Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Blueair Air Purifiers: Best Performing and Quietest Air Purifiers on Earth?

There are a lot of great air air purifiers on the market today, many with top-quality HEPA particle filters, good odor, gas and chemical-absorbing carbon filters, and more great features. Many allergy and asthma sufferers, however, often purchase an air cleaner without fully investigating one key factor--noise. And that can mean the difference between sleeping well, or not---or being able to enjoy your favorite TV shows--or not, depending on whether the air purifier is loud--or not.
And too many times, when an air cleaner is too loud, you do what? The usual answer is to turn it down, which slows the intake and output of the unit, and cuts down on the air cleaner's ability to clean the air before you breathe it. Truth is, you need a sufficient amount of air flow to cycle all of the air in a room in 4-8 minutes to be sure that the air purifier is removing about 85% of the pollutants before you can breathe them. Blueair, however, figured out how to keep the unit running at a higher speed while still being very quiet--that's called HEPASilent technology.
You see, HEPA filters create resistance to airflow and that causes noise. The Blueair HEPASilent filter technology, however, allows for less resistance while still removing over 99% of particles down to 0.1 microns, which is even better than normal HEPA filters that stop at 0.3 microns. The secret is in the special poly fiber that is woven a certain way so as to allow more air flow through, but with the addition of healthy negative OH- ions, trap more particles. The result is high performance, higher air flow, with less resistance--and less noise. Oh yeah--the motor is extra quiet, as well, so overall, you've got a high powered, very quiet air purifier with any Blueair unit.
Add Blueair's patented Gas & Odor Smoke Stop filters and you've got the super-powered, quiet performance of the HEPASilent particle filters and the ability to remove almost any chemical or gas that might be in the air as well, preventing over 95% of air pollutant-caused allergy and asthma attacks. All Blueair models, 203, 403, 650E, etc come standard with these amazingly effective and quiet filters.
And, Blueair air cleaners are not only Energy Star rated for low power usage (since less air resistance takes less energy), they are also AHAM certified so you can trust the numbers you read about performance, clean air delivery, etc. And--you get a 5 year warranty, plus an optional lifetime warranty - this just keeps getting better!
So if you're looking for the best quality and quietest air cleaners on earth, Blueair is the way to go. Check out a full selection of Blueair air purifiers on our website, where you get free shipping and special deals that make us the cheapest Blueair air cleaner store on the internet!  Call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 for details!
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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Industrial Dust Removal Systems: Essential for Health, But Also for Maximum Productivity?

If you own or run an industrial business where dust and particles are a problem, you know that keeping the air clean can make a big difference with regard to maintenance and cleaning costs. What may not be clear, however, is that dirty air has a big effect on how employees feel while they’re working—and that has everything to do with productivity and enjoying maximum profits from that business you worked so hard to build.
Truth is, hazardous dust and particles in the air are a real nuisance for everyone, owners, employees and customers. And when the employees get tired of wearing a suffocating respirator, they invariably take it off so they can breathe better—and, well, every time they do that, they get a dose of whatever harmful particles or fibers are in the air. Keeping the air clean with a quality dust collector, however, can eliminate the need for respirators and prevent those airborne particles from causing costly health—and attitude problems, which all lead to lower production—and unhappy customers.
The type of industrial dust removal system you choose, however, needs to include certain features to be truly effective for collecting all of the dust in a given area. First, you want heavy duty, industrial or commercial grade—not some cheap air purifier from WalMart that will break within a few months and actually do nothing more than stir everything up. So, you want a dust collector with a strong output, dust filters for larger particles and a HEPA filter for the smaller particles. If you can get a unit with a quality activated carbon filter, as well, that will help remove chemical fumes at the same time, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have those pollutants.
One great company’s particle filtration systems that we often recommend is Electrocorp and Amaircare.  Both companies have almost 20 years of solid industrial reputation for excellent dust removal performance and value, so we highly recommend that you consider first. Regardless, if you have particles, fibers, or dust floating around in your business, and you’re not currently using a dust filtration system, think seriously about adding one. Not only will you reduce costs and liabilities in so many areas, you’ll very likely see an increase in production simply because everyone feels better.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com sells only top-rated portable dust removal units and HVAC-based commercial particle filtration units designed for construction, contractors, workshops or any other business. All units and systems are customizable to fit your exact specifications and dust collection needs. Since we’re an online store with low overhead, that allows us to sell at the cheapest discount prices, and always with free shipping. And—if you think you’ve found a better price, we’ll match or beat it, plus free shipping—we won’t be undersold, period. If you have any questions, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, April 25, 2014

