Sunday, June 30, 2013

Extend the Life of HEPA & Carbon Filters with Pre-Filters

Tired of HEPA and carbon filters that don’t seem to last, or have to be replaced too soon?  It’s not always the case, but too often, prematurely clogged HEPA and / or carbon block filters are caused by not replacing prefilters every 2-3 months, which causes particles that have been trapped by the pre-filter to begin to slip through.

Another issue that causes pre-filters to ‘fail’ is over-vacuuming. Vacuuming carbon & HEPA air purifier pre-filters is usually fine to do one time, but after that, the electrostatic charge of properly made pre-filters tends to go away and when that charge isn’t there to hold particles, they begin to slip through and clog the HEPA and carbon filters, causing unnecessarily premature main filter replacements.

Truth is, if you want the best performance and maximum life from your HEPA & carbon filters, you must replace the used pre-filters with new, ‘full-charge’ pre-filters every 2-3 months, and sometimes sooner—and you can only vacuum once. Also be sure to use replacement air purifier pre-filters from the manufacturer of your air cleaner or purification system.

Cheap, large packages of cut-to-fit pre-filter material, are not going to work the same as proper pre-filters from your air purifier’s manufacturer. In the event that your air cleaner does not have a pre-filter, we do recommend that you use something like that cut-to-fit filter material, but make sure it is electrostatic to make sure it does the best job possible of protecting your HEPA and carbon filters.

Replacement air cleaner pre-filters is  just a small necessary cost to ensure proper performance of the air cleaner you bought to improve indoor air quality—and in reality, HEPA and carbon pre-filters only amount to a few cents a day, but prevent potentially hundreds of dollars in extra HEPA and carbon filter changes.

At Air Purifiers and, we sell HEPA and carbon purifier pre-filters for several top air purifier brands such as Austin Air (HM400 series), Aller Air and others. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day.

If you have any questions about air purification, pre-filters, or anything indoor air quality related, give us a call at 1-800-701-2513. We have air filtration experts standing by to help!

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Replacement Carbon Air Filters: Key to Controlling Odors & Airborne Chemicals

Odors and airborne chemicals bother a lot of people at home and the office, and create health hazards in some commercial and industrial settings. And many individuals and business owners use commercial air purifiers or filtration systems with carbon or charcoal air filters to absorb these odors and chemicals. The problem, however, is that sometimes these carbon filters don’t get replaced on time or when they’ve become saturated and that often creates a hazardous situation.
Why? As carbon becomes saturated, the dangerous toxic chemicals or odors that you’re depending on the air purifier to remove stop ‘sticking’ to the carbon or charcoal granules or pieces. That means the air that is passing through the activated carbon filter is now just ‘passing through’ and not being cleaned. And usually we tend to only notice that we need to buy replacement activated carbon air filters when we have an increase in allergies, respiratory problems, or notice that the odors and smells are back. And military grade carbon filters are no exception—it’s still carbon and it still becomes saturated.
The problem with waiting that long to replace your carbon air filters is that by the time we start to have issues, some damage has already been done to our internal tissues or to the perception of our business—such as at restaurants, gyms or sports & fitness centers. Unpleasant odors sticking around can make a business lose customers, and for industrial or commercial sites or shops, those odors can make working there a real problem for employees—which can result in OSHA complaints and fines, higher insurance rates, lower production and more. 
 The good news is that all of these unpleasant things can be avoided by replacing carbon or charcoal air filters on time or maybe a little before, to ensure that hazardous chemicals and unpleasant odors don’t cause problems.  Even premium activated charcoal filters for high-quality air filtration systems  aren’t that expensive when you consider that it only costs a few cents a day to ensure good health or protect your business. Don’t, however, buy cheap carbon filters and try to make them fit your air purifier or filtration system: they will not work as well, may actually cause an increase in air pollution, and could void the warranty on your air purifier. Not worth it.
At Air Purifiers and, we sell the best replacement carbon air filters for both home and industrial or commercial air filtration systems, for all the best air purifier brands like Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Electrocorp, Tiger, Winix, and Stadler Form.
And since we are an online store and don’t have the overhead of traditional stores, we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day. Call us toll free if you need more information: 1-800-701-2513. We have air filtration experts standing by!
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Use HEPA Air Filters to Enjoy Antiques-Without Allergies, Illness

