Saturday, November 29, 2014

Got Musty Odors in Your Home? A Dehumidifier Can Help

Musty odors in a home or any room for that matter, is almost always an indication of some type of mold or related fungus growing that is producing that odor. Those odors are also an indication of excess moisture in the air, since mold and fungus requires a certain amount of water in the air to grow and multiply. So it makes sense that one of the best ways to get rid of the mold—and the odors—is to remove that excess moisture with a portable home dehumidifier.
Portable dehumidifiers can quickly and quietly remove the excess moisture in a room in a matter of hours and make a real difference in the musty odors you’re smelling. Other than fixing any leaks that are allowing the moisture into the home or room, a dehumidifier is a natural, effective way to help control mold and related odors. You do want to select dehumidifier that has a built in humidity meter (hygrometer) and a drain hose option to prevent having to empty buckets of water every 3-4 hours.
The hygrometer is very important so that you know what the humidity is, and when it’s under control (ideal humidity or ‘under control’ usually means a reading of around 30%; most moldy, musty situations have a humidity level of 50% or higher). Once you get the humidity down to 30% or so and keep it there or a few days, you’ll notice a big difference in the air quality and a noticeable reduction in musty odors. You also a 50 pint dehumidifier or higher--these units often remove the water faster and have larger buckets if you are going to empty buckets instead of using the drain hose option.
 You also want a dehumidifier that has an auto defrost function if you can get it—this helps the unit keep running and doing its job instead of having to turn the unit off and wait until the coils defrost to start removing moisture again. But do make sure to seal any basement walls or fix any leaks where water is coming in—if you do that and use a dehumidifier properly, that should be the end of your moisture-related odor problems.
Air Purifiers and offers a full selection of best-rated dehumidifiers, all at cheap discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. And if you have any questions, our team of indoor air quality experts are always available to help you. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Buying A COPD Humidifier: Choose Wisely for Safety & Performance

If you or someone you know has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), that condition basically makes it hard for them to breathe due to inflammation down in the lung tissue, excess mucus, infections, lack of oxygen, etc. And breathing air that is too dry or polluted with germs and other pollutants can make COPD symptoms much worse. Consequently, many COPD sufferers choose to buy a humidifier to ensure that the air is properly moisturized, which helps reduce inflammation. Buying a COPD humidifier can be very helpful, but you’ll want to look for several key features to ensure that the humidifier isn’t adding to the problem, and works reliably with as little maintenance as possible.
First, if you have COPD, you don’t want to have to clean the unit constantly and you certainly don’t need bacteria and viruses being distributed into the room as the humidifier releases a polluted mist of moisture. This is why, for COPD relief, you want to choose a humidifier that has an antimicrobial and anti-mold feature, such as silver ion cube which kills bacteria and mold in the water as well as prevents their growth. You also want a demineralization cartridge to help cut down on cleaning requirements. This cartridge removes the minerals that cause the majority of scaling and for ultrasonic humidifiers, sharply reduces the chance of any white mineral spots being left on furniture and other items—simply because the minerals won’t be in the water to leave a spot when the moisture droplet evaporates.
Quality ultrasonic humidifiers and steam humidifiers are usually chosen for COPD relief, as they provide the best, safest performance. Ultrasonic humidifiers are best for those looking for the lowest power consumption and clean, safe moisture, provided that the unit does have the anti-bacterial / anti-mold protection and demineralization cartridge. A great ultrasonic humidifier is Stadler Form’s HERA, with warm and cool mist options, a built in humidity meter and more. Steam humidifiers are often chosen for COPD, as well, since a steam unit actually boils the water to produce moisture, and naturally kills germs, as well as removes any minerals all at the same time, without filters or cartridges. For those looking for a best rated COPD humidifier with the least maintenance, a steam humidifier such as the Stadler Form FRED is a very good choice.
Air Purifiers and is your #1 online store for the best rated humidifiers on sale at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping every day, due to our extremely low overhead. Our humidifiers are all top-rated for best performance and value, and come with excellent warranties as well as free support from our team of air quality experts, before and after the sale—things you don’t get when you buy a cheap humidifier at a department store. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and we’ll be glad to help you choose the perfect humidifier for your home or room—one that works well and lasts for years so you don’t have to buy another one in six months. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Indoor Air Quality Test Kits: The New, Affordable Way to Make Sure The Air is Clear

