Thursday, February 26, 2015

Portable Room Humidifiers: Calm Sinuses Naturally, Without Drugs

For those that are sensitive, maintaining proper humidity is essential to preventing varying degrees of sinus and bronchial irritation. And those that have chronic sinus or respiratory issues that aren’t currently using a humidifier may want to look into whether dry indoor air is causing them issues. In either case, portable humidifiers are an excellent way to provide soothing moisture to the air in whatever room you’re in, at home or when you travel.
Portable humidifiers are being used more and more to relieve pain and irritation, in addition to and sometimes in place of medications. And this makes a lot of sense. Why not solve the problem—the dry air—and calm tissues naturally without using drugs or at least use a lot less, which saves you time and money. Portable humidifiers come in various sizes, shapes, types and room size ratings, all for different situation and needs.
Four important things to keep in mind when choosing an electric air humidifier is that first, you always want clean, pure moisture so make sure the unit has antimicrobial protection built in so no bacteria or mold build up in the water. Second, make sure if you choose an ultrasonic unit that it has a demineralization cartridge or only use distilled water to prevent mineral spots.
Third, if you have small children or pets running around, be sure to choose a cool mist humidifier so no one gets burned by a hot mist. And fourth, ensure that you choose a portable humidifier that offers a little more room size coverage than the size of the room you’re using it in. This gives you more ability to maintain steady humidity as atmospheric changes outside cause the relative humidity indoors to fluctuate.
And of course, find the best deals and best quality portable home humidifiers you can so that you’re not replacing them every 6 months because of a breakdown or poor performance. At our online store, we offer only the best room humidifiers for home and travel use, with ultrasonic, evaporative and steam units to fit virtually every situation—and all at cheap discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. Call our experts today and let us help you choose the perfect humidifier for your needs. We are here to help!
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Preparing Your Home for A Baby: Air Test Kits Are Vitally Important

When you have a baby on the way and you’re preparing your home, one thing you definitely want to check off your list is to thoroughly check the air quality. More and more studies are showing how poor indoor air quality not only affects adults, but that most homes have significant levels of pollutants that your baby does not need to breathe. And frankly, no one needs to breathe a consistent dose of dust mites, chemicals, mold spores and more, but people do and more illnesses are being linked to these pollutants than ever before.
Using a comprehensive indoor air test kit that identifies these pollutants all at once is the smartest, most cost effective thing you can do for your home and your baby. Why cost effective? That is simply because determining if you have pollutants and then cleaning up the air so as to provide clean healthy air for your baby goes a long way toward keeping doctor visits and various illnesses, even developmental disorders at a minimum—and that keeps more money in your pocket and in their college fund.
A couple of good test kits to consider are the Evaluaire 2000 or Test Your Nest kits. These kits will detect airborne mold, bacteria, allergens, fiberglass and many other pollutants and they test not only the air but also surfaces. The Test Your Nest Kit checks for all of the above but also detects formaldehyde and VOC’s, two pollutants that are common in homes, but certainly not something you want your infant or yourself to breathe. For new baby arrivals, we recommend and sell the Test Your Nest Kit the most. You may also want to consider getting a handheld laser particle counter to determine if airborne particles are present, if your air cleaner is doing its job—or not.
Air Purifiers and offers only the best indoor air quality monitors and lab-certified air test kits with fast, accurate results every time–all at the best discount prices with free shipping. We also have a team of air quality experts on hand to answer any questions you may have. Call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Best Portable Small Room Air Purifier: Austin HealthMate Junior