Lots of people enjoy antiques & collectibles, but often these items bring with them a lot of dust, mold, and other particles that increase allergies and cause illness—especially if you work with antiques, spend a lot of time around them, or keep a lot of antiques in your house.
Mold sets up in wood and stays there because it loves organic material (from nature) and there’s usually just enough moisture in the air to help it grow. And soon, with that moisture, bacteria also find suitable places to grow.
Even if the antiques are dry and dusty, they most likely at some point developed mold—which is where a lot of that ‘antique smell’ comes from. And if we spend a lot time around these wonderful items in rooms or indoors without a proper HEPA air filter, we will be breathing that mixture of mold, dust, bacteria, etc—which often leads to increased allergies & other health issues.
So if you have an air purifier with a certified HEPA filter, be sure to use it where you keep or store the antiques, especially if people are walking in and out of that room frequently—so you and they don’t get a big dose of potentially infectious particle-polluted indoor air every time you or they walk in the room. And be sure to buy the replacement HEPA air purifier filters regularly to ensure that this dust, mold, and bacteria are being removed properly, for maximum allergy reduction and illness prevention--and reduced odors.
Replacement certified true HEPA air cleaner filters are not that expensive when you consider that they usually last a couple of years or more and they only amount to a few cents a day to keep you enjoying your antiques and collectibles without the allergies, mold, dust, respiratory problems, etc. 
You probably bought a quality portable HEPA room air purifier to clean up the indoor air and reduce allergies, so be sure to move it around as needed, especially to rooms where HEPA filtration is needed most, to get the maximum value from your HEPA air cleaner. And if you have the choice, choose antibacterial HEPA filters, such as those from Winix, Inc. for extra protection from bacteria.
At Air Purifiers and, we sell the best replacement HEPA air filters for some of the best air purifier brands—Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Winix, Tiger, Vapor Eze, and Electrocorp, for both home and commercial applications.
And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we pass those savings on to you with low prices and free shipping every day. We also have indoor air quality experts available to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513! We’re standing by to help!
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Friday, June 28, 2013

Replacement Air Filters: Just as Important as Insurance.

We buy insurance to help safeguard against costs associated with life’s unexpected events, to help cover the associated extra expenses, etc. You’ve heard the saying ‘An ounce of prevention…is worth a pound of cure’, right? With respect to replacement HEPA or charcoal air cleaner filters, when they are replaced on a regular basis, they can truly be a powerful source of illness prevention, reducing the chances of hospital visits, increased allergies, etc.
Whether it’s a hospital, home, room, office or industrial work shop or site, replacing your air cleaner’s filters literally can mean the difference between good health and poor health–or high expenses and low expenses—or good quality of life or poor quality of life. Why? When air purifier filters become clogged, the polluted air begins to push back out the sides of the air cleaner and around the air filter’s seals around the edges. This means polluted air is being blown out and circulated more than if you did not have an air cleaner, which can increase allergies and air quality related illness.
With regard to carbon or charcoal cartridge filters, when they become saturated, the chemical or gas pollutants that the filter was trapping now do not ‘stick’ to the carbon or charcoal as the air passes through. That means, again, that polluted air is blowing through the air cleaner and circulating more polluted air than without an air purifier, which increases the chances of allergies or allergy symptoms, asthma, or other poor indoor air quality related illnesses—even OSHA complaints and fines if it’s an industrial business.
The best solution is to simply order replacement air purifier filters and UV-C lamps from the manufacturer on time or a little before to ensure the best air quality and maximum illness & allergy prevention. Even the best replacement industrial air cleaner filter kits only cost a few dollars a month, but can prevent the loss of hundreds or thousands of dollars due to health care expenses, OSHA fines, lawsuits, and more.
Replacement home or room air purifier filters are even cheaper, and only amount to a few cents a day to ensure good health for you and your family. As we see it, replacement air filters are as important or maybe more important than insurance in some ways because they can sharply reduce the chances of needing to use insurance! We do recommend that you always get your air purifier filters from the same manufacturer as the air cleaner for best fit, no leakage, and best air filtration performance.
Cheap aftermarket air cleaner filters, cut-to-fit, etc., don’t work very well and may actually increase indoor air pollution, so again, be sure to order your replacement filters from an authorized dealer for the manufacturer of your air cleaner.
At Air Purifiers and, we sell the best replacement air cleaner filter kits for air purifier manufacturers like Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Tiger, Winix, Electrocorp, (industrial air cleaner systems, HEPA filters, carbon or charcoal filter cartridges, pre-filters, etc.) and others.
And since we are an online store without the overhead of traditional stores, we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day. If you have any replacement air filter questions, call us toll -free at 1-800-701-2513.
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Whole House Air Purification Systems: Breathe Easier, Sleep Better in One Easy Step.

Many people are becoming aware of the amount and different types of indoor air pollutants present in the majority of homes, and that cleaning up the air can provide much easier breathing, relief from allergies & asthma, better sleep and more energy the next day. Did you know that common house dust mites and their body parts, secretions, waste, etc are responsible for almost 60% of all asthma cases? It’s true. So removing the dust and dust mites with a whole house air cleaner’s HEPA filter can make a huge difference for those with asthma.
To clean up the air in every room, you could purchase a quality portable electronic air cleaner for each room at $500-800 each—or you could buy one of the best whole home air cleaners that attaches to the air conditioner and cleans the air in every room with one unit for around $1100-1500. And the best furnace air filtration systems usually include true HEPA filters and carbon filters to remove over 99% of all particles, dust, dust mites, mold spores, odors, chemicals and other household pollutants.
Which one sounds like a smarter idea? Exactly. A deluxe full home electronic HEPA air cleaner system can save you a lot of money, clean the air in the entire house, and only require one set of filter changes every couple of years. That gives you full home air electronic purification at a big discount. Makes sense to me!
A couple of other advantages of buying a deluxe whole house HEPA air purifier, is that they are very good for saving space, especially in small homes or town houses where space is limited and you don’t have room for several portable air purifier units to be sitting on the floor, getting in the way. And since the whole house air cleaner system attaches to the furnace or HVAC ducting, it’s usually kept out of sight, and there’s only one unit so it wouldn’t even get in the way in that area, either.
With electronic full house air cleaner systems, in 24-48 hours, you can literally begin to breathe easier, sleep better, and have more energy. And, you’ll even see a reduction in cleaning and dusting time and costs since the air filtration system is removing most of the airborne dust that would settle on furniture, walls, floors, etc.
Air Purifiers and sells only the best whole house air cleaner systems, replacement filters, and more from Aller Air. Aller Air is known for high-quality, affordable air filtration systems that are rated #1 for allergy, asthma, and MCS sufferers.
And, since we’re an online store without the overhead of traditional store, we can pass those savings on to you with the best discount prices and free shipping every day. Call us toll free at 1-800-701-2513 with any questions you may have. Our whole home air purification experts are standing by to help!
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fume Extractors: A Must for Arts, Crafts, Restoration?

