Saturday, July 25, 2015

Allergy and Asthma Air Purifiers: Look for Carbon and HEPA Filters for Best Results

When you’re looking for an air cleaner that will sharply reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, in most cases sticking with a top rated portable room air purifier will get you there. However, even some of the best air purifiers only include high-quality HEPA filters, which will remove dust and other particles, but do nothing to remove common airborne chemical residues that often cause allergy and asthma symptoms, too.  So, when buying an allergy relief air purifier you want to make sure the unit contains a substantial activated carbon filter as well as the HEPA filter.
Some air purifier brands like Austin Air and Aller Air come standard with both medical-grade HEPA filters and very effective carbon filters, as well as a pre-filter system.  Blueair air purifiers are excellent asthma and allergy air purifiers but you’ll need to select the Gas & Odor SmokeStop filter option to get their high-quality carbon filter. Regardless, you want both HEPA and carbon to make sure that virtually nothing is left in the air to cause you a problem.
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