Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Replacement Pre-Filters: How to Extend the Life of HEPA & Carbon Filters

Many of the best air purifiers and filtration systems have quality HEPA and carbon filters that are sometimes a little costly to replace. And some of these air purifiers also have a pre-filter system that goes before the HEPA and carbon filters, some don’t. It’s been shown in recent studies that those with pre-filters tend to have longer HEPA and carbon filter life. And this just makes sense, really–if you use a pre-filter that removes the larger particles and doesn’t allow the HEPA and carbon filters to become prematurely clogged, you would get longer life from the main filters.
It’s important, however, to replace those pre-filters regularly, which are usually much cheaper to replace anyway. Pre-filters do fill up and if left in the air purifier, tend to restrict airflow and sometimes begin allowing the larger particles to get through, which defeats the purpose of the pre-filter. Reduced airflow prevents the air purifier from cleaning the air properly and makes the air cleaner work harder, increasing wear and tear on the unit. So, to really get the maximum life from your HEPA and carbon filters, be sure to replace those pre-filters on schedule (usually every 2-3 months) or sooner.
And if your air purifier did not come with a proper HEPA pre-filter system, you can buy some cut-to-fit pre-filter material and place this in front of the other filters so that the air goes through the pre-filter first. This will help you get at least another 15-20% longer life from those filters, which can really save you some money in the coming year. We’re not exactly sure why some quality air purifier brands don’t include pre-filters, but we do know that you can increase HEPA and carbon filter life by using one. At the same time, if your air purifier does come with pre-filters, make sure you replace them with those from the same manufacturer as many of them are specially designed and perform as a system in your air purifier ; using aftermarket cut to fit pre-filter material may not work as well.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com offers quality carbon and HEPA air cleaner prefilters for several great air purifier brands such as Aller Air, Austin Air, and Electrocorp, as well as cut-to-fit pre-filter material you can use to create a pre-filter if your air cleaner doesn’t come with one. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, that enables us to offer all of our quality products at the cheapest discount prices possible with free shipping every day. If you have any questions, call our Expert Advice Hotline at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, December 30, 2013

Carbon Air Filters: How Even the Best Air Purifiers Can Become Your Enemy…

There seems to be some confusion as to the importance of replacing carbon air purifier filters regularly, even more important than replacing HEPA filters in some situations. Many individuals and business owners may not realize it, however, but if you have allergies, asthma, severe sensitivities like MCS, or tough industrial chemicals in your air, a saturated carbon air filter can actually become your enemy and make matters worse--a lot worse.
Why? An activated carbon filter, even the best, premium grade charcoal, removes chemical, gas and odor pollutants because the surface of each tiny carbon granule has chemical bonds that ’stick’ like a magnet to the chemical structure of airborne chemicals, gases, vapors, VOC’s, and similar compounds.
When all of the surface area of each of those carbon granules has attached to a chemical pollutant, the carbon filter is said to be ’saturated’, and no more chemical compounds can stick to those carbon granules. And that means that the air will pass through the filter now, but will not have the chemical and vapor pollutants removed–which means that chemical and gas polluted air is now being blown out into the air in your home, room, or workplace. Because of this saturation effect, a saturated carbon air filter can actually increase symptoms by circulating polluted air.
In the home, having more chemical pollutants floating around might be aggravating to your allergies, asthma, and other sensitivities, but in an industrial workshop, chemically polluted air blowing around can mean severe health hazards, some even deadly–not to mention the chances for lawsuits, OSHA fines, employee down time and more. If you’re not sure exactly when to replace your carbon air filters, it’s best to set your own time slightly before the air purifier manufacturer’s recommended time, or when you start noticing odors coming out of the air cleaner again, whichever comes first.
Another good rule is that more quality activated charcoal in the filter, the better as there’s more carbon to absorb pollutants and it will last longer–which means fewer filter replacements. And it’s the same for any military grade carbon filters–they all become saturated at some point so you have to really monitor them carefully to keep allergies, asthma, MCS or harmful workplace pollution under control.
If you have an Aller Air or Electrocorp air cleaner, you can even replace the carbon in the canister for a lot less money than a whole new filter by purchasing bulk carbon. And if your air cleaner came with Exec or standard carbon, you can replace the carbon with the stronger Vocarb carbon for even better removal of chemicals and odors.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is your best online source for replacement charcoal air purifier filters for many brands of portable home industrial air filtration systems including Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Electrocorp and others.
We consistently offer the best prices and our charcoal filters and other products are always on sale, with FREE SHIPPING, so you don’t have to wait for a sale. This way you can keep you air super -clean and enjoy savings any time you want. We also have a team of air filtration experts on standby so if you have any questions, just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Portable Dust Collectors: Removing Toxic Dust, Protecting Your Health, and More.