When someone says "fume extractor", most people think of an industrial application such as welding, soldering, chemical handling, or something like that. But when you think about crafts, art restoration or other related applications where lots of paints, solvents, fixatives, and other material that release fumes & gases, it not only makes sense to consider buying a fume extractor-it could mean the difference between health and serious illness.
In fact, most solvents, paints, fixatives, thinners, etc., contain high levels of volatile organic compounds or VOC’s and other harmful chemicals. How harmful are they? Well, research shows that repeated exposure, even at low to medium levels, causes various cell mutations, brain dysfunction, even cancer. And the real issue is that when these chemical fumes and vapors do their damage and it goes beyond a certain point, the damage is not reversible, which means that the organ or part of the body affected will deteriorate and die at certain point, long before it would have without the pollutants. That means life has been shortened, and no one wants that—especially when you’re doing something you love to do.
Fume collection systems are easy to find, and they are actually quite affordable, all things considered. There are quite a few manufacturers of portable fume and gas extractors on the market. The main thing to watch for is a sufficient amount of activated carbon in the fume collector’s filters or filtration system. Activated carbon is the main ingredient that is able to trap or capture the chemicals, so the more carbon there is, the better fume capturing job it’s going to do, and the longer the filter will last, which saves you money on filter replacements.
One particular manufacturer that has especially powerful fume extractors is Electrocorp or Aller Air (same manufacturer). They have a type of carbon called Vocarb that is specially activated to be several times more powerful for capturing fumes, gases, vapors, & VOC’s and they are made to work with industrial or commercial applications & high levels of airborne chemicals. From our experience they produce some of the best gas collection systems that will remove everything from smoke to methane, mercury vapor, hydrogen sulfide, benzene, formaldehyde and much more.
Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized Electrocorp distributor, one of the very best manufacturers of quality industrial and commercial fume extraction systems in the world because of their reputation for quality fume extractors, and high overall value. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores. That means we can pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S.
Whatever chemical, gas, fume, VOC, or particle filtration system you need for your arts, crafts or restoration activities, Electrocorp has a unit for that purpose or can custom design one for you. Call our industrial air filtration experts today for a free consultation at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Industrial Particle Filtration: Collect Dust, Increase Profits

Any business owner is interested in a couple of main things: increase profits and decrease costs or overhead, right? And most of the time business owners aren’t thinking of some of the ‘sideline’ areas that can make a big difference in profits—such as collecting or removing toxic fine and large particles & dust from the workplace.

Installing a quality industrial dust collector can be one of the smartest, best cost-reducing and profit increasing moves you can make as a business owner. And you would think that any business owner who runs a business involving drywall, ceramics, plastics, laser engraving, wood carving would know all of the benefits of dust collection systems, but surprisingly many don’t.

How big of a difference can dust collection make in terms of profits? Removing or extracting industrial dust obviously will first, cut down on cleaning supplies and the employee hours as there is less to clean up. Second, filtering the dust from the air the employees are breathing will cut down on potential allergy, asthma, respiratory or other health problems, and make those respirators last longer as they aren’t getting filled up as quickly. Third, a quality dust collector, especially a cyclone unit will actually make other air filters last longer as the dust collection system is removing particles before they hit the other filters.

Fourth, if a workshop or room has a dust extraction system, this keeps dust out of the line of sight for employees so they can see better when cutting, grinding, carving, drilling, sanding, etc so there will be fewer injuries. Five, extracting toxic dust from the air in the shop helps keeps the dust from being tracked to other areas (and employee homes) which helps prevent contamination and possible contamination or pollution-related lawsuits.

Sixth, if the business involves dust or media that could grow bacteria or viruses, such as flour mills or lab supply companies, a dust collection system that removes that flour dust or media goes a long way toward preventing the spread of bacteria, viruses and illness—and helps prevent product contamination, recalls, etc. Add all those reasons and benefits up and you’ll see that industrial particle removal system can really help your business succeed and keep a very high, positive reputation for quality, safety, and production.

We could go on and on, but the point should be very clear: dust collectors are simple machines that can make a world of difference in reducing costs, liabilities, and increasing profits—as well as taking a world of worry off your mind when you know that any toxic or dangerous dust is constantly being removed.
You have worked so hard to establish a great company—the last thing you want is to have something easily controllable like dust ruin years of hard work with loss of production, lawsuits, OSHA fines, and even higher insurance rates. And, if you choose a portable dust collection unit, you can even rent the unit out at several hundred dollars a day for a new source of revenue that will more than pay for the dust collector!