When you buy or rent a home or apartment, whether you plan to live in it yourself or not, it just makes good sense to know whether the indoor air quality is safe or not. This is especially true if it’s an older home or unit because when people have lived there, there are always more pollutants in the air simply because people and animals carry and release hair, bacteria, mold spores, track in dirt, etc—which the air conditioner systems actually are not capable of completely removing, despite using the best electrostatic filters. 
So, these pollutants multiply and build up in various areas—walls, ceilings, in the duct work, between walls, etc—and slowly release into the air of the home. And when you or tenants move in, the last thing you want is to begin inhaling potentially infectious and otherwise health-compromising pollutants and germs—especially if you have children or a newborn baby! But there’s no way to tell for sure whether indoor air quality is safe or not without spending thousands on testing, right? Wrong! Home air test kits and air monitors are now exceptionally affordable, and can give you a complete picture of whether the air is clear—or not-so you or your tenants don’t end up with a ‘mystery’ illness out of nowhere in the next 5-10 years.
Best of all, you can buy the best indoor air quality test kits and handheld air monitors at our online store, at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping every day! That is made possible by our extremely low overhead which creates massive savings that we’re happy to pass on to you! And, we have a team of experienced indoor air quality experts on hand to help you choose exactly which home air quality test kit or monitor is right for your home, room, apartment or other area you wish to test. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Commercial Dust Extractor Systems: Why Bag-Type Dust Collectors Could Leave You Wide Open for Losses

Recently we’ve found that some business owners who’s shop processes involve grinding, sanding, and cutting various materials are being told by some advisors that the dust collection units attached to these tools are all they need to remove the dust and other particles produced. The problem with this type of thinking is that many of these business owners now think that the air is clean, clear and safe for workers. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and actually leaves the business owner in a dangerous, potentially very expensive position.
That position is liability—simply because the bag-type dust extractors only capture most of the larger particles that you can see, and none of the more dangerous sub-micron particles you can’t see. And it’s those tiny sub-micron particles that cause the majority of respiratory disorders and other lasting health problems that drive up costs for your business. Plus, all it takes is one complaint to OSHA and you’ll get audited, inspected and likely fined for improper ventilation, not to mention loss of productivity and bad sentiment among workers that chips away at your hard-earned reputation. The simple way to avoid all of these problems is to make the tax-deductible investment in a proper particle filtration system with a HEPA filter that removes the dust, fibers and particles from the air. It’s really that easy—and affordable.
One affordable, high-quality commercial dust extractor manufacturer is Electrocorp, currently #1 in the world among shop owners for value and performance.  Electrocorp dust remover systems are portable, space saving, include ultra-effective industrial HEPA filters and smart pre-filters to extend the life of the HEPA filters. And, depending on which unit you buy, you can also get useful positive and negative air capability, should you need it.
All of the Electrocorp dust extractors are highly portable, too, so you can take them to various job sites or shops as needed. Best of all, you can get quality commercial and industrial dust removers at the best, cheapest discount prices with free shipping from our store, due to our extremely low overhead. We also have a team of experts on hand to answer questions, provide free quotes and help design the perfect particle filtration system for your business. Call us toll free today at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Friday, November 21, 2014

Electrocorp Welding Fume Extractors: Best Value and Performance

If you’re running a welding or soldering shop, you know how harmful and aggravating the fumes and particle pollutants can be. And exhausting to the outside isn’t always effective--plus it’s likely violating EPA laws that could result in hefty fines. That’s why Electrocorp is such an incredible portable fume extractor manufacturer for welding and soldering. Their units are preferred by many companies for a reason—solid steel construction, reliable performance and they contain the highest rated activated carbon in the world for removing the tough chemicals associated with welding and soldering.

Soldering fume extractors need a very similar type of activated carbon to remove those airborne chemicals and fumes. Electrocorp fume removal systems work exceptionally well for soldering too, and the carbon can even be fine-tuned to remove specific chemicals found or released during odd soldering applications or from using certain materials. Regarding reviews, as a company, we have had zero returns for any Electrocorp fume extractor. That says a lot. And every report we have from customers reflects that the units immediately clean up the air and make the work environment much better, safer, and increase productivity.

Best of all, at our online store you can select from a full range of Electrocorp portable fume extractors that will help you meet OSHA regulations, avoid fines and keep the air clean, productivity high, and air quality-related employee illnesses down.  And since we’re an online store, our overhead is extremely low, which allows us to pass those savings on to you with the cheapest discount prices, free shipping and outstanding customer services—plus expert support!  Call us today and get the answers you need—it’s free!  1-800-701-2513.  We’re here to help!