Dust of just about any kind isn’t good to breathe. And when that dust is composed of toxic fine particles from ceramics, wood, plastics, metals or other inorganic materials, it can cause a lot more than just a little coughing or sneezing. Harmful dust in a workshop, whether at home or in an industrial setting, can permanently damage the lungs, bronchial tubes, sinuses, cause skin conditions and much more.
And if you have employees, and don’t have some kind of dust filtration system in place, you can easily be sued for any health conditions under negligence and other areas. Not to mention, if a complaint is made to OSHA, you could be fined and be stuck ‘on their radar’ for years, with periodic visits from OSHA representatives to check your air quality. So, aside from the health hazards, customer complaints and lost business, dust in the workplace that isn’t being properly collected and removed can literally cost you your business and create bills that last for years after your business closes. No one wants that.
All of those hazards and unpleasant outcomes are easily avoidable, however, by simply purchasing the right dust collection system. Often, just one or two portable workshop particle filtration units can remove the dust and other particles & fibers, and do so a lot more affordably than having to pay lawyers, increased healthcare costs, and OSHA fines. One great company that makes super-powerful HEPA dust collection systems for both home workshops and industrial work areas is Electrocorp. They have a full range of HVAC mounted units to ceiling mount dust collectors to highly mobile portable dust collectors with medical-grade HEPA filters that will easily remove over 99% of particles, fibers and dust as small as 0.1 micron, smaller than most HEPA filters that stop at 0.3 microns.
And, these dust collectors include a great pre-filter system, which is very important for removing larger particles before they reach the HEPA filter and clog it up prematurely–which saves you money on filter replacements. Add a strong output of 1000 CFM or more, a 10 year warranty, and a powerful reputation across multiple industries and you’ve got a winning dust collection system you can trust to protect your business, your health, and not kill you with filter replacement costs.
Don’t be fooled. Indoor air quality is serious business, even though you may not think there’s ‘enough to worry about’, or haven’t heard from OSHA yet. Operating your business without air quality protection is a lot like running it without insurance. All it takes is one problem and it can cost you thousands. All dust removal systems aren’t the same, however. We recommend Electrocorp most often because their portable and HVAC mounted dust collectors consistently perform and last for years without issues.
There are other dust collectors on the market that are higher cost, don’t perform as well, and cost you a fortune in replacement filters because they don’t have a good pre-filter system. If you purchase an Electrocorp dust collector system, you can’t go wrong and you’ll immediately remove the hazards to your health and your business in one easy step. Do it today.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com sells only the best top-rated industrial air purifiers, portable dust collectors, replacement filters, air test kits and much more. And because we are an online store with low overhead, that allows us to sell these dust collectors and other products at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping, every day, to help you protect yourself and your business without breaking the bank. If you have any questions, call our experts toll-free for a free consultation at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help.
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Friday, December 27, 2013

Hygrometers & Thermometers: Great Tools for Better Health, Healthier Plants and More

Indoor humidity and temperature affects so many things. If the air is too dry, we have irritated sinuses, more allergy & asthma symptoms, cracked furniture finishes, etc. If the air has too much moisture, bacteria and mold can multiply, leaving us with sinus infections, mold growing on clothing and damage to other household items.
And, of course, the indoor temperature can affect humidity levels, indoor plant health, cooking, and many other things. To accurately monitor and gauge the indoor humidity and temperature, you need an electronic room hygrometer, an indoor temperature guage or, even better, a wireless digital meter that includes both a thermometer and hygrometer.
And the good news is that now, instead of being something large, bulky and kind of clumsy looking, many humidity meters and thermometers are now small, attractive wireless electronic units that look good on a shelf, have large digital readouts you can see from across the room, and do a great job of quietly keeping you aware of exactly what the humidity and temperature are in a room, at any moment. This can help you make changes to achieve the proper humidity and temperature levels in your home or room for success with indoor gardening, cooking, wine storage, cigar maintenance, and health areas.
And, using a hygro thermometer to gauge and monitor indoor humidity and temperature can really help you determine whether you need a humidifier or dehumidifier to adjust and maintain that proper humidity. Without one of these wireless thermo-hygrometers, you may have problems in different areas of your home and with your health, and simply not know why. In fact, if you are trying to solve a problem and you think the air is too dry or too humid, it makes a lot more sense to spend $30-$100 or so and know for sure before you spend money on a humidifier, dehumidifier, or take other actions that cost a lot more. Having a quality wireless meter to accurately gauge and monitor humidity and temperature can really help preserve your furniture, clothing and other belongings, as well, especially those hard to replace items that you can’t allow to become damaged.
The best thermo-hygrometers are wireless and digital, which allows them to run on batteries and eliminates unsightly wires hanging around. Most quality units have a large digital display that is much easier to read than a dial, especially from across the room. So far, the best brands of hygro thermometers that consistently receive top-ratings are Stadler Form (Selina), Oregon Scientific, and La Crosse Technology, and all have many great features, as well as affordable pricing.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com offers the best hygrometers, digital temperature monitors and combination wireless hygrometer thermometers, with lots of great features, all at cheap discount prices with free shipping, every day. Our low overhead and relationships with suppliers helps us keep our prices among the lowest on the internet, and we support you with expert advice before and after the sale.
If you have any questions about humidity, thermometers, hygrometers, or anything else indoor air related, just give us a call toll-free 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Green Phlegm: Whether It's a Sinus Infection or Just Mucus, UV Lights Can Help

Green or greenish-yellow phlegm is thick, mucus discharge from the throat and nose and it's one of the main symptoms of a sinus infection. And though it may look pretty bad, that phlegm being there is actually a good thing and tells you that your body's immune system is fighting that sinus infection. At the same time, just because you have green phlegm doesn't mean you automatically have an infection.
Your body can produce green or yellow phlegm or mucus as a response to various pollutants, viruses, and bacteria that it detects and deems appropriate to release while blood cells to deal with. In fact, the yellow or green color, however, isn't caused by bacteria at all. The color comes from white blood cells called neutrophils, which release a bacteria fighting enzyme that is greenish or yellowish in color. And the more of these neutrophils that are present, the more green or yellow the mucus can appear.