When it comes to finding a quality air purifier with quality filters for a small room, office or travel use, it can be really difficult to find a unit that actually cleans the air well, doesn’t cost a lot, is small enough to move around easily, has a good warranty and really works for allergy and asthma relief. Getting all of those features, however, is very easy with the Austin HealthMate Junior.
Austin created the Junior series for exactly this type of application: small rooms and offices where you need effective air purification but not a big bulky air cleaner to get in the way. The Austin HealthMate offers not only solid steel construction (no plastic bodies here), but includes a medical grade HEPA filter, 6 pounds of highly activated carbon, and a pre-filter to help both of those filters last up to 5 years, not 5-6 months. And the price? Only $374.99, not $600-800 or more for a top-quality larger unit. And it’s small enough to take with you when you travel or easily roll to another room when you need to.
The Austin HealthMate Junior, in our humble opinion, is your best small HEPA air purifier value because you have all the powerful air scrubbing power of larger, more expensive units, all in a smaller package—with a smaller price. And since the filters last up to 5 years, you get low maintenance air filtration. That means you can stay focused on other more important things, not constantly buying replacement filters and having to change them out every few months. So if you want real allergy and asthma relief or just want super clean air in your home, room or office without spending a lot, we highly recommend the Austin HealthMate Junior. (we’ve never had one returned, if that helps J)
Air Purifiers and offers the best small room air scrubbers for office, travel or other small area use—all at super-cheap discount prices with free shipping every day due to our extremely low overhead. And—with all of the Austin air cleaners, you have a 30 day money back guarantee—so there’s absolutely no risk! 
Call us today and try an Austin HealthMate Junior. You’ll be glad you did!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Whole House Air Purification System for $149? Really?

A whole house air cleaner for $149. That looks like a misprint, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not! Blueair has found a way to provide very near HEPA dust filtration for your whole home for literally $149. They call this system the Blueair Central Whole House Filtration System and now, instead of spending $2000 or more for a larger unit, you can really make a big difference in your indoor air quality for less than $150.
Here's how it works: a specially-designed filter much like your regular air conditioner filter is placed in the furnace filter area, with the right size for your unit, etc. Then, the included negative ion generator is plugged into an outlet somewhere near the intake or return for the air conditioner.
The ions are produced at a certain rate and cause the Blueair furnace filter to become extra-efficient for removing dust, dust mites, particles, etc—actually, with the ions this filter can remove 97.7% of those particle-type pollutants down to 0.3 microns. A normal HEPA filter is 99.97% so you can see that this is very close to having a HEPA filtration system in your air conditioner—for a LOT less.
Now, this electronic air cleaner won’t remove heavy duty fumes or chemicals as it contains no carbon. It can, however, destroy a lot of odors, bacteria, viruses, etc., and reduce many VOC’s in the air to harmless CO2 and water molecules by way the negative ion generator. So, to remove almost 98% of dust and particles, destroy bacteria, reduce odors and freshen the air in your whole house for $150—that’s pretty good in our opinion.
If you want a larger home air conditioner purification unit with heavy duty carbon filters, which might be more appropriate for those living in smog-polluted cities, we can help with that, as well. But for most people, the Blueair Central Whole House Filtration System is a great, super-affordable whole home air filtration system.
At Air Purifiers and, we offer a variety of quality electronic whole house air cleaners, and all at the best discount prices with free shipping every day, due to our extremely low overhead. We also have a team of indoor air quality experts available to answer your questions and help you choose exactly the right type of filtration system for your needs, without overspending. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Fume Extractors for Chemical Air Filtration--Choose Carefully

