Monday, December 31, 2012

Keep Allergies Low and Indoor Air Quality High-By Replacing Your HEPA Air Purifier Filters

You buy an air purifier to keep the air in your home, offices, and rooms clean, so that you can breathe easier. But then one day it seems like the air purifier isn’t doing its job. In fact, it seems like everyone is coughing and sneezing a little more than when you didn’t have the air cleaner. What is going on? Is there a problem with the air purifier?

Not likely. Usually, when allergies, sinus or breathing problems seem to ‘flare up’ again, it’s a sign that the HEPA filter is full and needs to be changed. A HEPA filter, like any other filter, eventually gets clogged or fills up with pollutants—if it’s doing its job. And the reason it seems like allergy and sinus symptoms seem to get worse than before you installed the room air purifier is because a clogged HEPA filter will not let very much air pass through so some of the polluted air is being forced out the air purifier backwards, out of the seams, around the filter, etc, which blows polluted air up to our noses where we can breathe it in even more. And as a result, the air purifier continuing to blow around polluted air actually ends up lowering indoor air quality, and increasing allergies.

And what we want is quite the opposite: high indoor air quality, and low or zero allergy and sinus symptoms. The simple way to fix this is to make sure to replace the HEPA filters in your air cleaner as recommended by the manufacturer. This will ensure that you and your family continue to breathe clean air, and may even help keep you or family members from being sick, as true, certified HEPA filters can trap up to 99.97% or more of the dust and other particles that carry bacteria and viruses. And, when a HEPA filter is clean, that also helps keep the air cleaner quiet so you can sleep better.

There are a few things to remember when you buy HEPA air filters: make sure to get the replacement HEPA filters from the air purifier manufacturer, not some cheap after-market filter. Cheap, imitation filters are often not made of the same materials, will not clean the air as well, and may even void your machine’s warranty. Changing the filters on time will help reduce your electric bill, too, since an air purifier has to work harder to push the air through when the HEPA filter is clogged. And before going to the allergy doctor or buying more medications, change the HEPA filter and turn the unit on high for a couple of hours in the room where you spend most of your time, then let the unit run on low or medium for a day and see if your allergy or sinus symptoms are better.

At Air Purifiers and, we sell the best replacement HEPA purifier filters for some of the best air purifier brands—Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, Winix, Tiger, Vapor Eze, and Electrocorp, for both home and commercial use. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we pass those savings on to you with low prices and free shipping every day. We also have air quality experts available to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513! We’re standing by to help!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pet Air Purifiers: A Way To Prevent Allergies for You--And Your Pet

Pet dander, bird dust, cat hair, and other allergens can all make allergies worse—for you and your pet. Cats, dogs, birds, other household animals, and humans, all release skin flakes or dandruff, bits of hair, bacteria, mucus, odors, chemicals, and other ‘organic matter’ that mixes with the dust in the house to create potent allergens that not only cause allergies and respiratory problems for their owners, but for the pets, as well.  Dogs seem to be especially vulnerable to household allergies, with runny noses, eye irritation, coughing, sneezing and more. And there’s a good chance that if you have allergies, your pet does, or will soon have them as well. The good news is that all this can be prevented with an air purifier that is designed for pets.

Just like us, when our pets have to breathe air that is polluted with human ‘dander’, dust and other household particles, their systems react with allergies and respiratory problems. And it makes sense, of course--our pets have noses, eyes, and respiratory systems that react to foreign particles, just like ours do. So the money you may be spending every month going to the vet, buying eye ointments, drops, and other allergy medications for your pet (and yourself) might be better spent on a quality air purifier that eliminates the problem for your pet, and everyone else, once and for all. Humans benefit greatly from cleaning up the air in homes and rooms when household allergies are a problem, and honestly, it’s no different for our pets. They are often just as reactive to the dust, chemicals, and other substances found in most homes and rooms as we are. Ask a veterinarian and see what they tell you about pet allergies and indoor air quality. Pet allergies come from three main sources: mites, bacteria or some other organism, dietary sources, and what they breathe or “get into” while roaming around.

When selecting pet air purifiers, there are several key features to look for. A good pet air cleaner will include a true HEPA filter that will trap 99.97% of all dander, pet and human, and a good amount of quality activated carbon to remove household chemical vapors and odors from urine and other ‘stuff’. Some even have electronic sensors that turn on and off when pollutants are detected. Your best air purifiers for dog allergies, cat allergies, and ‘human’ allergies, etc., include all of the above, and also feature healthy negative ions, which are harmless to humans and animals but kill bacteria & viruses, help eliminate odors, and make the smaller, more dangerous particles clump together so that they are more easily trapped by the HEPA filter.

Together with weekly house cleaning and regular bathing of your pet, a pet air purifier can make life a lot more bearable for you and your cat, dog, bird, or whatever other animal you may have. In fact, when you think about all the money you’ll save on medications, trips to vet or allergy doctor, a quality room air cleaner can actually be a low-cost way to prevent allergies for everyone. So far, from our testing and research, the best rated pet air purifiers are coming from Austin Air, Blueair, Winix, and Tiger Corporation, in that order.

At Air Purifiers and, we sell only the best air cleaners for pet odor & dander, replacement filters, test kits, and other items you need to make sure the air in your home is clean for you and your pets. And since we’re an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we pass those savings on to you with cheap, discount prices, and free shipping every day. Call us toll-free today with any questions at 1-800-701-2513. Our indoor air quality experts are standing by to help!

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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Industrial Air Cleaners: A Way to Maximize Productivity and Minimize Risk

If you own or operate a commercial or industrial business, making sure that you and your employees have good air quality can mean the difference between higher profits and productivity or employee illness, loss of productivity, lawsuits and more.  One report states that air pollution from coal plants, for example, kills over 13,000 people per year, and The American Lung Association has estimated that the health costs related to air pollution-based cancer, lung disease and respiratory illness costs U.S. companies around $185 billion per year.  For companies with employees working in poor air quality conditions, those illnesses and deaths mean one thing: loss--loss of productivity, loss of revenue, and loss of a business’s good name. 

Good industrial air quality at the work site is fairly easy to maintain, however, with the right industrial air scrubber systems in place.  By removing dust, fumes, and other pollutants from the workplace, it has been shown that employee down time from air quality-related  illness can be reduced by over 90%. OSHA has specific regulations that dictate how many air changes are required in certain industrial settings, but in general, any situation where employees are working at individual stations or sites where pollutants are being produced (such as welding, laser engraving, soldering, etc), it is recommended that you have one portable source-capture air purifier removing particles and gases at the source before they can be inhaled. Many business owners also install an overall room air scrubber that attaches to the air conditioner system as an extra measure to remove any remaining pollutants from work areas and offices. Some businesses also use portable commercial air cleaners, as well, so that the air purifier can be moved from site to site or room to room to ensure that the air is clean wherever needed. Having the proper air filtration systems in place not only protects you and your employees, but also makes it very difficult for anyone to attempt any litigation against you for negligence. 