Commercial Cooking Odors & Smoke: The Right Smoke Air Purifier Can Make a Big Difference.

Whether you run a bakery, a restaurant, or other facility where cooking is constantly happening, odors and smoke are often a big problem—one that normal ventilation hoods often can’t fix. The smoke and other odors not only causes problems for employees, but can cause smoke and odor damage to food and other supplies—and even get out into dining areas where it can cause your customers to have a less than pleasurable experience. Not to mention, depending on what you’re releasing into the environment, just venting to the outside can put your business in violation of EPA regulations.
One of the best things you can do to prevent all of this and create a more comfortable, higher production working environment is to install one or more smoke air purifiers. Why choose a smoke air purifier? That's because smoke eaters usually include all the right filters such as high quality carbon, HEPA and special sticky-substance pre-filters, which are perfect for kitchens where you often have all of those pollutants in the air.  Regular air purifier filters often get saturated quickly because they don't have the right pre-filters, and these units don't clean the air as well because they don't have industrial strength carbon like a commercial smoke eater.  And--once you’ve installed the proper air filtration system, in just a day or two, you’ll notice that stress levels go down and production is better.
It might be hard to believe that cooking odors and smoke would affect attitudes and production so much, but once the air is super clean, you’ll notice the difference. One brand of quality portable fume, gas & odor-removing systems that we often recommend is Electrocorp, not just because of their reputation, but because they have the strongest activated carbon filters in the world and they are preferred in many industrial and commercial application, including kitchens, restaurants, bakeries, etc—because they remove cooking odors extremely well, and they run continuously without problems.
So if you have cooking, kitchen or other odors, smoke, etc regularly in your business, restaurant or kitchen, definitely consider installing a quality fume extractor or carbon air filtration system—they’re more affordable than you think and they can make a big difference in your business with fewer health issues, better production, and happier customers.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com offers an excellent selection of portable fume extractors, commercial smoke eaters, and HVAC-based air filtration systems designed to keep cooking odors, particles, smoke and juat about any air pollutant out of your way—all at the best discount prices possible, with free shipping. If you have any questions about which fume extractor or air filtration system is best for your kitchen, restaurant or other application, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We make air filtration easy and affordable, with expert support, before and after the sale.
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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Are Smoke and Odors Silently Driving Customers Away from Your Business? A Commercial Smoke Air Cleaner Can Really Help.