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Industrial Air Cleaner Systems: How to Reduce Employee Healthcare Costs and Reduce Liability in One Easy Step

Believe it or not, there are still many industrial and commercial businesses with various processes that release harmful pollutants into the workspace and out into the environment—with no air filtration system. Granted, it’s a matter of time before OSHA regulations, employee lawsuits, or excessive healthcare costs take their toll, but this result is unnecessary and a real shame that employees have to work in conditions that will negatively affect their health. If you own one of these businesses, hopefully this doesn't include you.
The domino effect from employees not feeling well starts with lower productivity and overuse of PTO or sick days, both of which cost everyone money on the front end, and drives up individual and business insurance costs unnecessarily. Eventually, the company’s profitability will decline, causing more corners to be cut just to maintain operations—which usually means fewer benefits for employees and lower quality product as you have to use cheaper materials. Eventually, the company may go out of business due to this downhill slide, the speed of which will only increase as the number of employees are affected by poor indoor air quality.
And this is assuming that there are no lawsuits and no fines from OSHA or the EPA for environmental violations from releasing pollutants to the outside. Add these costs to the mix and it’s very easy to see how companies can quickly go out of business simply by not preventing hazardous working conditions. All of this is completely avoidable simply by evaluating the air quality in work areas and installing the proper commercial HEPA air cleaner systems to remove harmful particles and fibers, and activated carbon air purifiers to remove any harmful chemical fumes and VOC's. And those air cleaner units are all tax deductible expenses, too. So it makes even less sense not to install the proper air filtration systems to protect your business and the employees that work there—not to mention protecting your own health if you’re there breathing the pollutants, as well!
Best of all, you can get outstanding deals on perfectly designed industrial air filtration systems with commercial-grade HEPA and carbon filters, and proven performance. Our online store is famous for some of the cheapest prices on the internet due to our extremely low overhead—and we always offer free shipping, as well, making it an even better deal for the customer. 
Call our industrial air quality experts today, get your questions answered, and find out just how affordable the proper industrial air cleaner system for your business can be. You and your employees will thank you many times over as you and they enjoy the benefits of a strong company and a healthy, safe environment to work in.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Why Air Pollution Should Be On Everyone's Health Watch-List

A lot of people are now aware but alarmingly unconcerned that the EPA states that poor indoor air quality now ranks in the top five major health threats we face. Similarly, many are aware that most homes are loaded with airborne dust, dust mites, bacteria, viruses, mold spores and more.
Many are also aware that outdoor air pollution is constantly being brought indoors by our air conditioners, 24 hours a day, meaning that if you live near or in a city, you and your family are very likely inhaling a lot of industrial chemicals and micro-particles that are very hazardous. And, naturally, most don't think it's a problem in their homes because they feel 'OK' right now and nothing 'big' has happened health-wise.
Air pollution is a very big deal, and indoor air quality or indoor air pollution is an even bigger deal because it's a closed environment where the pollutants can be 2-5 times more highly concentrated, thanks to our residential air conditioners, insulated walls and windows, etc. The concern about air pollution is similar to water quality. If you knew that serious pollution was present in your water, what would you do? You'd immediately go out and buy some type of effective filtration system, right? You care about yourself and your family so you would take action to make sure you're protected. Of course you would, right? 
Fortunately, the lack of attention to indoor air quality's impact on health is often just a case of being under-informed--that's an easy fix.  Here's what we mean: What most people do not realize is that while the average adult drinks about two quarts of liquids or water per day, humans breathe over 3000 gallons of air per day. So which one would you say could be more of a hazard?
Two quarts versus 3000 gallons. Clearly, we're inhaling a lot more air, and if about 90% of our time is spent indoors, that's about 2700 gallons of polluted air we're breathing day in and day out--unless there is a quality air filtration system in place with HEPA and activated carbon filters to remove both micro-particles and chemicals.
Unfortunately, there are still millions of homes and office buildings with no such air treatment system in place--to which doctors and pharmaceutical manufacturers say 'thank you very much--we'll be glad to take more of your money because you don't feel like protecting yourself!'. But this whole scenario is unnecessary and avoidable, simply by making sure you have some type of quality residential air treatment system running in your home. Simple fix. Big positive impact on your health.
All you need is either a whole house unit or a couple of portable air purifiers with HEPA and carbon filters running in the rooms where you spend most of your time and you'll immediately improve your in home air quality. And that air filtration system will be a far better buy than sending more of your hard-earned money to the medical system and risking premature disease, aging and death, you can feel stronger, do more, and likely improve virtually every aspect of your life--simply because you're not inhaling health-ruining pollutants on a daily basis.
Call us toll free today at 1-800-701-2513 and let our experts answer your questions and recommend the perfect residential air treatment products for your home. We also offer the very best air purifiers and other air-quality improvement products at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead!  Call us today! We're here to help!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How Air Conditioners Can Ruin Your Health

