Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sanitize the Air In Your Whole Home & Prevent Illness with UV Light Air Cleaners

One thing that is becoming more and more of a concern is the quality of our indoor air. And that’s because recent research has found that, for most houses, there’s a significant amount of dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and other live germs and pollutants floating around and these tend to contribute to sinus infections, colds, flu and more. And true, a good air purifier can do a lot to remove those pollutants from the air, but to really be safe, you want something that will also destroy these biological invaders, as well. To do that, you need a laboratory grade UV air purifier system mounted in the ducts of your air conditioner.
Now, that might sound like a lot, but it’s really a very simple and relatively inexpensive thing to install. All you need is a good 2 bulb unit installed in the output section of your air conditioner ducts—pretty much, cut a hole or two, insert the bulbs, tighten some screws and plug it in. With a germicidal whole house ultraviolet light air purification system running, any organisms that float past in the bulbs in the duct will be immediately destroyed, since UV light not only destroys their cell structure, but also the DNA so they can’t reproduce.
This way, if any of these pollutants do make it out of the duct work, they’re dead and at least you won’t be inhaling live organisms—which is what people are doing basically if they don’t have one of these UV systems. You see, small amounts of moisture released from the coil of an air conditioner cause mold, bacteria, dust, and fibers to stick to the inside walls of the duct work and that’s where they live and get released when air blows past. With a whole house UV air cleaner in place, the germs get destroyed so they can’t cause problems. Pretty smart.
You do want to make sure, however, that whatever UV light purification system you choose is made of quality steel components, solid state circuitry, has low power usage, and has true laboratory grade 36 watt bulbs. If lower wattage bulbs are used, the light won’t be strong or germicidal enough to kill all the mold and other organisms, which means that some of the live germs will be blowing out of the vents when the A/C turns on. And your air purifier will catch most of it, provided that it’s in the room with you and that it has a true HEPA filter. But why worry about it, when you can install one of these UV air purifiers and have all of the air in your whole house sanitized and disinfected.
This can make a big difference for those that struggle with COPD, sinus infections or other respiratory problems. Some people with severe or chronic allergies find a dramatic improvement in symptoms just 24-48 hours after installation. Regardless, installing a quality germicidal UV light air cleaner system in your house can go a long way toward making sure that you and your family stay well and avoid unnecessary colds, flu, and other infections.
Air Purifiers and offers only the best duct-mounted UV purifier systems, with solid steel construction, solid state electronics, super low energy usage, and true laboratory grade 36 watt bulbs for maximum air cleaning power. And since we are an online store with low overhead, that means cheap discount prices with free shipping for you, every day. If you have any questions about UV light air purification or anything indoor air quality related, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Got MCS, Severe Odor Sensitivity? A Whole House Air Purifier May Be The Answer

If you’re sensitive to airborne chemicals and odors or have MCS, it’s likely that you go to a lot of trouble trying to find ways to avoid those irritants—and the headaches and other reactions that often happen. Other than buying unscented products and limiting the use of perfumes, many sensitive individuals choose to stay indoors in their homes, and unfortunately this is where a lot of the more troubling chemical vapors and odors are concentrated.
 What’s worse, is that these chemicals vapors that slow-leak from cleaning supplies, solvents, paints, carpets, cooking odors, stick to surfaces and inside the air ducts, and then get circulated to the whole house by the air conditioner. And then, many people become used to the smells and don’t notice them anymore, but their bodies still react to them.
Many people’s first response is to buy one or more portable electronic air purifiers to remove the offending odors and chemicals. And if you buy 3-4 of the best quality air purifiers with lots of high-grade activated carbon, you can get some good removal and relief. A smarter, more cost effective way to do this, however, is to buy a top-rated whole house air purifier with both HEPA and heavy-duty activated carbon filters. If you buy one of those, you’ll be buying just one air cleaner, not 3-4, and have only one set of filters to change.
And, if you choose one of the best electronic home purifier systems with the right carbon blend (chosen by you before purchasing the unit) such as those made by Aller Air, you’ll be getting a unit that will remove over 99% of those offending chemicals and odors (as well as micro-particles and dust that contribute to odors, as well)--and not contribute off-gassing chemicals to the air the bother you.

The Aller Air D AH Vocarb whole home air purifier, for example, is highly effective and many people with severe allergies and MCS find substantial relief after just 2-3 days after installation. That’s because this whole house air has 28 pounds of industrial strength Vocarb carbon to remove those troublesome chemical odors and vapors.
You really need this kind of air cleaning power to properly remove those types of pollutants—which is why we strongly discourage buying a cheap air purifier or air filtration system that doesn’t have this type or amount of carbon. If you stick with an Aller Air whole house air cleaner, you can’t go wrong, as they’ve been known for years as the industry standard for the best air cleaners in the world. Now, for extra severe MCS or other similar sensitivities, you may need to add one Aller Air portable air purifier with the same Vocarb carbon to remove any remaining pollutants at room level. Most people, however, do find relief with one excellent whole house air filtration system in place.
Air Purifiers and sells only the very best whole house air purifiers with quality HEPA and heavy duty industrial-strength carbon filters that filter the air in your whole home better than any other air cleaner on the market. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, this allows us to sell these amazing air purifiers at super-cheap, discount prices, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about whole house air filtration, or need assistance choosing the best unit for your particular house, just give us a call at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, February 21, 2014