Many businesses, especially bars, restaurants, salons or those that store or deal with chemicals on a daily basis, often find that they have a lot of ‘dips’ and decreases in customer traffic for seemingly no reason. Well, if you’re in the building a lot, it’s easy to get used to the odors or smoke and not notice it after a while. But to new customers, they certainly do and often they won’t tell you anything—they just won’t come back. This is especially true in beauty, nail and hair salons, and they usually tell other people that the smell or smoke was offensive. After you think about this for a minute, it makes you wonder how much you’re losing in business dollars from poor air quality.
The good news is that an air quality problem is easily fixable, and more affordable than you might think. And most of the time, all you need is one or maybe two portable commercial air cleaners with good HEPA and carbon filters. These air purifiers, such as those from Electrocorp, easily remove the offending smoke, odors, and particles. And not only will this help make for a better customer experience and increase traffic, you and your employees will be healthier for it, with less trips to the doctor, downtime due to illness, better attitudes, even lower insurance rates.
A good industrial air filtration system can really make a difference in a lot of areas, and help your bottom line.  It is quite important, however, to ensure that whatever air scrubber you buy does have true certified HEPA and substantial carbon filters, as well as heavy duty construction and a good warranty. There are a lot of portable commercial air cleaners on the market that have a hefty price, but lack in one of those areas, and usually it’s in the filters. To be effective at removing odors, chemicals and smoke, the air purifier must have 20-60 pounds of super-activated carbon.
That is one main reason we recommend Electrocorp commercial smoke eater systems—their units come with powerful carbon filters with lots of carbon. The extra carbon helps the filter last longer, and the quality of the carbon ensures that most all chemicals and odors can be removed. Lesser quality carbon filters and smaller amounts of carbon cause you to have to replace the filters more than you should. Electrocorp filters, for example, usually last 2-5 years—not 2-5 months, so keep that in mind when choosing a commercial air purifier for your business. The bottom line is this: keeping the air clean in your business will definitely make a difference in customer traffic, increase good word of mouth advertising, and keep healthcare costs down, which makes a good air scrubber system pay for itself in a short period of time. Smart move.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com sells only the best quality, affordable commercial air cleaners and cigarette smell air purifiers for almost any application.  And since we’re an online store with very low overhead, this allows us to sell all of our products at the best discount prices with free shipping. If you have any questions, just give one of our industrial air filtration experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Dehumidifiers & UV Light Air Cleaners: Two Powerful Tools for Stopping Mold Growth in Your Home

If you’ve got mold in your home, one thing is pretty clear—you have a moisture problem. And that moisture is feeding the mold that you see, and the mold you don’t see.   That also means there is a leak somewhere or standing water somewhere in the home. This can easily happen from storm damage, an old roof with worn out shingles, gutters that have been full of debris for a while and left to repeatedly overflow, plumbing leaks, even seepage through masonry or brick walls (especially old brick), and other causes.  And even if it’s a small leak, if it’s enough to raise the indoor humidity above 45-50%, that’s enough to cause mold and bacteria growth.  And yes, if your home as that musty mildew smell, you’ve probably got mold.
That excess moisture in the home feeds mold and bacteria growth, so the first tool to use would a quality home dehumidifier, and preferably one with a drain hose so you’re not emptying buckets every 3 hours.  A portable dehumidifier is a powerful tool that can drop humidity levels 20% or more in 2-3 days (depending on temperature, degree of moisture problem, etc.  Once you get the humidity down below 40% (30-35% is usually optimal), you’ll probably notice that the mildew smell is significantly less and after a few days can be completely gone.  While that dehumidifier is keeping moisture down, search out the leaks or water sources and fix them.
The other great tool to employ to help get rid of mold is UV light air cleaners in the ducts of your air conditioner. UV light air purifiers with true laboratory grade 36 watt bulbs deliver enough light units to destroy the cell structure of mold spores bacteria and other organisms, and even destroy their DNA with repeated exposure.  That means, with one of these systems mounted in the air conditioner ducts you can kill over 95% of these live airborne pollutants so that they can’t continue to grow and produce more mold in your home.  

And what many people don’t realize is that often, the coil in their air conditioners and the duct work are both breeding grounds for mold and bacteria since the coil constantly produces moisture from condensation. So if you have a UV system killing mold spores forming or being released, you’ve significantly cut down the chances of any of them spreading more mold growth to your home.
Obviously, if you see black mold or have heavy visible mold in your home, you probably need to call the mold remediation experts to get some advice or have them deal with it (usually safer in those situations).  But if you’re a do it yourself type person and it’s not too severe, you can definitely use portable dehumidifiers and UV light air cleaners as powerful tools to control and get rid of mold.  And even if you do have mold remediation experts do a clean-up job, you’ll want to definitely keep an eye on the indoor humidity and use a dehumidifier and UV light air purifier combination to make sure it doesn’t come back.  TIP: Buy dehumidifiers online to get the best quality units and value--department stores typically buy in bulk and their units are often not the most effective or the best buy.