Most of us take certain things for granted, such as breathing. We do it without thinking 99% of the time, and similarly don’t think about the air quality in our homes until we smell something odd, or start sneezing, coughing, etc.
And while our air conditioners are very important for circulating fresh air into our homes, they can very easily become a source of pollutants that cause allergies, asthma, poor sleep, and even serious diseases like cancer, heart disease, brain disorders, and more. Think we're making this up? Google this: 'EPA air quality top five'  You'll see a statement there by the EPA that indoor air quality is in the top 5 major health threats we face today.
So how can my air conditioner ruin my health? That’s a great question. Our air conditioners have coils in them where Freon or other refrigerants flow through the tubing and reduce the temperature of the air as the air blows across these very cold coils. As a result of the cooling process, water is condensed as the warmer air and cooling coils meet. This moisture feeds various disease-causing bacteria, mold spores, algae and other organisms and germs, who then breed there on or near the coils, and in the duct work since that moisture is constantly there. As the air flows through the duct work, we get a continuous dose of these organisms, unless we have air purifiers running in the home to remove them first.
And no, the air conditioner filter isn’t enough to stop these organisms, mainly because many of them are too small for the filter to trap—which leaves them in the air for you and your family to breathe. Another big source of allergy, asthma and disease causing pollutants is the outside air that your air conditioner is bringing in. The outside air is polluted with chemicals and micro-particles from local companies’ waste materials, some cities much more than others. Again, the air conditioner filter isn’t capable of stopping the micro-particles, and has no ability to stop the inflow of hazardous chemicals, many of which are known carcinogens and cause other diseases.
The other thing that most people are not aware of is that mold is one of the strongest carcinogens in the world—yes, that’s what we said: mold. The mycotoxins in mold have been found linked to many types of cancer and most do not realize or even find out that it was mold that contributed to their development of cancer in the first place. Just Google ‘mold and cancer’ and you’ll see what we mean. And the biggest source of those mold spores? You guessed it—poor indoor air quality.
All of this can be avoided, however, by simply installing the proper indoor air filtration system in your home. You can choose a whole house unit or just a couple of quality room air purifiers with HEPA and carbon filters and easily protect yourself. Instead of BEING the filter, use quality filters to save your body and your life from unnecessary, life-shortening air pollution.
At Air Purifiers and, we have extremely low overhead and gladly pass those savings on to you with the cheapest discount prices possible and free shipping–so you can enjoy clean air you deserve, without breaking the bank. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-701-2513 and let our experts help you choose exactly the right home air cleaner system for you that provides the best protection at the lowest cost possible.
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Monday, November 17, 2014

UV Air Cleaners: The New Way to Reduce Doctor Visits!

It’s no secret that poor indoor air quality can affect your health. But many people don’t realize that until health problems arise and then it’s sometimes difficult to prove whether the air quality contributed to the illness or not without extensive testing. A better, cheaper way to ensure that poor indoor air quality isn’t causing you unnecessary allergies, illness or just lack of energy, poor sleep, etc is to buy the right kind of room air purifier that can remove all the bad stuff and kill any germs that might be in the air—UV air purifiers.
UV air purifiers are a great friend to have in the home, especially when research has proven that the majority of us have homes with air polluted by bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, chemicals, viruses, and more, which we’re breathing every day and night. The problem with that is that our bodies don’t have a good way to consistently get rid of all of these intruders as they come in, so many of them set up in our systems and cause disease. UV air filters, however, can give our bodies and immune systems a fighting chance by stopping the inflow of germs, particles and chemicals and as a result, sharply reduce how many times we end up going to the doctor.
All uv or ultraviolet air purifiers aren’t the same, though. You do want a room air purifier that also has a quality HEPA and carbon filter that will effectively remove house dust and chemicals, while the UV light rays kill germs and release healthy negative ions that further break down chemicals in the air. That type of air purifier, with a UV air filter, HEPA filter and carbon filter, will truly clean the air in your home and allow your body to not only rest, but to get rid of enough pollutants to strengthen the immune system and give you a boost of daily energy, too!
Best of all, at our online store, we sell some of the very best UV air cleaners in the world, with excellent warranties, proven germicidal action and exceptional value. And since we’re an online store with very low overhead, this allows us to offer these incredible UV air purification systems at the best discount prices with free shipping. We have a team of indoor air quality experts on hand to help you select the perfect UV air cleaner for your needs, too—so you won’t have to do it again for a long time. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and get that UV air purifier you’ve been thinking about. Chances are, you’ll spend a lot less time being sick than other people you know!
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Ionic Air Cleaners: Use Them to Protect Yourself This Cold & Flu Season