It is important, however, to remember a couple of things with regard to industrial air cleaners:  First, time is of the essence: don’t wait around any longer if you know you have unfiltered air in the workplace—the sooner you install the right commercial air cleaner system, the less chance there is that you’ll have problems with employee health, lawsuits, OSHA fines, etc.  Second, all industrial air filtration systems are not the same. Make sure you choose a quality air cleaner manufacturer, such as Electrocorp, with units that clean the air very well. The best commercial air cleaners include true HEPA filters to remove harmful particles, carbon filters with larger amounts (i.e. 36 to 100 lbs or more) of specially-activated carbon to remove chemical vapors, gases, VOC’s, etc.  Electrocorp can easily custom design an affordable commercial air purifier system specifically for your situation and can even tune the carbon to remove certain types of pollutants. Third, let your employees know that you are installing a quality commercial air filtration system—it will let them know that you are taking steps to ensure their safety and it reminds them that you care. This step alone can sharply reduce the chances of OSHA complaints and lawsuits.

Air Purifies and is proud to sell only the very best industrial air cleaner systems, replacement filters, test kits, and other items to help ensure good industrial air quality control. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we pass those savings on to you with low prices and free shipping every day. We also have industrial air quality experts available to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513! We’re standing by to help!

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Got Asthma? A Whole House Air Cleaner May Help Greatly

Studies have shown that the air in most homes loaded is loaded with pollutants like dust, mold spores, bacteria, chemical vapors from cleaning products and more–and there is a connection between these pollutants and the increase in asthma symptoms we’ve been seeing over the past few years. Buying an deluxe air purifier for every room, however, can be very expensive. Is there a way to reduce asthma symptoms and make sure you’re breathing clean air and wherever you are in your house? Yes, there is. It’s called a whole house air cleaning system.
The best whole house air filtration systems are those that attach directly to your home air conditioner or furnace ducts, and include both HEPA filters and a good amount of activated carbon. The HEPA filter removes particles 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns, and the carbon filter removes chemical vapors, gases, and odors, leaving the air coming out of the vents in your whole house clean and free of pollutants. 

Cleaning the air in your whole house can really make a difference for those with asthma, help them sleep better, and greatly reduce the risk of going into a room or area of the house where the air is not filtered and having an asthma attack. Deluxe whole house air purification systems are usually priced around $1200-1500, which is a lot cheaper than buying a top rated portable air purifier at $600-700 each for 5 or 6 rooms. And with a whole house system, you won’t have to drag an air cleaner from room to room to make sure the air is filtered.
All full home air purification systems are not the same, however, and there are several things to watch out for. First, make sure the unit is from a manufacturer with good ratings, testimonials, and warranties, a company you can trust, such as Aller Air for example. Aller Air is top rated in every category, especially for those with asthma or other respiratory issues. Second, make sure the unit does have a true HEPA filter, not ‘HEPA style’. HEPA style filters do not fully remove particles from the air and it’s often those particles that cause an asthma attack. 

Third, make sure the air cleaner has an activated carbon filter, with several pounds of quality carbon. Fourth, don’t buy a full house system with electronic pollutant sensors that turn the unit on or off—you want your whole house air purifier working any time the air conditioner is on. There are a lot more vapors and gases in your home than you think, and this type of carbon filtration can easily remove them. Most people notice is a big difference in breathing ability, sleeping comfort and overall reduction in asthma symptoms in as little as 24-48 hours after installing a whole house air cleaner. If you have asthma, do yourself a favor and try a full home air filtration system. It may even reduce trips to the doctor and medication costs.
At Air Purifiers and, we are proud to sell only the very best whole house air filtration systems , filters, and more. And since we’re an online store without the overhead of traditional store, we can pass those savings on to you with the best discount prices and free shipping every day. Call us toll free at 1-800-701-2513 with any questions you may have. Our air purification experts are standing by to help!
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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Indoor Air Purification: One of The Most Powerful Things You Can Do For Your Health.

Most of us are working very hard trying to live longer and feel better. And we exercise, take supplements, meditate, try to sleep more, filter our water, and even do internal cleansing to remove toxins–all in an effort to slow down the aging process, sleep better, and have more energy. All of these activities are very helpful, but did you know that one of the main things that cause us to age prematurely, have low energy, and not feel as well, in general, is indoor air pollution?

That’s right. It has been shown in numerous studies that the effects of poor air quality on health are significant, and in 2011, even the EPA has listed indoor air pollution in the top 5 major health hazards that we face. This is because tiny airborne pollutants commonly found in almost every home—such as dust, mold spores, bacteria, chemical vapors, gases, etc.—have been shown to contribute to cell and tissue breakdown through increased oxidation, poor sleep, increased allergy & asthma attacks, more frequent colds, pneumonia, blood disorders, heart disease, even neurological disorders. Indoor air quality is a big deal, and even more of an issue now, since we’re spending more and more time indoors.

One particular problem is dust mites, which are very common in most homes. Unfortunately, they are also one of the strongest allergens known to man, being responsible for nearly 60% of allergy and asthma cases worldwide. Sixty percent. That’s a lot. And one gram of dust is estimated to carry over 200 dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and other health hazards. Without an air purification system in place, you’re breathing all of these pollutants in day and night. With a quality air purifier in your home or room, however, the air is filtered before you breathe it, eliminating most of all of the pollutants that would cause an allergy or asthma attack.

If you live in a home where there is a lot of smoke, buying an air purification system can make a dramatic difference, if the unit it designed to remove smoke. Most tobacco has over 500 additives, and 43 proven cancer causing agents, irritating smoke particles and ash that causes a whole list of health issues and general irritation. If you live with a smoker, controlling or removing the excess smoke with an air purifier may reduce your risk of health problems from second hand smoke by 50% or more, not to mention getting rid of most of the odor, tar and dust that come along with smoke.

