electronic dust & odor sensors, all for around $289. And, it handles up to around 300 square feet with one unit, and filters last about a year. All that for under $300 is hard to beat, unless you have some strong cat, dog, or other animal odors. This unit does help some with odors, but there isn’t enough carbon to really tackle tough pet odors or last very long (since carbon gets used up over time, too). But if you want to remove the dander or need a really good cat hair filter and odors aren’t too bad, the Winix 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Cleaner can be a great choice.
The third best-reviewed unit for pets under $500 would be the Blueair 203 with the Gas &Odor Smokestop Filter. Blueair is known around the world as a super high-quality air purifier that is effective, well made and very quiet. Their HEPA filtration is as good as it gets, removing over 99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. If your pet doesn’t create that much in the way of odors, you can buy the standard Blueair 203 with the particle filter (no carbon) for about $329. This unit handles about 200 square feet with one unit, and filters last about 8 months. If you have tough cat, dog, bird or other pet odors, you can add the powerful G.O. Smokestop filter, with strongly activated carbon for another $70 and still get out for less than $400. Some pet owners like the Swedish design and quietness of this unit and prefer it over the others—depends on what style of pet air purifier you like, how quiet it needs to be and how often you want to replace filters.
Air Purifiers and offers an excellent selection of quality pet allergy air cleaners with true HEPA and carbon filters proven to clean the air in homes and rooms extremely well. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, we gladly pass these savings on to you with best cheap discount prices every day and FREE SHIPPING. If you have any pet air cleaner or pet dander questions, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, January 27, 2014

Large Room Air Purifiers: Why You Should Buy These Instead Small Room Air Cleaners

When it comes to cleaning the air in a room, other than portability and quality of the filters, the other main consideration is the output of the air purifier. If an air cleaner isn’t strong enough to remove the pollutants before you breathe them, that isn’t much good—in fact, it’s kind of a waste.
Many people buy small room air cleaners for their homes and offices, thinking they are saving money and doing the right thing. The problem, again, is that most small room portable air purifiers have an output of 100 CFM or less (often a lot less) and you end up breathing a high percentage of dust, mold spores, bacteria, dust mites, and chemical pollutants before the unit can remove them. Then, some begin to think that air purifiers, in general, are a waste. No, it’s just the small room air scrubbers that often don’t do the job. The way to really get the allergy or asthma relief, or just to have really clean air in your home or office that is free of odors and other pollutants, you want an air scrubber that has at least an output of 200 CFM or more, and that usually means getting what is known commonly as a large room air cleaner.
Two other big issues with buying air cleaners that are too small is noise and decreased filter life. Buying a small, underpowered air cleaner usually means that you have to keep them on medium to high most of the time to get enough air cleaning to even do any good, and that means noise levels will be higher. Not only that, but with small room air cleaners, the filters don’t last as long, either, because there simply isn’t a lot of filter material there, and both the HEPA and carbon filters (if the unit has these) become saturated quickly and you’ll be constantly buying more filters. This is known as ‘the filter trap’ where companies depend on you buying a lot of filters because they become used up quickly—and the air purifier companies are pretty much the only ones that benefit.
Are we saying buy the biggest bulkiest portable unit or filtration system you can find? Not at all. You just want to take to a look at the output and make sure you buy portable air scrubber that is strong enough to do the job and not waste your time or money. Other than that, make sure the air purifier has true HEPA filtration and substantial carbon filters, and ideally, a pre-filter to trap larger particles and prevent premature clogging of your more important HEPA and carbon filters. And if you get a portable air cleaner that has a little larger room capacity, you’ll be able to run your air scrubber on a lower setting, which saves energy, the filters will last longer (which saves time and money), and you’ll enjoy cleaner air and better health, in general.
And if you have a large room or office that needs air filtration, you can often do well with 2-3 large room air purifiers as kind of a ‘portable pet air filtration system’ that you can move around as needed, all without a lot of noise and too many filter replacements. So don’t be fooled by a bunch of hype and advertising claims—stick with top-rated large room air filtration units for your home or office for performance, less maintenance, far less maintenance, noise, and filter expense.
Air Purifiers and offers a great selection of only best large room purifiers for any home or office application that have quality, long-lasting HEPA and carbon filters and strong outputs for the best portable indoor air cleaning power you can get. Since we’re an online store without the overhead of traditional store, we gladly pass on those savings to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day. If you have any home air filtration questions, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers: Your Safest Choice for Homes with Babies & Pets