As a final note, there is a new product on the market now from a company called Sanosil. This company produces a fogger unit with a special ‘sporocidal disinfectant’ that uses a peroxide and silver ion solution to destroy mold and its DNA , leaving no residue. Using a Sanosil treatment as an extra step can also be very powerful for killing mold and preventing its return.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com sells the best quality mold control products, UV light air cleaners, quiet home dehumidifiers and more, all at cheap discount prices with free shipping, every day due to our extremely low overhead. So if you need a dehumidifier, a portable air purifier, a Sanosil unit with sporocidal disinfectant, or a UV light air cleaner system for your air conditioner, you'll get the best deal possible from us--just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We're here to help!
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Friday, April 18, 2014

Whole House Air Cleaners: Cost Effective Allergy & Asthma Control in Your Home.

If you have allergies, especially if you also have indoor pets, you’re probably constantly on the lookout for effective ways to control or eliminate those allergies or asthma attacks, and maybe help you save money at the same time. Obviously, making sure the air is clean—getting rid of airborne dust, dust mites, mold spores, etc–can make a big difference, but buying several quality portable room air purifiers is often too expensive. And then if you do buy multiple portable electronic air cleaners, you got several sets of filters to replace and that’s even more time and money.
One of the best solutions is to buy a whole house air purifier system that attaches to your air conditioner ducts. If you buy one a quality unit, such as one from Aller Air, it will filter out over 99% of any particles down to 0.3 microns, as well as any chemical residues that cause allergic reactions, too. That’s because Aller Air whole house air cleaners include a top-quality HEPA filter and anywhere from 24 to 28 pounds of super-activated carbon in a separate carbon filter. Most whole house air cleaners don’t have this much carbon and neither do most of your portable air cleaners, so the whole house unit is going to do a better job of removing allergy and asthma-causing chemical residues, as well as odors.
Buying one of the  best furnace air cleaner systems is a very good choice for those with allergies or asthma, not just because it filters all of the air with one unit, but because there is only one set of filters to change. And with that unit constantly cleaning the air in your home, where we all spend the majority of our time, you can bet you’ll spend less on allergy or asthma medications, too, simply because the things that cause most of the reactions have been removed from the air. We do recommend Aller Air more than any other whole house air purifier simply because they have better filters that last 3-5 years, and have been proven over time to offer effective allergy and asthma symptom reduction.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com sells only the best  whole house air purifier systems with long-lasting, top-quality HEPA and carbon filters proven to remove more allergy and asthma causing pollutants from the air than any other air cleaner. And since we’re an online store with very low overhead, that allows us to sell these amazing air purifiers at cheap, discount ‘outlet’ prices, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help answer your questions and help you get the relief you deserve!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

HEPA Air Purifiers for Dog Hair: Two Excellent Pet Air Cleaner Values

Dog hair is not only an allergen for many people--it’s also a real nuisance and causes a lot of extra cleaning if the dog stays indoors a lot and sheds hair and fur everywhere.  Obviously, one of the best things you can do that will not only clean up the air, but also reduce the need for vacuuming and mopping is to purchase a quality pet air purifier. And to help you cut through all the excess information on the web about pet air cleaners, we’ve picked to units that are proven to do an excellent job of removing the hair, dander and odors without breaking the bank.
Our first pick is the Austin Pet Machine. This time-honored pet air cleaner features long lasting HEPA and carbon filters, as well as a pre-filter (very important for dog or cat hair) and a strong output so that it can clean up the air in a room quickly.  The Austin Pet Machine can move up to 400 cubic feet of air per minute, which means it will clean all of the air in an average room in about 2 minutes---and keep it clean as long as it’s running. With that level of output, the Pet Machine can cover up to 1500 square feet with one unit, which is a real value.
The Austin Pet Machine also features 15 pounds of carbon and zeolite to remove odors-that’s right, 15 pounds, not 15 ounces of carbon in a thin foam sheet as many so-called pet air purifiers offer.   The pre-filter is critically important, too, since it removes airborne dog hair and larger dander particles and prevents premature clogging of the other filters. With the pre-filter in place, the Austin Pet Machine’s filters usually last 4-5 years—not 4-5 months as with some other air purifiers. And, it’s affordable—only $594.99 with free shipping from our store below—which is much less than than similar air cleaners like IQ Air and others that typically cost $1000 or more and don’t cover as much space with one unit.  If you have strong odors, however, we recommend the Austin HealthMate Plus, which has extra strong odor removing carbon, as well as the HEPA.