Many people find that in as little as 24-48 hours of installing a top-rated air purifier that the allergy and asthma symptoms they normally experience in their homes have significantly decreased, or have gone away completely. This is because the best air cleaners have true HEPA filters to remove 99% or more of dust and particles, and a good amount of activated carbon to remove chemicals vapors and odors—all of which can cause allergy, asthma, and other respiratory issues. Some air purifiers even have electronic sensors that turn on when they sense dust or odors, which also turns the unit down or off when not needed. Air purifiers with electronic sensors can be important if you also want to save energy. But buyer beware—there are a lot of inexpensive air purifiers on the market that don’t do a very good job of cleaning the air, and actually increase air pollution because the fan blows around the pollutants that it does not trap! And of course, cheap air cleaners often break within a year or so, and in the end, you’ll spend more than you would buying a good unit.

The bottom line is that by removing the pollutants from the air in our homes, we can sharply reduce or eliminate allergies, asthma, and other health issues—and this is easily done by installing a indoor air filtration system. And you may even reduce doctor visits and medication costs in the process!

Air Purifiers and is proud to sell only the best home air filtration systems, room air cleaners, and replacement filters. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores. That means we can pass those savings on to you with the best prices and free shipping—every day. Call us if you have any questions! Our home air quality experts are standing by to help!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Home Air Purification: The Key To Eliminating Allergy & Asthma Symptoms?

Your home is your safe place, a comfortable place where you and your family, laugh, love and experience some of life’s best moments. That makes it tough to think about our homes and bedrooms as something that might be making us sick. But more and more studies and tests are showing, however, that poor home indoor air quality is the chief cause of allergy, asthma, and other respiratory problems.

How does this happen? Your home is a pretty much a closed environment, which naturally causes allergy and asthma triggers like bacteria, viruses, mold spores, dust, dust mites, pollen, fabric and carpet fibers, pet dander, insect eggs, even chemical vapors to accumulate. Then, when our air conditioners turn on, when we sit down on the couch, plop down on the bed or simply walk around in our rooms, these pollutants become airborne and we breathe them in. And, since most Americans are spending over 90% of their time indoors, breathing in allergy and asthma causing agents, it’s not surprising that the number of allergy and asthma cases in the U.S. is constantly on the rise. A growing number of people are finding that the best way to get relief, however, and even permanently eliminate allergy, asthma, and other respiratory symptoms is to use a quality home air purification system.

Home air purification makes a lot of sense, if you’re trying to get rid of allergies and asthma. Just remove the pollutants from the air and you won’t have as many reactions, right? Exactly. It’s the airborne pollutants that are usually the problem, and all you need is one or more quality portable room air purifiers, with a true HEPA filter to remove the dust, pollen, and other particles, and an activated carbon filter to remove chemicals, vapors, and odors. Simple, right? Yes, but beware—all allergy or asthma air purifiers are not the same, and often you get what you pay for.

Many cheap air purifiers do not have the same type of HEPA filters, or enough of the right type of carbon to properly clean the air. And don’t buy air cleaners that are only ionic (don’t have a HEPA filter) as they do a very poor job of cleaning the air. The best portable allergy air cleaner have true HEPA filters, have a good amount of granular activated carbon, and are usually highly rated for reducing allergy and asthma symptoms. Some portable air cleaners include UV light, as well, which kills bacteria. UV light is also very good for killing mold spores, and may be a good option if you think your home has mold. Top-rated home air purifiers like Aller Air, Blueair and Austin Air are all known to be highly effective and best for home air purification. Blueair and Austin Air even come with a 30 Day money-back guarantee, and tons of testimonials from real people. That’s the kind of room air cleaner you want if you really want to get rid of your allergies and asthma.

Air Purifiers and is proud to sell only the best portable home air purification systems that are designed to reduce or eliminate allergy, asthma, and other respiratory symptoms. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores. That means we can pass those savings on to you with the best prices and free shipping—every day. Call us if you have any questions! Our home air quality experts are standing by to help!

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Enjoy Clean Air and Aromatherapy Wherever You Go with Quality Products from Vapor-Eze!

You deserve to breathe clean, fresh air wherever you go. And one of the best ways to do that is with the quality portable air purification products offered by Vapor-Eze. In business since 1992, Vapor-Eze has worked very hard to provide clean air solutions for those that travel, and relief from nasal and throat irritation caused by poor air quality in homes, offices, hotels, cars and other vehicles. And they’ve added 100% pure aromatherapy oils to their products to make them even more effective for air purification and allergy relief!

The famous Clean Air 5000 compact air purifier is the best in its class, with a 5 Stage HEPA & UV air cleaning system that removes dust, dirt, mold spores, chemicals, odors, bacteria and more, all in a very compact 6 x 9 x 2 inch unit. This portable air cleaner is great for homes, rooms, offices, hotel rooms, cars, RV’s and other small spaces, and comes with both home and car adapters. Not only does this little air purifier clean the air very well, it also provides sinus, allergy, and fatigue relief with a specially designed aromatherapy diffuser that’s built in! All for $69. Makes a great gift idea for holidays, birthdays or ‘just because’!

And if you just want an effective, low cost aromatherapy diffuser for enhanced alertness & respiratory relief during drive time, the Auto Diffuser is a great choice. Vapor Eze also leads the market in compact, portable humidifiers and waterless vaporizers. Both of these use 100% essential oils for aromatherapy/therapeutic use, freshen the air, and help ease away tensions after a long day.

A couple of important notes about Vapor-Eze products: Just because they are low cost doesn’t mean they are cheap. Vapor-Eze maintains a high level of quality control for all of their air purification and aromatherapy products. All units are U/L listed, safe to use, and test multiple times before being released to the market. And, their aromatherapy oils are 100% essential oil, not mixed with cheap, harmful cedar oils or other cheap oils as many other aromatherapy oil manufacturers do–even some of the big names do this! With Vapor-Eze, you can breath easy knowing you are buying quality air cleaning / aromatherapy products from an American company that cares about its customers.

Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized Vapor-Eze products dealer, and we sell all of their products—the Clean Air 5000 air purifier, humidifier, waterless vaporizer, auto diffusers, and aromatherapy refill pads. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of a traditional store so we pass those savings on to you with cheap, discount prices and free shipping every day. Call us if you have a question! Our air quality experts are standing by! 1-800-701-2513

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Looking for the Best Portable Home Air Cleaner? Austin Air is Your Answer.

If you’re starting to take home air filtration and indoor air quality seriously, you’re doing the right thing as air quality has been proven to be a big factor affecting your health. But choosing the right air purifier, the best one, isn’t so easy. There’s a lot of hype out there about what qualifies an air purifier as the best air purifier for home or room use, and it can be really confusing. To truly answer the question as to which air cleaner is really the best, overall, you have to look at three main factors: performance, cost, and durability.