Cold and flu season is no fun for anyone. No one enjoys getting shots, but there’s not much you can do to protect yourself really, other than frequent hand washing and avoiding those that are sick. Or is there something else? The answer is yes. Ionic air purifiers are actually one of the best ways you can protect your health–to not only decrease your chances of catching a cold or the flu, but also increase your ability to stay healthy all year-round.
Ionic air cleaners release healthy ozone-free negative ions into the air that destroy airborne bacteria and viruses on contact, and help with germs on surfaces with a constant flow of ions in a home or room. So when you come home from work where you, your clothing or something might have come in contact with cold or flu viruses, bacteria or other germs, if you have an ionic air filter running, that’s going to make it difficult for those germs to survive.
And if someone in the home is sick and breathing out air that is polluted with germs, an ionic air purifier will greatly help to destroy those germs and prevent others in the home from becoming sick—assuming that the other normal illness-preventive measures are being followed (frequent hand-washing, avoiding items touched by those that are ill, disinfecting surfaces, etc).
Your best bet is to choose a ionizing air purifier with a HEPA filter, as well, since the negative ions cause the HEPA filter to become ‘super-efficient’, removing many more particles than HEPA alone. This is because the ions make particles stick together and form larger, more easily trappable particles, as well as makes them stick to the HEPA filter media better. That means your HEPA filter will be now become a ‘super-HEPA’ filtration system capable of removing even the tiniest bacteria and other particles that might affect your health.
Any way you look at it, ionic air purifiers are a smart move for this cold and flu season, and a better air cleaner buy in general. Air Purifiers and offers the best quality ionic room air cleaners at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. Call us today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and let our experts help you choose the perfect ionic air cleaner for your home or room—so you can spend more time having fun, and less time at the doctor’s office.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Odor Reduction Air Purifiers: Look for These 3 Features for Results

Lingering household odors are a problem for many people, especially those that are sensitive to odors, get headaches or have other reactions. And using Febreze or regular cleaning doesn’t always work, especially when the odors are constantly being produced, such as with pets, cooking odors, hobbies, or even the smells from cleaning products. Air purifiers are often used for odor reduction, but many times don’t do the best job of removing the smells, either. Air cleaners can do a great job of eliminating odors—if you know what to look for and why.
For an air purifier to do a great job of removing odors, it must have three main features—strong output speed, large amounts of activated carbon, and ions—or at least a powerful output and a large enough amount of negative ions produced by a UV cell. The majority of household odors are composed of VOC’s or volatile organic compounds. Activated carbon is typically very good at removing VOC’s, and thereby removes odors very well—but that carbon does become saturated and stops absorbing once it’s reached capacity.
This is why you want an odor remover air cleaner with a lot of carbon—pounds of it—in the filter, so that the filter lasts more than a few week and does a better job of removing the chemicals that cause the odors. Ions are also very helpful for disintegrating airborne VOC’s, so an air purifier with quality carbon and ions is going to be extra effective for odors. Negative ions are so good at getting rid of odors that it is even possible to remove or eliminate the majority of VOC’s if you have enough negative ions being produced by an air purifier with a strong UV light cell, such as the RxAir system.
Other than activated carbon or having plenty of negative ions to eliminate the odors, the other main factor or feature to look for is a strong output of at least 200 CFM. Why? If the air cleaner can’t clean the majority of the air in a room in 4-5 minutes, this usually means you’ll smell the odor before the air cleaner can get to it. You want an odor reduction air purifier that can remove odors quickly and keep them under control so they don’t float to other areas of the home where there’s less circulation and linger.
Which air cleaners are best for odor removal? Our research shows that the Blueair 450E, Aller Air 5000 Vocarb with UV option, Austin HealthMate Plus, and RxAir Air Purification System are the best odor removal air purifiers for the money. The RxAir system is also filterless, so you won’t have to worry about replacement filters!
Air Purifiers and sells the best odor reduction air purifiers with heavy duty carbon filters and filter-less negative ion odor elimination systems, all at cheap discount prices with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. Call our experts toll-free today at 1-800-701-2513 and let them help you choose the perfect odor removal air cleaner so you can enjoy your home or room without dealing with unpleasant odors. We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Smoke Air Cleaners: Why They're Better for Smoke Than Normal Air Purifiers

Many people that are looking to get rid of second hand smoke and related odors in their homes and rooms often buy a ‘normal’ HEPA air cleaner thinking it will do the trick. And while a good HEPA filter will remove a large portion of the ash and other particles in the air, it isn’t capable of removing the chemicals and odors produced by cigar, cigarette and pipe tobacco. To effectively remove those pollutants, a ‘smoke eater’ air cleaner must have a substantial activated carbon filter and ideally, a pre-filter system that traps that wall and clothing-staining tar, as well.
And not just any activated carbon will do, either. The airborne chemicals associated with tobacco smoke are somewhat tougher for carbon to absorb and to be effective for smoke removal, the carbon has to be chemically-activated or ‘tuned’ to remove those chemicals. This is why you want to choose an actual smoke air cleaner machine, designed specifically for smoke elimination. These air cleaners, such as the DS and DXS series units from Aller Air, include the right type of activated carbon, medical grade HEPA and special tar-trapping pre-filters—a filtration system that not only does a better job of removing cigar and cigarette smoke but also extends filter life out to 2-3 years in most cases. Blueair air cleaners with their Gas & Odor SmokeStop filters also do an excellent job of removing smoke smell, particles, chemicals, ash and tar—and they’re exceptionally quiet.
So if you’re looking for a quality, effective smoke air cleaner, be sure that it has HEPA, activated carbon designed for smoke, and if possible, UV or an ion generator, as the ions (UV produces ions too) help freshen the air, disintegrate odors and increase the efficiency of HEPA filters. The Aller Air 5000 and 6000 DS and DXS units can be purchased with UV bulbs, and the Blueair units come with built-in ionizers, which is another good reason to choose these brands for effective smoke odor and particle elimination.
Air Purifiers and sells the best smoke air purifiers proven to remove over 99% of second hand smoke and odors produced by cigar, cigarette and pipe tobacco. And since we’re an online store with extremely low overhead, that means you can buy the smoke air purifier you need at the cheapest discount prices possible, with free shipping. We also have a team of smoke air filtration experts on hand to answer any questions you may have. Call us today at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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Monday, November 10, 2014