We highly recommend cyclone dust collectors as they remove large particles first and then smaller particles with a HEPA filter—that gives the cyclone unit extended filter life, which saves you money. For high dust concentration rooms or workshops or sites, we recommend adding a portable dust collector system so that the unit can be moved around as needed for extra dust collection in certain rooms or shop areas, and so you can rent it out when not using it. Wood carving, wood working or cabinet shops especially, can benefit greatly from this two-dust collector system (a cyclone unit and a portable dust collector).

Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized distributor of Electrocorp dust collectors, dust filtration systems, industrial cyclone dust filtration units and replacement filters that are perfect for any workshop, wood carving shop, or industrial setting. Electrocorp can easily custom design a dust collection system to meet your needs–at an affordable price.

And because we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of a traditional store. That allows us to pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices, and free shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Call us toll free with your dust removal questions at 1-800-701-2513. Our dust collection experts are standing by to help!

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Commercial Air Cleaners: Reduce Cleaning Supply & Employee Costs?

One of the more significant expenses for most businesses is cleaning and maintenance. And while some areas or events like spills, or routine scheduled cleaning can’t really be avoided, it has been shown that, if you have a proper commercial air cleaner system in place, you’ll not only have much better indoor air quality control, you’ll spend less on cleaning supplies and the employee hours it takes to do it.
Pretty much any business that is operating in any building, work site, warehouse, etc, is naturally going to have dirt, dust, mold, chemicals, even bacteria & viruses build up. Much of this ‘dirt’, however, that settles on the floor, equipment, furniture and other things comes from the dirt, dust, mold, etc. that’s floating in the air. So it makes sense that if you install an industrial or commercial air filtration unit that removes this pollution from the air, there should be less to clean up, right?
That’s exactly right. And, if the air purifier system removes the dirt and dust from the air, then there will be a little less equipment maintenance, or at least it should be easier an take less time = less employee hours to pay for. And—if you purchase a portable industrial air cleaner for one room, office or work site, that means you can take the unit with you to other sites and rooms, or wherever air filtration is needed. And if you can take a portable air scrubber system with you, you’ll probably have less cleaning in that area, too, which reduces cleaning and employee costs in that room or area, too.
If your business involves food or potentially infectious material, adding an industrial air cleaner that is also an air sanitizer can really help reduce the chances of employee illness, downtime, and medical costs. Some non-portable industrial air sanitizers are simply UV light systems that are placed in the duct work of the building’s HVAC system.
Other portable commercial air purifier systems have these UV light air sanitizer bulbs inside the unit, which allows you to take your air filtration and air sanitizer system with you to other rooms, warehouses or offices—just add the UV option to the air purifier when you purchase the unit to get the air sanitizer function.
And don’t be fooled—even if you don’t think you have any air pollution, you do. It’s just a matter of how much, what types, and how long before they cause problems. Actually, if you see dust of any kind, you have air pollution and if you install a commercial pollution removal system to remove that dust and other pollutants, there will be less need for cleaning products, employee hours, employee illness, etc. Plus, with clean air, you’ll probably see an increase in production and employee performance and overall indoor air quality—for just pennies a day.
Air Purifiers and sells the very best portable and HVAC or air conditioner-based commercial air purifiers, filtrations systems, air scrubbers, air sanitizers, replacement filters, even custom made air filtration systems for any commercial or industrial room, workshop, work site, building, or office situation.
And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores, and we pass the savings on to you with discount prices and free shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S.
If you have any questions, please give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We have industrial air filtration experts standing by who can help you put together the right system for your situation.
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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Best Pet Air Purifier for Cat Dander & Odor?

As much as we love them, our cats do tend to create a little more dander than dogs or birds. And even if they are litter-box trained, they do tend to spread that dander around more than other animals, creating more airborne pollutants that cause allergies, respiratory problems, even asthma attacks. 
So a lot of people wonder which is the best pet air cleaner for cat dander & odor? Well, there are couple of really good air purifiers that are very good for eliminating the large and small hair, skin flakes, and other dander, as well as the odors from urine and other bodily fluids. We recommend first, as our best pet air purifier choice—the Austin Pet Machine pet air cleaner.

The Austin Pet Machine not only has a true HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of allergy and odor-causing particles , but also has a full 15 pounds of activated carbon & zeolite to remove the odors. We have found that you really have to have a sufficient amount of carbon to truly eliminate odors from cat urine and dander—and 15 pounds is usually enough to do a very good job of removing the smell, even if you have multiple cats in your home. And, this pet air purifier can handle large room or living spaces up to 1500 square feet with one unit! The Austin Pet Machine is our first pick because of large room handling capacity, superior odor removal, and price.

Next, we recommend either the Blueair 450E or 650E for either medium or large rooms or pet areas. These Blueair air cleaners, though not designed specifically for pets, have true HEPA air filters and specially activated carbon that absorbs cat dander, dust, & urine odors very well with less carbon. And the 450E & 650E units are great for use with pets because they also include healthy negative ions (no ozone) that destroy airborne bacteria and viruses that are often attached to tiny litter & fecal particles. Definitely don’t want to breathe that! The ions also help freshen the air and really help remove cat smells, for example, in confined spaces. Plus, the 450E and 650E Blueair air purifiers come with a remote control and automatic air quality sensors. When cat dander or odors are detected, the unit turns on and cleans the air automatically, reducing allergies & respiratory problems immediately. 