When you compare air purifiers on with those three factors in mind, there is only one that rates highest in every category—Austin Air. Why is that? Well, let’s look at performance first. All of the Austin Air units have a combination of a good pre-filter, a medical-grade HEPA filter to remove 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns and 95% down to 0.1 microns, either 6 or 15 pounds of high grade activated carbon / zeolite (Jr model vs regular size) to remove chemical and gas pollutants, covers 700-1500 sq feet, has a 5 year warranty.

If that isn’t enough, Austin Air purifiers are trusted and recommended by FEMA and The American Red Cross for effectiveness. Whatever other home or room air purifier you may have been considering, compare that unit to say, the Austin Healthmate. Austin air cleaners are unmatched for asthma and allergy relief, and odor and smoke control. The Austin Bedroom Machine is recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, as well!

Next, let’s look at cost. Austin air cleaners are going to range from around $375 to $765 for the Bedroom Machine. Yes, that’s a little more than a lot of air purifiers out there, but compare air cleaners with similar performance and filters. Dollar for dollar, Austin wins again. Even with more expensive units like IQ Air, etc, Austin performance is STILL superior in several categories, such as pet odor, bedroom / sleep applications, and allergy control.

As for durability, Austin Air purifiers are made of heavy duty parts, with a solid steel chassis and a heavy duty finish that resist scratches and looks new after years of use. Many cheap air purifiers have a plastic frame and other plastic components that do not last. These cheap air purifiers do not clean the air as well, and usually need replacing after a year or so, which will cost you more in the long run. Again, you have a 5 year warranty on the air purifier, and a 5 year pro-rated warranty on the filter as well. AND, you have a 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. That is how good they are.

All of these amazing features and excellent value is why Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized Austin Air dealer. We sell all the best Austin Air models (Healthmate, Healthmate Plus, Pet Machine, Bedroom Machine, etc), all Austin air junior models, and replacement filters for any Austin Air unit. And because we’re an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we can pass the savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping. And, we have an expert staff on hand to answer any air purifier or air quality questions you may have. Give us a call toll-free today at 1-800-701-2513! We can help!

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Need to Remove Cooking Odors From Your Home? Think Carbon!

Ah, the great smell of cooking–onions, peppers, fish, Indian cooking, Asian cooking—all the stuff we love to eat…and smell! But for people who get headaches or have other reactions to cooking odors, sometimes these lingering cooking smells are really offensive. So how do you get rid of cooking smells in your house? Well, there are several good techniques, but to effectively remove cooking odors, we need to look at what these smells are made of, and why they tend to linger.

Just about every kind of food has a combination of water, organic compounds, oils, and structural components like protein/fibers. When food is cooked, the structural components, the fiber, the cells, etc break down through heat and chemical reactions to release molecules into the air that are composed of gases, vapors, and tiny particles—some just oily gas/vapor molecules, and others that have a combination of particles/vapors. The biggest reasons why cooking odors tend to linger is the overall oily or ‘sticky’ nature of most of them—which makes them to stick to surfaces like walls, countertops, furniture, and their tendency to stay airborne for a long time.

If you’re cooking with oil, butter, or spices, all of these tend to increase the amount airborne oily ‘smell’ molecules that are released. This is why Indian cooking, Asian cooking, stir fry, fish, or any other oily foods with lots of spices tends to leave stronger, longer lasting odors in the air. If the food itself is oily like fish, seafood, or foods that have a high fat content (pork, etc), this will increase the amount of oily molecules floating around, too.

As we said earlier, these cooking odors are composed of both particles and organic compounds in gas / vapor form. To remove organic compounds like these from the air, you really need an odor absorber air cleaner with activated carbon, the right type of carbon, and enough of it to remove cooking smells for a long time (a carbon filter will absorb cooking odors but does ‘fill up’ after a while and needs to be replaced). The particles that are floating around are easily absorbed by a true HEPA filter that traps particles down to 0.1-0.3 microns in size. Having both HEPA and activated carbon filters can go a long way toward solid cooking odor control. And you will probably need to clean floors, wipe down cabinets, kitchen walls, etc., periodically as well to keep cooking odors to a minimum.

So far, the best recommendations we have found for eliminating cooking smells are: 1) open windows, 2) turn the house A/C system on high during and for a couple of hours after cooking and make sure it’s on ‘cool’ as this actually pulls moisture (removes odors better) out of the air, 3) use a quality portable air purifier such as the Austin HealthMate Plus or Aller Air 4000 Vocarb, with activated carbon and a HEPA filter in the kitchen and / or in the area where you are most of the time and keep them on HIGH while cooking and for a couple of hours after you finish. 4) if you really need to change the smell, we’ve found that Febreze and Glade Hawaiian Breeze sprays do help—but don’t overspray or you may make the problem worse.

At Air Purifiers and, we specialize in helping people breathe cleaner air, and we sell the very best odor remover air purifiers, filters, air testing equipment and more, at discount prices with free shipping. We have experts on staff to handle any home or commercial air purification or odor-removal situations you may be experiencing. Call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Pet Air Purifiers: A Way to Save Money?

Actually, using pet air purifiers can save you money in lots of ways. Many people who have indoor pets (cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, etc.) purchase air fresheners and cleaners to help get rid of pet odors, special brooms and other cleaning tools to pick up hair, and allergy medications to help reduce sneezing, coughing, and other respiratory problems. Amazingly, there is one thing you can do that will take care of all of those problems and save you time and money: buy an air purifier that is designed for use with pets.

Quality cat and dog air cleaners have pre-filters that trap animal hair and larger particles, dander, etc, HEPA filters that trap and filter the smaller dander and particles (such as bird dust), and a good amount of specially activated carbon that removes general pet odors, even cat urine odors and dog smell. Just think of how much you’re spending monthly on those extra allergy medications, cleaning tools/products, air fresheners, etc. Add it up for yourself and see. Chances are, in just a few months, you’ve spent more than it would cost for a good pet air purifier.

Some excellent brands to consider are Winix, Blueair, and Austin Air. The Winix air purifiers are some of the best value on the market as they feature pre filters, HEPA filters, activated carbon, and healthy negative ions that further clean the air and destroy bacteria / viruses, all for under $300. Blueair is a little more powerful with specially activated carbon, which is better for removing pet odors and an extra strength HEPA filter that removes particles down to 0.1 micron, plus the healthy negative ions. Blueair is a little more expensive but you have a minimum 5 year warranty, longer lasting filters, and heavier duty Swedish construction.