Dry air affects everyone. When the air in a home or room is too dry, our skin, eyes, sinus & respiratory tissues all dry out, leaving everything irritated and much more sensitive. This leads to much more allergy, asthma and even skin conditions. And if you have babies in the home with skin that is much more tender, this dry air can be an even bigger problem for them. Portable room humidifiers are known to be able to quickly add a mist of moisture to the air and prevent dry air problems, so the natural solution is to buy a portable humidifier.
The problem, however, is trying to figure out which type of humidifier is really best when you have babies or pets in the home. And a big consideration when you’re looking for a good baby humidifier, is safety. And since babies (and pets) tend touch and investigate pretty much everything at their level, it’s best to buy a portable room humidifier that only releases a cool mist of moisture so that no one gets burned. The mist that comes out of many warm mist humidifiers can be very hot, and if it’s a steam humidifier, the mist is even hotter and can burn in seconds.
So, one of the safest and best performing humidifiers to purchase is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier. Ultrasonic humidifiers are a great choice to start with because they are very energy efficient and typically very quiet. And when you choose an ultrasonic humidifier that releases only a cold mist, this ensures that your baby or pet won’t get burned. It is best to stick with top-rated cold mist ultrasonic humidifiers, as most of these come with a filter or cartridge that prevents bacteria or mold growth in the water, and you don’t want to get an ultrasonic humidifier that is too small.
We also recommend that you buy a cool mist ultrasonic humidifier that is rated for a larger room than the area you’re trying to humidify. This will enable you to always provide the proper amount of soothing cool moisture, even if you or your baby move to a larger room. Buying a large room capacity ultrasonic cold mist humidifier can also allow you to humidify several rooms without having to buy another unit, and cuts down on how many times you have to refill the tank.
Air Purifiers and offers a great selection of the best, top-rated ultrasonic cold mist humidifiers that quickly add soothing moisture to the air in your home, and prevent dry air problems. Since we are an online store and don’t have the overhead of many traditional stores, that enables us to offer top-quality ultrasonic humidifiers at the cheapest discount prices possible, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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Friday, January 24, 2014

Ultraviolet HVAC Air Purifiers: A Smart Way to Stop Chronic Sinus & Respiratory Infections & More

Sinus and respiratory infections, especially those that are chronic or on-going, wreak havoc on the lives of those afflicted. Most of these individuals take various antibiotics and other measures over long periods of time, which is not only costly and upsetting to the body, it doesn’t always solve the problem because, obviously, the infections keep happening. Other than attacking the bacteria, viral and mold intruders internally, many sinus and respiratory suffers are taking a look at where they might be getting re-infected.
One of the main, proven sources of reinfection, unfortunately, is the air in most of our homes and offices. Indoor air is now classified by the EPA in the top 5 major threats to our health because of bacterial, viral, mold, and chemical pollution that has been found to be present in over 90% of homes and offices in America. And since we’re spending over 90% of our time indoors, at home and at work, we’re breathing polluted air about 90% of the time. And for someone that has chronic sinus infections or other infection type respiratory problems, they’re breathing out those live bacteria and virus, which get lodged in the air conditioning duct work and redistributed back into the home every time the HVAC system turns on.
The real problem is that a large portion of these pollutants are alive—yes, living organisms that get blown back into the home, room, or office. So, what many people are turning to is UV or ultraviolet light air purifiers mounted inside the air conditioner ducts and kill these organisms before they can go anywhere.  In fact, UV light has been used for many years in the healthcare industry to sanitize and disinfect surfaces and various other items, media, etc, so it’s no wonder that ultraviolet HVAC air purifiers would be so effective at killing bacteria, mold and viruses in the duct work.
As long as you use the laboratory grade 36 watt bulbs that release about 24k light units per bulb, and ideally use a 2 bulb system, it’s been proven over and over that this will kill over 95% of all organisms the first time the air passes by the lights. This is so effective that many UV light air cleaner customers find that their symptoms are either noticeably reduced or even eliminated after only 24-48 hours from installation.
This makes a lot of sense because when the UV lights have been operating in the HVAC ducts for a couple of days, virtually all of these ‘intruders’ have been destroyed and their sinuses and respiratory tissues for once did not get another dose of the pollutants. And after a week or so, many people find that they feel much better and some later report that they’ve gone months without having another infection, when it used to a chronic, everyday problem. UV light air purifier customers also report that they and their children are getting fewer colds and seem to have fewer allergy symptoms, as well.
Air Purifiers and sells only the very best furnace UV air cleaners, with true laboratory grade 36 watt UV bulbs that are proven for performance and value. And since we are an online store with low overhead, this allows us to sell these UV light air cleaners at cheap discount prices with free shipping, everyday—so you can get the relief you need, without breaking the bank. We also have a team of experts on hand to answer any UV light system or indoor air quality questions, before and after the sale. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Filtered or Filterless Home Humidifiers: Which Should You Buy?