Our next pick is the Winix Ultimate Pet Air Cleaner, around $300. This is one of the best HEPA pet air purifier values because it offers HEPA filtration, activated carbon and ions for odors, and a remote control for around $300—pretty hard to beat, except that you don’t get a lot of carbon and it won’t remove the cat urine or dander & hair odors as well as a Blueair air cleaner or an Austin Pet Machine. The Winix 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Cleaner is a low-cost, high quality pet air purifier, however, and does remove 99.97% of the particles from cat hair, dander, litter, as well as dog hair, bird dust, and other animal dander. And, it does a fair job of removing the odors. So if you don’t have a lot of cat odor or smells but need a good, low cost pet air purifier, the Winix 9500 is probably your best bet.

At Air Purifiers and, we sell only the best air purifiers for pet odor and dander, replacement filters, test kits, and more. And since we’re an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we pass those savings on to you with cheap, discount prices, and free shipping every day.

If you’re still not sure which pet air purifier is best for the cat, dog, bird dust, dander or odors in your home or room, call us toll-free today with any questions at 1-800-701-2513. Our indoor air quality experts are standing by to help!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Home Air Purifiers: Breathe 99% Less Air Pollution in One Easy Step

It has been proven that virtually all homes, rooms and even offices, have significant levels of air pollutants like mold, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, chemical vapors, and more. And since a home is a closed environment, that means that most of these pollutants are trapped indoors where we are spending over 90% of our time these days. And that means we’re breathing polluted air over 90% of the time—if we don’t have an air purification system or portable room air cleaner in place.
And if we’re breathing polluted air, so are our families, children and babies. It’s no wonder that a lot of people deal with daily allergies, asthma and other health problems. A simple solution is to clean up the air in our homes, rooms and offices with a quality portable HEPA air cleaner. Portable home air purifiers with true HEPA filters and activated carbon filters can remove as much as 99.97% of all pollutants floating around in in the indoor air. And it just makes sense—many of us drink filtered water to keep from drinking harmful pollutants. Why wouldn’t we want to filter the air and breathe clean, odor-free, and pollutant-free air?
 If we purchase a top-rated home purifier and breathe 99% less air pollution, it makes sense that we could experience a lot, maybe 99% less allergies, colds, flu, and other health problems. It’s especially important for the elderly or those in retirement homes to breathe clean air, too, as their immune systems are often not working as well. Those with pets often need pet air filtration systems even more as they often have 20-30% more indoor air pollution. 
The best top rated home purifiers with HEPA and carbon filters (even with UV light for extra air purification) are easy to find online and usually come with good warranties. Be sure not to buy home or office air cleaners that are only ionic as these do not have HEPA filters or carbon and won’t remove nearly as many pollutants. Like quality home air purifiers, many portable office air cleaners are also fairly cheap and make great gifts, especially for those with severe allergies or asthma. 
Don’t forget about the office, either—many offices contain even more pollutants than the rooms in our homes due to chemicals being released from copiers, carpets, solvents, paints and other pollutants found in the building, used for building maintenance, and more. That means that if we work there every day, a portable air purifier could be really important. And since it’s portable, you could take the air purifier from home to work to make sure you’re breathing the cleanest air possible in both places.
At Air Purifiers and, we sell the very best quality portable air purifiers, replacement HEPA and carbon air filters, and many other tools and supplies to help you breathe the cleanest air possible in your homes, rooms, and offices.
And since we are an online store, we don’t have  the overhead of traditional stores and we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day. Call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 with any questions—our experts are standing by!
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Air Test Kits: Cheap, Do It Yourself Air Quality Testing

So many people wonder what might be floating around in the air in their homes, rooms, and offices, especially if they have chronic illness, allergies, respiratory or other health problems. Now there’s a inexpensive way to know for sure if your indoor air is making you sick—by using DIY air quality test kits.
Homes, offices, and just about any building or enclosed space has the potential for indoor air pollution simply from the materials used in construction, carpets, paint and any products regularly used in or around that space. To accurately test and be sure of what is in the air, now there are The air pollutant test kits for mold, arsenic, asbestos, fiberglass, organic vapors and chemicals, allergens, bacteria, smoke, and just about everything else.
And most of them are easy-to-use test strips that you simply touch to a surface in the room and send off to a lab. Air test kits also let you know kind of air purification system is needed in your home, room or office as well—one that will remove the pollutants that have been found there.
It’s especially important to test the air in a room, apartment or home that you are considering purchasing because you don’t to be walking into a daily dose of disease and allergy-causing pollutants. Definitely spend the $50-$200 on the proper tests and make sure before you move in—it may just prevent illness or even save your life. And if you’re a student looking at a dorm room or apartment, many of these buildings have water or flood damage and mold in the air conditioning systems, walls, and carpets. Unfortunately, however, most of this is never disclosed to prospective tenants. So do yourself, your grades, and your health a favor—get a DIY air test kit and know what you’ll be living in—before you live there!
It is important, however, not to buy cheap indoor air test kits that you see on the internet for somewhere around $10 or $15. Those test kits are usually not as accurate, and don’t use an accredited lab for accurate, quick results. And the last thing you want is an inaccurate result that doesn’t detect something dangerous or mis-diagnoses the problem when the real pollutant is something else. That’s not good for anyone. The best DIY air quality test kits, such as those that we stock, are made by BHC which are very accurate and give you quick results in 3-5 days—which is fast enough to make a decision on whether to buy a house, for example, without losing to another buyer.
At Air Purifies and, we sell only BHC air quality test kits because they are proven and used everywhere in homes, apartments, offices, building and more. And, BHC is known for known for fast, accurate results in 3-5 days or less.
 If you have a particular indoor air quality concern and don’t see the air test kit for it, let us know. We either have that test kit or can create one for your situation. We have indoor air quality experts to standing by to help—give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 with any questions!
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Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers: Cold & Flu Prevention?