Most of us have noticed a greenish phlegm when we've blown our noses or cleared our throats, and really didn't feel bad or sick. That's probably because those neutrophils and other white blood cells have kept the bacteria under control so that an infection didn't occur. In some cases, however, the bacteria gain the advantage and multiply faster in our sinus cavities than the white blood cells can kill them, and then we have a sinus infection. And of course, that sinus infection comes with lots of green or yellow phlegm, and many of the other unpleasant symptoms.
How Do You Get Rid of a Sinus Infection?
Getting rid of a sinus infection may be as simple as rinsing your sinuses with a saline solution and a neti pot for a few days, or may require antibiotics. In early stages, a sinus infection can often be controlled or eliminated by using a neti pot or similar nasal-rinsing tool, and some people alternate between that and breathing essential oil vapors from aromatherapy diffusers or straight from the bottle. Most essential oils are highly antibacterial and antiviral so they can be quite effective at getting rid of a sinus infection.
To reduce the stuffy head or sinus congestion symptoms, you can use an over the counter decongestant or antihistamine (ask your pharmacist), but those do tend to dry you out so be sure to drink plenty of water, which helps thin out the mucus or phlegm as well. And to increase the thinning of that thick green phlegm, you might try Mucinex, which has a more concentrated does of guaifenesin and tends to work better for a lot of people than say, the traditional Robitussin.
If you've tried to handle your symptoms using the techniques above or feel like you have a fever, feel bad, etc, along with the green phlegm and other sinus infection symptoms, it may be best to see a doctor. They can easily run tests to see exactly what is going on and help you get the right treatments to get well quickly.
Preventing A Sinus Infection
Preventing a sinus infection isn't always possible, but there are things you can do to sharply reduce your chances of getting one:
1) Blow your nose when you leave an area where the air quality is questionable, there are odors, or a lot of people. The mucus in your nose traps a lot of would-be invaders and blowing your nose can get those bacteria and viruses out before they have a chance to become a problem.
2) Consider using an air purifier in your home or office. There are a lot of studies proving that most indoor air has significant amounts of bacteria, mold spores and viruses floating around. A quality portable air cleaner can remove over 99% of those airborne germs before you have a chance to breathe them. You might also consider a germicidal UV light system for your air conditioner, as these kill germs in the air conditioner ducts before they get out into the air in your home or office.
3) Keep your immune system strong: eat healthy and make sure you get enough vitamin C, Zinc, and Vitamin D3--all three of these play a large role in the strength of your immune system and you can often take care of this with the right multivitamin (but read the label and make sure you're getting enough of each nutrient)
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us below. We're here to help!
To Your Health!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Fume Extractors: Removing Harmful Chemical Vapors, Not Just Odors.

Many times when we think of the word ‘fume’, we’re thinking of something that has a distinctly unpleasant odor. And when it comes to businesses that use or produce chemical fumes, like most other odors, these fumes are airborne chemicals that are usually quite dangerous to breathe.
Another danger that many of use don’t think about is all the gases that either have low or no odor to let you know they’re in the air–such as carbon monoxide, certain VOC’s, and others. That’s where a quality fume extractor with industrial strength super-absorbent carbon can make all the difference, removing both those odors, fumes, gases, and vapors that you can smell, and those you might not be able to smell.
And removing harmful fumes and gases is more than a luxury or a just a good idea. Quality air in the workplace falls under Federal OSHA laws that dictate how much of a given pollutant is allowed to be in the air and still be at relatively safe levels. And you may not have had to deal with OSHA yet, but not complying with their regulations can cost you a lot more than their hefty fines–poor air quality in your business can cost you your business, by way of lawsuits, fines, bad word of mouth from customers, increased healthcare costs from workers, and even loss of your own health as well, if you also spend time in that polluted environment. And don't forget about the office--fumes can build up there and make for a hazardous office environment, too.
These dangers and losses are not necessary, however. All you have to do is seek out a commercial grade fume or gas collection system, make sure it can remove the chemicals, VOC’s, smoke or other pollutants present in your work areas, purchase, install and keep it running 24/7, and you’re good. One great company that is favored by a large percentage of business owners across various industries for effective, reliable, and affordable fume extraction is Electrocorp. They began with the toughest, strongest air purification systems with the best, most absorbent carbon on the planet, and have remained the top choice for companies that depend on removing those fumes and vapors for a clean work environment.
Many of Electrocorp's commercial and industrial fume extractors are both portable and include medical grade HEPA filters, as well, which further protects you and your employees from harmful submicron size particles and fibers, easily rolling around to wherever it’s needed. On top of solid steel and other heavy duty components, you also get a 10 year warranty, which means the company has confidence in the durability of the product. Electrocorp’s LD 450 and MD 750 are very popular source-capture models and can handle just about any fume or gas pollutant situation you may have. If you need a unit that removes fumes or smoke from a larger general area, such as warehouses, workshops, body shops, etc, Electrocorp’s RSU series is usually your best choice.
There are other fume extraction systems out there, but nothing we’ve seen even comes close to the performance and durability of Electrocorp fume extraction systems. Other fume collector manufacturers’ carbon simply isn’t as good at removing the chemicals, and their output rates are often not high enough, which means you have to buy more units to get the OSHA required number of clean air changes per hour. Electrocorp fume extractors have outputs ranging from 350 CFM to 1500 CFM or more, which helps you buy fewer units, which saves you money on the units and by having fewer sets of filters to replace. We recommend Electrocorp the most because of their reputation for performance, durability and relatively low cost.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is your number one best online source for quality fume extractors,  commercial VOC capture units,  dust collection systems, replacement filters, testing supplies, air monitors, and more, all at the cheapest discount prices possible due to our low overhead and great relationships with our suppliers. And we’re always here to support you before and after the sale, with expert advice whenever you need it. So, instead of wondering, worrying, and putting yourself, your employees and your entire business at risk every day, call our industrial air filtration experts toll free at 1-800-701-2513 and they will give you a free recommendation as to which units and how many would be necessary for proper air cleaning in your work areas. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