The Austin Air Pet Machine has much of the same features, but has a full 15 lbs of carbon / zeolite for odor removal, a powerful HEPA filter, and a good pre-filter. The Austin Pet Machine is probably the most effective, best value pet air purifier available as it has the best air filtration / odor / dander removal ability and it is about $100 less than say, the Blueair 450E. So, if you do have indoor pets, do yourself a favor and get a quality pet air purifier. It will save you money in the long run and you’ll probably feel and sleep better knowing you are breathing clean air.

Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized distributor for Winix, Blueair, and Austin Air air purifiers.  And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores and we pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping every day. And, we have air quality expert on hand to answer any questions you may have. Give us a call! 1-800-701-2513

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Portable Home Air Purifiers: More Important Than Ever?

Let’s face it—everyone is getting older…if you’re still alive, you have to be! As a result, our immune systems just aren’t as strong. And air pollution outside the home tends to weaken our immune systems further, which when added to indoor air pollution, over time the result is that our bodies are put into an increasingly ‘reactive’ state. This is largely because of a buildup effect of toxins / pollution that, over time, leaves our bodies increasingly dealing with / reacting to foreign particles / substance—things the body does not recognize and reacts to in the form of allergies, asthma, and other ailments. This is why you find yourself saying ‘I never used to be this way’ or ‘I never used to have allergies/asthma this bad’ or other conditions now just seem to be a little worse than even 2-3 years ago. Our bodies become less and less able to deal with or get rid of pollutants as we get older—that plus a more ‘reactive’ overall state makes it more important than ever keep as many pollutants out of the air as possible.
That’s where quality portable home air purifiers can make a huge difference in the number and severity of allergic, asthma, or other physical reactions / problems. What we eat, what we drink, and what we breathe are the three big things that often determine the quality of our health. Your best quality portable home air purifiers / cleaners have true HEPA filters and high-grade activated carbon that can easily remove the dust, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, chemicals, pet dander, and other pollutants from the indoor air so that the body does not have to deal with / react to more pollutants. Then, since the source of allergens /irritants has been removed, the body can begin to better get rid of the pollutants that are stored in tissues. Our systems are kind of like a bucket of polluted water with an ‘elimination hole’ in the side that is letting out polluted water. If we stop pouring in more polluted water at the top, then the overall level of polluted water in the bucket can go down, leaving the body with less and less to react to. Make sense?
And since these air cleaners are portable, they can be moved from room to room, to the office, or wherever there is a need for air purification. What you don’t want is a cheap air cleaner that doesn’t have true HEPA / carbon filters, and breaks down in a year or so. If you spend a little more and get a quality portable air purifier with a good warranty the first time, it will do the job well for years to come, and keep you from having to replace a cheap air purifier every year.
Keep in mind, too, that our homes / offices are constantly breaking down, as well, releasing more and more dust / debris. That is why you can’t just dust one time and be done with it. The walls, structural materials, etc. are in a constant state of slow breakdown, which releases particles and chemical vapors. Plus, believe it or not, vapors from cleaning products, solvents, paints, etc. are also constantly being released into the air, which actually stick to walls in our rooms, ceilings, etc, and when air blows across, they become airborne again and we breathe more of that in, as well—unless of course you have a portable room air cleaner  in place removing the dust / toxins before they can be inhaled. This is all related to body cleansing, which has all been clinically documented for years, with many people’s health / allergic /asthma / other conditions improving greatly when the offending pollution is been removed. Again, now that we are older, have accumulated more pollution in our tissues, we’re more reactive in general than before, and we’re less able to get rid of pollutants, it makes sense that portable home air purifiers could now be one of the best home remedies and more important than ever to living and feeling better.
Air Purifiers and is proud to offer only the very best quality portable home air purifier , at cheap, affordable prices with free shipping. We also sell replacement HEPA and activated carbon filters, pre filters, etc., for many brands of portable home air purifiers / cleaners. If you have any questions about home air purification, testing or anything related to indoor air quality, call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. Our air quality experts are standing by to help!
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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Austin Air Purifiers: Best Made in USA Room Air Cleaners You Can Buy

That’s right. Austin Air makes some of the very best air purifiers / cleaners in the world, right in Buffalo, NY. There are lots of portable air purifiers on the market these days, some cheap and inexpensive, and some more expensive, but very few of them can compete with Austin’s quality construction, powerful filtration systems, recommendations by the National Sleep Foundation and chosen by Red Cross for 9/11 recovery efforts—all at an affordable price.
Austin Air was created when founder Richard Taylor, an engineer, began searching for a way to truly ‘clean’ or scrub the air in their home so that his wife Joyce could come home from the hospital room and breathe normally. Joyce had serious respiratory issues and Richard found that by using a medical-grade HEPA filter, a pre-filter, and a combination of activated military grade carbon / zeolite filter all together that he could remove and control over 99% of all of the particles, chemicals, smoke, odors, dust, mold, etc that could make Joyce’s symptoms worse.
Richard’s first Austin air purifier model was most similar to the HealthMate series portable air purifier with this kind of filter system and placed it in Joyce’s room at home. The results were amazing. Within 24 hours, Joyce was breathing as well or better than in the hospital ‘clean room’, and went on to feel even better! Since then, hundreds of thousands of people with allergies, asthma and other respiratory symptoms, sleep problems, and more have experienced relief as a result of using an Austin Air purifier, relief that was not possible before. And now, HealthMate and HealthMate Plus portable air cleaners are even more powerful than his first air purifier!
The Austin Pet Machine is unmatched for removing pet dander, odors, chemicals, hair, bacteria etc., and other pollutants that are associated with having pets. The Bedroom Machine is powerful and quiet, and recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, and the Allergy Machine is top-rated for those who have moderate to severe allergies! See a pattern? Austin is a winner in every category—sleep, allergies, respiratory issues, pets, even baby rooms!
Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized Austin Air dealer, and we sell all Austin Air portable room air purifier models (HealthMate, HealthMate Plus, Junior Series, Pet Machine, Bedroom Machine, Allergy Machine) , replacement filters, prefilters, and parts if you need them—all at cheap, discount prices with free shipping. If you have any questions about which Austin Air cleaner system or ‘machine’ is best for your home or room, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help you breathe easier.
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Friday, October 26, 2012

Easily Capture/Remove Harmful Gases, Chemical Fumes, Smoke, VOC’s, With The Best DIY Fume & Vapor Extractor Systems

