Thursday, August 9, 2018

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers: Why Every Home Should Have One

Typical air purifiers for sale only have carbon, HEPA or similar filters that only remove chemicals, odors and particles. Another air quality hazard present in most indoor spaces, homes, businesses, etc is airborne mold spores, bacteria, viruses and other microbes that are too small to be trapped by even the best HEPA filters. If these are inhaled on a regular basis, it can lead to illness, allergies and other unnecessary problems. The new, better air purifier is one that has those other filters but also includes UV lights, commonly known as a UV air purifier.

Not all ultraviolet air cleaners include HEPA and carbon, and it isn’t always necessary if there are other filtration systems in place to remove chemicals and particles. However, to ensure that you also destroy any airborne bacteria, viruses, mold spores, etc, you’ll want to choose an air cleaner with UV lights for that added level of protection, disease and allergy prevention, fewer trips to the doctor, etc. You can choose a UV air purifier that fits in duct work of your AC, a portable germicidal UV air cleaner that purifies the air directly in the room that you’re in, or ideally both. Buying a quality ultraviolet air purifier is a single step you can take to effectively reduce illness, improve air quality, sleep quality and daily energy, simply because you’re not inhaling live organisms that cause the body to react in various unpleasant ways. And since it is so easy to prevent by buying a quality UV air purifier, it does not make sense to inhale illness and allergy causing pollutants when you don't have to. 

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