The other main dog hair air cleaner we recommend is the inexpensive Winix P450 Large Room Air Cleaner. It’s a good bit cheaper, coming in at $299, includes a good HEPA filter, ions to enhance the HEPA filter’s efficiency, and can handle up to 450 square feet with one unit. This air cleaner doesn’t have a lot of carbon—has only a thin sheet of carbon to remove some odors, but if removing dog hair on a budget is the goal, this one will do a great job of reducing allergies, removing dog dander, and saving you some money. The only downside is that the filters typically only last about a year and cost about $100 to replace. Other than that, it’s a great unit.  Both the Pet Machine and Winix P450 are highly portable and look great in your home so either are a great choice—but if you can spend a little more up front, we recommend the Austin Pet Machine or HealthMate Plus for overall best value.

Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is your #1 best source for top-rated dog hair removal purifiers that are excellent for removing dog hair and dander, and quickly reducing allergies.  And since we’re an online store with low overhead, we gladly pass these savings on to you with best cheap discount prices every day and FREE SHIPPING. If you have any pet air cleaner or pet dander questions, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Portable Home Air Purifiers: Quality vs. Cheap Units—Is it Worth The Extra Money?

When it comes to portable home air filtration systems, there are a ton of air cleaners to choose from in just about as many price ranges, with different features, etc. You have the super cheap air purifiers at department stores like Walmart, many of which do a pretty good job of cleaning the air for the money, all the way up to Aller Air and IQ Air units that do a much better job of cleaning the air, but cost two to three times as much, as well. Is it worth it?
The answer to that question depends on several factors. First of all, your better portable air scrubbers are going to have better, longer lasting HEPA and carbon filters, a stronger output to handle larger spaces and they’re usually much quieter than cheaper units. But whether you want to spend the extra money or not on a room air purifier usually depends on 1) how polluted your indoor air is, 2) whether you have any significant degree of allergy, sinus, or respiratory issues, 3) where you live—since the air conditioner is always bringing in air from the outside, 4) how concerned you are about maintaining your best health, and 5) whether you’d like to change filters every 3-6 months or every 4-5 years.
If you’re not too concerned about your indoor air and have a few allergies, a cheaper portable room air purifier with a good HEPA filter might be enough for you. If you have more severe allergies, asthma, or MCS, however, making sure the air is super clean is very important, and only the better air cleaners are going to clean the air sufficiently to noticeably reduce symptoms. 
The more expensive units usually have better HEPA filters that last longer, ions to increase efficiency, and often significant amounts of carbon that remove chemicals and odors that cheap air filters can’t. And, your best air scrubbers, like Aller Air, Austin Air, for example, have filters that can last up to 5 years, which makes them almost maintenance free. A cheaper air scrubber will often need filter replacements every 3-6 months, which can be time consuming and expensive.
Cheap air purifiers also usually aren’t sealed as well, which means they’re going to allow polluted air to blow around the filter and other areas which pushes polluted air back into your room. Cheap air cleaners also usually don’t have much of a warranty, if any, and usually need replacing in a year or two. If that doesn’t bother you, great. But most of us are too busy to have more trouble and expense added to our home by an appliance that doesn’t last.
Your best bet is to buy a quality portable room air scrubber the first time and get super clean air from then on, without worrying about the unit, how clean the air is or any of that. Quality home air scrubbers like Aller Air, Austin Air and Blueair all come with great warranties of 5-10 years so you’re not left holding the bag if something breaks. So, all things considered, a better air purifier might cost a little more on the front end, but you’ll get cleaner air, better health, and a lot fewer headaches by spending that extra amount.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com sells only the most affordable, best quality portable home air filtration unit, with long-lasting HEPA and carbon filters and great warranties so you can get the clean air you want without a bunch of hassle. And since we’re an online store with very low overhead, that means SUPER LOW PRICES and FREE SHIPPING for you, every day. If you have any questions, just give one of our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Stop Wondering About Your Air Quality and Get Answers with Handheld Indoor Air Quality Meters & Home Test Kits

