Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Home Air Purification: More Important Than Water Purification?

Most of us are pretty clear on the fact that our drinking water needs to be filtered, even city water to keep from drinking the chemicals used to purify the water. And on average, Americans currently drink about 3 glasses of water per day (about 58 gallons a year), in addition to sodas, coffee and other liquids. What might sound amazing is that humans inhale about 3000 gallons of air per day—3000 gallons! And drinking water is a voluntary thing—breathing happens 24/7, whether we want to or not.
The alarming fact about breathing that much air per day is that since we’re spending about 90% of our time indoors at home or the office, and since recent research shows that most indoor air is polluted, that means we’re all breathing about 2700 gallons of polluted air per day. And that’s air that is polluted with dust, dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and more. Comparing 2700 gallons to 3 glasses per day, it looks like air filtration might be very important, if not more important than filtering your tap water.
Poor indoor air quality has created enough problems to make the Federal EPA take notice, and put out a statement in 2009 placing our indoor air quality in the top 5 major health hazards. This clearly confirms that it’s a real hazard, and obviously a big part of that problem is all the indoor air we breathe each day. The way to avoid this hazard is to use quality portable HEPA air cleaners in your home, office, or other rooms where you spend time. Most top-rated electronic home air purifiers available now, such as Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, etc come with highly-efficient HEPA filters and good amounts of carbon in the carbon filters that remove well over 99% of all dust, mold, allergens, chemicals, even household odors.
The most effective of these air purifiers, with the longest lasting filters are Aller Air and Austin Air. Both of these have high output and can handle up to 1500 square feet with one unit. The Blueair air scrubbers are also excellent, and do a very good job of cleaning the air, plus they are typically much quieter than the other two—which makes them better for bedroom or other sleeping areas. Don’t be fooled by cheap home air purifier claims.
There are inexpensive home air purifiers on the market that do have good HEPA filters and some carbon, but in most cases, to get the cleanest air possible and long lasting filters, you generally have to stick with one of those three brands above.  Blueair filters, however, usually need replacing about every 8 months so if you’re looking for lower maintenance and maximum air cleaning for any room or office, the Aller Air and Austin Air units are best.
Air Purifiers and is your #1 source for top-rated air cleaner systems and that are high performance and do a great job of cleaning the air, reducing allergies and asthma in any room or office. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, that allows us to sell all of our products at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day. If you have any questions, please give our indoor air quality experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and we’ll be glad to assist you.
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