Portable fume extractors are used in a variety of situations where harmful chemical vapors and gases need to be removed quickly, with the ability to easily move the unit to wherever the air needs to be cleaned. Choosing the right fume extractor can be tough, however, and you can both overspend and not get the proper fume and gas removal that you need if you’re not sure about what features to look for.
First, a fume extractor’s main function is to trap chemical compounds and usually does this with an activated carbon filter. What’s important to keep in mind is that just because it says ‘activated carbon’ doesn’t automatically mean that the filter can remove any type of chemical pollutant. Activated carbon air cleaner filters can provide chemical air filtration with varying degrees of efficiency, usually with on a rating scale of 1-4, with 4 indicating excellent removal for that chemical and 1 indicating poor or minimal removal capacity.
It’s very important to tell whoever you are buying the fume extractor from what specific chemical vapors need to be removed, such as hydrogen sulfide gas, etc. If they don’t ask you about what chemicals are present in the room, stop right there and go to another supplier because they are trying to sell you something that may or may not remove the hazardous chemicals you’re dealing with—and that could negatively affect your health, your customers, your business and more. Your salesperson, technician etc should look up each chemical you need to have removed and find out if a special carbon blend is needed to remove each of them, ensuring that the removal capacity of the carbon filter is at a 3 or 4, which is acceptable.
Next, you want a portable fume extractor that also has a HEPA filter (such as the Electrocorp LD 450), not just a carbon filter. This is because in workshops and many industrial situations, manufacturing, laser engraving, etc, there are also dangerous fine particles that people do not need to breathe and having a quality HEPA filter in the unit helps prevent dust, particles, fibers, etc from being inhaled or getting in or onto other items, clogging up machinery, and causing other issues.
And, if you’re dealing with or using the fume extractor in any process that produces any sparks or deals with flammable materials, you want a spark arrestor pre-filter as well, which traps any tiny burning embers and keeps them from igniting other materials or causing a fire inside the fume extractor. This is especially important for welding and soldering applications.
Use these tips to choose the best chemical toxin removal system for your situation—one that does the job properly and safeguards your health. If you have questions, you are welcome to call our fume extraction specialists toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We offer the best quality, most affordable portable fume extractors on the market and we can help you choose the right unit, without overspending. And since we’re an online store with extremely low overhead, we also have the best discount prices with free shipping—again, so you can get the proper air filtration system you need without breaking the bank. Call us today! We’re here to help!
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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Blueair 650E: One of the Best Air Purifiers for Pet Odors

Many pet owners search diligently for a really effective pet air purifier, only to find that some air purifiers that are actually called a pet air cleaner are good pet dander air cleaners, or good odor removers, but usually not both. And then you start looking to see which of the top-rated air purifiers that don’t say ‘for pets’ to see if you can tell if they’ll do a good job for both types of pollutants—and frankly, that can be difficult, too. We’d like to make that whole process a lot easier by giving you one air purifier that we know is an excellent value, and very good for removing both dander and odors, among other important features.
The Blueair 650E, first of all, comes loaded with one of the most powerful HEPA filters on the market, removing well over 99% of particles, dust, dander and fibers as small as 0.1 microns, which is better than ‘normal’ HEPA filters that only remove particles down to 0.3 microns. The difference can mean whether the air cleaner will trap certain bacteria or sub-micron size fungal spores and dander particles that can be a sneaky cause of lingering odors , so 0.1 microns is better if you’re really wanting to get rid of pet odors.
Next, with its optional SmokeStop filter, the Blueair 650E offers excellent odor removal because it contains specially-activated carbon—and lots of it in a thick filter, so the filter will last longer and perform better than most carbon odor filters. Third, the Blueair 650E produces trillions of healthy, air-freshening negative ions that increase HEPA filter efficiency, kill odor-causing airborne bacteria, and disintegrate VOC’s, of which many pet odors are composed of (i.e. methane, etc)
And if that’s not enough, the Blueair 650E can handle large rooms or small rooms with tough odors with it’s powerful , but unusually quiet motor. All of that, plus a 5 year warranty, automatic air pollutant sensors and a remote control make this air cleaner one of the very best air purifiers for pet odors that you'll ever find--and it's amazing for general home or office air purification, as well.   Best of all, you can buy this amazing pet odor air cleaner at a discount at our online store, with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. If you have any questions, give our indoor air filtration experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Best Portable Air Purifiers for Industrial Offices: Aller Air & Electrocorp