There are several things to think about when buying a humidifier and one of the more important considerations is whether to buy a filtered humidifier or one that is filterless. Most filters used in filtered humidifiers are for removing dirt, bacteria, mold and minerals, which helps prevent those pollutants from being released into the air along with the moisture. Some room humidifiers use a separate silver ion cartridge that is antibacterial and antimicrobial, which helps kill any bacteria or mold in the water. Any standing water (including the water in a humidifier) easily becomes contaminated with bacteria and mold spores commonly floating around in the air and will allow them to grow and multiply unless there is something to stop them.
So, obviously to make sure you’re not polluting the air in your home, it is best to choose a portable  house humidifier with at least the antibacterial and antimicrobial protection. Now, whether or not you choose a unit with a filter that removes minerals and dirt depends on whether you want to use purified water or other regular tap water that has minerals in it. Minerals and impurities in the water do get released into the air along with the moisture, so if you want the cleanest moisture possible, it’s best to use purified water.
If you prefer not to spend any money on filters, would rather use tap water, and still want the cleanest moisture possible, sometimes it’s best to choose an electric steam humidifier, which boils the water, kills any bacteria or mold and leaves minerals & impurities behind. Steam humidifiers are the original filterless humidifiers and they are some of the best electric home humidifiers you can get, unless you have kids or pets running around that might touch the hot mist coming out.
Whatever electric humidifier you choose, if it has filters, you’ll at least need to clean the unit every 2-3 days (ideally clean once a day) to help keep bacteria, mold and mineral build up to minimum and to make sure breathing clean moisture. And we do recommend that you at least buy a portable humidifier that has the silver ion antibacterial and antimicrobial protection. The room humidifiers from Stadler Form USA all come with a one year silver ion cartridge so you won’t have much maintenance, and they are very safe. The last thing you want is a humidifier spreading infectious bacteria or mold in your home when you’re trying get use a personal humidifier to relieve allergy, sinus or respiratory problems.
Air Purifiers and offers a great selection of  filtered home humidifiers, with both large and small room capacities, antibacterial and antimicrobial silver ion filters and mineral filters, as well as filterless room humidifiers that require very little maintenance and much more–all at cheap discount prices with free shipping due to our low overhead and great supplier relationships. If you have any questions about which personal humidifier is best for your home, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Portable Dehumidifiers: A Way to Help Stop Sinus & Respiratory Infections

