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Air Cleaners for Pet Shops, Kennels, Boarding & Veterinary Facilities-How To Choose Properly

Usually when an air cleaner is needed for a pet shop, kennel or boarding facility, it’s because of high levels of pet odor, dander allergies, or an effort to make sure the air is clean for customers and employees. Unfortunately, however, most people begin searching for an air purifier that says ‘pet air cleaner’ or ‘for pets’. And while some units that do remove dander, hair, and odors fairly well, they’re no match for the amount of dander and odors produced by multiple pets in a kennel, boarding facility or pet shop. It’s just too much for most ‘pet air purifiers’, and even buying several cheaper portable units won’t do the job very well, and they can take up too much of your valuable floor space.
Pet shops, indoor kennels and veterinary offices with high levels of pet odor & dander need stronger air filtration, both in the filters and with the power or output of the unit. Your best place to start is to take a close look at the carbon filter in the air purifier. You will need the best, strongest activated carbon you can get (industrial strength is best) and lots of it—a minimum of 15-20 pounds and more if possible, to adequately remove the odors created by multiple cats, dogs and other animals. 
The reason for this is simple: most of the odors you’re experiencing are of an organic nature or VOC (volatile organic chemical) and strongly activated carbon is good for removing these compounds. You need a large amount of carbon because the charcoal does become saturated, and more carbon means the filter remove and control those pet odors longer, with fewer filter changes, etc.
The air purifier, whether portable or connected inline with the HVAC system, must also have a true HEPA filter that removes 99% plus of all dander, dust & hair down to 0.3 microns, or 0.1 microns if possible. Some air cleaner manufacturers try to get away with ‘HEPA-style’ filters, which aren’t as efficient. And don’t buy an electronic air cleaner with electrostatic plates (no HEPA)—most of these require constant cleaning to keep them removing even 80% of particles, and that’s not very efficient. 
The output of the unit and square footage coverage is also important—buying an air purifier with too low of an output isn’t going to be able to remove the dust, dander & odors before it reaches your nose, which make it kind of a waste of time. You need a unit with at least a 400 CFM output or higher for an average 10 x 10 room or up to 10 x 20. For more rooms, you’ll need more portable units to ensure that the air is clean in that area. A great indoor pet air cleaner with 400 CFM for homes and offices is the Austin Healthmate Plus.
Now, so far, we’ve mostly been speaking of portable or floor air purifiers, and in actuality, many pet shop, kennel, boarding situations, a combination of several portable or floor air purifier PLUS a unit attached to the HVAC system is really needed to effectively clean the air–and all with lots of high quality carbon and true HEPA filters. All those heavy duty urine and other odors are loaded with VOC’s and really need the HVAC based air cleaner for overall removal and the portable units to remove them where customers and employees are standing, for the best, noticeably clean air. The portable units remove a good portion of the dust, dander, & odors quickly without having to wait for the A/C system to cycle it through its air filtration system.
Our best recommendations for very clean air in any pet shop, kennel or veterinary facility is an HVAC based industrial air cleaner from Electrocorp (such as the I-6500 AH 120) and one or more of either Electrocorp RSU floor units, Aller Air 5000 or 6000 Vocarb series, or Austin Pet Machines. We’ve had great success with this combination and by using both, you have the best HEPA filters, industrial strength carbon, and high output, not to mention 5-10 year warranties.  The Austin Pet Machine, for example, makes an excellent veterinary office air purifier system as well as a home pet air cleaner--just use more units for more pets or larger spaces.
So if you’re really looking to get rid of a pet odor & dander problem in a kennel, pet store, boarding facility, or veterinary office, stick with air purifiers that have large amounts of high quality carbon, true HEPA filters, and think industrial strength—in many cases, that’s what’s needed to handle large amounts of pet dander and odor.
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