Humidifiers are traditionally used for relieving or reducing asthma, COPD, sinus irritation and respiratory issues caused by dry air in homes, rooms, and offices. Recently, however, ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers are getting attention as a great way to help prevent colds & flu—when used in a certain way.
The ‘cool’ thing about ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers is that they don’t use much energy because they don’t use heat to vaporize the air—they use high-frequency sound, and preferably distilled water. When you add 100% pure essential or aromatherapy oils to the water, those oils are highly anti-bacterial and anti-viral, and they become vaporized along with the water.
When that essential oil and distilled water mixture is inhaled, clinical studies show that over 95% of bacteria & viruses that encounter the oils are destroyed. Plus it freshens they air, gives you the mood-elevating benefits of aromatherapy, and the oils increase healthy frequencies in the body to further enhance the immune system. Wow. And yes, you can use an oil ‘vaporizer’ to get some of the same germ-killing benefits, but with a humidifier, you get valuable hydration that reduces inflammation and helps the body get rid of toxins–at the same time.
In fact, many natural health practitioners recommend that parents use a cool mist humidifier for baby rooms, nurseries, even daycare facilities, as well, not only for reducing infant or baby sinus, asthma, or allergy symptoms but for reducing colds, flu, colic, and other infant respiratory problems. Just make sure that you purchase 100% pure aromatherapy-grade essential oils, with no fillers. Cheap oils usually have dangerous fillers in them and you want to avoid those—so use those good parenting skills and definitely read the labels carefully.
And one of the greatest things about small ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers is that they are often very portable so you can take that cold, flu, and germ protection with you wherever you go! And—they’re usually inexpensive (often priced under $30-40). Talk about cheap antibiotics! Using an ultrasonic humidifier with the essential oils plus a portable room air cleaner can virtually eliminate the chances of children coming in contact with illness-causing pollutants in the home.
At Air Purifiers and, we currently sell the best ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers and waterless vaporizers, but we will soon be offering several other types of humidifiers for homes, rooms, offices and industrial use, to include evaporative and warm mist types, all of which will be filter-less or filter-free so that there are no filters to replace.
And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores and we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day. Call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 with any questions—our experts are standing by!
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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Indoor Air Quality Monitors: An Early Warning System for Industrial & Commercial Pollutants

Indoor air quality monitors or laser particle counters are often purchased by home owners, those with allergies, to detect particles floating in the air, letting them know when air purifiers, filters aren’t working correctly, ducts need cleaning—or if there’s been a new source of particle pollution that has entered their home or room.
On an industrial or commercial level, where dangerous or infectious particles might become airborne, indoor air quality monitors are now being purchased not only for monitoring particle concentrations in the workplace—but also as an early warning system that literally saves lives.
Businesses like laboratories or other highly-controlled confined space environments, for example, cannot afford to have bacterial or other dangerous particles floating in the air and often have commercial air filtration systems in place to prevent this. If there is a leak, however, or the air cleaner system isn’t working properly, you generally wouldn’t know until someone’s health is affected. With a portable indoor air quality monitor or laser particle counter running, however, the particle counter can tell you as soon as any particles of a particular size have become airborne.
The Dylos DC 1100 PRO models, for example, are calibrated to let you see actual particle counts for at least two particles size ranges—normal dust size (fairly large) and those around 0.5 microns—smaller more dangerous particles. With that knowledge, you can immediately take action to evaluate what is in the air and take steps to remove the hazard, if there is one. This can greatly help you avoid OSHA complaints and fines, as well. And the Dylos DC 1100 PRO PC models have a USB port so you can connect to a computer and see the particle counts in graph form.
For patients with compromised immune systems or for ‘clean rooms’ in hospitals where all pollutants must be removed, an air monitor system can let you know when particles are present that should not be there. Surgical areas should always be tested for airborne particles to minimize the chance of post-op infections. With a portable laser particle counter, it’s easy to do. Just plug it in, leave it running and check the numbers before the operation. If there are particles, turn the room air cleaner on or up to clean the air prior to the operation. Simple.
Indoor air monitors can also help you identify the source of the pollution. If you think it’s coming from the duct work, place the air monitor in front of the vent and in about 6 seconds, you’ll know exactly how many particles are being blown out.
Installing a new industrial or commercial air cleaner system in a hospital, lab, manufacturing plant, or any other industrial or commercial business and hoping to be OSHA compliant? Test the ambient air and record the number of particles in the air before and after installation. This will tell you clearly how well that system is working and whether it’s worth the money—or not.
We do highly recommend Dylos DC 1100 indoor air monitors for performance, durability, and low-cost. And they are quite portable so you can take them with you to any area where you would like to test the air.
Air Purifiers and is proud to offer a full line of quality Dylos portable indoor air monitors. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we pass those savings on to you, with low prices and free shipping.
Call us toll-free if you have any questions at 1-800-701-2513. We have air quality experts standing by!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ultraviolet (UV) Air Cleaners: Good for Commercial Applications? You Bet.