Sinus infections, pneumonia and other respiratory infections occur mostly because the person has breathed indoor air that is polluted with bacteria. The air around you can become polluted because of other infected individuals breathing out bacteria, or the bacteria can be floating around in your home or in your bedroom while you sleep. Most often, these infections occur from breathing polluted indoor air in our homes, basements and other areas of the house—and the only way these bacteria can thrive and grow is if there is too much humidity or moisture in the air.
Excess humidity in the air of your home not only feeds bacteria and allows them to multiply, but also feeds mold which weakens our immune systems. A good way to tell if you have excess moisture is a musty smell in your home or if you see mold growth on walls, furniture, clothing or other items. And where there’s mold, there is almost always bacteria that, together, can cause severe sinus, respiratory infections, pneumonia, and other health problems.
An excellent way to prevent both mold and airborne bacteria in your home is to use a portable home dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture. Portable dehumidifiers work by pulling in room temperature air across cooling coils, which causes the water in the air to condense and drip into a bucket or drain hose, thus removing the water from the air. Portable room dehumidifiers can be used in any room of your home where you think you may have a moisture problem. Top rated dehumidifier brands such as Danby and Stadler Form include a hygrometer that measures the humidity in the room so you can tell if it’s too high and run the dehumidifier at the appropriate level to correct the humidity.
Ideal home humidity is between 30-40%. When the humidity gets above 47-50%, this is the level that feeds bacteria and mold and causes them to grow and quickly spread to your entire home through the air conditioner ducts. All you have to do, however, is set your portable dehumidifier to keep the humidity at say, 35% (or 40% if 35 seems to be too dry for your sinuses). And a large room capacity dehumidifier can actually correct the humidity in your entire home, remove that musty mildew smell and protect your belongings from mold damage.
 A top rated home dehumidifier can often be the missing link to finally getting rid of chronic sinus and respiratory infections, too, simply because they can remove the moisture that feeds the bacteria that cause the infections while you are sleeping. Many people with these types of chronic respiratory problems finally get relief in as little as a few days once the excess moisture has been removed from their homes.
Air Purifiers and offers only the best dehumidifier brands such as Danby and Stadler Form USA that are known for quickly and quietly removing excess moisture and preventing mold and bacteria growth. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, this allows us to offer these home dehumidifiers at the cheapest discount prices possible, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Portable Air Purifiers for Smoke: Some Helpful Tips and 3 Relatively Inexpensive Room Units That Work Well

Whether you have a smoker in the home or you’re getting second hand smoke from a neighbor, if you don’t smoke, it’s no fun. Smoke particles, odors, and chemicals in the air from the smoke often cause allergies, asthma, and respiratory problems for non-smokers, and the other dangers of second hand smoke are well-documented. Finding a good air purifier to remove the smoke, particles, and odors effectively, however, can be difficult. There are a lot of air cleaners on the market and some that say ‘smoke eater’ or ‘for smoke’, but you really have to read the fine print and look at the filters and other details of the air cleaner to determine how effective it will be.
To effectively remove and control smoke particles, odor and the chemicals from smoke requires a portable air scrubber or filtration system with both a medical grade HEPA filter and a carbon filter with a substantial amount of properly activated carbon. Electronic air cleaners that only have charged electric plates that attract particles generally only remove about 85% of particles, and that number decreases as the plate becomes saturated, causing you to have to clean it constantly to get any kind good filtration. Thin sheet or foam carbon filters don’t work very well, either, for removing smoke odors or chemicals. There isn’t enough carbon there and it’s usually not the strongly activated type found in top-rated air purifiers.
Three portable smoke air cleaners that do remove smoke odors, chemicals and particles very well in homes and offices, however, are 1) The Aller Air 5000 DX Vocarb, 2) The Austin HealthMate Plus, and 3) The Blueair 650E, in that order. All three have the right type of strongly activated carbon, medical grade HEPA filtration, removing over 99% of particles down to 0.1 microns (better than most HEPA filters), and all three are relatively inexpensive (from $650 to $1000). That might sound like a lot, but there are a lot of more expensive home air scrubbers that either don’t filter the air as well or just cost too much, so we recommend these three, based on customer air purifier reviews and ratings.
The Aller Air 5000 DX Vocarb air cleaner has 27 pounds of industrial strength carbon, so we recommend this unit for heavy smoke or hard to remove smoke odors, and filters last 3-5 years, not 3-5 months, and this unit can cover 1500 square feet with one unit. The Austin Healthmate Plus air scrubber is similar, featuring 15 pounds of strongly activated carbon, with filters that last 2-4 years, and covers up to 1500 square feet as well. The Blueair 650E with the SmokeStop Filter has roughly 9 pounds of powerful smoke and odor removing carbon, has a remote, automatic pollutant sensors, but only covers about 700 square feet and filters last about 8 months.
The Blueair 650E is a very quiet smoke air purifier, so it’s a great choice if keeping quiet is important. If you stick with one of these three units, you’ll enjoy very clean air, and you’ll have an air purifier that will last, not break down within a year as most cheap air scrubbers do. Cheap air purifiers also usually do not have a strong enough output and won’t be able to remove the smoke or odors before they reach your nose, which makes them a waste of time and money.
Air Purifiers and is your #1 online store where you can buy the best portable air purifiers for any room in your home or office that will effectively and inexpensively remove smoke odors, particles and chemicals. Since we are an online store with low overhead, that enables us to offer all of our air cleaners, filters, and more at the cheapest discount prices possible with free shipping every day. And, we have a team of home air purification experts on hand to answer any of your questions, before and after the sale. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513—we are here to help!