So many people deal with allergies, sinus and other conditions and wonder if the indoor air in their home or office could be polluted with mold, bacteria, chemicals or other pollutants. Years ago, the only way to tell if those pollutants or particles were present was to see mold, for example, accumulating on the wall or have specific symptoms. Now, however, both handheld indoor air quality monitors and test kits are quite affordable and some can even give you answers in seconds.
Laser particle counters, such as those from Dylos Corporation, are now affordable (even the best DC 1100 models are around $300), not thousands of dollars like particle counters used to be. These air monitors can allow you to test the air in any confined space or room and determine in seconds how many particles are floating around and what size they are, which helps determine IF you need an air cleaner, if you air filtration system is working well or not, or if the ducts in your home cleaned properly, and so many other uses. You can even use these handheld air quality meters to ensure that there are no particles floating around when doing painting or similar projects.
Air quality test kits have come a long way too, and now there are affordable test kits for black mold, fiberglass, allergens, bacteria or even VOC’s. Many of them are simple strip-type kits where you just peel back the strip, touch to a surface in the area to be checked, and mail off for lab-grade results in 3-5 days.
There is also an instant check kit for bacteria and mold called Micro Check that will tell you in less than 10 minutes whether you have mold or bacteria in your home or other indoor space. The point is that instead of just wondering why you’re dealing with chronic allergies, sinus infections or other illnesses and spending a lot of time and money going back and forth to the doctor, it might be a good idea to use a couple of indoor air test kits and possibly an air quality monitor to find out if you have a problem with the air in your home or office building that might be causing issues.
These kits and meters can tell you a lot about your home or office indoor air quality, such as whether you need to spend the money on a quality air filtration system or not, which could save a you a lot of money if you don’t really need one. Some people even use laser particle counters and test kits to ensure that a newborn baby’s nursery is clean and free of germs and particles. You can clean and filter the air all day long, but testing is really the only way you’re going to know for sure that a home or room truly has clean air.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com offers only the best DC 1100 air quality detectors from Dylos Corporation and affordable lab-grade air quality test kits that will give you clear information so that you can make sure the air in your home or office building is clean and safe for your family, employees, or customers.
And since we’re an online store with extremely low overhead, that allows us to offer these test kits and handheld meters at the cheapest discount prices possible–with free shipping every day and great customer service. If you have any questions, just give one of our indoor air quality experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Ultraviolet Light Air Cleaners: A Smart Tool for Mold Remediation Companies and Homeowners