It’s no secret that fumes from welding, soldering, laser engraving, flammable solvents and many industrial processes can be very harmful if not adequately captured or extracted. These fumes, gases, VOC’s and vapors such as methane gas from landfills, mercury vapor, hydrogen gas, smoke, cyanoacrylate, hexavalent chromium, etc., are all hazards that can cause sickness and disease for workers, owners, and even customers if they are exposed. It is for these reasons that OSHA has established rules and regulations regarding industrial air quality control, requiring effective fume extractors wherever workers are exposed to harmful chemicals, fumes, gases.). This is only to keep workers safe and healthly– and to help ensure that your business remains strong and profitable. And one of the best ways to maintain good air quality in these situations is to use fume extractors from Electrocorp. They offer the best quality fume / particle collection systems available, at the best prices.
Some commercial / industrial applications, such as welding, soldering, laser engraving, even nail salons will require portable or mobile industrial source-capture fume extractors to remove the fumes, at the source where they are produced, before they can be inhaled. Often one fume extractor per welding or soldering iron station is required. Other situations such as landfill gas or methane gas collection may require a larger room type fume collection system. Chemical fumes are easily absorbed by the right type (and amount) of activated carbon, such as micro-granular carbon that is chemically tuned to absorb /remove toxins and it’s important not only to buy the right kind of fume collection system or air scrubber that fits your situation, but make sure that it’s a unit that has high-grade activated carbon and enough to absorb the fumes effectively. Lower grade carbon and not having enough can actually do more harm as un-captured fumes can be blown back into the air and inhaled more than if they did not go through a fan.
Acrylic fumes from dental labs are especially unpleasant and dangerous, but can easily be removed with one of the best DIY carbon chemical filter cartridge fume extractor, such as those in Electrocorp’s RSU Series. If smoke is the problem, there are fume extractors that will remove not only the VOC’s / chemical fumes in many types of smoke, but also the particles. Soldering and welding produce harmful gases, primarily from lead and cadmium solders, argon, etc, all of which are easily removed by a quality DIY soldering / welding fume extractor system. Welding produces harmful particles, as well, but these particles are easily removed by a good portable or mobile fume collector with a HEPA filter, set up directly at the welding station. Laser engraving would also require a fume extractor system that absorbs / removes / collects chemicals, gases and particles (with a HEPA filter), as many of the plastics and metals used release all sorts of dangerous vapors and particles. Bag filters/reverse air bag filters are can be added to a fume extractor if you need to remove larger particles and fumes. Bottom line: A good DIY fume extractor system (and good general ventilation) is usually all that is needed to capture / remove most harmful chemicals, gases, and particles (if it includes a bag filter / HEPA filter) in most industrial / commercial situations.
Air Purifiers and is proud to be an authorized Electrocorp distributor, one of the very best manufacturers of quality industrial / commercial fume collection systems in the world. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores. That means we can pass those savings on to you with cheap discount prices and free shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. Whatever chemical, gas, fume, or particle filtration system you need, Electrocorp has a unit perfectly designed for that purpose. Call our experts toll-free today at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bars and Restaurants: Should They Be Held Liable for Medical Claims from Poor Indoor Air Quality?

In many states now, it is illegal to smoke inside bars and restaurants. That is because, fortunately, the legislative system in that state finally understood and heard the complaints of the people about poor air quality and the dangers of second hand smoke in their favorite restaurants and bars. And apparently they ‘got it’ finally, that there are nearly 600 additives, chemicals, pesticides in second hand cigarette/cigar/tobacco smoke, with 43 of them proven carcinogens or ‘cancer causing agents’. And to keep the record straight, second hand smoke is often worse as the much of it comes off the end of the cigarette and into the air, without going through the filter. In many other states, however, laws have not yet been passed and restaurant / bar owners still allow patrons to smoke up their establishments.

And it isn’t just the second hand smoke. Most bars & restaurants have all kinds of chemical, particles, food dust, oil mist, etc, that is floating around in the air and no one even thinks about the hazards to employees, and customers. The chemical fumes from cleaning products, from cooking supplies, burned / overused oil, etc—when that stuff becomes airborne, NEWS FLASH: it isn’t good for you! And slinging a lot of food plus lots of foot traffic carrying food back and forth from the kitchen causes bacteria-laden food dust that is on the floor and other surfaces to become airborne. Add that to all the second hand smoke in the bar, and you’ve got a toxic environment. Should bar / restaurant owners be held liable for medical claims related to second hand smoke / poor air quality in their establishments, at least the ones that don’t have a commercial / industrial air filtration systems in place? Is it truly negligence? A growing number of people are saying: yes.

Without some kind of industrial air cleaner / purifier system in place, poor indoor air quality creates an unhealthy environment for bar / restaurant employees, customers, and owners. There’s a ton of research out there proving that poor indoor air quality from air borne dust, particles, bacteria, chemicals and smoke, causes sickness, disease, and death, so we don’t need to go over that. In fact, the EPA in late 2011 rated poor indoor air quality / pollution in the TOP 5 major threats to our health. And what’s ridiculous is that this situation is easily avoidable by installing a quality industrial air purifier / filtration system or ‘air scrubber’ as it’s often called.

Wonder why business hasn’t been as good lately or why employees are calling in sick more often? Well, in a lot of cases, it isn’t the economy. People are being educated about the dangers of second hand smoke and poor air quality in the workplace (and bars & restaurants) and more often these days, people are choosing not to go their favorite smoke-filled bars/restaurants as much—and sometimes that includes your employees! If your employees aren’t coming in, and you have a nasty, second hand smoke filled bar, there’s a chance they’re either at the Dr.’s office or looking for another job! I wouldn’t work at a place where the air is polluted, and has no commercial-grade air cleaner / purifier in place.

Bar & restaurant owners: All it’s going to take is for one or two people to file an OSHA complaint, or just send OSHA an email through their website and 9 times out of 10, you’ve got issues. True, it may be hard to make anything ‘stick’ if you don’t have any laws prohibiting indoor smoking in your area, but it will most likely open a can of worms and cause a thorough evaluation of your indoor air quality (and health inspections) which results in fines more often than not. No, you aren’t responsible for how much someone drinks as they choose to actively ‘drink ‘ something.

But when it comes to second hand smoke and poor air quality, your customers and employees don’t have a choice—if they’re in your bar / restaurant, they breathe it, so it could easily be classified as negligence. So what can you do? Well, the good news is that cleaning up the air, even if you still allow smoking, is easy to do. A company called Electrocorp makes industrial / commercial air cleaners or ‘air scrubbers’ that remove things like dust, chemicals, smoke, etc. And no, the filter in the A/C system / air handler isn’t equipped to remove micro-fine dust, chemicals / smoke—you really need an industrial air filtration system.