Ultraviolet light air purifiers mounted in the ducts of an air conditioner or HVAC system do an excellent job of killing mold, bacteria, algae and other organisms. And most of the time, we think of using these UV air cleaners in home central air conditioning ducts—but they’re actually a very valuable and effective addition to many industrial and commercial air filtration efforts.
Industrial or commercial businesses where infectious organisms such as mold, bacteria, and other germs are routinely present can benefit greatly from having an ultraviolet light air cleaner system in the air conditioning ducts as this will go a long way toward preventing any live infectious agents from floating around and causing a health hazard.
Businesses such as restaurants, bars, laboratories, waste water or water treatment plants, food manufacturing plants, medical or hospital buildings, rooms, and many others would definitely be one step ahead of the competition by having an ultraviolet light air cleaner systems in the central HVAC ducts and prevent virtually any infectious material from getting out and causing health problems.
UV air cleaners also do a great job of freshening the air and getting rid of odors. This is because the negative ions that are generated not only kill bacteria, mold spores, and viruses on contact, but they also break down the organic molecules that are responsible for most odors. The bacteria and virus killing properties and odor removal capabilities make UV air cleaner systems great for veterinary offices, kennels, as well.
So if odors are a problem in your business, a ultraviolet light air purifier system might help a great deal--especially for bars & restaurants where food odors, smoke & other odors are usually present. And according to research, the negative ions generated by ultraviolet air cleaners are also great for decreasing fatigue and reducing stress in the workplace!
Do your homework, however, if your business has various chemicals or other elements present in the air that might not react positively from having a lot of negative or OH- ions present in the air. Some laboratory processes, tests, and chemical reactions may be hampered by the negative ions, so make sure that someone qualified evaluates this potential issue. It’s unlikely that you’ll have an issue, but it’s best to be on the safe side. 
Keep in mind that UV air cleaners are sanitizers, not filters and will not filter out the particles in the air--for the best and safest air quality, install a UV air system in the ducts, and get an industrial air cleaner system, as well.
Also, be sure to buy a few replacement UV bulbs or lamps when you buy your UV air cleaner system as this will ensure that you’re getting them at the lowest price, as prices do tend to go up right when things wear out (i.e. bulbs). And be certain that your bulbs are at least 36 watts—any bulbs with less wattage will not work as well in the air conditioning ducts and won’t kill everything. 36 watt bulbs are the strength used in successful HVAC duct mounted UV air cleaner laboratory tests, so you want to use what research says will definitely do the job.
Air Purifiers and is proud to offer only the very best quality, affordable UV light air purification systems with true 36 watt laboratory-strength bulbs for maximum ability to kill mold, bacteria, viruses and other micro-pollutants often found in home and office indoor air.
Since we are an online store we don’t have the overhead of traditional retail stores, so we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping. If you have any questions about home air purification, testing or anything related to indoor air quality, call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. Our air purification experts are standing by to help!
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Non-Toxic Bed Bug Treatment Spray: Kill Bugs & Eggs Without Pesticides

For a long time, harmful pesticides were used to kill bed bugs, but often these methods did not fully exterminate the bed bugs or kill all of the eggs. Plus, the pesticides leave harmful residues that can affect humans and pets, cause rashes and other problems just as bad as the bed bugs. But the bed bugs to need to be removed as they can cause not only rashes, but also infections, spread viruses, and other illnesses that we don’t need in our homes, and certainly not in hotels!
Now there are non-toxic bed bug treatment product called Bed Bug 911 and Stop Bugging Me that offer a safe alternative to pesticides that uses natural ingredients to kill the bed bugs and their eggs, all at once. This treatment spray has been tested over and over with amazing results and has proven to be the top-rated bed bug extermination and prevention method in many areas of the U.S., and in Europe.
And Bed Bug 911 sells a system along with the treatment spray that virtually guarantees to eliminate all bed bugs and eggs quickly. All you have to do is treat the room, beds & pillows with the bed bug treatment spray, treat the laundry, and then use the Bed Bug 911 mattress covers and pillow encasements or protectors to lock in the bed bugs with the treatment spray so they can’t escape.
Usually in 24-48 hours, the bed bugs and eggs are dead, and since you treated the room as well, any remaining bed bugs have no place to go where they won’t run into the treatment spray and be killed. For cleanup, or to make sure they are gone, wait two weeks and treat again. Usually, you need one bottle of spray per room / bed / pillows. And since the product is non-toxic to humans and pets, you won’t have to worry about pesticide cleanup either.
Bed Bug 911 offers your complete solution to exterminating the bed bugs once and for all with quality mattress covers or encasements, pillow protectors, treatment spray (small travel size, regular spray bottle, and gallon refills for larger rooms and hotels)—everything you need to remove bed bugs from your life! You see all the pictures of bed bug bites on the internet—this doesn’t have to be you anymore. Kill them once and for all, safely and naturally—with Bed Bug 911 treatment products.
Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized Bed Bug 911 distributor, offering all Bed Bug 911 products and services (extermination services only in NY and NJ), bed bug mattress covers, pillow protectors, treatment sprays and more for home and hotel use, at discount prices and FREE SHIPPING every day.  And don't forget to consider getting a portable room air purifier to ensure that you're not breathing mold, dust, bacteria, etc found in most homes!
If you have any questions about bed bug treatment & control, sprays, extermination or anything else bed bug or air quality-related, give us a call toll free at 1-800-701-2513. We have bed bug experts standing by!
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Pet Air Purifiers: Vital for Veterinary Offices, Pet Sitters, & Indoor Kennels