Air Cleaners for Pet Shops, Kennels, Boarding & Veterinary Facilities-How To Choose Properly

Usually when an air cleaner is needed for a pet shop, kennel or boarding facility, it’s because of high levels of pet odor, dander allergies, or an effort to make sure the air is clean for customers and employees. Unfortunately, however, most people begin searching for an air purifier that says ‘pet air cleaner’ or ‘for pets’. And while some units that do remove dander, hair, and odors fairly well, they’re no match for the amount of dander and odors produced by multiple pets in a kennel, boarding facility or pet shop. It’s just too much for most ‘pet air purifiers’, and even buying several cheaper portable units won’t do the job very well, and they can take up too much of your valuable floor space.
Pet shops, indoor kennels and veterinary offices with high levels of pet odor & dander need stronger air filtration, both in the filters and with the power or output of the unit. Your best place to start is to take a close look at the carbon filter in the air purifier. You will need the best, strongest activated carbon you can get (industrial strength is best) and lots of it—a minimum of 15-20 pounds and more if possible, to adequately remove the odors created by multiple cats, dogs and other animals. 
The reason for this is simple: most of the odors you’re experiencing are of an organic nature or VOC (volatile organic chemical) and strongly activated carbon is good for removing these compounds. You need a large amount of carbon because the charcoal does become saturated, and more carbon means the filter remove and control those pet odors longer, with fewer filter changes, etc.
The air purifier, whether portable or connected inline with the HVAC system, must also have a true HEPA filter that removes 99% plus of all dander, dust & hair down to 0.3 microns, or 0.1 microns if possible. Some air cleaner manufacturers try to get away with ‘HEPA-style’ filters, which aren’t as efficient. And don’t buy an electronic air cleaner with electrostatic plates (no HEPA)—most of these require constant cleaning to keep them removing even 80% of particles, and that’s not very efficient. 
The output of the unit and square footage coverage is also important—buying an air purifier with too low of an output isn’t going to be able to remove the dust, dander & odors before it reaches your nose, which make it kind of a waste of time. You need a unit with at least a 400 CFM output or higher for an average 10 x 10 room or up to 10 x 20. For more rooms, you’ll need more portable units to ensure that the air is clean in that area. A great indoor pet air cleaner with 400 CFM for homes and offices is the Austin Healthmate Plus.
Now, so far, we’ve mostly been speaking of portable or floor air purifiers, and in actuality, many pet shop, kennel, boarding situations, a combination of several portable or floor air purifier PLUS a unit attached to the HVAC system is really needed to effectively clean the air–and all with lots of high quality carbon and true HEPA filters. All those heavy duty urine and other odors are loaded with VOC’s and really need the HVAC based air cleaner for overall removal and the portable units to remove them where customers and employees are standing, for the best, noticeably clean air. The portable units remove a good portion of the dust, dander, & odors quickly without having to wait for the A/C system to cycle it through its air filtration system.
Our best recommendations for very clean air in any pet shop, kennel or veterinary facility is an HVAC based industrial air cleaner from Electrocorp (such as the I-6500 AH 120) and one or more of either Electrocorp RSU floor units, Aller Air 5000 or 6000 Vocarb series, or Austin Pet Machines. We’ve had great success with this combination and by using both, you have the best HEPA filters, industrial strength carbon, and high output, not to mention 5-10 year warranties.  The Austin Pet Machine, for example, makes an excellent veterinary office air purifier system as well as a home pet air cleaner--just use more units for more pets or larger spaces.
So if you’re really looking to get rid of a pet odor & dander problem in a kennel, pet store, boarding facility, or veterinary office, stick with air purifiers that have large amounts of high quality carbon, true HEPA filters, and think industrial strength—in many cases, that’s what’s needed to handle large amounts of pet dander and odor.
Air Purifiers and offers an excellent selection of the very best pet air purification systems, with top-quality carbon and HEPA filters, portable units, industrial-strength HVAC mounted air cleaners and more. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, that allows us to pass on the savings to you with best cheap discount prices every day and FREE SHIPPING.
If you have any pet air purifier questions, animal odor questions, or want a GREAT DEAL on the best pet air purifier for your home, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Home Air Purification: More Important Than Water Purification?