If you’re in the mold remediation business—the obvious goal is to get rid of the existing mold and prevent and future regrowth or air pollution. Sometimes that’s a lot easier said than done, though, and many times the mold starts coming back after a short time. Mold remediation services usually include a range of techniques to safely remove existing mold, mold treatments/chemical disinfectant and sometimes finding & fixing the source of excess moisture. A very smart additional technique to use or offer to your clients that will enhance the effectiveness of your mold removal methods is to offer germicidal UV air filter systems mounted in the air conditioner ducts and portable air purifier units with UV.
As you probably know, UV light has been used for many years to sanitize just about everything from water to surfaces in the healthcare and medical industries, to kill mold in various places, etc. Adding quality ultraviolet lights to the air conditioners or portable air cleaners will do much the same thing and can be a really powerful additional tool for health. This way, any remaining bacteria or mold spores that flow into the ducts or the air cleaner will be exposed to high levels of UV-C light rays, which destroys the cell structure of most bacteria and mold spores, and destroys their DNA, rendering them incapable of reproducing.  So you can see that using UV lights for mold would enhance any remediation treatments that have been performed. If you're a homeowner and have or had mold, it's best to have both duct mounted and portable units with UV running in your home.
Do make sure, however, that the ultraviolet air purifier systems you choose or offer include true 36 watt lab-grade bulbs for duct mounted systems or at least 20 watts for portable air purifiers. Lesser wattage bulbs simply don’t work as well and you don’t want to use something that is going to do an inferior job of disinfecting the air--which means it will leave live germs in the air.  If you're a mold remediation provider, it can really help to have a strong portable UV light air cleaner running in the home while you're working to help protect workers and the homeowner.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com offers only the best quality, UV light air purifiers, both portable and duct mounted systems.  And since we are an online store with low overhead, that means cheap discount prices with free shipping for you, every day. If you have any questions about UV light air purification or anything indoor air quality related, just give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Austin Air Systems: Some of the Best Air Purifier Values on the Market!

When you're looking for a quality air purifier for your home, room or office to help control allergies or other ailments, two main considerations come to the forefront: effectiveness and price. And when it comes to Austin air purifiers, you've got the best of both worlds, with some of the best carbon for removing odors, top-quality HEPA filters, and affordable pricing.
Austin's original air cleaner, the HealthMate, began giving much more expensive air cleaners a tough run for their money by offering a full 15 pounds of carbon / zeolite for effective odor and chemical removal plus a medical grade HEPA filters plus 5 year warranties on the unit and filters--for less than $600. Compare that to IQ Air or other higher priced air cleaners and the difference is obvious.
Most other air purifiers, other than Aller Air, don't include nearly as much real, activated carbon and consequently, don't remove as many chemicals and the filters don't last as long. Austin Air Healthmate filters can last up to 5 years--not 5 months like a lot of other air purifier filters. That saves you a lot of money on replacement filters--on top of the quality air cleaning offered by the unit.
Austin's Allergy Machine is a tough one to beat, too, because is not only has a medical grade HEPA filter but also includes military grade carbon for some of the best odor and airborne chemical & smoke removal. This is the same carbon used in military gas masks, so you know it has to work very well.  The Bedroom Machine has all three--a medical grade HEPA, 15 pounds of carbon / zeolite, plus the military grade carbon in the Allergy Machine, with sound insulation that helps the unit stay quiet for use in bedrooms and other sleeping areas. The Bedroom Machine is still less than $800, which is still a good bit less than any comparable air cleaners on the market. And all of them can handle up to 1500 square feet with one unit. Try that competitors!
You simply can't go wrong with an Austin Air cleaner. Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com proudly sells all Austin Air Systems air cleaners, including HealthMate, Allergy Machine, Bedroom Machine, Pet Machine and all Austin replacement filters--all the BEST, cheapest discount prices possible with FREE SHIPPING, due to our low overhead. If you have any questions, call our experts toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We'll make sure you get a great deal and get the information you need
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Got Pets with Allergies & Asthma? A Portable Humidifier May Be The Answer