If your business revolves around pets—pet health, pet sitting, or running indoor kennels or boarding—and you don’t have an air cleaning system in place–your exposure to harmful cat, dog, bird, lizard or other pet dander & chemicals is multiplied, and your chances of developing serious illnesses, or severe allergies and respiratory issues goes way up.
Why? As you probably know, pet dander isn’t just pet hair—it’s pet hair, pet fecal material, bodily fluids, skin flakes or ‘dust’, bacteria, worms stages, viruses, and various other pieces of nails & other tissues that rub off as they walk around, rub up against walls and furniture, etc. And when that becomes airborne, if an air purifier isn’t removing these pollutants from the air, not only does airborne dander contribute strongly to odors, but it means that anyone in the general area will be inhaling a cocktail of infectious and for most, allergy & asthma triggering elements. And, it’s not just the dander—the chemicals and pesticides used to treat worms, kill fleas, etc all eventually become airborne, as well, and that’s no good for humans, either.   If you’re around this dander & chemical-polluted air on a daily basis, it’s just a matter of time before it causes problems. 
If you’re a veterinarian, obviously you know that the air quality in your office, treatment rooms, and kennel areas are going to be full of airborne dander from cats, dogs, birds, or whatever animals you treat on a regular basis. And if you don’t have a good air filtration system in place, everyone, including the animals, will be breathing polluted air, which is counter-productive if you’re trying to help animals get well, get over infections, etc.   Are we saying you have to buy a room air cleaner for every room in the building? Well, not necessarily, but that would create probably the cleanest air possible in every room. However, there is a better way to breathe cleaner air in your office and rooms: just buy a pet air cleaner with true HEPA filters and quality activated carbon filters (at least a pound or two of carbon) for the main areas, replace your air conditioning systems filter with the best allergy rated filter you can find, and install vent filters in every output vent in your building.
The vent filters will prevent most of the dander that slips through the A/C filter and what’s stuck in the duct work from blowing out into the rooms (prevents a costly duct cleaning job). You see, the A/C filter only removes the particles in the duct work before the filter—all that duct work after the filter is often just as contaminated and blows out into rooms if you don’t have vent filters in place to stop it. You can buy this cut-to-fit vent filter material at Walmart, Lowe’s or other stores like that, or buy already pre-cut filters—you just have to look around more for the right size.
If you run a pet boarding center or kennel, we recommend the same thing—a quality pet air purifier for the main areas, replace the A/C filter with a highly rated (1500 or higher) allergen filter, and maybe a couple more or a larger commercial unit for the main kennel rooms (which will help prevent the spread of illnesses between animals, as well). And again, install vent filters in every output vent in every room of your building. Otherwise, you and your employees and the animals will be breathing a concentrated dose of infection and allergy & asthma-causing particles every day. And even though you may think it doesn’t bother you, it will catch up to you when the concentration of these pollutants reaches a cetain point in your body.
If you’re a pet sitter who sits with pets in your own house, definitely invest in a portable pet air cleaner for the main rooms where you spend the most time–or whole house air purifier that will clean the air in the whole house. But do install vent filters to prevent all the extra pet dander, hair, etc., that is usually stuck in the duct work from blowing out. If you travel to pet owners’ houses to sit, it might be a good idea to get a portable pet air purifier to take with you to help make sure you don’t sit in a house breathing highly polluted air for hours. And that’s likely what you’ll be doing if the owner does not have a pet air purifier or filtration system in place.
What brands of pet air cleaners do we recommend? Some of the very best air purifiers for pet dander, with high performance and best overall value are the Austin Pet Machine, the Blueair 450E, and the Winix 9500 Ultimate Pet Air Cleaner. All three of these have been proven to do a great air cleaning job for the money, with excellent warranties. For whole house air cleaners, we recommend Aller Air—and these will work great for most kennels, boarding facilities and veterinary offices, as well. Don’t buy a cheap air purifier without true HEPA filters and substantial amounts of activated carbon, i.e. the $99 special at Walmart—it won’t do the job and may actually make air quality worse.
At Air Purifiers and, we sell only the best, top-rated air purifiers for pet odor and dander, replacement filters, test kits, and more. And since we’re an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we pass those savings on to you with cheap, discount prices, and free shipping every day.

 If you’re not sure which pet air purifier to buy, call us toll-free today with any questions at 1-800-701-2513. Our indoor air quality experts are standing by to help!
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