Allergy & Asthma Air Cleaners: Why HEPA Filters Sometimes Aren’t Enough

Those who regularly deal with sinus and respiratory allergy reactions (and asthma) know that most of the time, it’s usually some kind of particle or fiber in the air that causes them trouble. And they’re usually right. So naturally, a HEPA filter often makes a big difference and usually reduces symptoms quickly by removing those particles. Many times, however, a HEPA air cleaner is purchased and it either helps for a little while then the allergy symptoms seem to increase again, or the air purifier doesn’t help much at all. In these situations, there are usually other things in the air that are causing reactions that a HEPA filter can’t remove—such as airborne chemicals.

This is why sometimes a HEPA filter isn’t enough, as it is only designed to trap particles and does nothing to stop airborne chemical residues from household cleaners, stored solvents, paints, even chemicals that are continually off-gassing from the materials used to build your home or apartment (especially true for new homes and apartments). Another major source of airborne chemicals is the outdoor air that your air conditioner is bringing in. Most cities have some degree of air pollution (some very bad like Los Angeles, Phoeniz AZ, even Birmingham AL) and whether we want to believe it or not, without an air purifier with a substantial activated charcoal filter removing the smog and other gas-type pollutants that are coming into your home, we’re breathing those pollutants every day and night.
The simple way for allergy and asthma sufferers to avoid the reactions caused by airborne chemical pollution is to buy an allergy air purifier with a good HEPA filter for sure–but also choose one that has quality activated charcoal filter as well, and UV if you have that option. If you're looking for an effective asthma air cleaner, the same rules apply. Activated charcoal naturally absorbs those chemicals and removes them from the air so you don’t have to breathe them. UV light produces ions that help disintegrate VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), odors, and other chemicals, leaving only harmless CO2 and water, and much cleaner air as a result.

So, buying an allergy air cleaner with all three elements—HEPA, activated charcoal and UV—goes much further toward preventing allergy and asthma reactions than a HEPA filter alone can do. For this reason, Aller Air and Blueair air purifiers are among the top-rated air purifiers for allergies and asthma, as they include all three of those air-cleaning elements. The Austin Allergy Machine and RxAir Purification System are also very good choices. So if you’re still looking for relief, try an Aller Air 5000 Vocarb with UV, Austin Allergy Machine or Blueair 450E for example—you’ll probably notice a big difference and feel much better in 24-48 hours.

Air Purifiers and sell the best, most effective air filters for allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues, from top manufacturers like Aller Air, Blueair, Austin Air, RxAir and others. And since we are an online store with very low overhead, this allows us to sell at the cheapest discount prices on the internet with free shipping! We also have a team of allergy and asthma air filtration experts on hand to answer any questions you may have. Just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!

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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Got Household Dust & Odors? Eliminate Them with Quality Large Room Air Purifiers

House dust and odors account for a large percentage of allergies and other sinus and respiratory irritations in the home. Quality large room air purifiers with HEPA and activated carbon filters are an effective and affordable way to eliminate and control dust and odors, and give you peace of mind knowing you’re not inhaling dust mites, mold spores, bacteria, etc.
Choosing the large room air cleaner that is best for your home or room is easy if you look for and compare key features necessary for high efficiency filtration and extra-long air purifier life. HEPA filters are excellent for removing the dust and other particles, but aren’t always necessary to keep the air sanitized and keep particles and odors out of your breathing space.
Large portable ionic filters like the RxAir Air Purification System use ions and UV light to not only kill germs, but also cause particles to fall out of the air while disintegrating airborne chemicals that cause the odors—a very efficient, affordable, filter-less air cleaner system that covers large rooms, offices and other areas up to 800 square feet.
If you’re extra sensitive to chemicals and other household pollutants, you should probably consider an air purifier with a large carbon air filter, such as those from Aller Air, which when purchased with the UV option provide some of the best large room air filtration possible, consistently removing and neutralizing over 99% of all dust, chemicals, odors, germs and other pollutants. Blueair’s 450E is an excellent air purifier for large bedrooms up to 365 square feet because it is exceptionally quiet, has HEPA, quality activated carbon and it’s ionic.
Air Purifiers and offers the very best large room air purifier values, from quality air cleaner manufacturers like Aller Air, Austin Air, Blueair, RxAir and more—all at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day due to our extremely low overhead. Call our experts today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. We’ll answer your questions and help you choose the perfect large room air cleaner for your home, bedroom, office or other area.
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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Small Room Air Purifiers: An Inexpensive Way to Protect Your Health