When it comes to industrial or commercial office air filtration, the same rules apply that help determine which air cleaner to buy for workshops—how many square feet in the office, ceiling height, and what type and amounts of pollutants are present. That said, the best-performing, affordable brands of industrial office air scrubbers we’ve found are Electrocorp and Aller Air.
Electrocorp and Aller Air are related companies. Aller Air is typically more for residential use and Electrocorp is mainly for industrial, commercial or home workshop use. Both companies can offer the same type of industrial strength Vocarb carbon, (which is widely recognized as the most effective activated carbon in the world) and similar medical-grade HEPA filters, etc.
Electrocorp is better for specific chemical pollutants outside the normal effective list for Vocarb carbon as these units can have custom-tuned carbon to remove specific pollutants, which is often important for safety in commercial or industrial shop situations. Aller Air units are usually more affordable than Electrocorp, as well, but don’t offer quite as much carbon in the units as Electrocorp.
That said, two portable industrial office purifiers we highly recommend are the Aller Air 6000 DX Vocarb and the Electrocorp 9975 Smoke. The Aller Air unit features 36 pounds of industrial Vocarb carbon, medical HEPA and pre-filters, features a good 400 CFM intake speed, and has several powder coated finish options for a more attractive office look but still has the filtration power to remove most industrial pollutants in rooms up to 1800 square feet—and it’s value priced at $1299. Pretty good deal.
For larger offices where looks aren’t as important as having more power and custom-tuned carbon, the Electrocorp 9975 is an excellent industrial office air scrubber. The name says 9975 'Smoke' but isn't limited to smoke removal. This unit features 750 CFM, 30 pounds of powerful industrial Vocarb carbon, medical HEPA, the option to have custom-tuned carbon, as well as a bunch of other options like positive and negative air capability, smoke removal, and more—for around $2100, one of the lowest prices we've seen for portable commercial air filter systems .
Best of all, you can get both of these units at the best discount prices with free shipping from our online store. Our extremely low overhead allows us to always offer top-quality industrial air filtration systems, replacement filters and more at the best prices—so you can keep your office air clean and healthy without breaking the bank. Call our industrial air quality experts today and let us help you choose the unit that is best for your situation. We’re here to help!
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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Textiles: One of the Worst Environments for Your Lungs

Textile manufacturing involves making upholstery, sock, bedding, clothing, and other products where cotton and other fibers are woven into products.  For those who work in this environment, having proper air filtration is vital to their health—without it, workers will almost certainly develop particle-related illnesses. For those that own textile businesses, not having the proper dust collection systems in place can cost you big time, causing enormous expenses and loss of revenue from sick employees.
The problem is that when cotton and other materials are broken down, large amounts of particles and fibers are released, which, if these fibers aren’t immediately removed from the air, any employees breathing that air will inhale them, causing varying degrees of bronchial irritation, airway obstruction, all the way to byssinosis, also known as brown lung disease.  And contrary to what many believe, respirators and masks generally are not enough in these environments.  This is primarily because people take the masks off and because there are micro-particles that get in around the edges of masks, into the eyes, ears, and any other exposed area.
This whole hazardous scenario is completely avoidable, however, by simply using the right type of dust removal systems in the rooms where the dust is being created. That might sound overly simplistic, but avoiding brown lung disease and potentially destroying a company is often as simple as collecting the dust properly so people aren’t inhaling it.
And for more good news, getting affordable commercial dust filtration units has never been more affordable. Our company has excellent relationships with key suppliers, which along with our extremely low overhead, allows us to provide these air cleaners at the cheapest discount prices on the planet, with free shipping. Call us today and make a difference—1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, February 13, 2015

Indoor Air Re-Pollution? Is That Even Possible?