Most of us are pretty clear on the fact that our drinking water needs to be filtered, even city water to keep from drinking the chemicals used to purify the water. And on average, Americans currently drink about 3 glasses of water per day (about 58 gallons a year), in addition to sodas, coffee and other liquids. What might sound amazing is that humans inhale about 3000 gallons of air per day—3000 gallons! And drinking water is a voluntary thing—breathing happens 24/7, whether we want to or not.
The alarming fact about breathing that much air per day is that since we’re spending about 90% of our time indoors at home or the office, and since recent research shows that most indoor air is polluted, that means we’re all breathing about 2700 gallons of polluted air per day. And that’s air that is polluted with dust, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and more. Comparing 2700 gallons to 3 glasses per day, it looks like air filtration might be very important, if not more important than filtering your tap water.
Poor indoor air quality has created enough problems to make the Federal EPA take notice, and put out a statement in 2009 placing our indoor air quality in the top 5 major health hazards. This clearly confirms that it’s a real hazard, and obviously a big part of that problem is all the indoor air we breathe each day. The way to avoid this hazard is to use quality portable HEPA air cleaners in your home, office, or other rooms where you spend time. Most top-rated electronic home air purifiers available now, such as Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, etc come with highly-efficient HEPA filters and good amounts of carbon in the carbon filters that remove well over 99% of all dust, mold, allergens, chemicals, even household odors.
The most effective of these air purifiers, with the longest lasting filters are Aller Air and Austin Air. Both of these have high output and can handle up to 1500 square feet with one unit. The Blueair air scrubbers are also excellent, and do a very good job of cleaning the air, plus they are typically much quieter than the other two—which makes them better for bedroom or other sleeping areas. Don’t be fooled by cheap home air purifier claims.
There are inexpensive home air purifiers on the market that do have good HEPA filters and some carbon, but in most cases, to get the cleanest air possible and long lasting filters, you generally have to stick with one of those three brands above.  Blueair filters, however, usually need replacing about every 8 months so if you’re looking for lower maintenance and maximum air cleaning for any room or office, the Aller Air and Austin Air units are best.
Air Purifiers and is your #1 source for top-rated air cleaner systems and that are high performance and do a great job of cleaning the air, reducing allergies and asthma in any room or office. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, that allows us to sell all of our products at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day. If you have any questions, please give our indoor air quality experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and we’ll be glad to assist you.
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Monday, February 17, 2014

Remodeling? Need Paint to Dry? A Dehumidifier Can Really Help

If you’re remodeling, painting, patching walls, etc and it seems like it’s taking forever for paint, spackling, wood fillers to dry, it could be the humidity. And sometimes the additional humidity not only increases drying time, it can actually mess up the finish, causing ripples, bubbles, and other finish deformities—especially if there are oil-based finishes being applied. The last thing you want as a contractor is to deliver a substandard product to your customer. And no one wants to have to start over and refinish or repaint–again.
A smart appliance to have on hand for any remodeling or home improvement situations where paint or finishes are being applied, is a quality portable dehumidifier. Top rated dehumidifiers quickly remove moisture from any room in a home, allowing the moisture in finishes to naturally evaporate better and faster. Your best dehumidifiers also come with built in hygrometers or humidity meters to measure and keep the humidity exactly where you need it—even keep it a little lower to further shorten drying times. It’s also advisable to keep humidity under control, too, to prevent any mold from forming and ruining a finish, and becoming a health hazard. In general, keeping humidity at 35% or lower keeps mold (and bacteria) from having the moisture they need to grow. Keeping the humidity under control can also make a big difference for allergy and asthma sufferers, as well, especially if mold or bacteria have been aggravating their conditions.
It’s important to choose a top-rated room dehumidifier and not a cheap one, however. Cheap dehumidifiers usually don’t include a built in humidity meter, which makes it difficult to know how much to run the dehumidifier—like trying to properly cook a dish without a thermometer. Cheap or discount brands of dehumidifiers often don’t have a drain hose option either, which is important unless you enjoy emptying the collecting bucket every 2-3 hours.
One of the best portable dehumidifier brands is Stadler Form USA, with their amazing Albert dehumidifier. This unit has large room capacity, a built in hygrometer, a drain hose option, great looks, and many other great features—and it’s a perfect basement dehumidifier, bedroom, closet, and running continuously can remove moisture and control humidity in the whole house.   And since Albert is very well made with quality Swiss construction, you probably won’t need to buy another dehumidifier for many, many years. Danby is another great dehumidifier brand, with many of the same features and lower cost.
Air Purifiers and offers only the best top rated room dehumidifier brands such as Danby and Stadler Form USA that quietly removing excess moisture, prevent mold and bacteria growth, and can make a big difference in drying times for any remodeling or home improvement project where refinishing or repainting is involved. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, that means the cheapest discount prices possible, with free shipping for you–every day. If you have any questions, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, February 14, 2014

The Effects of Air Quality on Longevity, Aging, & Overall Health--And How You Can Beat The Odds

Air quality has long been linked to health, with better air quality generally meaning better health. It’s also been proven recently that poor air quality (especially poor indoor air quality) can cause various health issues, weakens our immune systems, and with enough exposure can shorten our lives.  The problem is that most of us are spending upwards of 90% or more of our time indoors every day, where pollutants build up, from pollutants inside the home and coming in from the outside through the A/C system.  

When we breathe this ‘toxic soup’ of dust, dust mites, fibers, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, chemicals from cleaning products & solvents,, etc., on a regular basis, this causes our immune systems to be on ‘high alert’ much of the time, resulting in various types of inflammation. This chronic inflammation eventually weakens the body and the immune system to the point where bacteria, viruses, and other germs can get a foothold, resulting in disease, system malfunctions, sensitivities like allergies and asthma, as well as premature or accelerated aging.  This is one reason why we often feel like we don’t have the energy that we used to. The toxins that build in our indoor air end up building up in the body and can and do interfere with the reactions that product ATP or our main energy molecule.  

The body’s repair mechanisms can be damaged, as well, by toxins found in indoor air—which directly affects the aging process.  Aflatoxins, a compound produced by mold, is especially toxic and one of the most carcinogenic substances known to man.  Aflatoxins damage nerve and other types of cells (especially liver cells), which leads to liver and nervous system malfunctions, ‘dirty blood’ loaded with toxins the liver can’t remove adequately, and sometimes cancerous growth. Even if you only have a little mold in your home, that little amount likely produces aflatoxins and once they build up in our bodies, they can cause increased or accelerated aging simply because our body’s repair and waste removal systems (i.e. liver) aren’t working properly.  Dirty blood = poor cell health & decreased ability to repair = aging.