Small room air cleaners are often viewed as not very effective or not worth buying. And with some cheap brands found at most department stores, that's probably true since they don't usually have quality HEPA and activated carbon filters or a very good output. There are, however, affordable compact air cleaners that do include quality HEPA and activated carbon filters, as well as air-sanitizing UV or ions. 
And using one of these compact air purifiers in your room, office, cubicle or other small area can make a big difference in your health, how much energy you have on a daily basis, or whether you catch the next round of cold and flu. Using a mini air cleaner when you travel can offer a lot of protection, as well--as you never know what's floating around in strange hotel rooms, etc.

Some of the best mini air purifiers are from companies such as Winix, Tiger, Stadler Form, Vapor Eze and Austin Air. Each of these includes a quality HEPA filter to remove the tiny airborne bacteria and particles that cause most allergies and asthma attacks, and even cold and flu viruses since those are usually floating around attached to airborne dust particles. Vapor Eze offers the most compact air cleaner on the market, while Stadler Form Viktor is also small and offers HEPA-level dust removal without filters (and covers over 500 sq ft).

If you have chemicals or odors, you'll want an Austin Junior size portable air purifier, as these units have both HEPA and 6 pounds of quality activated carbon to remove chemicals and odors--the most carbon of any small room air cleaner.  It all depends on what pollutants you would like to remove and how much square footage you need to cover--and of course, how small of an air cleaner you want, whether you need a mini travel air purifier or one that's a little larger.

Air Purifiers and offers the best compact air cleaners for any size room, office, cubicle or travel application--all with quality filters to remove the pollutants that cause allergies, asthma and disease, and all at cheap discount prices with free shipping every day. Call our experts today and let them help you choose the perfect portable electronic air cleaner for your needs. We're here to help--call us today toll free at 1-800-701-2513.

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Get Rid of Musty Odors in Your Home-with a UV Light Air Purifier System

Many homeowners have musty smells and other odors that they can’t seem to get rid of, and it’s often worse when the air conditioner turns on. This is, of course, partly because the A/C system is circulating more of what’s causing the odor, but when it comes to musty, moldy type odors, the smell usually means you have quite a bit of mold growing in the coil area, in the ducts, or both. Mold produces certain chemicals as it metabolizes (eats) organic material and water and those chemicals easily become airborne (which often include very harmful mycotoxins), causing musty-type odors. And the stronger the odor, that more mold you have creating those odors.  This is where whole house UV air cleaner systems can make such a big difference.
UV air cleaners consist of lab-grade UV bulbs placed in the duct work that release UV-C rays proven to kill bacteria, viruses, mold and other germs. Simply put, the UV bulbs destroy the mold spores and any growing mold nearby in the duct that cause the musty odors you’re smelling. The UV air cleaner system also produces air-sanitizing OH- ions that not only further destroy bacteria, viruses and mold spores, but also disintegrate VOC’s, which are also a source of many odors found in the home. And, if you have any allergies, asthma or chronic sinus infections, a quality duct-mounted UV purifier system can help greatly to reduce those symptoms since the majority of allergens or other irritating particles and live germs have been destroyed.
It’s important to buy only American made UV light air cleaners since many of those units made overseas either do not have the same germ and mold-killing power as the US made models. They also do not last as long and frequently need replacing. Air Purifiers and sells only the best rated UV light air purifier systems with lab-tested bulbs and solid-state electronic components for long life and excellent performance. 
 And since we are an online store with low overhead, that allows us to sell our whole house ultraviolet light air cleaners at the cheapest discount prices with free shipping. Call our experts today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and get the odor and allergy relief you deserve! We’re here to help!
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stop Dangerous Outdoor Air Pollution from Entering Your Home-with Whole House Air Cleaners