Indoor air re-pollution is a fairly new term for an old problem relating to leaving filters in air purification systems too long and to the point that they begin allowing and circulating some of the pollutants trapped in the filters and new pollutants. How often does this happen? More often than you think, and it's fairly common with homeowners and business owners who regularly use air filtration systems but forget or put off changing the filters a little too long.
Should you worry about this?  If you're buying your replacement air cleaner filters and installing them on a regular basis at the proper intervals, probably not.  However if you tend to let your air cleaners go a good bit longer than the normal filter life, then you probably should be concerned. The problem is that once a filter begins letting go of some of its trapped pollutants, this is a concentrated dose of bacteria, dust mites, chemicals and other things, hundreds of times more concentrated and potentially dangerous than what you would get on a normal basis just breathing the unfiltered air in your home or business.
I'm speaking mainly of lower quality HEPA and HEPA-style filters that have this problem most often, but even the best filters will break down, increase the pore size in the media and allow pollutants to be recirculated. Saturated carbon filters don't tend to release their pollutants as much, but the bigger problem is that when they're saturated, they stop trapping chemical pollutants and simply circulate them, which really just 'adds fuel to the fire' and creates more of a hazard. So the main message here is this: do yourself and your employees and customers a favor and replace those air purifier filters regularly to avoid unnecessary illness--and even lawsuits resulting from poor air quality claims.
At Air Purifiers and, we make it easy for you to buy the best room air purifier filters for your air cleaner systems, avoid the hazards of indoor air re-pollution, and save with the cheapest discount prices and free shipping. If you have questions, call out air filtration experts toll-free today at 1-800-8701-2513. We're here to help!
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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Save Money By Keeping The Air Clean?

Most people and businesses are on the lookout for ways to save money and do a lot of things right like cutting back on power usage, refinancing, and eliminating unnecessary purchases. One major area that is often overlooked or not considered as a way to reduce expenses is your health and the health of employees, if you have any.

Why? Well, it doesn’t take a lot of thinking to figure out that more trips to the doctor, higher insurance rates, increased medication costs, copays and more can really take a bite out of everyone's income. Further, the cost of that money not invested is even more expensive when you consider what it could have earned by retirement time. Or how about the loss of productivity and higher costs for employees that are sick more often?

That said, other than eating better and exercising more, one easy thing that any individual or business owner can do to reduce expenses fast and keep them down is to filter the air in your home and work areas—the two places where you and others spend the majority of their time. Why? Various studies have shown over and over that the majority of homes, offices and other work environments have significantly polluted, health-damaging air quality.  

And since those two places are where we are breathing the majority of about 3000 gallons of air per day for an average adult, we’re breathing a consistent dose of bacteria, mold spores, viruses, chemicals, dust mites and other things—unless you have an effective air cleaner in place to remove those pollutants.  Just the reduction in allergy medications, for example, could save some families $150-200 a month.

But what’s the value of feeling better personally or having employees that are super-productive every day? Or the value of not needing a stay in the hospital this year? Huge. Whatever air cleaner you buy, however, it is important to make sure it has quality HEPA and carbon filters—to make sure it will remove over 99% of household particles and chemicals effectively. So, since it makes sense that not breathing those pollutants on a regular basis would make a big difference in healthcare related expenditures, why not at least get a top-rated HEPA air cleaner and keep you, any employees--and your wallet—healthy and 'out of the red'.

Air Purifiers and is your #1 online source for the best top-rated air purifier systems that quickly clean up the air, reduce allergies & asthma and help you save a lot of money by avoiding unnecessary healthcare expenses. And since we are an online store with extremely low overhead, this allows us to offer all of our air cleaners, replacement filters and more at the cheapest discount prices you’ll find anywhere, with free shipping.

We also have a team of indoor air filtration experts on hand to answer any questions you may have, before or after your purchase. Call us today and make 2015 your best, healthiest and most financially successful year ever! 1-800-701-2513

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Powerful Smoke Air Purification & Value: The Electrocorp 9975