The obvious solution to this problem is to protect yourself and your family by using quality indoor air purification systems—simply remove the pollutants from the air instead of breathing them. Your air conditioner filters aren’t much help, by the way, as they 1) can’t stop chemical or gas pollutants, 2) aren’t able to trap the sub-micron size particles because the pore size is too large, and 3) all the pollutants stuck to interior walls of the ducts after the A/C filter are free to blow out into your home or office.  This is why you have to use a secondary electronic HEPA air filtration system to get clean air. 

Now, whether you choose an electronic whole house air cleaner or portable air purifiers, you do want to make sure that the unit(s) has a true HEPA filter and lots of high quality carbon in the carbon filter. You need the true HEPA filter to remove those dangerous, tiny sub-micron particles like dust, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, etc.   High quality activated carbon filters are needed, as well, to remove any chemical residues that are in the air, especially the aflatoxins, which can exist in gas or vapor form. Without a few pounds of good carbon, you’ll be breathing all that stuff. With a good home air filtration systems, however, you’ll not only reduce or stop allergies & asthma, you’ll most likely live longer, age more slowly, and may avoid a lot of diseases entirely.

Air Purifiers and is your number one online store for the best deals on the very best air purifiers, filtration systems and HEPA air cleaners for home, office, and industrial use--all at cheap discount prices with free shipping, due to our low overhead.  Our air purification systems are all proven to provide the clean air you desire, with the best quality HEPA and carbon filters, high quality construction and great warranties. We also have a team of electronic air purification experts on hand to answer any questions you have regarding indoor air quality or air filtration systems--just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We're here for you!
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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Got Chronic Illness? Whole House UV Air Purification May Be a Big Help

So many people deal with various chronic illnesses and often don’t see any hope for improvement or being healthy and normal again. In most natural medicine circles, many chronic illnesses are attributed to internal pollution or a build-up of toxins and germs over time.
And while many of the toxins come from poor dietary and exercise habits, the environment or the air we take in is being looked at as one of the main causes of many bacterial or viral-related chronic illness—mainly because over 90% of house and office air has been shown in research to contain various amounts of bacteria, mold, viruses and other germs. That means whenever you’re indoors (which is almost all the time for someone that is bedridden or home bound because of illness), you’re constantly being re-infected with these germs, which could explain why the infection or illness is chronic or continuously happening. 
One solution that is showing results is the use of air conditioner duct-mounted whole house UV air purifier systems. Why? These air cleaners use ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria, mold, and viruses that float through the air in the duct, before they can get out into your house. And if you use one of the best rated UV systems, such as those from APC, you can get a continuous 95-99% kill, which gives you truly disinfected air for your whole house. These APC units and other top-rated UV air purifiers work so well mainly because the bulbs are true laboratory grade 36 watt strength, and they mostly use a 2 bulb system. One bulb at this wattage gives you 24k UV-C light units; two bulbs gives you 48k, which is enough to kill even the toughest germs as soon as they float by.
Are we saying that whole house UV light air cleaners can solve every illness? Certainly not. But since many chronic illnesses are bacteria and virus related, and reinfection from poor indoor air quality is a real thing, it makes sense to check out a UV air cleaner for the HVAC system. Even the best, top rated germicidal ultraviolet air purifier system, like APC are less than $500 for a laboratory strength 2 bulb unit and they install in about 15 minutes.
At very least, you’ll know that your symptoms are definitely not coming from new live bacteria, mold spores or other germs floating in the air in your house. And your body will have a chance to begin getting rid of the pollutants and other intruders instead of always fighting new ones coming in through the air. Just make sure that whatever ultraviolet light air purifier system you buy, it comes with true 36 watt bulbs and that they are placed at least 30 inches apart from each other in the output section of the air conditioner duct for best results.
Air Purifiers and is your best online source for top-rated uv air cleaner systems that mount directly in the air conditioner ducts of any house or office building. We currently offer the highly-rated APC brand of UV light air cleaners because of consistently great performance and value, with true laboratory grade 36 watt bulbs. And since we are an online store with low overhead, that means cheap discount prices with free shipping for you, everyday. We also have a team of UV light and indoor air quality experts on hand to answer any questions you may have, before and after the sale. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Extending The Life of HEPA & Carbon Filters—with Pre-Filters!