EPA Cites Poor Indoor Air Quality in Top 5 Major Health Threats–Protect Your Family in One Easy Step

In 2009, the EPA released a statement citing poor indoor air quality in homes and offices as one of the top 5 major health threats, right up there with heart disease and cancer. Later researchers confirmed that over 90% of homes and offices have significant amounts of allergy and disease-causing air pollutants floating around, including bacteria, mold spores, viruses and more, even with the best electrostatic air conditioner filters installed.
Researchers discovered that two problems were the main causes of this deadly indoor air pollution–live germs frequently growing on and being released from the constantly wet coil area, chemical and gas residues being circulated in the home, and the inability of even the best air conditioner filters to trap the dangerous sub-micron size particles that cause most of the allergy and health problems. To stop these tiny particles requires a HEPA filter, but these cannot simply be installed in an air conditioner because the tiny pore size causes air flow restriction that can damage the system. And even air conditioner filters with carbon were not enough to significantly reduce the amount of chemical vapors in the air, either.
After thorough investigation and testing, one solution was found that significantly reduced both the dangerous sub-micron size particles and chemical pollutants without harming the HVAC system–a central HEPA air cleaner with a true HEPA filter, quality carbon filter, and a motor to help push the air through the filtration system, mounted to the output side of the air conditioner, not the input side.
Attaching an electronic whole house air cleaner with a HEPA filter to the output side of the air conditioner (after the coil) easily captures those allergy, asthma, and disease-causing bacteria, mold spores, viruses, dust mites, dander, etc. And choosing a full home air purifier with a good activated carbon filter (with at least 10-15 pounds of carbon in it) has been found very effective for removing those chemical vapors, gases, even odors that slow release from paints, cleaning supplies, wood preservatives used in the construction of the home, off-gassing from various foam materials, even gas type air pollution drawn in from the outdoor air.
In fact, with a really good whole house air purifier system, you can remove over 99% of both dust and chemical type pollutants and pretty much eliminate the hazard of poor indoor air quality entirely. This is one easy, affordable, but very important step you can take that will prevent you and you family being exposed to these deadly pollutants on a daily basis. If you live in a city with significant amounts of air pollution, it’s even more important to have on of these whole house systems in place because, again, air conditioner filters cannot stop the gas type pollutants from being drawn in with the air your HVAC system is bringing in every day.
Whole house air purifiers are often a better choice for those that either cannot afford a quality portable air cleaner for every room in the house, or simply want one unit that covers the whole home and one set of filters to change, not several sets of filters to buy every year or two, which can get expensive. If you buy an electronic whole house unit from a top-rated brand like Aller Air, you can be assured that your home’s air will be very clean because these units come standard with medical-grade HEPA filters (same type as those used in hospitals) and heavy carbon filters that are known around the world for providing very clean indoor air, even in the dirtiest, smog-covered cities. These whole home air purifiers were designed for this purpose and there is simply nothing else on the market that even matches their air cleaning power.
For this reason, anyone that has severe allergies, MCS, asthma, or wants to truly protect themselves and their families from disease-causing poor indoor air quality, we recommend Aller Air’s 6000 AH series whole house air purifier systems, preferably the Vocarb models, because they contain industrial strength activated carbon. These air cleaners also have a heavy duty motor and a 10 year warranty, which tells you that the company has confidence in their product. So if you want the best air cleaning you can get for your home or office, with one unit, and only one set of filters to change every couple of years, go with a whole home air cleaner from Aller Air and you’ll feel the difference in as little as 24-48 hours.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is you best online source for top-quality full home air purifier systems with medical-grade HEPA and super-absorbent carbon filters proven to remove over 99% of the dust, mold spores, bacteria, chemicals and odors from your home or office. And since we’re an online store with very low overhead, we gladly pass those savings on to you with the best discount prices possible, and free shipping, every day of the week.
We also have a team of indoor air quality experts standing by 7 days week to answer any questions you may have, before or after the sale. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-701-2513 and let’s find the right whole house air cleaner for your situation–you’ll be glad you did.
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Does Your Indoor Pet Have Allergies? You May Be Able to Stop It With An Air Purifier.