When smoke needs be quickly and completely removed from a large room, workshop, or restaurant, there isn't any middle ground--the air needs to be clean, not partially cleaned. That's why the best commercial smoke air purifiers include all the proper filters to completely remove smoke and all of its pollutants and a strong motor to move and clean the air fast.
One excellent example of a high-value, total smoke eater is the Electrocorp 9975 Smoke Air Purifier. This commercial-grade unit features industrial strength carbon filters, a medical grade HEPA filters as well as special tar-trapping filters--for total smoke removal. The output for this machine is incredible--a full 735 CFM.
That means when it gets smoky in your bar, restaurant, large room or wherever and you crank this unit up, the air will be clean in a matter of minutes, not hours--and stay clean.That's what you need to keep customers and staff happy and healthy--which of course helps your business.
Air Purifiers and offers the very best smoke air cleaner machines at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. We're always available to answer questions, as well. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and we'll be happy to discuss your smoke removal needs and find the perfect, most affordable unit to keep your air clean and smoke-free.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Best Smoke Odor Eliminators: Aller Air 6000 DXS

Eliminating smoke odors in a home using an air cleaner always boils down to one major thing: the quality of the filters.  There are a lot of smoke eaters out there with various ways of trapping or destroying the chemicals in the air that cause the majority of smoke odors.
The truth, however, is that smoke odors are caused not only by the actual smoke in the air, but also by chemicals attached to the ash particles and tar molecules. So unless you have a filtration system that can remove all three main components--chemicals, particles and tar, you're always going to leave some of it behind, which is usually what causes those lingering odors--even if you have a so-called 'smoke eater'.

This is why, for our money, we highly recommend the Aller Air 6000 DXS Smoke Air Purifier. The 6000 DXS has a total smoke eliminator filtration system complete with heavy duty carbon, HEPA and special tar-trapping pre-filters.
The industrial strength carbon removes the chemicals that cause the majority of smoke odors in your house, the HEPA filter removes the ash and any other particles, and the pre-filters remove any tar--so you don't leave any of it behind. This filtration system, plus a powerful 400 CFM output, makes the 6000 DXS one of the most effective smoke odor eliminators for houses--and an overall great deal with affordable pricing and a 10 year warranty.

Air Purifiers and offers only the best quality smoke air purifiers with all the necessary filters to give you truly clean, smoke and odor free air in your house. And since we're an online store with minimal overhead, we're able to offer all of our products at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping--plus free information from our air filtration specialists whenever you need it. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We're here to help!

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Making Activated Carbon Air Filters Work Better and Last Longer

Activated carbon or charcoal air filters are great for removing chemical compounds, odors, and many people use them at home and in business to keep the air clean and free of harmful or aggravating pollutants.  Quality replacement carbon filters, however, can sometimes get a little expensive, especially when there are a lot of pollutants or odors to remove, causing the filter to become saturated or 'used up' quickly.  For that reason, we've put together some tips here to help you get the most life out of your carbon filters and better odor or chemical removal.
Getting charcoal air filters to last longer and work better will always have to do with five main factors: how much charcoal  is in the filter, how the carbon has been activated, whether it’s granular or crushed, the size of the granules or pieces, and the speed of airflow through the air purifier.  With those things in mind, clearly it pays to read the fine print on the air cleaner you're buying and first, make sure it HAS an activated carbon filter, and then find out what you can about the carbon, especially if you have sensitivities, severe allergies or harmful chemicals that have to be removed.
In short, if you want the best odor and chemical removal performance from your air purifier’s charcoal filters, first you want to make sure it has granular activated charcoal, which has many times more surface area than cheaper crushed carbon. Second, you want carbon that has been chemically activated (Aller Air, Electrocorp, Austin Air and Blueair do this) so it’s better at removing chemicals and odors than simple heat activation.  Next, you want to make sure the air purifier runs at a slower speed, such as medium or low speed. A slower speed allows the air to have more time in contact with the carbon, which gives the chemicals in the air more time to attach to the carbon’s surface. 

Now, getting a carbon air purifier filter to last longer can be a little more tricky. First, you want as much carbon as possible in the filter since more activated carbon means it will take much longer for it to fill up with pollutants. It’s also helpful to have a HEPA filter and a pre-filter in front of the carbon filter, since this prevents particles from prematurely clogging the charcoal filter and tends to slow down the air going through the filter, which again, enhances chemical and odor removal because of more time in contact with the carbon.