If you have a quality portable air cleaner with HEPA and carbon filters, you know it's a pain when it comes time to replace them--mainly because of the cost. And if you have a good air purifier but have to replace filters every 6 months, that’s no fun, for sure.  Well, we have some good news--there is a way to extend the life of those main filters--by properly using and replacing pre-filters.
Several good brands of air cleaners such as Aller Air and Austin Air come with pre-filters, and for good reason. HEPA and carbon pre-filters do one main, important thing—they stop larger particles so that these particles don’t’ prematurely clog the more expensive HEPA and carbon filters. They do wear out, however, and need to be replaced because the electrostatic charge is lost over time and they begin to allow those larger particles to get through and shorten the life of your main filters. AllerAir air purifier pre-filters are especially sensitive to vacuuming and you can only do it once or twice before they lose their charge.
Now, if your air cleaner doesn’t have a HEPA and carbon pre-filter, that could be a large part of the reason you have to replace your main filters every six months or so.  A quick, easy fix to this is to buy some quality cut-to-fit pre-filter material and cut a piece of it the same size as your first filter and place in front of it. Then, just vacuum it once or twice and replace as needed. You’ll likely notice that you get another 3-4 months or more out of your HEPA and carbon filters! In any case, pre-filters do need to be replaced so vacuum them once or twice but then replace as a rule of thumb. And always use the pre-filters made by the same manufacturer as your air cleaner; they fit better and they’re designed to work with that air purifier, perform better in that filtration system, etc.
Air Purifiers and offers the best replacement air cleaner prefilters made by top air purifier manufacturers such as Aller Air, Austin Air, Electrocorp, as well as quality cut to fit pre-filter material you can buy and install in your air purifier that doesn’t have a pre-filter. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, we offer all of our pre-filters and other products at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day.  If you have any questions about which pre-filter to buy, or anything else air quality related, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Got Sinus & Respiratory Irritation? Think Room Humidifiers for Relief

Dry air in homes routinely causes unnecessary sinus and respiratory irritation for many people. And often, we don’t realize that dry air is really the problem until we actually understand humidity and can measure it accurately. Dry indoor air also causes frequent nosebleeds, skin irritation, cracked furniture finishes, makes it tough on indoor plants, and lots of other problems. In fact, dry air can even make chronic dehydration worse (a condition that over 50% of the population unknowingly deals with), since most people don’t drink enough water and dry air simply causes the skin to release what precious water it has.
The good news is that room humidifiers are often a relatively cheap way to solve a whole list of problems caused by dry indoor air. Many top-rated electric humidifiers are even filterless, which means clean water and moisture with no filters to change. Modern humidifiers often come with built in hygrometers or humidity meters so you can quickly measure and set the humidity to the exact level that gives you relief. The humidifier will then maintain that level of humidity in the room, turning on and off as necessary.
If you want extra protection from any mold or bacteria, you might choose a steam humidifier that boils the water before releasing moisture, or an ultrasonic unit with silver ion technology, which also kills any mold or bacteria in the water beforehand. This is important for anyone that has chronic sinus or respiratory infections—the last thing you want is to be releasing more bacteria or mold into the air.
And unlike the humidifiers of the past, many of the newer top-rated humidifiers are rather quiet, as well as light, portable, and, well, a lot more attractive. Portable humidifier brands like Stadler Form USA and NewAir are among some of the best values for the money, with the most features and best looking, and there are a variety of sizes, from small personal humidifiers to large room units. In most cases, we do recommend that you buy a large room humidifier as opposed to a smaller unit mainly because you can get more humidification in larger spaces, with one unit instead of a several, and you can get a good output on a lower setting, which keeps the unit quieter.
 And unless it’s a steam humidifier, make sure the unit has a good silver ion cartridge (i.e. Stadler Form William-a very good electric humidifier) so that any bacteria or mold that always begin to grow in any standing water are killed before any moisture is released—again, very important for anyone with sinus or respiratory infections. Using a quiet electric humidifier can help you sleep, and even save you money on medications, and these savings can often pay for the humidifier in just a few months!
Air Purifiers and is your best online source for the best deals on top-rated home and office humidifiers at cheap discount prices, with free shipping every day. We specialize in offering the best quality filtered and filterless home humidifiers at the best prices, with a full range of sizes from small personal units to large room humidifiers. And we have a team of indoor air quality experts on hand to answer any questions you may have—just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Bulk Air Purifier Charcoal: Save BIG on Carbon Filters and Get Higher Performance?

It’s no secret that quality activated carbon filters can really clean up the air fast, removing harmful chemicals, odors, and more.  Many top-rated air purifier filters, however, aren’t cheap. And while it’s advisable most of the time to buy replacement carbon filters made by your air purifier’s manufacturer, don’t let the cost of the filters keep you from having clean air. There’s another option: bulk air purifier charcoal.

 If you’ve ever heard of a company called Aller Air, you probably know that their air cleaners are top-rated around the world for maximum chemical, odor, and particle removal. The ability to consistently remove such a high percentage (over 99%) of tough chemicals, odors, VOC’s, etc for a long time comes from two main things—the quality of the carbon and the amount of carbon in the filter.

Aller Air replacement bulk carbon is top quality and super effective because of a special activation process, using certain chemicals and other methods to cause the charcoal to become extra absorbent and attracted to harmful chemicals and odors, such as benzene, TCE, hydrogen sulfide and many others found in commercial and industrial settings. 
Having this super-strong bulk activated charcoal in the air purifier you have in your home or office provides you with unmatched protection from chemical airborne pollutants, often improving the air cleaning power of other air purifiers. Best of all, you can save 30-40% on the cost of replacement carbon filters by just replacing the carbon itself—that’s smart.

So if you need to save on carbon filters, or want to improve the performance of your air purifier’s carbon filter, consider replacing the carbon with Allerair bulk filter charcoal, ideally choosing their Vocarb industrial strength carbon for maximum air cleaning power. Don't forget--you can even upgrade your Aller Air Exec air purifier to a powerful Vocarb unit by just replacing the carbon with Vocarb carbon, which is usually much cheaper than buying a whole new Vocarb filter.

