Sunday, September 17, 2017

Residential Air Sanitizers: Cleaning the Air Better AND Saving Money?

Residential indoor air quality is coming up in more and more studies showing that the particles and chemicals commonly found in concentrated amounts are definitely causing illness, increased fatigue and other issues. And while getting a good air purifier is a great step toward eliminating these pollutants and their effects, the truth is that normal air cleaners with just HEPA and carbon filters don’t do anything to remove or kill the airborne bacteria or viruses, which are often the culprit with recurring or chronic illness. These germs are simply too small to be captured by even the best HEPA or carbon filters and there often isn’t anything in the air cleaner to kill them, either. This is where a new breed of air purifiers is doing a better job, and surprisingly sometimes for less money. These new machines are called residential air sanitizers.

Residential antimicrobial air cleaners use either UV, thermodynamic (heat) or ions to kill the bacteria, viruses and other germs in the air as they go through the machine. Some of these germicidal indoor air purifiers have HEPA and carbon as well, which is better, but there are some units that are strictly germicidal and filterless, such as UV, ionic or filterless thermodynamic units. Which one you should buy should be determined by consulting an air quality specialist, but generally, if you don’t have a lot of particles floating in the air, and very little odors or chemicals, a filterless residential air sanitizer may be all you need–which saves because there isn’t any replacement filter cost.

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Residential Air Quality: What You Should Know for Your Health's Sake

Residential air quality is becoming more important on a daily basis. This is because various long-term and short term studies are showing correlation between airborne pollutants and a variety of illnesses, not just allergies or asthma. Pollutants such as mold spores, dust mite fragments, chemicals from building materials and bacteria are showing up in patient bloodwork and are being shown to contribute to illnesses such as pneumonitis, MCS, tuberculosis, and many more. Wondering why you have recurring sleeplesness, strange rashes, headaches, brain fog or other things that seem to come out of nowhere–it’s often related to poor residential air quality, simply because of insulation, air re-circulation causing build up, and the fact that we spend so much time in the home–a good 14-16 hours a day if you work outside the home, up to 24 hrs a day if you work from home (which is also becoming more common).

The solution, although usually requiring the assistance of an indoor air quality specialist is simple–purchase the specific air quality improvement products that remove the pollutants from the air, keep temperature and humidity at optimal levels, and reduce the actions and usage of products in the home that release pollutants into your indoor air. At our online store we offer not only a wide range of the best air quality improvement products, but also a team of skilled indoor air quality specialists to answer your questions and recommend the products you need, at no additional charge. Call our experts today and get the answers you need concerning your residential indoor air quality at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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