And of course, carbon air cleaner filters do become saturated at some point and they must be replaced or in some cases, washed. And even the washable carbon filters still need to be replaced periodically because they lose some of the activation with repeated washing. If you have tough odors or sensitivities, you’ll want to replace your activated carbon filters as soon as you start smelling pollutants again—actually, replacing them a little ahead of time is best to make sure you’re always breathing chemical-free air.
At Air Purifiers and, we offer the best quality carbon air purifier filters, bulk activated carbon, as well as a wide range of activated carbon air filtration systems for home and commercial use. And since we're an online store, our super-low overhead and special relationships with suppliers allows us to offer all of these amazing products at the cheapest discount prices you'll find anywhere, with free shipping and further discounts for future purchases.  And, we have a team of air purification experts on hand to answer any questions you may have, before and after the sale. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 . We're here to help!
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

HEPA Air Filters: Best for Removing Allergens-But Only If You Replace Regularly

There are a lot of different air cleaners on the market that remove particles, dust and fibers in different ways, but none work better than a certified HEPA air purifier. That’s because a HEPA filter is designed and tested to trap no less than 99.97% of allergens as small as 0.3 microns.  Electrostatic type air cleaners begin to lose effectiveness once the plates begin to get covered with dust, which means that allergens will be circulated, not trapped. So if you have a HEPA air cleaner, you’ve got the right machine that can reduce your allergy symptoms.
The other side of the equation is to ensure that you buy your replacement HEPA air cleaner filters on schedule. If you let them go too long, the media starts to develop larger pores which will eventually allow some of the allergens to pass through, in addition to increase back pressure and wearing out your air purifier prematurely. So to keep allergens under control as much as possible—and to get the most out of your HEPA filtration—be sure to replace those HEPA filters on time.
And, at our online store, you can find replacement certified HEPA filters for many top brand name HEPA air cleaners at cheap discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. Call us today and get your replacement HEPA filters on the way so you don’t have to breathe allergen polluted air while waiting on a filter to come in!
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Monday, February 2, 2015

Need a Baby Humidifer? Use Cool Mist Ultrasonics for Best Results

If you have dry air in your home, and you’re looking for a humidifier to make sure your baby is breathing, clean moisturized air to cut down on coughing, dry skin and other problems, the last thing you want is a humidifier that releases a hot mist that might burn, takes too long to moisturize the air, or one that makes too much noise.  For these and other similar situations, a portable ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is your best choice.
Ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers provide quick, cold moisture to a room by using high frequency sound waves that vibrate the water into a vapor, without having to wait for evaporation--and without  fan noise associated with other types of humidifiers. This cold mist of moisture works better for warmer climates, too, because it adds a cooling effect which helps your air conditioner work just a little bit less and save energy. And since a portable cool mist humidifier’s mist isn’t heated, it won’t burn pets or little ones, making it a good, safe choice for baby rooms.
Ultrasonic humidifiers are extra quiet, as well, which makes them good humidifiers for baby rooms, bedrooms or other areas where noise needs to be kept to a minimum. And ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers don’t have a heating element, either, so there’s no chance of a heating element shorting out and causing a fire, making ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers, again, the best humidifier for baby, infant rooms, etc.
You do, however, want to make sure that whatever ultrasonic cool mist humidifier you choose has  both antibacterial and anti-mineral cartridges. This is very important for making sure you and your baby are breathing only clean, bacteria and mold-free moisture. Many cheap ultrasonic humidifiers don’t offer this protection and can actually add bacteria and mold to your air, so we recommend avoiding any ultrasonic units that don’t have these filters. A good brand to choose is Stadler Form, as all of their ultrasonic units have both of these filters.
At our online store, you can find the best deals on quality portable ultrasonic cool moisture humidifiers, replacement filter cartridges and much more, all at cheap discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead! Call our experts today and let us answer your questions, provide a free evaluation and help you choose the products that are best for your needs. We’re here to help!
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