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bulk Carbon for Air Cleaner Filters: A Cheaper, Higher Performance Alternative?

Carbon air filters can sometimes be costly to replace, especially if you’re using them up frequently due to high levels of chemicals, smoke, odors or other gas type pollutants. And sometimes your air purifier’s carbon filters may not be really doing the best job that it can because either the filter doesn’t contain high quality activated charcoal, or there just isn’t enough of it to clean the air well for very long. The point is that carbon filters do not last forever and much be replaced. The carbon you use and whether you use bulk carbon or buy a whole new filter, however, can make a big difference in cost and performance.
Bulk activated carbon can be a good answer to both of these issues, since bulk carbon is often cheaper than replacing the entire canister or cartridge. AllerAir premium bulk carbon or Electrocorp carbon filters, is still cheaper in most cases than buying a whole new filter. And if you replace the carbon in another air purifier filter with this kind of premium activated charcoal, there’s a very good chance that filter will do a better job than ever, because Aller Air carbon is usually much better quality than what is typically found in many portable air cleaner filters .
Electrocorp’s Vocarb industrial carbon is also highly rated around the world as the best, so if you have some other brand of commercial air filtration system and replace the carbon in those filters with Vocarb carbon, again, that air cleaner is probably going to perform very well, and probably better, since the carbon is so much stronger for absorbing chemicals and odors. Don’t be fooled, however—all bulk activated carbon or charcoal is not the same.  We only recommend Aller Air  Electrocorp bulk carbon because it is proven for consistently excellent performance and value.
Air Purifiers and offers the very best replacement bulk charcoal for Aller Air, Electrocorp, and other portable air cleaners & filtration systems. Since we are an online store with low overhead, that allows us to sell all of our air purifiers, replacement filters, and bulk charcoal at the cheapest discount prices, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Portable Hot Steam Humidifiers: The Best, Safest Humidifier Choice for COPD, Sinus & Respiratory Infections

Many people that suffer from COPD, sinus & respiratory infections often need a humidifier to at least reduce or eliminate more severe symptoms caused by dry air in their homes and rooms. Dry air causes irritation of the sinus, bronchial and other respiratory tissues, often causing the overall condition to become worse. Most humidifiers, however, release moisture into the air along with bacteria and mold spores that have built up in the water or the unit, which can only make matters worse.
A very good answer to that problem is to choose the right type of personal humidifier that only releases clean, purified steam into the air—and we’re talking about a hot steam or warm mist humidifier. Steam or warm mist humidifiers actually boil the water to create the mist or vapor and in doing so, they disinfect the water before it’s vaporized, preventing the spread of infectious agents. Ultrasonic humidifiers, even warm mist types, don’t boil the water so they are still a danger to those trying to get rid of a sinus infection or respiratory infection.
Ultrasonic warm mist humidifiers may even be more of a hazard since the water is only heated some, which is actually beneficial to bacteria and mold—unless of course they have antibacterial ‘silver ion’ technology in the unit. Steam humidifiers are good for not releasing mineral impurities into the air, either, since the water is boiled, leaving those impurities behind. This prevents any mineral spots or ‘white dust’ from forming on furniture and other home items.
One of the best hot steam humidifiers we’ve seen to date is ‘FRED’ from Stadler Form. This humidifier is a classic warm mist humidifier that boils the water to prevent any bacteria, mold or mineral impurities from getting into the air in your room, has various settings so you can tune the mist to exactly what you want, and it’s light and portable so you can move it around from room to room easily, or take with you when you travel. FRED is also very good for desktops and table tops and won’t get in the way. FRED is well-made and built to last, so you probably won’t need another humidifier. We highly recommend FRED as one of the best personal hot steam humidifier values on the market, and especially for anyone with COPD, sinus or respiratory infections or similar issues.
Air Purifiers and is your best online source for great deals on top-rated portable warm mist humidifiers, and much more, all at the cheapest discount prices possible, with free shipping, due to our low overhead. We also have a team of home humidification experts available to answer questions before and after the sale. If you have any questions, just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Portable Home & Office Air Cleaners: Don’t Get Caught in The ‘Filter Trap’

