Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ultraviolet (UV) Air Cleaners: Good for Commercial Applications? You Bet.

Ultraviolet light air purifiers mounted in the ducts of an air conditioner or HVAC system do an excellent job of killing mold, bacteria, algae and other organisms. And most of the time, we think of using these UV air cleaners in home central air conditioning ducts—but they’re actually a very valuable and effective addition to many industrial and commercial air filtration efforts.
Industrial or commercial businesses where infectious organisms such as mold, bacteria, and other germs are routinely present can benefit greatly from having an ultraviolet light air cleaner system in the air conditioning ducts as this will go a long way toward preventing any live infectious agents from floating around and causing a health hazard.
Businesses such as restaurants, bars, laboratories, waste water or water treatment plants, food manufacturing plants, medical or hospital buildings, rooms, and many others would definitely be one step ahead of the competition by having an ultraviolet light air cleaner systems in the central HVAC ducts and prevent virtually any infectious material from getting out and causing health problems.
UV air cleaners also do a great job of freshening the air and getting rid of odors. This is because the negative ions that are generated not only kill bacteria, mold spores, and viruses on contact, but they also break down the organic molecules that are responsible for most odors. The bacteria and virus killing properties and odor removal capabilities make UV air cleaner systems great for veterinary offices, kennels, as well.
So if odors are a problem in your business, a ultraviolet light air purifier system might help a great deal--especially for bars & restaurants where food odors, smoke & other odors are usually present. And according to research, the negative ions generated by ultraviolet air cleaners are also great for decreasing fatigue and reducing stress in the workplace!
Do your homework, however, if your business has various chemicals or other elements present in the air that might not react positively from having a lot of negative or OH- ions present in the air. Some laboratory processes, tests, and chemical reactions may be hampered by the negative ions, so make sure that someone qualified evaluates this potential issue. It’s unlikely that you’ll have an issue, but it’s best to be on the safe side. 
Keep in mind that UV air cleaners are sanitizers, not filters and will not filter out the particles in the air--for the best and safest air quality, install a UV air system in the ducts, and get an industrial air cleaner system, as well.
Also, be sure to buy a few replacement UV bulbs or lamps when you buy your UV air cleaner system as this will ensure that you’re getting them at the lowest price, as prices do tend to go up right when things wear out (i.e. bulbs). And be certain that your bulbs are at least 36 watts—any bulbs with less wattage will not work as well in the air conditioning ducts and won’t kill everything. 36 watt bulbs are the strength used in successful HVAC duct mounted UV air cleaner laboratory tests, so you want to use what research says will definitely do the job.
Air Purifiers and is proud to offer only the very best quality, affordable UV light air purification systems with true 36 watt laboratory-strength bulbs for maximum ability to kill mold, bacteria, viruses and other micro-pollutants often found in home and office indoor air.
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