If your pet has allergies, especially those of the sinus or respiratory type, your indoor air may be the culprit. Dogs, cats, birds and other animals have allergies and sensitivities to various airborne agents, dust, dust mites, chemicals, mold spores, and other pollutants, just like humans do. Most indoor pets are constantly picking up dust and dander on their feet and spreading it around, scratching their eyes and everywhere else, which easily causes skin and eye irritation.
And since our indoor pets are often breathing the same air that we are, they’re inhaling a dose of that dust and other pollutant-loaded air on a daily basis, too. Believe it or not, our human dander (skin flakes, hair fragments, etc) is often an irritant for animals. Keep in mind, too, that our pets can sometimes be even more sensitive to pollutants than we are, so just because we aren’t experiencing allergies at the moment doesn’t mean there’s not something in the air affecting them.
The best way to make an quick improvement for any indoor pet that has allergies is to clean up the air. By using a top-rated electronic HEPA air purifier, you can easily remove over 99% of any airborne dust, dander, hair, or other particles that might be in the air, without even having to spend money testing the air. And if you buy an air purifier with a good amount of top-quality activated carbon, that will really help remove any odors or chemicals in the home that might be bothering your pet, too. By continuously removing the pollutants from the air, there will be a lot less dust to settle on furniture and floors, which is less for them to spread around with their feet, and thereby, less for them to get into their eyes, skin and other areas–which may improve allergies skin conditions, too. And since you’ll be spending less on pet allergy medications, trips to the vet, cleaning supplies, etc, if you think about it, the savings might actually be enough to pay for the pet air purifier!
You do, however, want to make sure that you don’t buy a cheap air cleaner and expect it to really clean the air. Those cheap air purifiers found at most department stores simply do not have the same HEPA filters or activated carbon filters, or enough power to circulate the air enough to clean it well. In fact, quite a few cheap or inexpensive air purifiers don’t have seals around the filter or have lower quality particle filters, and can even increase allergies because they’re allowing particles to get through. If you stay with top-rated air purifiers, you’ll be able to remove and control any dander, hair, odors or other household pollutants that are bothering your cat, dog, bird or other pet.
The best HEPA pet air cleaners that we've found come from brands like Aller Air, Blueair, Austin Air, and Winix. Many of these quality purifiers don’t say ‘pet air purifier’ but do contain the proper HEPA and activated carbon filters, as well as a good strong output to effective clean the air in your home. Many air cleaners that are called ‘pet air purifiers’ do sometimes have better features, such as more carbon, negative ions, or even antibacterial plastic (such as Winix 9500 units), but the main thing to make sure of it proper HEPA & activated carbon filters and a strong output of 200 CFM or more. That way, you’ll know that the allergy-causing pollutants will be removed from the air and you’ll be making a difference for your pet.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is your best online store for buying top-rated air purifiers for cat allergies, cat hair, dog hair, bird dust, and more, all on sale at the cheapest discount prices possible with free shipping every day, due to our low overhead. We only sell the best air purifier brands such as Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, and Winix, which are all proven to effectively remove and control almost any pollutant you can find in your home–including hair and dander. If you have any questions, just give our air purification experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Portable Home Air Cleaners: Preventing Colds & Flu–The Easy Way

Winter time seems to be a time when more people catch colds, the flu and other illnesses. And for a long time, we didn’t really know why. Recent research, however, has found that the main reason we even have a ‘cold & flu season’ is because of cold and flu viruses that are transmitted from poor indoor air quality. Yes, it is transferred from person to person, but it starts indoors first. How is this possible? Think of it like this: we constantly bring dust and other pollutants into our homes every time we walk in. Every time we, or our animals go in and out, and when we bring items we’ve purchased home, we’re always bringing items that have been touched by other people–and some of those items have bacteria and viruses on them.
Now, some of that dust and dirt does get removed through cleaning and dusting, but a lot of it circulates in the air and goes into our home or office air conditioner system. Because the A/C filters are not HEPA filters and can’t stop the tiny, more dangerous particles, like bacteria and viruses, those pass right through, with some of those infectious agents going right into our indoor air and some of it sticking to the inside of the duct work. Then when air blows past, it’s like a slow release of dust, dust mites, bacteria, mold spores, and viruses that it released into our homes. Then, in winter time we spend much more time indoors with all that polluted air. And without a portable room air cleaner to remove the bacteria, mold spores and cold & flu viruses, guess what? We have a ‘cold & flu season’ and we begin getting sick more often.
So one of the best ways of preventing colds, flu and other illnesses and not getting sacked by the ‘cold and flu season’ is to simply use quality top rated air cleaners at home and at the office. Top rated portable electronic air purifiers are designed with quality HEPA filters that consistently remove over 99% of all those dust, dust mite, mold, bacteria and virus particles so you don’t have to breathe them. And the best home air purifiers also have excellent activated carbon filters that remove over 99% of all the chemical residues, gases, and odors caused by the slow release of cleaning supplies, paints, solvents, and other indoor odor and gas sources that often cause allergies, asthma and other health problems.
Just having a couple of these quality air purifiers running on the main level of your home where you spend the most time is actually an inexpensive way to pretty much prevent colds, flu, allergies, even asthma. And even if you are sick already, it won’t last as long because you won’t be getting re-infected every day by the polluted air in your home. And, you won’t spend as much on allergy medications or other medicines and supplies simply because you won’t need them. Those savings can actually even pay for the air scrubbers!
Buying a couple of top-rated portable air cleaners is one of the smartest things you can do for you and your family–and it’s a lot easier than dealing with all those colds and flu–especially if you have children. Do make sure, however, that you stick with the best brands with proven performance, such as Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, and Winix. These portable electronic air purifiers have been proven in multiple tests to really clean the air and give you the protection you’re looking for. Don’t buy a cheap air cleaner at your favorite department store–those air purifiers typically don’t have the best air filters and will leave pollutants in your air, not to mention the fact that most of them will break within a year so and need replacing. Not a good deal. If you stay with top rated home air scrubbers, you’ll be assured that you’re getting the super clean, healthy air you want for you and your family, and sharply reducing the chances of anyone getting sick.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com offers an excellent selection of the best, top-rated portable electronic air purifiers that will super-clean the air in any room in your home or office. And since we’re an online store with very low overhead, that means we can pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping, every day. And we’re here to support you and answer any questions you may have, before and after the sale. If you do have any questions about home air filtration systems, indoor air quality, just give us a call toll free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