Air Purifiers and is your #1 online source for the best deals on top-quality bulk air purifier carbon for air filters,  top-rated air cleaners for home & industrial use, air test kits, and much more—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day due to our low overhead. If you have any questions about the bulk carbon or any other product we offer, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Worried About Air Pollution? Use Activated Carbon Air Filtration to Fight Back!

Air pollution is a big problem in many cities, and it doesn’t have to be a big city, either. Any city where there is any kind of industry, you can bet there are various chemicals and gases or smog being released into the air whether you can smell it or not. Smog also includes harmful ozone and chemicals from automobile exhaust, none of which are good to breathe.

The real problem is that this polluted air is constantly being sucked in through our air conditioning systems and comes right into our homes where we and our families can breathe it. Ouch. And to settle a myth that the air conditioner filters remove those pollutants—they don’t. Air conditioner filters, even if they have a little bit of carbon can’t remove these types and amounts of chemicals produced by industry.
The best way to stop these chemical intruders from wreaking havoc on your family’s health is to use a activated carbon filtration system, such as a whole house air purifier or a portable air cleaner with a substantial activated carbon filter. Air purifier brands like Aller Air, Austin Air, and Blueair all come with pounds of the best activated charcoal filters that are designed to remove many types of chemical, such as those that are produced as waste products from factories or 'smog'. Non only that, but a really good carbon filter can help a lot with odors, as well, since most odors are VOC-type, and Aller Air’s Vocarb carbon for example, is perfectly suited to remove these. And guess what? Strongly activated carbon, like the type in Aller Air air purifiers, does a good job of removing ozone from your indoor air, too!
You definitely don’t want to skimp on your air purifiers and buy a cheap unit with cheap filters, especially if you live within 10 miles of a city. Frankly, if the air cleaner does not have a really good, top rated activated charcoal filter with at least a few pounds of carbon, we recommend looking at another unit. We do know, however, that if you stay with Aller Air, Austin Air, or Blueair, you’ll get an air purifier with a quality carbon filter that keeps those airborne chemicals out of the air in your home.

Air Purifiers and is your #1 online source for top quality activated carbon air purifiers from Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Electrocorp, and others that are super effective for removing city smog and other chemical air pollutants from your home or business—all at cheap discount prices, with free shipping, every day, due to our low overhead and great relationships with suppliers. 

If you have any questions, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, February 7, 2014

Replacement HEPA Filters: Essential for Consistent Allergy Reduction & Noise Control

Most sinus or respiratory related allergies are the result of airborne dust, mold spores, pollen, hair and other pollutants commonly inhaled in homes and offices. And many allergy sufferers do buy an air purifier at some point and do get relief since some or most of the pollutants are being removed and they’re not breathing them as much. Some people, however, find that their allergies come back to a degree in a few months and they’re not sure why.
There are usually two causes of ‘returning allergies’ when you’re using an air purifier. First, obviously or not, if the filter is full, the airflow is restricted some and on the same fan settings, the unit cannot cycle the same amount of air as before—which means the clean air delivery rate has decreased and the unit is not cleaning the air as fast as it was when the HEPA filter was newer. This leaves more pollutants in the air for a longer length of time—which gives you time to breathe them before the air cleaner can get to them.
This is one of the main reasons it’s very important to replace your HEPA filters on time or before, especially if you have pets in your room frequently, or if you have recurring allergies. A clean HEPA filter will not only allow the unit to clean the air quickly, but it will also keep the noise down because a clogged HEPA filter usually increases the noise of the air purifier from that restricted air flow we mentioned. So if you’re air purifier isn’t as quiet as it used to be, you’ve probably got a clogged HEPA filter.
The other main reason that air cleaner-using allergy sufferers sometimes get a rebound of allergy attacks is that the normal level of pollutants has changed, from more dust or other pollutant regularly being added by foot traffic, something coming in through the A/C system from outside (pollen?), less vacuuming and mopping is happening, or new pets have been added—all of which can overload what the air purifier can remove in a given amount of time. If you have more pollutants, you may need more than one room air cleaner with a HEPA filter to keep the air being cleaned quickly enough so you don’t breathe the pollutants or allergens first.
Be sure your air purifier has a true, certified HEPA filter, too—HEPA-style isn’t’ the same and doesn’t remove as many particles. HEPA style air filters are often found on cheaper air purifiers and that may be an issue as well. Also check the output of your air purifier—if it’s less than about 150 CFM on he speed you like to run it on, you may need to increase the fan speed or get a HEPA air cleaner with a higher output. Your HEPA air cleaner filters are great for removing dust, mold, pet dander, etc., and keeping your allergies under control—but only if you replace them regularly and don’t overload them beyond the air cleaner’s capacity.
At Air Purifiers and, we offer only the best manufacturer-made replacement HEPA air filters for Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Winix, Tiger, Vapor Eze, Stadler Form room units, as well as Electrocorp industrial air cleaners. And since we’re an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores—and that means cheap discount prices for you, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about HEPA air filtration or don’t see the filter you need, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We're here to help!
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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Portable Air Filtration: Why an Air Cleaner is Important When You Travel