Pets who have allergies are often a real puzzle for their owners, trying to figure out exactly what is causing the problem. And while any people realize now that our cats, dogs, birds and other indoor animals can react to indoor air pollutants like dust, mold, etc in a similar way to humans, the problem of dry air is just now being recognized as a correctable issue that causes sinus and respiratory irritation for many of our pets. 
Overly dry indoor air happens for a variety of reasons, but most commonly, our air conditioners that run continuously and remove too much moisture from a home coupled with cooler outside temperatures results in overly dry indoor air with a humidity of 20% or less. When the outdoor air in cooler, it naturally doesn’t hold as much moisture so when that dry air is brought into a home and then cooled and further dehydrated, this can create a dry air situation inside. As a result, our indoor pets can easily develop dry skin, sinus and respiratory tissues that become inflamed.
The solution to dry indoor air that is bothering your pet is very similar to what we would do for ourselves—use a portable electric humidifier. By using a top-rated home humidifier with a built in hygrometer, you can easily set the unit to maintain whatever humidity level provides relief for your cat, dog, bird or other pet. You’ll probably want to choose a room humidifier that has filters to prevent mold and bacteria growth in the water and if you choose an ultrasonic unit, get one with a demineralization cartridge or filter to prevent minerals in the water from creating a white ‘dust’.
If you don’t want to deal with filters, you can choose the original filterless humidifier—a steam humidifier. These units are usually small, quiet, and boil the water before releasing moisture, which leaves behind any minerals and kills any bacteria or mold that might be in the water—but keep any steam humidifiers out of reach of children or your pet as the mist coming out is usually quite hot and can burn. The bottom line is this: if your pet is still struggling with allergies and you’ve already cleaned up the air with an air purifier, dry air very well may be the remaining problem so a quality room humidifier may solve the problem. One good brand we consistently get good reviews for is Stadler Form USA, so check them out.
Air Purifiers and Cleaners.com is your best online source for the best rated home humidifiers that quickly, quietly and accurately adjust the moisture in your home to perfect levels, often bringing fast allergy, asthma, and respiratory relief for you and any indoor pets you may have. And since we’re an online store with low overhead, this allows us to sell these amazing home humidifiers at cheap discount prices every day, with free shipping every day. If you have any questions about indoor air quality, air cleaning or humidifiers, give our experts a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re always here to help—and the information is always free.
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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Industrial Air Filtering Systems: Increasing Productivity & Reducing Liabilities For Pennies A Day

It would be ridiculous to go into business with the hope of not making much money. And you certainly wouldn’t go into business without insurance that protects you from things that can destroy your business, right? Well, what’s interesting that many industrial and commercial business owners actually operate their businesses with harmful chemical fumes and dust in the air, and do not have proper air filtration.  That's a lot like jumping on a motorcycle without a helmet and driving as fast as you can every day—not a good idea.
A simple way to not only eliminate liability created by poor air quality, and increase productivity, is to have a professional evaluate your air quality situation, put together an effective commercial-grade air filtration system and install it. That way, you’ve done it right the first time and you’ve got proper fume & dust removal every day you’re open for business. 
And over the life of the equipment, you’re literally talking about pennies per day for ‘insurance’ against lawsuits from employee health issues, OSHA fines for noncompliance with their ventilation standards, and other liabilities.  A couple of  companies that offers excellent industrial air purifiers that are customizable for any situation are Electrocorp and Amaircare.  Both offer portable air cleaners, commercial HEPA air cleaning units for  contractors, office air scrubbers, air sanitizers, and more, with heavy duty, rugged units, the most powerful filters in the world, and a 10 year warranty. With all that, it’s not hard to understand why we recommend them.
It’s important, again, to have a professional evaluate your air filtration needs.  There are a lot of industrial air filtration systems on the market, and not getting the right combination of filters or units can leave you under-cleaning the air, which can create health problems and cause you to be non-compliant with OSHA regulations, which could cost you a fortune in fines.  Your industrial air quality specialist will evaluate how many stations, the square footage of the building, and use other factors to determine the minimum requirements and best combination of units to give you clean air in the workplace. 
Most of the time, if you have source capture units in place at each station and have a general air purification system running to remove any remaining pollutants and give you the required number of air changes per hour, you should be fine.  As always, however, it is best to also check with your local or Federal OSHA.gov office for additional information on ventilation requirements, etc.
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