Once that commercial air cleaner is in place, it can clean up your air to healthy standards, in most cases within 24 hours. Problem solved. And you care about your employees and your customers so this shouldn’t be a hard decision. At least if there are any complaints or issues from employees or customers complaining about complications from poor air quality, it will be obvious that you’re doing something about it—which makes it a LOT harder to charge you with anything, negligence, etc. Think of it as some ‘extra insurance’ if nothing else. Want to know what the OSHA air quality regulations are for bars & restaurants?—check this out:

At Air Purifiers and, we specialize in straight talk about indoor air quality and air quality solutions so that people can live and work better with clean, healthy air. We sell the very best portable and fixed commercial air purifiers and replacement filters on the market, products that we believe in. Since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores so we pass those savings on to you with cheap, discount prices and free shipping. And, we have industrial air purification experts on staff to help answer any questions you may have. Give us a call toll-free today at 1-800-701-2513. We are here to help!

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Commercial and Industrial Air Purification Systems: Electrocorp is Your Best Value

As a commercial or industrial business owner, you care about your business, the people that work for you and their health and safety. And you know that commercial / industrial indoor air quality control is a serious concern as many manufacturing and workshop situations release all sorts of particles, dust, smoke, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds/chemicals), and other chemicals into the air. This type of pollution is a real hazard to employee health and can decrease productivity, which is why OSHA has very specific regulations as to how much pollution can be in a room and still be a safe work site, and fines for not having a appropriate portable or fixed commercial-grade air filtration system or air scrubber in place. Almost all construction sites, even new construction sites and offices need air filtration, as well. As soon as a couple of walls and a roof are put up, particles and chemicals and  smoke can begin to be trapped and inhaled by employees.

Fortunately, removing chemicals and other types of pollution from the work / construction site is easy to do with either a portable or fixed industrial / commercial air purifier / filtration system or ‘air scrubber’. The best portable / fixed commercial air filtration systems are heavy-duty and designed for commercial / industrial situations, with extra strength HEPA & electrostatic filters for removing dust / particles, heavy activated carbon filters for removing chemicals / smoke, do not emit ozone, and have powerful motors designed to give you, in most cases, more than the number of clean air changes required by law for proper industrial air quality control.

Specific applications like welding, laser engraving, grinding, etc., require source capture air purifiers instead of commercial room air cleaners. These source capture units immediately remove the chemicals, smoke, & particles ‘at the source’. Some work / construction sites will require a combination of source capture industrial ‘air sanitizers’ and room air purifiers to maintain the number of air changes (usually 6 or more air changes per hour) required in commercial / industrial work sites. Be sure to check to get accurate regulations / information for your state, specific situation, etc.

A few things to watch out for when buying portable or fixed commercial air filtration system: 1) make sure the unit does not use / emit ozone, which only adds to indoor air pollution and lowers air quality, 2) be sure that the unit is U/L listed, safe to use, 3) make sure the ‘air scrubber’ is from one of the best, most reputable, quality air purifier companies, with a good warranty, and 4), make sure the air filter or filters are appropriate for removing the pollutants in your industrial / commercial air filtration situation, i.e., HEPA & electrostatic filters for particles/dust, activated carbon for chemicals/VOC’s, both HEPA & electrostatic filters and activated carbon filters if you have both types of pollutants.

Again, be certain that you buy the portable or fixed commercial air filtration system that is best for your site / situation, and remember that all industrial air ‘sanitizers’ are not the same—some are high quality and others are low quality / not very effective. The last thing you want is a cheap commercial electrostatic / carbon air cleaner that doesn’t do the job, or isn’t made of quality materials. Your employees’ health and safety, and whether you meet OSHA regulations or not, is directly related to having the proper commercial air purifier / filtration system in place.

At Air Purifiers and, we sell the very best portable and fixed industrial air cleaners from Electrocorp, with quality air scrubbers / air sanitizers, replacement filters, even custom designed air filtration systems for virtually any commercial or industrial situation. And since we are an online store, we don’t have the overhead of traditional stores, and we pass the savings on to you with discount prices and free shipping to anywhere in the Continental U.S. We offer many other Electrocorp commercial / industrial air cleaners / air filtration systems that are not shown here. If you don’t see the unit the best fits your situation or if you have any questions about commercial / industrial air purifiers / air filtration, replacement filters, please give us a call at 1-800-701-2513. We have industrial air quality control experts standing by to help!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Breathe Cleaner Indoor Air Inexpensively–With A Portable Room Air Purifier from Tiger America!

Tiger America has taken all the best air purification technologies and combined them in one, inexpensive portable room air purifier! The Tiger AKH_A25U True HEPA Air Cleaner is by far, the best air cleaner value on the market. This unit has all the best features: excellent home / room air filtration with a true HEPA filter, activated carbon, healthy negative ions, automatic electronic air sensors, AND a remote control—all at a discount price! Even though it is inexpensive, the Tiger America air purifier is not cheaply made. To keep the price low, it is made of quality materials in China, with very high quality controls standards, and it’s very effective. Within minutes of turning the Tiger air purifier on, you can tell that the indoor air in your home, office or room is already cleaner, fresher.

The Tiger America air purifier is one of the best rated home air filtration systems for controlling allergies, asthma, and odors not just because of its discount price, but also because of its powerful air filter and automatic electronic air sensors. The Tiger air filter has a pleated true HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of the airborne particles that cause allergic/asthma reactions, even smoke particles. The carbon filter contains finely ground activated carbon that absorbs all kinds of odors, including pet / cooking odors, even chemicals from cleaning / other household products that cause respiratory problems. The electronic air sensors also sense air pollutants in your home, office, or room and turn this portable air cleaner on / off as needed, saving you money on your electric bill. And, since most air purifier filters last only 6-12 months, the Tiger air purifier’s premium air filter is another amazing value—the filter can last up to an amazing 2 years, which cuts your replacement filter costs in HALF!
You want quality air purification at a cheap, discount price? You’ve got it with Tiger America!

You’ll find it very difficult to find a better portable air purifier value for your home or office than Tiger America. It’s powerful, effective, light and portable, making it easy to take with you from room to room, hotel rooms, basements, attics or whatever part of your home or office needs air filtration. All of these features, its powerful air cleaning ability, and low discount price has made the Tiger AKH_A25U True HEPA Air Cleaner one the best, cheap home and office air purifier values on the market. Try one today and feel the difference!  We also sell genuine replacement  Tiger AKH filters If you have any questions, give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. Our air quality experts are standing by!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Winix Air Cleaners: Best Air Purifier Value on The Market?

Easily Filter the Air in Your Home with a Top-Rated Winix Portable Room Air Purifier / Cleaner, One of The Best, Low Cost, Ozone-Free Air Purifiers, with Plasma Wave, Carbon & HEPA for Allergies, Dog & Cat / Pet Odor, Dust, Dander & More-For Less!

