Saturday, March 3, 2018

Ultraviolet Air Cleaners: Why They're Better Air Purifiers

HEPA and carbon air purifiers are great for removing the majority of particle and chemical - odor type pollutants. However, neither HEPA or carbon filters are capable of stopping or trapping airborne bacteria and viruses, which are so small that they pass right through. This is actually more of a problem than people think--if you have an air purifier circulating air in a room and there are airborne germs in the air, the air purifier is circulating those germs more than if the air cleaner wasn't there. That means it is increasing the chances of inhaling the germs and getting sick. This is why ultraviolet air purifiers were created. 

Ultraviolet or UV air purifiers have become very popular air purifiers for killing bacteria, viruses and other airborne germs, preventing infections, re-infections and the spread of illness in homes and offices. UV air purifiers are available with UV lights only (sanitizing the air only), UV lights with HEPA filters (sanitizing and trapping particles) and with UV lights, HEPA and carbon filters, to kill germs, remove particles and chemicals. Which one you choose is based on the pollutants suspected or known in your rooms, or what level of air purification you think is best for your situation. 

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