UV Light Home Air Cleaners: One of Your Best Defenses for Cold & Flu Season

Cold and flu season is here and both can really make our days (including our Holidays) just plain miserable. And granted, a lot cold and flu viruses are transmitted during person to person contact, a good percentage of these viruses, unfortunately, often come from the air conditioner ducts. Air conditioner ducts? Absolutely. Think of it this way: we track in all sorts of dust every day we walk into our homes, adding to the dust and particles already there. Dust contains many different bacteria and viruses and this dust is circulated through the HVAC system where a lot of it is stopped by the air conditioner filters.
Most of the smaller particles 2.5 microns and smaller, however, pass right through the filter and out into the duct work after picking up a little moisture from the cooling coils. This moist dust sticks to the inside walls of the duct work, allowing mold, bacteria, and viruses o multiply since they have everything the need to grow–moisture and organic material (any kind of natural particle or fiber). As the air blows by these ‘dust colonies’, some is released into the air and blows right out into our rooms, spreading cold and flu causing bacteria and viruses to every part of our home. This is precisely why UV light air cleaner systems mounted in the duct work can be so effective at reducing or even preventing the spread of colds and flu.
Ultraviolet light air purifiers deliver powerful UV-C light rays directly where these dust, bacteria and virus ‘farms’ are growing and thriving–in the duct. And every time these organisms float past, they’re exposed to the light, which not only destroys their cell structure, but also their DNA, preventing them from reproducing. UV light air cleaners also produce healthy negative ions (OH-, not ozone), which also destroy bacteria and viruses on contact, and do a good job of disintegrating airborne organic molecule that cause various odors in the home. And most UV air cleaners are very economical to operate, using only as much energy as a normal light bulb. Sounds simple enough, right?
So why isn’t everyone installing ac UV lights in their A/C ducts? Well, many people are installing them now because they are finding out how effective UV light can be for reducing and preventing colds, flu, and other illnesses. Some people, however, will say that ultraviolet light air purifiers don’t work very well.  The truth is, for cases where people say they don’t work, it usually because 1) the bulbs they are using are not true 36 watt laboratory grade bulbs, 2) they have two or more bulbs that are installed too close together (which nullifies the effect of the extra bulbs), or they have installed the UV light system on the intake side of the air conditioner.
If you buy an ultraviolet light air purifier with at least one 36 watt bulb, and install it on the output side of the air conditioner system, any microbes coming off that wet coil (where many bacteria and mold species grow) will be killed by the UV light before getting a chance to blow out into the rest of the duct work and into your home. If the bulb is less than 36 watts, it simply will not produce enough light units to kill a high percentage of the bacteria, viruses, and mold spores that cause most of the problems. And two or more bulbs less than 30 inches apart causes some kind of cancellation in the light waves that doesn’t give you the full effect that 2 or more bulbs would have.
Placing two bulbs 30 inches apart, however, does double the light units and is very effective–with up to a 99% kill rate for virtually all species of bacteria and mold. And for the record, there is a LOT more research proving the effectiveness of duct mounted HVAC UV light air purifiers than any reports to the contrary, and UV light has been used for decades in the medical industry for disinfection, so we know for a fact that it works.
Just be sure that the UV light air purifier system you buy for your central air conditioner ducts has those true 36 watt laboratory grade bulbs and be sure to place two bulbs, ideally, 30 inches apart in the duct on the output side of your air conditioner. Most people that do this notice a big difference in air quality, better sleep, and less respiratory symptoms within 24-48 hours. That means in 24-48 hours, you’ve killed over 99% of any cold & flu viruses, so there’s a lot better chance that you won’t get sick or if you do, it won’t last as long because you’re not constantly being re-infected by polluted air in your home.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners offers only the best duct mounted air conditioning UV light systems with true, laboratory grade 36 watt UV-C bulbs, solid state electronics, and proven bacteria and mold killing performance. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, we gladly pass these savings on to you with the best discount prices possible, and free shipping every day. And, if you need assistance with installation or just need answers to your unique indoor air quality problems, our team of experts is always available to help. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Air Monitors, Handheld Meters & Test Kits: Check the Air in Your Home for Mold, Particles or Other Harmful Indoor Air Pollutants and Protect Yourself!

