Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Got Sinus & Respiratory Irritation? Think Room Humidifiers for Relief

Dry air in homes routinely causes unnecessary sinus and respiratory irritation for many people. And often, we don’t realize that dry air is really the problem until we actually understand humidity and can measure it accurately. Dry indoor air also causes frequent nosebleeds, skin irritation, cracked furniture finishes, makes it tough on indoor plants, and lots of other problems. In fact, dry air can even make chronic dehydration worse (a condition that over 50% of the population unknowingly deals with), since most people don’t drink enough water and dry air simply causes the skin to release what precious water it has.
The good news is that room humidifiers are often a relatively cheap way to solve a whole list of problems caused by dry indoor air. Many top-rated electric humidifiers are even filterless, which means clean water and moisture with no filters to change. Modern humidifiers often come with built in hygrometers or humidity meters so you can quickly measure and set the humidity to the exact level that gives you relief. The humidifier will then maintain that level of humidity in the room, turning on and off as necessary.
If you want extra protection from any mold or bacteria, you might choose a steam humidifier that boils the water before releasing moisture, or an ultrasonic unit with silver ion technology, which also kills any mold or bacteria in the water beforehand. This is important for anyone that has chronic sinus or respiratory infections—the last thing you want is to be releasing more bacteria or mold into the air.
And unlike the humidifiers of the past, many of the newer top-rated humidifiers are rather quiet, as well as light, portable, and, well, a lot more attractive. Portable humidifier brands like Stadler Form USA and NewAir are among some of the best values for the money, with the most features and best looking, and there are a variety of sizes, from small personal humidifiers to large room units. In most cases, we do recommend that you buy a large room humidifier as opposed to a smaller unit mainly because you can get more humidification in larger spaces, with one unit instead of a several, and you can get a good output on a lower setting, which keeps the unit quieter.
 And unless it’s a steam humidifier, make sure the unit has a good silver ion cartridge (i.e. Stadler Form William-a very good electric humidifier) so that any bacteria or mold that always begin to grow in any standing water are killed before any moisture is released—again, very important for anyone with sinus or respiratory infections. Using a quiet electric humidifier can help you sleep, and even save you money on medications, and these savings can often pay for the humidifier in just a few months!
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