The environment is definitely something that everyone should think about, especially big businesses regularly blowing pollution into the air. But what we should really be concerned about first as individuals, is our indoor environment and what types of outdoor air pollution are coming directly into our homes through the air conditioner system. And while the focus of indoor air quality is often about cleaning up that indoor air with a room air cleaner, it can be much more important to stop what’s coming into your home through the A/C system—especially if you live in an area or city that is known for high levels of air pollution. And if you've developed any allergies, asthma or other health conditions since moving a new area, you might want to stop and think about whether outdoor air pollution--it could be the culprit.
In a recent article on, the top 10 worst cities for air pollution were listed as follows, in this order: Los Angeles, CA, Phoenix AZ, Hanford CA, Fresno CA, Pittsburg PA, Birmingham, AL, Cincinnati, OH, Louisville KY, and number 9, Modesto, CA. Now that’s just the top 9—but that doesn’t mean the air in your area or city is super clean. If you have any kind of industry there or a good size population in your city, there’s going to be smog with harmful chemicals and sub-micron sized particles in the air--especially if you live downtown or near factories, industrial areas, etc.
And what’s really important to know is that your air conditioner or furnace filters are going to allow about 95% of those particles and 100% of the chemicals to get through, right into your home, unless there’s some kind of filtration system capable of stopping them. The only way you’ll be able to stop these chemicals and particles from coming into your home is to use a quality whole house air cleaner system with a medical grade HEPA filter and a heavy duty activated carbon filter designed to remove the chemicals typically found in air pollution. And while a  whole home dust filtration system is good, you really want a unit with the carbon-otherwise, all of the chemical pollutants will pass right through and into your home.
Aller Air is one electronic whole house air cleaner manufacturer that we trust because their systems include proper HEPA and heavy carbon (like, 20 pounds of carbon or more) filters that easily and consistently remove over 95% of all of the dust, particles, chemicals that come in from outside, and from what’s circulating in your home. And the filters on these units last 3-5 years so you won’t have much maintenance at all. Buying a whole home air filtration system such as the Aller Air 6000 D AH Vocarb can easily remove the majority of pollutants in your entire home, remove pollutants coming in from outside, help get rid of odors, and give you peace of mind knowing you and your family are no longer getting a dose of harmful air pollution that will one day cause disease or premature death.
Best of all, you can buy the best electronic whole house air purifiers like these at a discount here at our online store. And since we’re an online store with very low overhead, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best electronic whole house air purification systems at the cheapest prices with free shipping! Plus, we have a team of experts on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Call us today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513 and see what a difference super-clean, pollution free air can make! We’re here to help!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Pet Air Cleaners: Choose HEPA, Carbon and Ions for Best Performance

Pet owners buy air purifiers for various reasons, including reducing allergies, cutting down on hair and dander floating around, and even helping the cat, dog or other pet breathe cleaner indoor air and have fewer allergies themselves. Selecting a really good air cleaner for use with pets can be difficult, however, since every manufacturer has their claims as to why their air purifier is the one you should buy.
When it comes to making a pet air purifier effective against odors, dander, bacteria, viruses, etc, it really comes down to, whether the unit has enough air-moving power, the filters, and whether it has UV or ions. First, the air purifier has ato be able to cycle all of the air in the room about every 4-5 minutes max. Why? Because if it takes any longer, there’s a good chance you’re going to inhale the hair or other pollutants before the air cleaner can get to it. Basically you want a pet air cleaner with an output of at least 150-200 CFM.
Next, you definitely want HEPA and substantial activated carbon filters, as the HEPA will remove the dander, dust, hair and other particles, and the activated carbon removes the airborne chemicals that make up the odors we smell. The more carbon, the longer the filter lasts and the better it removes pet odors.
Pet air purifiers with ions are getting more attention these days, too, since they can also be antibacterial, antiviral, and destroy VOC’s which make up a lot of those odors, too. And, ions tend to cause larger particles to both fall from the air as well as make them stick together which enhances a HEPA filter’s particle removal efficiency. So getting a unit with UV (which typically produces OH- ions and superoxide ions) or one that says ‘with ions’, will give you that extra edge for removing dander, reducing allergies, and keeping odors under control.
 That said, the best brands of air purifiers for pet dander & odors we’ve found are from Aller Air (with UV option), and Blueair, with their Gas & Odor Filters. Both brands have all 4 main components mentioned above—they definitely have outputs above 200 CFM, they both have medical-grade HEPA filters, substantial activated carbon filters, and offer UV or ions. Specifically, Aller Air’s 5000 Vocarb with UV and Blueair’s 450E are top sellers for pet air filtration purposes. Winix is also good, but does not have the same odor removal capacity, small amounts of carbon, and the warranty isn’t as good—but they are good if you’re on a budget. The Austin Pet Machine is very good, as well, but does not have ions.
Air Purifiers and sells the very best pet air cleaners with quality HEPA, activated carbon filters, powerful outputs, and UV or ions to effectively remove pet dust, dander and odors from your home. And since we’re an online store with very low overhead, this allows us to sell at the cheapest discount prices with FREE SHIPPING every day! Call us today for free information at 1-800-701-2513. We’re here to help!
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