Saturday, February 1, 2014

Industrial Air Cleaners for Restaurants & Bakeries: The Electrocorp 9975 Smoke Air Cleaner

Bakeries and restaurants often have a variety of air pollutants floating around, from flour dust to baking powder, spices, cooking odors and many other things. Smoke from burned or overcooked foods, butter, cheese, etc, is often a problem and can make conditions for employees and customers unpleasant—neither of which are good for business. Many commercial air cleaners, however, are either too bulky, cost too much, or really don’t have the right filters to clean the air properly, so a lot of restaurant and bakery owners either buy the wrong machine or can’t find one that does the job without breaking the bank.
The Electrocorp 9975 industrial-grade air cleaner is a perfect, lower cost, super-compact air filtration solution for bakeries, restaurants or similar businesses. This air purifier measures only 16 x 16 x 20, comes with 30 pounds of industrial strength activated carbon, a special tar and sticky substance removing pre-filter, and a medical grade HEPA filters as a powerful collection system that removes all those tiny flour, dust, smoke, odors, and chemical pollutants.  The carbon filter is truly a cut above the rest with Electrocorp’s super-activation processes that cause the carbon to consistently collect and remove more smoke, chemicals, and odors than any other commercial or industrial carbon air filter on the market.
And since it can hang from the ceiling, the Electrocorp 9975 won’t take up valuable floor space and get in the way of employees moving quickly and working hard to make your customers happy. The 9975 also has a strong output for compact commercial air scrubber, moving and cleaning over 750 cubic feet of air per minute. That means it can completely remove all of the smoke, cooking odors, dust, and more from an average size room in under 2 minutes (10 x 10 x 8). For larger areas, just purchase a few of these amazing air cleaners and you’ve got super clean, smoke and dust free air in your workplace—and none of that smoke or other pollutants floating out into your dining or other customer areas. This is very important, as bad air quality or unpleasant smells have been found in surveys to be a reason that customers don’t come back, or leave.
The Electrocorp 9975 also has positive and negative air capabilities, and comes with industrial-grade wheels so you can roll it around, take it to other areas or job sites to ensure that smoke or other pollutant are effectively removed. Having a powerful, compact, portable commercial air cleaner with lots of options can be very valuable if you move your business or your bakery or restaurant gets remodeled, you add different processes, etc. The positive or negative air use of this air purifier is simple and easy—just position the unit so that it’s either bringing in clean air or blowing out the bad air. If you need to use it to remove odors, dust or other types of air pollution at the source, just attach a flange and the appropriate tubing or duct pieces to the intake side and the 9975 will remove those pollutants as they are produced!
To top it all off, UV lights can be added to the 9975 for extra protection from airborne bacteria, mold or viruses present in a work area, which are common in food service applications like restaurants or bakeries, with food dust floating around that supports bacteria and mold growth. All of this super-charged air cleaning with tons of options and an affordable price makes the Electrocorp an excellent choice for air filtration, especially if you need a commercial smoke eater. If you own a restaurant, bakery or similar business, we highly recommend the Electrocorp 9975 as our best, most affordable smoke air cleaner to maintain excellent air quality in your business.
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