Portable home and office air purifiers are great for reducing, even preventing many allergy, asthma, and respiratory issues because they usually have quality HEPA and carbon filters. Often, however, many top-rated air purifiers require rather frequent and costly filter replacements--and it almost seems like this is partly to keep you buying filters. So where is the REAL value with portable air cleaners?
Two main brands that we’ve noticed that not only offer top-quality air filtration, but long lasting filters that last from 3-5 years are Aller Air and Austin Air. The HEPA and carbon filters in Aller Air and Austin Air purifiers are frankly, a lot more substantial, made of better materials, and since there’s a more ‘filter material’, it makes sense that the filter would take longer to fill up, right? Exactly. The other factor is the quality of the HEPA filters and the type of material used and weave patterns used. Aller Air and Austin Air use the highest quality natural fibers for their HEPA filters, with a very dense weave pattern which traps particles down to 0.1 microns, better than most HEPA filters that stop at 0.3 microns and allow 0.1 micron-size particles to pass through. And, these HEPA filters last 3-5 years, not a few months as with other HEPA air purifier brands.
Another ‘filter trap’ to avoid is with the carbon filters. Just because a unit says it has a carbon filter and absorbs chemicals and odors, doesn’t mean it will perform very well for all chemical pollutants or odors--or last very long. The bottom line here is that more carbon or zeolite in a odor or smoke filter is simply going to last longer because there is more carbon to absorb the pollutants. The quality of the activated carbon matters, however. Aller Air and Austin Air portable air cleaners have a special carbon activation process that makes their carbon filters some of the very best and strongest for trapping chemicals, smoke and odors. Blueair filters, for example, are very good for absorbing both chemicals and particles, but only last 6-8 months. Which would you rather have, though—a filter that lasts 6-8 months or 3-5 years?
So the point here is this: some good HEPA air purifiers do have good filters, but end up costing you more in time and energy because of all the extra filter replacements that are needed. With Aller Air and Austin Air purifiers you can have filters that last 3-5 years, and often better air filtration because of better quality filters. Yes, the Aller Air and Austin Air filters cost a little more to replace, but it’s still less than spending $100 every 6-8 months with other air cleaners and you won't have to mess with it for several years. So, when choosing your portable air purifier for your home, room, or office, don’t get caught in the ‘filter trap’. If you want low maintenance and superior air filtration, we recommend Aller Air and Austin Air.
Air Purifiers and offers an excellent selection of the best top-rated room air cleaners powerful home and air filtration, and great office air filtration systems. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, this allows us to pass those savings on to you with the cheapest discount prices possible, with free shipping, every day. If you have any questions about home air filtration, just give our experts a call at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Got Dog Odors in Your Home? The Right Pet Air Purifier Can Really Help

Dogs are so much fun, have so much personality and add so much to our lives. But sometimes an indoor dog can really create some strong odors in the home, and more than you can just ‘get used to’. From just simple ‘dog smell’ to dog urine, these odors do seem to permeate the home, and most air fresheners just don’t seem to do the job.
That’s because even the best air fresheners aren’t going to be able to neutralize strong dog odors if they are being constantly released into the air from the dog and from surfaces that don’t get cleaned that often. And you certainly don’t want to spray several cans or bottles of pet odor remover or try to wash down every wall and ceiling in your home.
One of the most effective and easiest ways to get rid of dog smells of various types is to use the right kind of pet air purifier. Pet air cleaners or filtration systems with HEPA filters are good for removing part of the odors that come from tiny dander and hair particles, but do nothing to remove the gas or chemical type pollutants that compose most airborne odors. For that, you need a high-quality activated carbon filter, with plenty of carbon, not just a thin sheet of black foam. Foam that’s impregnated with carbon does help a little, but it won’t really make a big difference for strong dog odors and won’t last long since carbon does become saturated and there isn’t much carbon there to saturate.
Oddly, your very best pet air purifiers for dog odors and smells aren’t even called pet air purifiers—they are from a company called Aller Air. Aller Air has great HEPA filters that remove over 99% of particles down to 0.1 microns, but the real odor removing power comes from the super high quality activated carbon filters. Not only does Aller Air use the very best carbon in the world and activate it better than any other company, they use anywhere from 12-36 pounds of it in a filter designed to remove chemicals and odors.
That means there’s a lot of carbon which will remove dog and other odors better, and the filter will last anywhere from 2-5 years, not 4-5 months like most air purifiers. Sure, they might cost a little bit more, but if it really works and keeps your home smelling clean and fresh, most dog and other pet owners say ‘it’s definitely worth the extra 20-30% more up front--you get that back anyway by not having to replace filters for 2-5 years’.
You do want to make sure you choose an Aller Air unit with a Vocarb carbon pet odor filter, however. Their regular carbon is very good, but the Vocarb activated carbon is industrial strength and removes tough dog and other odors & smells better and faster. Also, their 5000 and 6000 series Vocarb air purifiers tend to work best for large areas.
Air Purifiers and offers an excellent selection of the very best pet air purifiers, dog odor air cleaners, HEPA air filtration systems for kennels and veterinary offices, and replacement filters from Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair and other quality brands. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, that allows us to pass on the savings to you with best cheap discount prices every day and FREE SHIPPING. If you have any pet air purifier questions, dog smell questions, or need assistance finding the best air purifier for your home, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Portable Air Purifiers: Use a Filter or BE the Filter. Your Choice.

