Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top-Rated Smoke Eliminators: Why Certain Units are Best for Removing Smoke

When you’re looking for a good smoke air purifier, it can be tough to choose the right unit since there are so many that claim theirs is the best.  Since smoke is composed of several types of pollutants that include particles, chemicals and tar molecules, it only makes sense that the air purifiers with filters that can remove all of the different pollutants would actually be qualified to be called a total smoke air cleaner. And not surprisingly, research has recently proven that cheap air purifiers simply don't do the job because they do not have all of the right filters and other important characteristics.
To effectively remove smoke and related odors, your air cleaner must at least have a HEPA filter to remove the particles, and a carbon filter with several pounds of activated carbon for the chemicals and odors.  From there, you want a unit that has a strong enough output or CFM for the room size, and a tar-trapping pre-filter system to trap the tar that stains walls and other household items and shortens the life of HEPA and carbon filters. The AllerAir 6000 DXS has remained at the top of the list for top-rated smoke eliminators for a long time because it includes all of these necessary filters and a 400 CFM motor to remove smoke quickly, not to mention a great 10 year warranty.

The Blueair 650E with the SmokeStop filter option is also a very highly-rated smoke eater air purifier, and it’s exceptionally quiet. Best of all, you can buy either of these units at our online store at a discount price with free shipping due to our extremely low overhead. If you have any questions as to which smoke air purifier is best for your needs, call our experts today toll-free at 1-800-701-2513. You deserve clean air—and we’re here to help!
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