Most of us either know someone, or have read horror stories about someone or a family that had mold, bacteria or other harmful indoor air pollutants in their homes and developed either a serious or fatal disease from it. And usually we think our home is just fine because we haven’t had any health problems–yet. Truth is, many of these pollutants build up in our homes and in our bodies over time and when they reach a point where they can cause a problem, it’s a big problem and we wonder where it came from.
And, yes, over 90% of homes have been found in research to have significant levels of mold, bacteria, viruses, and chemical residues in the indoor air. It’s a big enough problem that the EPA in 2009 cited poor indoor air quality in the top 5 major health threats we face. The smart thing to do, especially if you have health problems of any kind or know that you have mold, is to test the air in your home and find out for sure what you’re breathing every day.
Fortunately, there are easy to use, super affordable air test kits available now, as well as handheld laser particle counters or meters that can give you very clear information as to the quality of your indoor air. One of the best air quality test kit manufacturers, such as BHC, offers simple test strip type kits that you can literally just touch the strip to a surface, seal it up and send off to the lab and receive accurate results in 3-5 days, with no guess work.
For some of the best air monitors, we recommend Dylos Corporation, with their affordable, easy to use DC 1100 series airborne particle meters that can easily tell you exacly how many particles are floating in the air every 6 seconds–and can even hook up to a PC for easy to read graphs and other information. These days, there’s really no place for airborne mold or other pollutants to hide because the consumer now has access to just about any air quality test kit or handheld meter they need to accurately determine how clean the air in their home or office really is.
You do want to make sure, however, that whatever air test kit you buy is specific to the pollutant you want to test for, and that you’ll get quick results from an accredited lab. There are a lot of test kits on the market, some cheaper than others, that either aren’t as accurate, aren’t specific enough to give you the information you need, or don’t get quick results from a real, accredited laboratory. When it comes to your health, you want the truth from an air test kit, and you don’t want to wait around.
Regarding handheld indoor air monitors, we recommend the Dylos DC1100 series mainly because they are very affordable, easy to use and very accurate. These laser particle counters can quickly tell you if you air purifier or other home filtration system is working well or not, or if you have a leak or a concentration of pollutants in a specific room or area–which can help you solve the problem. Regardless, we highly recommend that you check the air in your home yourself and save money using high quality air test kits and handheld meters because your health could depend on it, and it’s just too easy to do.
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And we support you before and after the sale with excellent customer service and expert advice to help you make the best air monitor or air test kit purchase and protect you and your family from the hazards of poor indoor air quality. If you have any questions, just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dehumidifiers: Can Be Critically Important for Those with COPD, Chronic Bronchitis or Similar Respiratory Issues.

Those suffering from COPD often have chronic bronchitis to deal with, which is an infection of the bronchial tubes. And as with any infection, the last thing you need is to make conditions favorable for bacterial growth. Unfortunately, however, since most homes have airborne bacteria and mold spores floating around, if the humidity is above 50%, those infectious agents are getting the moisture they need to grow and multiply. And that can mean serious trouble for anyone with COPD, chronic bronchitis, or similar respiratory problems.
So how do you know what they humidity level is in your home? You can use a hygrometer (humidity meter) to test it yourself or you can have your HVAC tech do it for you, but test various areas in your home, including the basement, crawl spaces, bathrooms, baby rooms, pretty much everywhere because if they humidity is high, you most likely have either a plumbing leak, roof leak or a leak around some windows. Regardless, if that humidity comes back even in the high 40’s, you probably need a portable dehumidifier to reduce humidity down to around 40%, which is usually enough moisture to keep from drying out tissues, but low enough to keep bacteria and mold growth under control. And fyi, most of your best quality dehumidifiers come with a built in hygrometer, so look for that when considering which one to purchase.
Quality portable dehumidifiers are not only easily affordable these days, but they’re also very effective and can make an almost immediate difference (within 24-48 hrs) in the amount of moldy, musty or other odors you smell on a regular basis, simply by removing that excess moisture. How does a dehumidifier work? Dehumidifiers remove moisture by drawing warmer air across cooling coils and that causes the water to condense and drip into a collection bin, thereby removing moisture from the air. And once you stop smelling mold and mildew odors, that usually means that enough water has been removed from the air to seriously reduce or halt bacterial and mold growth. If you do suspect mold or bacteria in your home, definitely test your air and take whatever other cleanup measures necessary to ensure that the air is clear, especially if anyone in the home has COPD or any other infection.
A few top rated portable home dehumidifiers we sell regularly are the Danby and Stadler Form units. These are two of the few portable dehumidifier brands that don’t have any recalls or manufacturing or performance issues. Danby dehumidifiers come in 30 pint, 50 pint, and larger daily water removal capacities and come with a built in hygrometer & drain hose so you don’t have to empty the bucket every 3-4 hours. The Stadler Form Albert Dehumidifier is more attractive and quieter, but also features a digital hygrometer and drain hose option. Any of these dehumidifiers will do an excellent job of getting that indoor humidity reduced to safe levels, improving the health of everyone in the home.
We do also recommend that for anyone with COPD or any other health problem that you also get a quality portable air purifier, to ensure that about 99% of any airborne mold or bacteria are continuously being removed from the air, as well. That combination of a dehumidifier and portable air cleaner has made a huge difference for many people with serious illnesses, even helping some of them recover and get rid of the illness permanently.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is proud to offer quality portable dehumidifier brands like Danby and Stadler Form, that are proven to quickly remove excess moisture, reducing bacterial and mold growth and substantially improving and protecting the health of everyone in the home, especially babies or anyone with COPD or similar issues. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, we are proud to have quality dehumidifiers on sale at the cheapest discount prices possible, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions, just give our dehumidification experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, December 16, 2013

Humidifiers and COPD: Which One Is Best?

