Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Commercial Antimicrobial Air Cleaners: Reduce Healthcare Costs & Boost Productivity

Once one person is sick at the office, often it isn't long before someone else is sick as well, if not several employees, or a whole group of people. This is because illness causing bacteria and viruses do travel through the air and infect other people when the sick person coughs, sneezes, etc. The result is lower productivity, more sick days, higher healthcare costs for the company, higher insurance rates, and an overall reduction in revenue. The simple answer to this problem is to buy and use a commercial air sanitizer.

Like residential germicidal units, commercial antimicrobial air cleaners employ UV lights, photocatalytic oxidation, ions, ozone or all of the above to destroy airborne microorganisms so that they do not cause illness. Commercial air sanitizers, however, are designed to handle larger spaces, usually with more CFM or airflow and stronger germicidal UV bulbs, ion generators, etc to provide proper kill along with the higher airflow. One interesting benefit of commercial or industrial air sanitizers is that some do not have filters, so no time or money spent changing filters, which is also more sanitary (no exposure to contaminated filters). Airocide is one very good example of this type of filterless unit. 

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Filter-Free Air Purifiers: The Future of Good Indoor Air Quality

The typical air cleaner, if it’s a quality indoor air scrubber, will have a HEPA filter for airborne particle removal, and either a carbon filter or other media to remove odors, chemicals, etc. In the last few years, however, it’s been noted in research that bacteria and viruses are also becoming airborne on a regular basis in many homes and businesses, but the typical HEPA and carbon air cleaner is unable to remove them as they are too small and pass right through, being circulated even more, which actually creates more of a health hazard. Then, you have environmental issues of what to do with the filters once they’re used up, not to mention the expense of filter replacement. Answer to these issues? The filter-free air purifier .

Filterless air scrubbers do clean the air quite well, capturing and destroying tiny particles, bacteria, mold spores, viruses as well as many VOC’s and odors, and don’t have any replacement filter costs. They destroy these indoor air pollutants with either UV light, photocatalyic oxidation (PCO), with heat incineration (thermodynamic) or some combination of these methods. The beauty, again, of these filter-free air cleaners is zero replacement filter costs, no environmental impact, added bonus of air disinfection which is important for those with COPD or compromised immune systems, chronic illness, etc. Plus, some filterless air scrubbers are completely silent, such as the thermodynamic units because they create airflow with convection and don’t have a fan to create noise.

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