Most of our time is spent at home or the office, over 90% in fact. But for those times when we travel to other areas, stay in hotels, or go to different countries, we’re exposed to air that we don’t know anything about really. It’s no secret that a large number of hotels (in the U.S. and especially in other countries) have low to poor indoor air quality—and by low or poor we mean that air has been found in research to be highly polluted with significant amounts of mold spores, dust, bacteria, pollen, even viruses. 
The study included bed & breakfast homes, so we’re not really safe there either, unless of course, they have an air filtration system in place. The real problem with breathing poor air quality in a hotel or another country is that you can easily become infected or bring back some bacteria, virus or other germ that could compromise not only your health, but the health of your family or co-workers, as well. And what if you’re taking your baby with you and exposing them to these air pollutants? That could wreak havoc on their undeveloped immune systems. So, the obvious solution is to choose a portable air scrubber system that is powerful enough to keep the air clean, and compact enough to travel with.
And contrary to popular belief, there are several high quality, top-rated inexpensive air purifiers, such as the Austin Junior series, that are compact, very powerful, low cost, and easily portable. Another great portable air purifier suitable for travel is Stadler Form Viktor, which gives very close to HEPA performance (99.4% particle removal vs 99.97% for HEPA) and has a carbon filter for chemicals and odors, all in a compact package. One more small personal air purifier that’s extremely compact yet effective is the Vapor Eze Clean Air 5100—it’s only 6×9x2” and can work in your car or in a room! Other great small portable air cleaners are the Winix 9300 or Tiger Ozone Free Air Purifier.
With any of these air cleaners, if you’re traveling outside the country, just make sure you buy a power adapter or converter that will work in the country you're going to, and make sure the air purifier gets the proper voltage. Other than that, using a portable air purifier will go a long way toward making sure you and your family or co-workers aren’t breathing strange pollutants and germs, and help keep you from bringing those germs back to your home.
Air Purifiers and offers the best online selection of top-rated discount home air purifiers with quality HEPA and carbon filters to help ensure that you’re always breathing clean, germ free air, wherever you go.  And since we are an online store with low overhead, that allows us to offer these quality air filtration units at cheap discount prices, with free shipping, every day—in fact, we will MEET or BEAT any advertised price AND give you free shipping PLUS discounts on future purchases—that’s a deal. If you have any questions, just give our portable air filtration experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Dust Collectors for Renovation & Remodeling Projects: Two Great Affordable, Portable Units

If you doing any kind of renovation in a home, workshop, commercial building or anywhere, you’re bound to have a lot of particles, dust, and fibers floating around that aren’t good to breathe. And true, respirators and masks do help some, but they aren’t able to trap everything and anytime someone takes it off, they get a dose of what’s in the air. And if you’re a contractor or business owner, this could open you up to healthcare expenses, even employee lawsuits if the particles are particularly hazardous. As a contractor, the last thing you need is more liability.
A smart way to prevent these problems is to simply buy one or more portable dust collectors and have them running while your employees are working. Most quality portable dust filtration systems now come standard with a combination of dust pre-filters and HEPA filters and strong outputs up to 1000 CFM, which is enough to keep the air clean, as long as there are enough units for the amount of air you need to clean (i.e. a minimum of 2-3 complete air changes per hour). Now the question is: which portable dust removal system is the best one to buy?
Two very good units for renovation and remodeling projects are the Electrocorp 9975 and Air Rhino VS 2000 units. The 9975 is compact, comes with a medical grade HEPA filter for over 99% removal of toxic fine dust, insulation fibers, and other particles, and includes a 30 pound industrial strength carbon filter, capable of removing almost any fume or odor, such as those produced by paints, sealants, solvents, glues, strippers, etc. This unit has an output of over 750 CFM, which is enough to clear out a room quickly.
The Air Rhino 2000 VS HEPA is a larger, similar type dust collector with a large HEPA filter that lasts longer, and this unit has an output of 1000 CFM, which is better for larger spaces (can adequately clean the air with fewer units, etc). Both of these dust extractors come with wheels for easy portability from room to room or job site to job site, and both can be hung from the ceiling to save space if needed. Both Electrocorp 9975 and the Air Rhino even have positive and negative air capability. That’s a lot of air cleaning power and options, all in a sturdy, commercial grade steel chassis.
These powerful shop dust collectors  also come with a 10 year warranty, which is even better. The Air Rhino has an option to convert it to a powerful fume extractor as well, should you have more fume to remove, just by changing the HEPA filter to a 100 lb carbon filter. We recommend these Electrocorp dust filtration systems for workshop, renovation and remodeling projects in almost every case because of the superior air cleaning power and value, as well as a great warranty. Our advice is to stick with top rated Electrocorp dust collectors if you’re a contractor or just doing some home improvement—unlike other cheaper dust collectors, these units will perform the first time and protect your health, your employees, and your business, without breaking down or causing issues—so you can get the job done and move on to your next job, safely.
Air Purifiers and sells the very best portable industrial dust removal units, HVAC based dust collection units, cyclone dust collectors, replacement dust filters, and much more. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, this allows us to offer these dust removal systems at cheap discount prices with free shipping, every day. If you have any questions, just give our experts a call toll free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Industrial Air Cleaners: The Quality of the Carbon Can Make or Break Your Business.