When it comes to COPD, just about anything you can do to reduce bronchial inflammation, improve breathing, and generally increase comfort for the person affected is a good thing. Those with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) routinely have a hard time breathing, deal with frequent bronchial infections, lack of energy, lack of oxygen, and a whole list of other unpleasant symptoms. And for the sake of clarity, COPD is a group of lung or breathing difficulties that include emphysema and chronic bronchitis. 
Often, air that is too dry in a home or room can make COPD symptoms worse because that dry air can dry out those bronchial tissues, leaving them even more irritated and swollen, which blocks airflow even more. Logically, many people with COPD or their loved ones seek out a portable humidifier to help humidify the air and soothe those irritated tissues and help make breathing easier. Choosing the right humidifier, however, can be difficult, since there are so many to choose from, those with filters or filterless, small personal units to large room units, ultrasonic humidifiers, evaporative units and more.
Choosing a good electric room humidifier  for COPD or any other particular condition, you have to look at the nature of the problem or illness. With COPD, you often have chronic bronchitis or bronchial infections, so you definitely want clean, bacteria and mold-free moisture so you’re not adding to the problem. That requires that the humidifier either have a good silver ion system or other antibacterial / anti-mold capability. You also want a unit that is quiet, since whatever sleep someone with COPD does get isn’t interrupted by the noise of a humidifier.
Also, if you choose a filtered humidifier, that’s usually to remove minerals (so you don’t have mineral spots left on furniture), chlorine or other pollutants from the water, which is important—just make sure the filter lasts longer than a month or so and it’s easy to change. And, a larger capacity humidifier is better, too. Getting a humidifier that has too small of a room capacity (square feet) just means you or the person with COPD will have to refill it too often—larger capacity means less refills, less work, etc.
For these reasons, either a warm mist ultrasonic room humidifier with silver ion and mineral filters or hot steam humidifier (no filters) is often recommended for those with COPD, since both are quiet room humidifiers and very effective. Warm mist ultrasonic humidifiers with silver ion and mineral filters (such as Stadler Form’s WILLIAM are usually quiet, release only clean bacteria and mold free moisture, and often come in larger capacity units. Hot steam humidifiers are actually chosen more often because of the super-low maintenance factor—no filters to change.
And the hot steam humidifiers, like Stadler Form’ FRED can release essential oils along with the water, which are both antibacterial and healing. FRED doesn’t require filters and always quietly releases clean moisture since it boils the water, killing bacteria and leaving behind any impurities as the water is converted to steam. In any case, warm mist is usually best as it humidifies a room and maintains that humidity better–and doesn’t make the room unnecessarily ‘chilly’ as some cool mist units can do. We also highly recommend that for anyone that has COPD, to make sure to have a quality portable room air purifier to keep any airborne bacteria, dust or mold spores from making things worse.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is your best online source for the best rated air humidifiers, from small personal humidifiers to large room capacity humidifiers, to ultrasonic cool mist, hot steam, and evaporative units that are perfect for reducing allergies, asthma, or COPD in any home or room. 

And since we’re an online store with low overhead, we gladly pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping , every day! If you have any questions about which portable or personal home humidifier is best for COPD, allergies or any other dry air situation, just give our experts a call at 1-800-701-2513 and they’ll be happy to assist you!
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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Aromatherapy for Anxiety: Getting Results—Without Drugs

Anxiety is a real problem for a lot of people, including children, that often results in a trip to the doctor and long-term medication. And while the medication is usually an effective treatment, most drugs do have side effects and frequently another drug is required to get lasting relief. And when we think of children dealing with possible long-term side effects, the last thing you want is your child reaching age 35 and experiencing some debilitating medical problem that was caused by a drug to treat anxiety in their youth.
Aromatherapy has been making more and more headlines for its effectiveness in the natural, holistic treatment of many different ailments, to include stress and anxiety. Specifically, a couple of recent studies in 2013, for example, sweet orange oil was used effectively to reduce anxiety and stress for kids with dental procedure anxiety & stress. (Google search terms: aromatherapy stress). Without going into the entire mechanism of action, the orange oil’s natural compounds did reduce the anxiety for the children in the tests significantly, with relief that lasted for hours afterward. In other tests, even lemon, grapefruit and mandarin oils and scents have been found very effective for improving mood, reducing stress & anxiety in various situations.
So it appears that citrus essential oil and scent aromatherapy is effective for reducing anxiety (and stress) in many situations, without drugs and exposing you or your children to harmful drug side effects in the process. So now that you know that you can use aromatherapy for anxiety relief, consider trying that, instead of drugs. Do make sure to use the best quality, natural, 100% pure organic essential oils and scents when possible, as these oils not only have zero impurities in them, they’re also stronger and more effective for aromatherapy and other healing treatments—and since they’re stronger, you can use a little less, which actually makes them about the same cost as regular, non-organic essential oils. Make sure any other aromatherapy products you use are natural and don’t contain or give off harmful gases and chemicals, either—such as massage oils, diffusers, etc. You want pure, natural aromatherapy, without chemicals for relief without worrying about pollutants causing more problems.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is best online source for buying top-quality holistic aromatherapy treatment products for your home or office. Our low overhead and relationships with key suppliers allows us to offer these amazing natural aromatherapy products to you at the cheapest discount prices possible, with free shipping, every day. And you always get our world-class customer service and support, before and after the sale. If you have any questions about aromatherapy products, supplies, or essential oils, just give us a call toll-free at 1-80-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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