In so many areas of life we have a choice. And regarding our health, we have a choice whether to take vitamins, exercise or take other steps to feel better and prevent disease. When it comes to air and water purification, we have a choice as well–we can either use a filter to trap all of the pollutants or we can allow our bodies to be the filter–and suffer the consequences, or avoid them, our choice.
According to an EPA statement in 2009, one of the greatest health threats we face today (in fact in the top five major health threats) is the indoor air in our homes and rooms. And since Americans are spending over 90% of their time indoors at home or the office, that means out of the 3000 gallons of air on average per day adults breathe, 90% or 2700 gallons of that is polluted air we’re breathing, every day.
 And we’re not talking about just a little dust were talking about live dust mites, live mold spores, bacteria, viruses, chemical residues, and many other things that have been proven to cause illness, allergies, asthma, respiratory diseases, and more. In terms of air filtration, if we don’t use something like a portable air purifier to remove these pollutants, our bodies have to remove these pollutants as best they can. At some point, however, our elimination systems reach capacity and can’t remove them anymore, which means those pollutants now begin build up in our bodies and cause premature aging, lack of energy, and a whole host of other problems.
A portable home air purifier is a relatively cheap, effective solution for quickly improving the quality of your indoor air in your home, room, or office and the quality of your life in a matter of hours.  Modern portable air cleaners use top-quality HEPA and carbon filters they remove over 99% of all of these pollutants in a matter of minutes. 
We often drink bottled water because we know our tap water is polluted and don’t want the hazards from polluted tap water–doesn’t it make sense to do the same with our air since we know it’s also badly polluted? Don’t think your indoor air is polluted? All it will take is one air quality test, and you’ll be amazed at what you and your family have been breathing.
When buying portable air purifiers for your home room or office you do want to make sure that you stay with a top rated brand that is known for quality electronic air filtration and value. Brands like Aller Air, Austin Air, and Blueair are all top-rated and well-known for reducing and eliminating allergies, asthma, and controlling odors, smoke, and many other household pollutants. 
Portable air purifiers often pay for themselves within the first year simply because of all the savings from using less cleaning products and fewer allergy and other medications alone, not to mention all the time, gas, and aggravation saved when you don’t have to go to the doctor as often. All you have to do to protect your health feel better live longer and prevent the hazards of poor indoor air quality is purchase one or more top rated portable room air purifiers for your home or office and allow them to be the filter, not your body.
Air Purifiers and offers one of the best selections of affordable, top-rated portable room air filtration systems , as well as high quality office air cleaners that are perfect for any room in your home or office. And since we are an online store with low overhead that allows us to pass on the savings to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day.
We also have a team of air filter ration experts on hand to answer any questions you may have before or after the sale just give us a call at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!