For many people, an expensive, quality home or room air purifier that is effective for reducing allergies, pet odors is simply out of reach. Winix understands this, and they have found a way to offer virtually the same quality as more expensive air cleaners–but at an affordable price. Winix air cleaners feature all the best features–ozone-free, true HEPA / activated carbon filters, quality construction, and the amazing Winix PlasmaWave technology, even a remote control. All of those features for less, Winix has become a top-rated home air cleaner choice for affordable room air purification, reducing allergies, respiratory problems, and for removing urine smell / odor, dust, dander from cats, dogs, and other pets.

The Winix Plasma Wave technology creates healthy negative ions (ozone-free) which not only destroys airborne germs (from dander, feces, etc), but also causes small particles to stick together so that the HEPA filter can do an even better job of cleaning the air. The activated carbon layer removes odors by absorbing the chemicals released into the air by pets (from litter boxes, dander, dog / cat urine, etc.), leaving the air in your home so clean you might forget that you have a pet. The Winix 9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner is a favorite among cat, dog, bird, and other pet owners because it quickly removes pet dander / odor from the air in your home or room as well (or better) than pet air purifiers that cost TWICE as much!

A Winix portable air purifier/cleaner is one of the best home remedy for allergies, as well, since you have true HEPA filters to remove even the smallest particles, activated carbon to remove odors, and PlasmaWave technology/air purification to freshen the air, all in one room air purifier that is portable, so you can move it from room to room or wherever the air needs cleaning. Those with respiratory problems find that the Winix air cleaners are an amazing value, too, as they easily remove the particles/chemicals from the air in homes/rooms that cause respiratory irritation, improving sleep and overall indoor air quality.

So if you are looking the best, low-cost portable air purifier for allergies, removing pet odors / pet dander, and overall excellent home / room air purification, we highly recommend the The Winix Company. If you need a replacement Winix HEPA air filter, or a manual, we can help with that, too. Choose the Winix air purifier or filter below that best suits your air cleaning needs, or give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 if you have questions. Our experts are standing by to help!

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sleep Better, Reduce Allergies with Austin Air Purifiers!

For over 30 years, Austin Air has provided some of the very best air purifiers on the market, with all models highly rated for allergy symptoms, better sleep/bedrooms, baby rooms, pet allergies, and more.  Austin Air founder Richard Taylor designed his air cleaners or ‘machines’ to clean the air and alleviate his wife Joyce’s respiratory problems. This was the original HealthMate HM 400 model. The result? For the first time outside the hospital, Joyce was sleeping well and breathing normally in their home.

The key element that makes Austin air purifiers so effective is their patented HEPA / HEGA filter designs. These filters not only feature 15lbs of activated carbon/zeolite for absorbing chemicals/gases from household cleaning supplies, paints, etc, but also a true medical grade HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and above, 95% down to 0.1 microns. The HEGA filter used in the HM 405 Austin Air Allergy Machine features an extra strength military-grade carbon cloth to remove even the tiniest amounts of chemicals/gases, plus a true medical grade HEPA filter.  The HM 405 Allergy Machine is best suited for those that are highly allergic to dust, pollen, and other allergens.

The HM 402 Bedroom Machine is designed to help you get better sleep with cleaner air. The HM 402 Bedroom Machine features a 5 stage air filtration system with 15 lb activated carbon/zeolite filter, a true medical HEPA filter, plus a HEGA military grade carbon cloth for extra chemical / odor removal. Reduces coughing, sneezing, even snoring! Recommended by the National Sleep Foundation!

The HM 410 Pet Machine easily removes pet dander, odors, hair, viruses, bacteria, so that you can enjoy your pets without odors and allergies. The HM 410 Pet Machine Features a 15 lb activated carbon/zeolite filter and a true medical HEPA filter.

The HM 205 Baby’s Breath air purifier is designed to remove harmful chemicals / particles that can affect your baby’s immune system and overall health. Features a 4 stage filtration system with a true medical grade HEPA filter and a HEGA military carbon cloth filter to remove over 99.9% of all air pollutants, giving your baby clean air to breathe!

 The Jr. (Junior) or HM 200 series air purifiers from Austin Air are designed for smaller rooms but feature the same great quality at a lower price!  Austin Air purifiers are not only highly effective, but also come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, a 5 Year Mechanical Warranty, and a 5 Year Filter Warranty. They are also available in all popular colors-Black, Midnight Blue, Sandstone, White, Silver, and Pink / Baby Blue (for the Baby’s Breath model).

Air Purifiers and is proud to offer all Austin Air purifiers, replacement filters, and parts. Because we are an online store, we can offer these outstanding air cleaners / replacement air filters at low, everyday discount prices, with free shipping. Call us toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 if have any questions. Choose your Austin Air purifier or replacement filter below and start breathing clean air today!
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For Affordable Air Purifiers That Silently Clean The Air Without Ozone, Your Best Choice is Blueair

Blueair is a company that is known for their patented HEPASilent, SmokeStop carbon and HEPA filters that easily and silently remove 99.97% of allergy-causing dust, mold spores, pollen particles, gas, odors from your home’s indoor air-- without ozone. In fact, Blueair personal air purifiers actually reduce indoor levels of ozone! Bueair is also known for their famous Smoke Stop filters and their 3-Stage ‘Progressive’ HEPA filters. Add award winning Swedish style and quality construction, and you’ve got a winner.

The SmokeStop filter features a specially activated carbon that absorbs smoke and other odors in your home amazingly well. The Blueair HEPA filter is a ‘progressive HEPA filter’, which means that the pores where air flows gets progressively smaller and smaller, trapping smaller and smaller particles, down to 0.1 microns, where some of the more dangerous particles exist. Blueair air purifiers are also Energy Star rated which means lower operating costs at the power outlet. 

Don’t be fooled by a cheaper air purifier’s claims and buy an air purifier that costs a little less but doesn’t clean the air in your home as well and has to be replaced in year or two. Blueair air cleaners are AHAM certified, ozone free, and feature the famous HEPASilent and SmokeStop filters, quality construction, and silent operation that will reduce or eliminate your allergies and help you sleep better. And, you have Blueair’s famous Lifetime Warranty, so you can buy online with confidence.

Because we are an online store, our website doesn’t have the overhead of traditional stores. That means you can buy all Blueair personal home air purifiers and replacement filters below at cheap, discount ‘outlet’ pricing, with free shipping, all day, every day. If you have questions about Blueair air purifiers or any other air quality concerns, call us toll free at 1-800-71-2513. Our air purifier experts are standing by!
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