Most industrial or commercial businesses that regularly have fume or gas type pollutants floating around usually have air cleaners in place that remove these pollutants to prevent health hazards. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners either aren’t aware that their filtration systems aren’t up to par, or just deal with the extra expense of buying more units or replacing filters too often, or just not getting the best air purification for their money. The problem with those situations is that your business, your employees and your bottom line are probably all suffering unnecessarily because of one decision that could have been better.
The decision we’re referring to is the quality of the air cleaner system you purchased, and specifically the quality and amount of carbon in the unit. Now, to be fair, if you don’t have enough units or enough total output for the cubic feet in the area to get at least 3 complete air changes per hour, you’re going to have sub-standard air filtration, employee complaints, health issues, regardless of how good the carbon is. But when you compare the same number of units of lesser quality to those of higher quality, with better carbon, the difference in air quality, hazards, and costs become very clear.
Many industrial units on the market today do not have the best carbon with the strongest activation or the best granule size with high surface area. A lot of lower quality commercial units will have filters with crushed carbon or zeolite, which doesn’t give you as much surface area as granular carbon. Lower strength activation and less surface area means it will take more of that carbon to remove pollutants, more money spent on more units, and more expensive filter replacements because the carbon doesn’t absorb as much as it should. Gee, thanks!
Buying a commercial air scrubber (portable units or a system) with the very best carbon and a strong output is essential to proper air cleaning in commercial or hazardous industrial situations. A better unit with better carbon means that unit will clean the air better and faster, plain and simple. And when it comes to removing fumes, odors, or chemical gases, the more carbon you have in the filter(s), the better. This is mainly because there’s more carbon to become saturated or used up, which means your filters will last longer and you’ll get cleaner air, longer in your commercial or industrial workshop, job site, or warehouse.
So instead of spending what seems to be less money on a cheaper air filtration unit or system and getting ripped off by inferior performance and higher costs in the long run, it makes a lot more sense to buy a better industrial air cleaner with the best carbon and lots of it. You’ll have better air quality, less maintenance, and fewer complaints or health issues because the air is consistently cleaner.
Where are the best commercial air cleaners with the best carbon? The best brand we have found, with the best quality carbon is Electrocorp. Their portable commercial air scrubbers and HVAC based air scrubber systems are preferred around the world for rooms, workshops, construction sites, and much more, for two main reasons—they’re more effective, and they are a great value.
If you have hazardous chemicals, fumes or dust floating around, you can’t afford to leave that stuff in the air, as one OSHA complaint can turn into thousands of dollars in fines, a lawsuit, or the destruction of your business. To prevent this and get the best air filtration possible for your business, our best recommendation is to stick with Electrocorp industrial air cleaners. That way you can rest assured that you’re getting the best industrial strength air purification and protection, at the best prices, with fewer filter changes, and less headaches—that’s real value.
Air Purifiers and is your best online source for top-rated portable industrial air cleaner systems with the strongest fume & odor removing carbon, as well as medical grade HEPA filters for maximum protection you’re your employees and your business. And since we are an online store with low overhead, we gladly pass on these savings to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping, every day. If you have any questions, just give one of our industrial air filtration experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, February 3, 2014

Portable Aromatherapy Oil Diffusers: All The Benefits of Aromatherapy at Home, or Anywhere-For Less!

More and more people are dealing with chronic stress, pain and other discomforts. And instead of going to the doctor, many are choosing more natural or holistic healing methods such as aromatherapy, natural essential oils, etc. And that’s because it’s working. Still, going to an aromatherapist or other alternative health practitioner does cost money. As a result, many are choosing to educate themselves with the vast amount of information available online and continue their treatments at home, the office and when they travel.
This is largely made possible by portable aromatherapy oil diffusers, which have become much cheaper lately, which allows you to have an electric diffuser in different locations like the office, home, or other areas you visit frequently. And though these advanced vaporizers are small and easily portable, having one in these other locations makes continuing your own stress and anxiety relieving aromatherapy treatments super easy, with less to keep up with. Warm vaporized essential oils are not only good for reducing stress and improving health in general, they also kill odors and disinfect the air naturally. Pure essential oils, especially organic oils, are known to be highly antibacterial and antiviral, so having these pleasing aromas in the air at home and office also gives you added protection against colds, flu, viruses, etc from other people. Yep. Pretty smart.
You do however want to choose a good portable electric aromatherapy vaporizer brand and make sure to educate yourself on the proper use of oils. Three of the best aromatherapy oil diffuser brands that consistently get top ratings are Stadler Form, Aura Cacia, and Vapor Eze. All three of these brands offer portable electric oil diffusers that are effective, relatively cheap, and easy to move around and take with you, including car diffusers, plug in wall-type diffusers, and some that are decorative unit designed to sit on a shelf or desk.
Regarding aromatherapy or essential oil education, all you have to do is search online for the type of symptoms you’re having and the words ‘essential oil’ or ‘aromatherapy’, like ‘sinus congestion essential oil’ and you should come with several things to read. Usually, once you see the same recommendation from several credible sources, such as aromatherapy practitioner articles or other known expert sources, you should be able to decide which oil or treatment you’d like to try. You very well may find that you’re getting relief with your diffuser and the right oils, with a lot less trouble and expense than trying to solve the problem with the usual drugstore remedies. At the same time, keep in mind that aromatherapy isn’t a substitute for medical treatment, so if you’re having any serious symptoms or have a health condition, do check with your doctor first.
Air Purifiers and offers only the best portable warm essential oil vaporizers and top-quality organic essential oils that are advanced therapeutic grade and guaranteed for purity, so that you can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy treatments at home or wherever you are, without worry. Since we’re an online store with low overhead, this allows us to sell all of our aromatherapy products at cheap discount prices every day, with free shipping. If you have any questions, just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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