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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Portable Fume Extractors: Protect Yourself & Employees from Hazardous Chemicals Virtually Anywhere

If you run an industrial or commercial business where hazardous chemicals are routinely being used, releasing vapors into the air, hopefully you and your employees probably wear some kind of respirator or have a fume collection system in place. But what about when you have a job site elsewhere—away from the main shop or work area? Most respirators aren’t that good for trapping a full range of chemical vapors & gases, and if you don’t have some kind of fume & gas filtration system running at these other job sites, your employees and your business could be at risk.
A simple solution to this problem is to purchase one or more portable fume extractors. Many top-rated portable fume & gas collection units (such as Electrocorp’s RSU or Air Rhino series) are super-powerful, contain anywhere from 60-240 pounds of industrial strength activated carbon, and they’re easy to move around on heavy duty rubber wheels. This way, as long as you have a power source, you can clean up the air wherever you or employees are working. The RSU series and Air Rhino units can either work as overall room air cleaners, or can be converted to source capture units to remove chemical and gas pollutants directly at the source before they can even become airborne. Many welding shops, laser engravers, law enforcement evidence rooms, even landfills use Electrocorp fume extractors to make sure the air is kept clean and employees remain healthy.
Why Electrocorp? Essentially, Electrocorp is chosen four to one over the competition because of affordability , superior carbon chemical removal, durability, and the ability to custom design a fume extractor to exactly what the customer needs for their particular application, with the right hoses, output level, amount of carbon, etc—so that you’re only buying a portable fume extractor once, not several times trying to get the right unit. Electrocorp’s activated carbon is known around the world as the very best you can get and removes more chemical, gas, vapor, & VOC pollutants than any other. So, if you stick with Electrocorp, you can rest assured that you’re getting exactly the right portable  industrial gas filtration unit for your industrial or commercial business, and you can take it with you to virtually any job site for continuous protection.
Air Purifiers and offers the best portable fume extractors in the world, with the very best carbon filtration you can get. We proudly offer a full line of Electrocorp fume & gas extraction units and many other products to help you maintain the best air quality possible for your business. And since we’re an online store with much lower overhead than most traditional stores, we gladly pass those savings on to you with the cheapest discount prices possible, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about which portable fume extractor or chemical vapor collection system is best for your shop, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, January 13, 2014

Dust Collectors: Preventing Illness & Unnecessary Costs in Commercial & Industrial Businesses

It’s been proven in research that every home and office has airborne dust floating around—the dust on furniture, computers, etc. proves that it’s in the air. This dust is composed of more than just dirt particles, though. It commonly contains pollen, fibers, hair fragments, pet dander, live dust mites (about 200 per gram of dust), as well as live mold spores, bacteria, & viruses.
For a commercial or industrial business or workshop, however, that dust is often many times more concentrated and dangerous, with toxic fine dust particles from various materials used in manufacturing, laser engraving, sandblasting, wood carving and more.  And when you add all of those toxic dust particles and chemical residues to the regular dust and particles already present in a shop, building or work site, you’ve got a really powerful health risk to anyone that breathes it, even for a day or two.
Obviously, some type of dust collection or particle removal system could probably eliminate this problem and the hazards of poor indoor air quality. Many business owners, however, don’t think they have a problem, or it’s not enough to warrant spending the money. Truth is, many of the toxic dust particles in the air are odorless and tasteless, which means you won’t notice them until someone starts having symptoms, and then it’s a little too late as this person now has those dust particles in their system. Keep in mind that if you see dust accumulating on furniture, equipment, etc., that means dust is in the air, and proves that the normal A/C filter isn’t enough to stop it.
A simple and cost-effective solution to an industrial or commercial dust problem, and a good form of ‘insurance’ for your business, is to buy one or more workshop dust collectors that continuously remove the dust. Units like Electrocorp’s RSU series or Air Rhino series have powerful outputs and medical grade HEPA filters, which means they can not only remove the dust, fibers, and particles in a room quickly, but also remove the tiniest and more dangerous particles smaller than 1 micron. In fact, some of the dust collectors remove particles as small as 0.1 microns, one tenth of a micron.
That covers fibers and particles less than one hundredth of the diameter of one human hair—the kind that are small enough to enter our bloodstream through the lungs. Portable dust collectors are tax deductible, reduce cleaning time and supply expense, reduce healthcare costs for employees, and since employees will be happier and healthier, they increase production. So, all in all, dust collection systems really make sense, and in about a year, can easily pay for themselves with all the savings you get—it’s a smart business move in all respects.
Air Purifiers and sells the very best portable industrial dust filtration systems, HVAC dust filtration units, cyclone dust collectors, replacement dust filters, and much more—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day, due to our low overhead and great relationships with suppliers. We also have a team of industrial and commercial air quality / dust filtration experts on hand to answer any questions you may have, before and after the sale. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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